The 6 Best Shampoos For Static Hair

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Static hair strikes mostly when your hair and the air are dry, so adding moisture to your locks can help them stay smooth. To keep your strands hydrated and reduce frizz, the best shampoos for static hair contain ingredients such as plant oils and shea butter that will moisturize without weighing down your hair. These shampoos are also free of sulfates, which can further dry out naturally dry hair and contribute to static strands.

Static electricity is often created when dry hair rubs against something — like your favorite winter hat, for example — or when dry air dehydrates your strands, so choosing a shampoo with proven hydrating ingredients is a good way to prevent static hair (as well as not skipping the conditioner). When shopping for a static-fighting shampoo, consider which moisturizing ingredients are best for your hair type. Argan and jojoba oils are lightweight, making them a good choice for most hair types, including fine and curly. Shea butter and coconut oil are also excellent moisturizers that can help keep curls smooth, but they may weigh down fine hair. A shampoo with amino acids may neutralize static electricity and help hair color last longer, so it’s especially good for those with color-treated hair. Finally, if you have sensitive skin or prefer unscented products, a moisturizing, fragrance-free shampoo may help reduce static without irritating your scalp.

With that in mind, read on for the best shampoos for static hair that’ll help keep your locks smooth and hydrated, even when the air is dry.

1. The Overall Best

This highly rated shampoo is made with cold-pressed argan oil, a process that allows it to retain more of its nutrients, and it can help hydrate and repair damaged hair. The gentle, sulfate-free formula won’t dry out strands, and the shampoo is also paraben-free. This shampoo is good for all hair types and has a citrus-floral scent that many reviewers love.

One stellar review: “A little goes a long way with this shampoo. It lathers very nicely and gets your hair clean without stripping away too much moisture.”

2. The Best For Color-Treated Hair

The amino acids in this Redken shampoo can help prevent static hair while extending the life of your hair color. The formula includes hydrogenated coconut acid (a mix of fatty acids derived from coconut oil) to hydrate hair, and it’s also sulfate-free, so the shampoo won’t strip strands of color or moisture. Reviewers describe the scent as “herbal” and “floral” and have given the shampoo an impressive 4.7-star overall rating. This option is good for all color-treated hair types, but if you have fine strands, you might want to keep scrolling for a more lightweight, color-safe shampoo.

One stellar review: “This shampoo for color treated hair leaves my hair feeling silky and lush. The scent is light and not at all overwhelming. My hair is moisturized and feels super soft.”

3. The Best For Curly Hair

Formulated with deeply moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil, and macadamia oil, this curl-defining shampoo can help soften and restore dry strands to reduce static. In addition, the shampoo contains aloe vera for an extra boost of hydration. This gentle shampoo is free from sulfates, silicones, and parabens and has a coconut scent.

One stellar review: “My hair has some curl and is very coarse in texture! After trying a sample of this shampoo I bought a large bottle of it! My curls are beautiful and the texture has softened! My hair smells WONDERFUL!!”

4. The Best For Fine Hair

To hydrate fine hair without weighing it down, this Pureology shampoo contains lightweight jojoba oil, along with green tea and sage to support scalp and follicle health. Fine strands will also appreciate the absence of silicones, which can weigh down hair, and the shampoo is sulfate-free and color-safe. The highly rated shampoo is scented with a mix of lavender, bergamot, and patchouli.

One stellar review: “I have fine, frizzy hair from years of bleaching and this shampoo made it feel soft and hydrated but, importantly, also manageable and not fly-away.”

5. The Best Shampoo & Conditioner Set

This shampoo and conditioner set is made to nourish your strands, and it’s budget-friendly, too. The formulas include grapeseed, sunflower, and apricot oils to help moisturize hair without making it feel weighed down, and the apricot oil also creates a rich scent. Plus, the formula is color-safe and free from sulfates and parabens.

One stellar review: “Best shampoo and conditioner ever. Helps with my frizz and makes my hair look super healthy.”

6. A Fragrance-Free Shampoo That’s Great For Sensitive Scalps

Free from sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfate, silicone, parabens, and artificial fragrance (a common sensitivity trigger for some people), this pH-balanced shampoo uses soapberries to gently cleanse hair. The shampoo also contains coconut-derived cleansers and argan oil, aloe vera, and chamomile to moisturize strands and soothe the scalp. It’s good for all hair types, too.

One stellar review: “It truly made my hair and scalp feel clean, without stripping it away from moisture. I also felt like there was more volume afterwards!”

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