The 5 Best Rugs For Dogs

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best rugs for dogs
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If your dog is wreaking havoc on your floors or carpets, the best rugs for dogs are made from durable materials that can be cleaned easily, plus they don't have looped and long fibers that can be hazardous for your pup. Look for materials like polypropylene, polyester, and wool, which are tough enough to handle wear and tear without totally falling apart. Polypropylene and polyester are also resistant to stains, making them a good option if your dog likes to roll in mud or tends to have accidents. If you’re looking for a smaller rug to place under your dog’s bowl or to use as a puppy lounge area, some outdoor rugs or mats are also good options to use indoors for your dog, since they can typically take more use and more intense cleaning than the standard indoor area rug. Outdoor mats can sometimes come with especially durable materials on the bottom, such as rubber, that are less common in indoor rugs.

When you’re shopping around, it’s important to avoid rugs with looped or shaggy high pile. Although plush and comfortable, these rugs can get caught in your dog’s claws, leading to snags and tears. High pile can also trap pet hair and dander, exacerbating allergies. You should also avoid rugs with tassels or fringes on the edges — your pooch may be tempted to chew on these components, which can cause intestinal blockage if swallowed.

Finally, there are the aesthetics to consider. If you want your rug to look nice without constantly cleaning it, consider opting for a patterned rug, as pet hairs are less visible on rugs with patterns compared with solid colors. And in terms of shades, if your pet’s fur is dark, choose a rug that’s a darker shade, and if your pet has light fur, opt for something lighter.

To make picking out your next pet-friendly rug easier, here’s my roundup of the best rugs for dogs you can find on Amazon!

1. A Machine-Washable Area Rug

If your dog is is prone to accidents, the Ruggable washable indoor area rug is a must-have. This low-pile polyester rug has two pieces: a cover, and a nonslip detachable rug pad. The cover is stain-resistant and safe to throw in the washing machine, making it super easy to clean. The versatile rug can be used indoors or out, whether you need a living room carpet or a rug for your patio or entry.

The rug comes in 19 different designs and shades to match your home's decor. The variety of hues also gives you the option to choose the color that will show your dog's fur the least. It comes in three different sizes.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "These rugs are amazing..especially for pet owners!!! They wash and dry beautifully. They are also very easy to spot clean...super quick to clean a little spill or accident (aka. hairballs) if you don't need to wash the whole rug."

  • Available Sizes: 5 x 7 feet, 8 x 10 feet, 2.5 x 7 feet

2. A Polypropylene Area Rug That Resists Stains & Mildew

The Unique Loom area rug is a pet-friendly option that's both mildew- and stain-resistant. This low-pile indoor rug is made of polypropylene and should handle high-traffic areas and spot cleaning with ease. Plus, if your dog sheds a lot, it's an excellent option. According to one Amazon reviewer, "Its textured design traps dog hair without embedding it, making it easy to vacuum up without spreading to other room areas."

This rug is available in dark blue, purple, red, and light gray, as well as in a range of rectangular and round sizes. It has a subtle design, perfect for disguising stains and fur without making your space feel too busy.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "It's gorgeous, it's soft, it vacuums well, it's hard to stand, easy to get dog fur off, and an amazing price."

  • Available Sizes: 2.17 x 3 feet - 10.5 x 16.42 feet, including round options

3. An Outdoor Rug That’s Nice Enough To Use Indoors

This Gertmenian outdoor patio rug is also an attractive option for pet owners. This rug is easy to care for and resistant to stains, mold, and mildew — plus it can handle sun or rain without damage. It's made of flat-woven 100% polypropylene that's safe for your pup's paws but still durable.

You can get this rug in multiple designs and shades to help hide fur and suit your style. Cleaning is super easy when you need it, too — the rug can be washed off with your garden hose.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I bought this for my patio, but once I got it, I realized it was nice enough to go in my living room and definitely will withstand two dogs and five grandkids. I love it!"

  • Available Sizes: 5 x 7 feet, 8 x 10 feet, 2 x 6 feet, 9 x 13 feet, and 6 x 9 feet

4. A Durable Wool Area Rug

This Safavieh wool area rug is a beautiful statement piece for any area in your home. This 100% wool area rug has a cotton backing and a medium-pile height that's low enough to fit underneath furniture and avoid catching your pet's paws while remaining plush. With its geometric Moroccan-inspired design, this rug is an eye-catching piece with a unique pattern (available in nine colors) which can help hide fur. Plus, since it's made of wool, it's built to last. Cleaning, however, may not be as convenient as with the synthetic options on this list — you can easily vacuum or spot clean this one, but professional cleaning may be necessary for tougher stains. So, you might want to wait until your pup is potty-trained before grabbing this rug.

The carpet is available in rectangular, round, and square sizes ranging from a small 2-by-3-foot mat to a 12-by-18-foot area rug.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "What fans say: “This rug is beautiful! Definitely durable, I have 2 dogs and have to vacuum a lot and it’s holding up really good!”

  • Available Sizes: 2 x 3 feet - 12 x 18 feet, including round and square options

5. A Dog Mat With Rubber Backing That Stays Put

If you have a dog that likes to run around, the Gorilla Grip rubber mat is worth considering. Though the low-profile rug is intended for use as a doormat, and its backed by recycled rubber that's extremely durable and will stay put well, making it ideal for handling wear and tear from a pet. It’s waterproof and can be used both indoors or outdoors, and its raised fabric surface helps trap extra dirt and moisture so your pup doesn't track as much around the house.

Cleaning is super easy. A quick shake, or a once-over with a broom or vacuum, is all it takes to remove dirt. This rug can also be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, or hosed off outdoors and air-dried. It comes in a handful of solid colors and different sizes.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “The rug is thin, so easy fit under doors if needed. The surface is fairly soft and feels comfortable for the dogs to lay on! Cleans up easily by hosing it off.”

  • Available Sizes: 29 x 17 inches - 72 x 48 inches