The 5 Best Silver Polishes

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If you have something made from silver, whether it's jewelry, a set of vintage flatware you scored at a thrift store, or that serving platter you inherited from your great aunt, you know that while silver is beautiful, it can tarnish with time. The best silver polishes, however, can counteract tarnishing and even protect your silver against future damage — though not all silver polishes are well-suited for every job. The best option for you will depend on what kind of items you're looking to clean and protect; this will influence both the amount of silver polish you need, and the type of formula you'll want to look for.

The amount of polish you'd use for silver jewelry may not cut it for serving platters and entire candelabras. This is due in part to the volume of the polish. When you're shopping online, almost every tub or bottle looks like it's about the same size, so be sure to check the number of fluid ounces before you make any purchases. While a small amount might be fine if you just want to keep jewelry looking shiny, you'll like need at least 8 ounces if you want to polish a full set of flatware.

You'll also want to get acquainted with the different consistency options: Some polishes are liquid, while others are foam. Liquid polishes are the go-to option and can be applied with a rag, and smaller items like jewelry and flatware can be dipped directly into the solution. Foam polishes are often more powerful and can settle into the crevices of fine detailing, so it's a better choice for larger, more ornate silver pieces. Dry cloth silver polishes works without any moisture at all, so these are a good choice if you want to polish your silver without messes. However, cloths tend to require a little more scrubbing.

No matter what you're trying to clean or how tarnished it is, these are the five best silver polishes available on Amazon right now.

1. The Best Silver Polishing Liquid

If you have a lot of silver across multiple different categories, Weiman's silver polish is the most versatile pick. The gentle formula rejuvenates tarnished silver while also leaving behind a protective coating — and since it's ammonia-free and scratch-resistant, it's safe to use on everything from gemstones to your grandmother's gravy boat. On reviewer writes that "just a little dab goes a long way," so the 8-ounce bottle should be enough to tackle a lot of silver-shining projects. If you have other metals you want to keep looking pristine, this formula is also safe for use on gold, copper, brass, and aluminum.

  • Consistency: liquid
  • Amount per purchase: 8 ounces
  • Directions: Dab a little bit on a soft cloth, rub it on any silver item, rinse it clean, and buff it dry.

One reviewer wrote: "I use it on all of my fine silver rings, necklaces, and my fine silver china as well. I love the way it makes things look brand new. It gets all the old residue off and it brings back the shine. I have tried a lot of [polishes] but this one is my favorite."

2. The Best Silver Polishing Foam

For larger, irregularly shaped items, liquid polish can be messy and ineffective. A foam, on the other hand, clings to the item's surface to better tackle stubborn tarnishing — especially in the nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach with a rag. Goddard's silver polish foam is the best pick for elaborate trays, candelabras, and tea sets because its powerful foam formula removes discoloration, no tough buffing required. It also shines and protects simultaneously, and the 6-ounce tub even comes with a sponge stick for easy application. However, it's not noted as being a good option for gold and other surfaces.

  • Consistency: foam
  • Amount per purchase: 6 ounces
  • Directions: Dampen the foam applicator with warm water. Then apply the foam to your silver until the formula begins to lather up. Rinse and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

One reviewer wrote: "Oh. My. Word. I will NEVER use another silver polish again! This stuff has ruined me forever for tarnish removers! It's so FUN and EASY. [... Uber] satisfying to watch the blackest tarnish just wipe off, little to no elbow grease required."

3. The Best For Silver Jewelry

When it comes to your silver jewelry, you may want to use something that's specifically designed for this category, as you don't want to damage your diamonds or gemstones in the process. While it's not safe on pearls (few silver polishes are), the Brilliant silver cleaner is safe on most non-porous precious and semi-precious gems. It also comes with a basket so you can easily dip, remove, and drain your silver jewelry from the polish.

  • Consistency: liquid
  • Amount per purchase: 8 ounces
  • Directions: Drop your silver jewelry into the liquid. Remove the items with the included basket, rinse your jewelry with warm water, and then wipe them dry.

One reviewer wrote: "All I can say is this: WOW. I opened the jar, and dipped in half of a very tarnished (nearly black) bracelet for no more than a second, just to test it. When I pulled it out, I literally squealed. It was like new! Not a bit of tarnish, not a bit of dark, just that pure silver color."

4. A Polish Designed For Flatware

The Hagerty flatware silver dip is the easiest way to clean your silver forks, spoons, and knives. That's because its elongated jar allows you to simply dip your flatware into the formula, as opposed to applying it with a rag or finding an appropriately sized soaking tub. Furthermore, because the flatware is fully submerged, the formula will remove tarnishing from even the most delicate detailing without tons of scrubbing — though if certain spots are especially stubborn, reviewers recommend a quick scrub with an old toothbrush.

  • Consistency: liquid
  • Amount per purchase: 16.9 ounces
  • Directions: Dip your silverware (only solid silver) into the jar. Then remove, rinse, and dry with a soft cloth.

One reviewer wrote: "This stuff is miraculous. I liked how fast I could clean all of my silver. Set of 12 including knives, forks, spoons, soup spoons, salad forks, butter knives in less than an hour."

5. The Dry Cloth For Mess-Free Polishing

For mess-free, travel-friendly silver polishing, there's the Connoisseurs silver polishing cloth. My mom is a certified gemologist and jewelry expert, and this is by far her favorite solution. Each package comes with two textured cloths meant to tackle different jobs — an inner cloth that cleans, and an outer cloth that polishes. Both can be used dry, on any surface, without the need for moisture. Together, they remove tarnishing and create a protective layer, and since the whole thing is made from soft cotton, it's naturally gentle, odor-free, and scratch-resistant.

  • Consistency: cotton cloth
  • Amount per purchase: 1 cloth (double-sided)
  • Directions: Gently rub your silver with the inner cloth to remove dirt and tarnishing. Then use the darker outer cloth to polish and protect.

One reviewer wrote: "It works wonderfully. I had some seriously filthy silver that I needed to clean but didn't want to use smelly liquid cleaner, so I thought I'd try this cloth. It works like a charm. All my sliver is sparkling now."