Design Pros Swear By These 44 Cheap Things To Make Homes Nicer & Cozier

The pros give their favorite tips to elevate your space.

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A simple scroll through the home improvement categories on Pinterest will have your mind running with ideas about upgrading your home decor. However, with so much to take in, it's often hard to figure out exactly where to start — especially if you're working on a strict budget. To gain insight on simple and easy ways to revamp, Bustle reached out to a handful of design professionals for suggestions on how to make your home nicer and cozier.

Pattie Kelly, a certified interior decorator and the president of Inspired Home Interiors, says she enjoys using multiple light sources within one room as a way to make your home more comfortable. Considering the rule of three, she suggests adding ambient, accent, and task lights throughout your space. Something as simple as an overhead light or a small Himalayan lamp can make all the difference in the world. She also urges the placement of live plants for ambiance, woven baskets for storage, and throw pillows or blankets for comfort.

Meanwhile, Farris Wu, founder and CEO at DecorMatters, makes a case for adding more mirrors to your home, revealing that they do a great job of offering "the illusion of more space in a room." The addition of a decorative mirror — such as this one, recommended by Wu — can provide a touch of coziness to the area. Wu also suggests adding a natural-looking woven pouf for extra comfort, along with a large rug to decorate around.

Lending additional expertise is Living Space's professional interior designer Emilie Navarro. Navarro is keen on placing natural-looking elements — such as woven or rattan decorations — around your house, along with comfortable faux fur blankets and even glistening, holiday-inspired pieces to warm up the coffee table.

Those are just a few pro-tips on home decor, and there are more where they came from. Whether you're planning on making major changes or just looking to add a few new elements to your current dwelling space to make it a bit cozier, allow this list of cheap and comfortable home items to be your ultimate guide.


These Fluffy Down Alternative Throw Pillows (In Case You Need More)

Need more throw pillows? Go ahead and add this two-pack to your cart and add them to your furniture for an instant feeling of coziness. Filled with microfiber polyester (aka down alternative), these inserts offer medium support and can be covered with your favorite covers to match your home decor. They're even machine washable, so cleaning is simple.


These Remote-Controlled Curtain String Lights For A Twinkling Effect

String lights can easily add atmosphere to your home, and these string lights are made for your curtains. They feature several lighting modes that you can select to change your lighting patterns and come with a remote control along with a timer setting that allows you to control them conveniently. Each set is completely waterproof, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


These Decorative Planters With Gold Marble Detailing

Many designers suggest the use of live plants in decorative planters to add ambiance to your home — and this set of planters covers both bases. They each boast a unique marbled design that’s accented with golden color. Add your favorite plants and place them throughout your home, side by side or spread apart. They also come with matching saucers.


This Combo Essential Oil Diffuser & White Noise Machine

It's true: Having pleasant scents lingering throughout home can make it cozier — and this essential oil diffuser can help. It’ll even add moisture to the air alongside your favorite smells, and since it doubles as a white noise machine, you can set it to play one of six nature sounds or a traditional fan sound.


A Pack Of Essential Oils With Scents Including Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, & More

Need more essential oils for your diffuser? This six-pack includes, lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree. Each of these scents can be easily mixed and matched to create your own customized fragrance.


These Realistic Flameless Candles That Follow The "Rule Of Threes"

Set the mood of your home with this pack of flameless candles. They come in a pack of three — which coincides with the "rule of threes" that many designers follow — offering varying sizes with realistic flickering lights. Powered by two AA batteries each and controlled via remote, these are simple to use and can be set on an automatic timer for easy on and off.


The Rustic Ceiling Light With A Customizable Design

Designer Kelly suggests the use of ambient overhead lighting to cozy up your home (in addition to other lighting fixtures throughout the room) — and this ceiling light delivers. In addition to providing dimension with a rustic glow, it features customizable styling that allows you to use brackets and cables to clip and reshape to your desired design. This chandelier comes with everything you need for installation, including mounting screws and instructions.


This Dimmable Desk Lamp With A Built-In USB Charging Port

Kelly also suggests the use of "task lighting" in a room to coincide with other decorative lighting fixtures — such as a desk lamp like this one. It's easy on the eyes and features a combination of five color modes and seven brightness levels to create the look and feel that you want. Plus, the built-in USB-outlet ensures that your phone will stay fully charged throughout the day.


A Rose-Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp That Can Be Used As A Night Light

Made of 100% authentic Himalayan salt, this rose-shaped lamp — which was suggested by Kelly — offers a unique way to add some accent lighting to your home while doubling as a decorative piece (and even a night light). It comes on a wood base and features a dimmer switch set that allows you to customize to accommodate your lighting needs. The calming peach-colored glow will add comfort to your space in an instant.


A Live Windmill Palm To Liven Your Space

Again, live plants are big in the world of home decor — and yes, you can buy them on Amazon. Test the limits of your green thumb with this beautiful windmill palm. The tropical plant is low-maintenance and surprisingly hardy — it can withstand temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It arrives 14 to 18 inches tall, but it'll grow over time while livening up your home.


The Stylish Snake Plant That's Easy To Care For

It doesn't get any easier than caring for this snake plant. It grows best near a sunny window and only needs to be watered when the top few inches of soil are dry. Place it in your living room, bedroom, or any room that could use good oxygen and energy.


The Chic Hanging Planters For Succulents, Cactuses, & More

If you've got enough floor planters, why not try adding some to the wall? These indoor planters are perfect for displaying smaller pieces of greenery — such as succulents, cactuses, and more — inside sleek, cone-shaped pots. They're easy to mount anywhere and come with easy-to-follow instructions that'll guide you along the way. Use one solo or pair it with another for a full gallery look.


These Wicker Storage Baskets For Loose Items Around The House

Made of plastic rattan, these storage baskets are just what you need to organize loose items around the house. They're waterproof, durable, and come with a cozy cloth lining that will look great in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and beyond. Designers including both Kelly and Navarro have suggested using woven pieces like these as nice decor additions.


These Smooth Velvet Covers To Cozy-Up Your Throw Pillows

If you have some throw pillows lying around that need an upgrade, dress them in these covers that feel like velvet. They're made with a soft blend of polyester and cotton and feature hidden zipper closures. Choose from an array of more than 30 vibrant colors and eight sizes (all of which are squares).


This Knitted Pouf That Can Be Used As A Chair Or Ottoman

Again, design expert Wu suggests adding a versatile woven pouf to your space for added coziness throughout any season. This small pouf can be used as a chair, ottoman, or any other way you'd like. It features a handwoven outer and is filled with foam beads for extreme comfort. Choose from a variety of colors.


A Circular Mirror With A Durable Leather Strap

Another recommendation by Wu, this circular mirror made with a bamboo frame is a great accent to add the illusion of more space and light in your home. Made from quality materials, it features an attached faux leather strap with adjustable buckles so you can hang it anywhere you'd like. With an 18-inch diameter, this mirror would be a complimentary pop of style on an accent wall.


These Minimalist Flower Vases Made With Chic Rose Gold

Yup: Warm metals include rose gold, and this set of minimalist vases is sure to become your favorite statement piece. They're each made with a rose gold bracket around a glass vile and are suitable for buds and larger flowers alike. The set comes with two different sized glasses.


The Neutral-Toned, Decorative Area Rug For Under $35

Large area rugs can instantly make a room cozier, and Wu agrees. This decorative option — which is under $35 — will add just the right amount of texture and ambiance to your living space. It's made of soft and non-shedding materials that are stain-resistant and easy to clean with a vacuum or carpet cleaner. Plus, it's available in various different shades.


This Faux Fur Blanket You'll Want To Snuggle Up In

Interior designer Navarro suggested the use of soft accent pieces to add comfort to your home — so go ahead and snuggle up with this luxe faux fur blanket for ultimate warmth and happiness. It's lightweight, reversible, and will look amazing thrown on your sofa or bed as an accent piece. This piece can be machine washed for simple laundering, and it's offered in a few colors and sizes.


A Knitted Blanket For Even More Texture In Your Living Space

Thick-knitted blankets were also recommended by Navarro, and this soft knitted throw is sure to become your household fave. It's great for snuggling up on colder days and has a great texture that will look amazing paired with faux fur. The design is machine washable and available in many colors for your selection.


The Golden Globe Lights For Added Warmth On Your Coffee Table

Something else Navarro suggested is the addition of shiny, holiday-inspired pieces for added visuals inside your home. Give your space a touch of modern elegance with this trio of light-up globes. The set is highlighted by warm lighting with crackle detailing, making them great for evening use atop your coffee table and beyond.


A Natural-Looking Woven Basket For Storage, Plants, Picnics, & More

Navarro is another designers who recommends woven baskets as neutral addition to any room. Not only is this basket decorative, but it also serves as the perfect functioning storage space or plant holder for your home. It's made of natural seaweed that'll match effortlessly with your existing decor, and it's designed to hold a myriad of items. Place it in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom for a neutral decor piece.


This Beautiful Yoga Blanket That Also Adds Color To Your Space

Lisa Vail, a designer at Vesta, recommends using this yoga blanket for both decor and comfort. You can use it as a yoga cushion or lay it across your sofa as a gorgeous accent piece. It's handmade in Mexico and comes in an assortment of shades that'll add a pop of neutral color to your space.


An Eco-Friendly Tumbler That Comes In Dozens Of Colors

Instead of using plastic, this tumbler is made from durable borosilicate glass with a bamboo lid. Even better, it boasts a sleek, understated design and comes in dozens of colors, like violet, coral, and charcoal gray.


These Picture Frames That'll Create A Comforting Gallery Wall

Adding comfort-inducing pieces of art to your room can make it cozier, and these picture frames will help organize everything into a gallery in your space. Arrange them over your sofa, bed, or dining area for a customized collection of your favorite photos or artwork. Each one supports both vertical and horizontal hanging and can even be placed on your tabletops if desired.


These Decorative Candles That Offer A Variety Of Relaxing Scents

There's no question that candles can make your home feel more comfortable — and you're sure to fall in love with each and every one of these. There are four candles in the set that are made with the scents of lemon, lavender, Mediterranean fig, and spring. Each can contains 4.4 ounces of smokeless, non-toxic soy wax that are designed to burn for up to 30 hours a piece.


This Plug-In Dimmer That Lets You Set The Mood

Dimmable lights can immediately make a home more comfortable — and thankfully, you can turn the lights you already have into adjustable lamps. Designed to be used with halogen and incandescent bulbs, this dimmer lowers and raises the light you connect it to as needed. It features easy plug-in installation and offers sliding operation that allows you to adjust the attached light to your desired level. The six-foot cord also ensures that you have enough length to run the device wherever it's needed.


A Dreamy Bed Canopy That'll Make You Feel Extra-Cozy At Night

Canopies can easily make your bedroom cozier than ever — and you can get the look of a canopy bed quickly and easily with this simple mosquito net drapery. Made of premium polyester, it's lightweight and breezy, making it comfortable for sleeping. It's also hassle-free to install; simply hook it to the ceiling, and you're all set.


This Set Of Rustic Mason Jar Sconces For A Vintage Feel

According to HGTV, adding "old and new" styles to your home can make it more comfortable. With that being said, you can hang this set of mason jar sconces in any area of your hour for a rustic glow. They're filled with fairy lights and are attached to slabs of natural wood for a trendy farmhouse feel. The addition of faux hydrangeas offer a soft touch while the six-hour timer provides an evening of brightness.


These Cozy Blackout Curtains That Block Light & Sound

These blackout curtains can block light and sound and coziness in your home. They feature silver metal grommets at the top and come with two tiebacks for added convenience. The curtains are also designed to block out up to 99% of sunlight and UV rays, making them great for anyone who likes to sleep in on the weekends without disruption. Made with thermal insulation, they'll help keep your room insulated from the cold and heat as needed while also reducing outside noise. Choose from a large selection of colors.


The Slanted Shelf To Put Your Book Collection On Display

Apparently, putting your books on display can also up the cozy factor in your home. Place this book organizer in your living room, bedroom, or office for a modern look and feel. It features four slanted shelves and is sturdy enough to support lots of different items such as photo albums, toys, and more. Easy to assemble, this bookshelf offers a simple and easy way to add style to your space.


This Shaggy Area Rug That's Perfect For Layering Textures

According to Apartment Therapy, layering fluffy rugs can make your home comfortable —  and this fizzy area rug is just the thing you need for the bedroom and beyond. It's made of super-soft microfiber and is the perfect size to add to any dwelling space. Pick your favorite of beautiful nine colors and then layer them with other rugs if you want.


The Faux Sheepskin Throw That Can Be Used As A Chair Cover Or Rug

There's no question that faux sheepskin is cozy, which is why this multi-purpose fuzzy throw can be used as a chair cover or rug. Made with faux fur on one side and suede on the other, it is non-slip and durable. It's also soft and easy to use as an accent piece for any room in your house.


This Peel-&-Stick Wallpaper For Easy Exposed Brick

Exposed brick can easily make your home feel warmer, but it's OK if you don't have brick walls. Just peel and stick this wallpaper to any surface to get the instant look of brick. It can be applied without the use of glue and can be easily removed without whenever you want to. Made of PVC, it's super durable and simple to clean.


This Velvet Slipcover That'll Make Your Sofa Even Comfier

According to Lushome, velvet furniture can revamp your room — and you can give your sofa a complete makeover with this velvet slipcover. It's stretchy and simple to place over your couch without the use of straps. Plus, the plush velvet outer is soft, cozy, and machine washable for convenience. It's also available in 10 colors and three couch sizes.


A Trio Of Floating Wooden Shelves That Are Decorative & Functional

Per The Spruce, wooden accents inside your home can make a difference. That's where these floating shelves come in; hang them around the house for style, storage, and convenience. Made with wooden planks and industrial-looking metal brackets, they'll add a vintage touch to your space. Plus, they're easy to hang and come with the mounting hardware you need.


This Wooden Wallpaper That You Can Use On Furniture, Too

Again, wooden accents inside your house can make it feel cozier — but it's OK if you don't have walls with showcased wooden finishes. This wood-patterned wallpaper can be placed on any wall or surface for a quick update. It comes with self-adhesive backing, so you can simply peel and stick it on. When you're ready to remove it, just peel it off and you're done.


These Copper Coasters For Some Extra Warmth

You guessed it: Adding warm metals to your space can indeed make your space feel warmer — even your kitchen. Elevate your serving style with this four-pack of hammered copper coasters. They each feature a cork-padded bottom to help protect your furniture from stains and are sized to fit many different cups. You can clean them with soap in between uses.


A Minimal Toilet Paper Holder To Help Revamp Your Bathroom

You can store and dispense your toilet paper in a sleek style with this stand. It's equipped to hold the used roll with space to hold four additional rolls for backup. The freestanding design allows it to be moved around as needed, all while the matte black compliments most any bathroom from modern minimal to rustic farmhouse.


These Copper Measuring Cups To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Add this set of measuring cups and spoons to your kitchen for an updated look. The nine-piece set of copper-finished stainless steel utensils comes with everything needed to make your favorite dishes and recipes. The collection offers four measuring cups and five spoons that are made to nest with one another for simple and easy storage.


The Wallpaper With A Golden Design For Added Texture

Sure, exposed brick and wood can make your home feel more comfortable, but so will textured wallpaper. Give your living space an instant upgrade with this ready-to-use, self-adhesive wallpaper that features a charming gold design. It's easy to apply and remove, making it great for temporary placement in an entire room (or just as a statement wall). This simple DIY-worthy product is also steam- and moisture-resistant, so you shouldn't have to worry about warping or peeling.


These Glossy Wooden Trays To Help Tidy Up Your Living Room

It goes without saying that de-cluttering your home can make it feel more comfortable, and these trays can help. They're perfect tidying up the coffee table or storing your jewelry, trinkets, and other items in one sleek spot. The trays are also covered with a glossy white finish and adorned with gold metal handles on each side. Plus, each order comes with two matching marble coasters.


A Versatile Ottoman For Storage & Relaxation

Ottomans often boast various uses, from storage units to comfortable additions to your sofa. You can use this compact ottoman to provide extra comfort while storing blankets, pillows, and other household items. The lid can also be flipped to its wooden side, turning it into a serving tray for drinks and light snacks.


This Wooden Shelf Where You Can Hang Your Keys, Jackets, & More

Looking for more decorative pieces made of wood? You'll never misplace your keys, dog leash, or other items using this wall-mounted shelf. It features four metal hooks that'll help you organize your items in the entryway. Made of distressed gray wood, this shelf is easy to mount and comes with the necessary hardware included.

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