4 Blissfully Quiet Dog Toys To Replace Your Pup's Annoying Squeaky Toys

Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock

While your dog might love their squeaky toys, the sounds can get pretty annoying for you — lucky for you, there are "squeak" toys that can keep both you and your dog happy. Some of these toys work by squeaking at a frequency too high-pitched for human ears, while others have an option to mute the squeaking. Others make a different kind of noise that you might find less grating. At the end of the day, the best silent squeak dog toy for your dog will depend on how your dog likes to chew and play — and what your needs are in terms of noise.

Toys that produce sound at an ultrasonic range of 24 to 28 KHz will be audible to your pup but not to you, since humans cannot typically hear sounds above 20,000 Hertz (Hz). But some toys are not audible at all unless you step in and help, which means you can both enjoy the squeaking together, but the noise won't bother you while you're busy doing something else. Finally, so long as you’re not bothered by the sound of a crushed water bottle, crinkle-style toys emit a similar noise, which many find less jarring.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, plush toys mean more cleanup. With this in mind, opt for a plush toy without stuffing for your dog to spread around the house — or choose one of the non-plush toys on the list.

To help you choose which is right for your pet, here’s my roundup of the best silent squeak dog toys. All of these picks are top-rated and doggy-approved for a fun (and quiet!) playtime.

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The Best Silent Squeak Dog Toy That Won’t Make A Mess

Hear Doggy! Flattie ultrasonic squeaker dog toy is a super cute option that solves two common plush toy squeaker problems: noise and stuffing mess. This toy has a flat under-stuffed design, so if and when your pet chews through it, a huge mess isn’t left on your floor for you to clean up. It also includes an ultrasonic silent squeaker with a 24-28 kHz frequency to be undetectable to human ears. Your pup will hear a satisfying squeak, but all you'll hear is a quiet puff of air.

This nearly-silent toy comes shaped like a beaver, deer, flamingo, rabbit, skunk, or cat, so pick whichever one you like best.

According to a fan: “The holy grail of squeaky toys. The silent squeaker. It was like the heavens opened up and cast light down on this toy once I opened the package. I can hear the air going in and out of the toy, but that is it. No more pesky 'squeak, squeak, squeak.'"


A Squeak Ball That Goes Silent During Solo Play

Petstages sneaky squeak ball dog toy isn’t your typical squeak ball. This ball features two different modes. When you’re playing with your dog, you can place your finger over an air hole on the ball to make it instantly squeak for a rowdy round of fetch. However, when your dog is playing with the ball solo, it’s totally silent — except for the sounds of your dog's exuberant yelping, running, gnawing, and general enjoyment. Sorry, there's no avoiding that.

All things considered, the Pestages ball is a great toy to have when you want to control the level of noise indoors without hindering your pet’s play.

According to a fan: “This toy only squeaks when you place your finger over the hole. There is no mechanical element to adjust the volume. I can get my dog's attention by covering the hole and making it squeak. My dog can't make the ball squeak herself, so she can't run around the house, making loud squeaking sounds.”


A Set Of Crinkle Toys For A Good Cause

The Max and Neo water bottle dog toy set is another option for your pet. This set of three adorable animals shaped like a fox, bear, and wolf have a slot where you can insert an empty water bottle for some crinkle fun. (The water bottle is not included.) Best of all, every time you buy these toys, the manufacturer donates the same toy to a dog rescue in need of supplies. So, when you decide to get this pack for your pet, a shelter dog gets to have a toy (or three) to keep them company, too.

According to a fan: “I'm amazed at how much entertainment my Australian Terrier pup can get from an empty water bottle. She has been using these for about six weeks now, and they are holding up surprisingly well.”


A Crinkle Toy That Doesn't Require A Water Bottle

The Petstages CrunchCore chew toy is another low-noise option that your dog will love. This squeezable stick makes a crinkle sound reminiscent of collapsing water bottles, which can be much less disruptive than squeaking. However, according to Petsteps, this chew toy is comprised of three durable layers, making it tougher and longer-lasting than an empty water bottle.

The toy comes in four sizes for petite dogs to large ones. If you want, you can also swap the classic bone shape for an adorable version shaped like a carrot or chili pepper.

According to a fan: "My relatively heavily chewing puppy cannot get enough of her new crunchcore bone. It is an excellent combination of sensations to stimulate her and keep her interest. It doesn't have annoying squeak or the horrible bone crunching sound her nylabone makes when chewed."