The 7 Best Silent Squeak Dog Toys You Can Get On Amazon

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by Tiana Crump
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While your dog might love their squeaky toys, the sounds can get pretty annoying for you — lucky for you, there are toys that can keep both you and your dog happy. Some of these quiet toys work by squeaking at a frequency too high-pitched for human ears, while others make a different kind of noise that you might find less grating. At the end of the day, the best silent squeak dog toy for your dog will depend on how your dog likes to chew and play — and what your needs are in terms of noise.

If you’re looking for a truly “silent” squeak toy, look for ones that are audible to your pup but not to you. Toys that produce sound at an ultrasonic range of 20 KHz and up will fit the bill, since humans cannot typically hear sounds above 20,000 Hertz (Hz). If you’re just looking for a toy that will engage your dog but isn’t as jarring as a standard squeaker, crinkle- or crunch-style toys can be a good fit, too — so long as you’re not bothered by the sound of crinkly plastic or a crushed water bottle. Alternatively, toys that grunt can be less irritating for some people that squeakers.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, plush toys mean more cleanup. With this in mind, opt for a plush toy without stuffing for your dog to spread around the house — or choose one of the non-plush toys on the list.

To help you choose which is right for your pet, here are some of the quietest dog toys on Amazon. All of these picks are top-rated and doggy-approved for a fun playtime.


The Fan-Favorite Silent Squeak Dog Toy

With more than 2,300 ratings and counting, Hear Doggy!’s Flattie dog toy is a super cute option that solves two common plush toy squeaker problems: noise and stuffing mess. This toy has a flat under-stuffed design, so if and when your pet chews through it, a huge mess isn’t left on your floor for you to clean up. It also includes an ultrasonic silent squeaker with a 24-28 kHz frequency to be undetectable to human ears. Your pup will hear a satisfying squeak, but all you'll hear is a quiet puff of air.

This nearly-silent toy comes shaped like a beaver, deer, flamingo, rabbit, skunk, or cat, so pick whichever one you like best.

According to one dog owner: “It has survived the most aggressive chewer I’ve ever had. And we’ve had this for months. I really love the fact that it’s a silent squeaker, it just sounds like air being pushed through a ball.”


A Stuffed Penguin With An Ultrasonic Squeaker

If the customer reviews are any indication, dogs love this stuffed ultrasonic toy. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify exactly how audible the squeaker is, one reviewer provided a helpful note: “Our fur buddy loves this toy! It is silent, but I tested the squeaker and it generates a squeak at 23-25 kHz, above our range of hearing.” The reviewer added that it’s “tough and seems very durable.” Although stuffed toys tend to get destroyed pretty quickly, this penguin features a Chew Guard Technology to help make it last.

According to one dog owner: “This is great for our squeaker loving dog. She can squeak and all we hear is air. This fabric is the tougher fabric, but she has managed to chew a small hole in the wing. I assume we will have a wingless legless penguin soon, but it does seem much more durable than normal stuffies. It just isn't as tough as some other tough ones.”


This Fetch Toy That “Grunts” Instead Of Squeaking

  • Also available on Chewy, $8

If your pup loves playing with squeaky ball toys, try swapping in this Petstages toy. Instead of making a high-pitched squeak, it grunts. One shopper attested that their dog “loves the unique noise it makes.” While the toy is designed for fetch, not necessarily chewing, many reviewers have also cited the ball’s durability. Opt for a round ball like this one or a football-shaped one.

According to one dog owner: “My dogs all time favorite ball! [...] The grunt sound is way nicer than a squeak and over time even that fades. (A plus in my book). [...] We were so excited to see these on Amazon we bought 5 right off for his birthday. He was so happy, his tail was waging him. Best ball ever!”


A Crunch-Style Ball For Dogs Who Like To Chew

  • Also available on Petco, $4

Dogs who love to chew might get a kick out of this crackle ball, which makes crunching noises when they press on it. Inside the toy is a plastic bottle material for that delightful (at least to dogs) crunch noise — and it’s all housed in a durable rubber layer with cut-outs. It’s designed to stand up to some chewing, and one reviewer with a chewer at home noted: “[This] is still holding up after the others are ruined. No squeaker to pull out, but still has a satisfying crinkle noise.” Although the longevity will depend on your dog, as some reviewers have noted that their determined dogs were able to destroy it when given the chance. This ball is a size medium, but it also comes in small and large versions — or snag a value pack with all three.

According to one dog owner: “Our corgi loves this ball. We have 3 now. Loves the crunchy noise and great bounce. Easy for her to grip!”


A Set Of Crinkle Toys For A Good Cause

The Max and Neo water bottle dog toy set is another option for your pet. This set of three adorable animals shaped like a fox, bear, and wolf have a slot where you can insert an empty water bottle for some crinkle fun. (Water bottles are not included.) Best of all, every time you buy these toys, the manufacturer donates the same toy to a dog rescue in need of supplies. So, when you decide to get this pack for your pet, a shelter dog gets to have a toy (or three) to keep them company, too.

According to one dog owner: “These bottle toys are our 4 dogs’ FAVORITE toys!!! This was our third order of these for ourselves because the dogs can’t get enough of them!! As their human I love that I don’t have the danger of a squeaker to choke them or a mess of fluff everywhere, they wash well and can add a new bottle when needed. Plus the fact that they donate to dogs in need means they have a loyal customer in me for life.”


A Rubber Bone-Shaped Toy That Crunches

The Petstages CrunchCore chew toy is another low-noise option that your dog will love. This squeezable stick makes a crinkle sound reminiscent of collapsing water bottles, which can be less disruptive than squeaking. However, according to Petstages, this chew toy has three durable layers, making it tougher and longer-lasting than an empty water bottle. The toy comes in four sizes for petite dogs to large ones. If you want, you can also swap the classic bone shape for an adorable version shaped like a carrot or chili pepper.

According to one dog owner: “I think this is probably the best toy I've ever bought for my boy [...] My dog is getting older; he is losing his eyesight and isn't as strong of a chewer as he used to be. I purchased this toy because one of the few things he loves to play with is empty water bottles, and this was a much safer alternative. He has had the bone now for about a week and has yet to damage it in any way. He loves to chew it and make it make the crinkly sound. Also, because the outer part of the bone is a softer, rubbery material, he loves me to throw it - it goes bouncing and he takes off after it (or tries to) [...] Thanks for making my boy happy and act like a puppy again!”


A Disc-Shaped Plush Toy That Is Crinkly & Scented

In addition to making crinkly sounds, this plush toy is designed to give off a delicious-smelling scent — either peanut butter or beef — to keep pups engaged. One shopper was skeptical at first: “I wasn’t so sure my pups would enjoy this toy simply because it didn’t have a squeaker,” adding that they were “wrong.” Reviewers have reported that it’s durable and the scent is “not too strong.”

According to one dog owner: “My dog is a super aggressive chewer. She loves plush toys with squeakers and lots of stuffing but will destroy those within minutes. I don’t know what it is about this disc shaped toy but she hasn’t destroyed it and it’s still going strong! It’s pretty durable and has yet to bust at the seems; not to say she hasn’t tried though! It has the right amount of crinkle sound and the peanut butter scent is not too strong. Will buy again, for sure!”

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