13 Recipes Using Seitan Inspired By TikTok

Putting the 10/10 in wheat gluten.

by Lauren Grant
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Vegetarians and vegans are forever looking for the best meat substitute. From tofu steaks and black bean burgers to lentil meatballs and nutritional yeast, there’s been a new plant-based protein every other day — you’ve probably tried them all at some point. Enter seitan, a two-ingredient, easy-to-make meat substitute that will have you wondering how you’re just now finding out how to make it on your own.

Seitan (pronounced say-tan) is flavored wheat gluten that originated in China in the sixth century, but has recently had a renaissance on TikTok. All you have to do to make seitan at home is mix flour and water, as if you were making bread dough. After kneading for 15 minutes, you’ll rinse the dough underwater to wash out all the starch. Leave it to set for another hour or two, you’ll be left with pure gluten with a texture and consistency that mimics meat.

You’re wondering how one can possibly get something that tastes like meat out of flour and water. Seitan takes on whatever flavors you use to season it with, so, as with other meat substitutes like tempeh, oats, or tofu, you’ll have to have your spices on deck. But after seasoning to your tastebuds’ delight, you’ll have an extremely hearty and protein-packed vegan meat substitute.

Here are 13 recipes that use seitan, inspired by TikTok.

Kentucky Fried Seitan

Who said you can't have your chicken and eat it too? With this Kentucky Fried Seitan, you'll get all the flavor of chicken minus the actual bird.

Vegan Stir Fry

If you don’t have time to make your own, visit your local international grocery for some pre-made, canned seitan. Since you're cutting out the extra step of prep, you can quickly whip together a meal like this yummy stir fry. Grab your onions, garlic, soy sauce, bok choy, water and hoisin sauce, and stir yourself a fry.

Korean-Style Popcorn Chicken

This Korean-style popcorn chicken will have your tastebuds doing a double take... or shall I say a double taste.

Vegan Steak

Seitan is not only a good substitute for chicken dishes, it does the trick for beef as well. These vegan seitan steaks take more time and more ingredients (like white beans) compared to the other recipes on this list, but your tastebuds will thank you later.

Seitan Burger

One thing many veggie eaters tend to miss is a big juicy burger. Thankfully, seitan and TikTok have you covered with this delicious vegan double cheeseburger, complete with vegan cheese and all your usual burger fixings, including pickles and onion.

Vegan Pastrami

Just when you thought you’ve gotten over every meat craving from your pre-veg life, pastrami pops back into your brain. This vegan pastrami not only tastes like the meat, it mimics how meat looks once it's been cooked.

Crispy Seitan Bacon

Finally, a vegan bacon substitute that can be made into both thin, crispy slices, and those chunky slices that you miss so much.

Seitan Philly Cheesesteak

If you’re missing the days of hot hoagies, then this is one vegan dish you need in your life. This vegan Philly cheesesteak recipe will have your mouth watering.

Seitan Buffalo Wings

There’s an art behind making buffalo wings taste good and this TikTok recipe is the tell-all. If you have a deep fryer, now is the time to bring that bad boy out.

Seitan Chicken Sandwich

Remember when Popeyes debuted their chicken sandwich that had everyone running rampant? Now you can make your own, vegan style. Want the spicy version? Throw some extra seasonings like cayenne and cajun to give your vegan chicken sandwich that extra kick.

Vegan Beef Tips

Beef tips are a versatile protein that can be used to bulk up lots of dishes. These vegan beef tips would taste great over rice and veggies for a quick, nourishing meal.

Vegan Schnitzel

By now you've seen that seitan can be used for pretty much anything that you used to turn to meat for. This vegan schnitzel requires more prep time by letting it braise in broth to achieve that meaty flavor.

Vegan Seitan Ribs

Seitan is a great substitute because it mimics whatever flavor it touches. Plus, you can shape it to look like different foods too, like these vegan ribs. You'll need to grab a can of chickpeas for this recipe, but don’t worry, you’ll hardly know you’re eating beans either.

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