10 Small Fans That Can Keep You Cool Anywhere

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Best Small Fans

It’s hard to beat the convenience that one of the best small fans can offer. With a diameter of 12-inches or less, they are compact enough to set on desks or be held in your hand, but they still generate ample airflow thanks to features like multiple speed settings. To find the perfect small fan for you, you'll want to consider the style, power source, and how much you want to spend.

If you're shopping for a model that has enough power to cool down small- to medium-sized rooms (for reference, an average-sized bedroom is about 11 by 12 feet), a small corded fan will be your best option. Though you'll need to keep proximity to an electrical outlet in mind, these units will hardly take up any space and still come with the right features — like multiple speeds and oscillating or tilting ability — to maximize air movement throughout a room. When deciding on the best fan for a bedroom, you may also want extras like a remote control or quiet noise output.

If it's portability you're after, though, you'll want to select a that's either battery-powered or USB rechargeable. These small portable fans are even more compact, usually much cheaper (some are under $10!), and perfect for throwing in a bag to take on the go (many weigh less than 1 pound). The biggest decision you'll need to make is which style will fit your needs since there are clip-on fans, wearable models, and even ones that you can easily prop up in a tent. Also, keep in mind that while several can still conjure up a decent gust of wind — with the help from multiple speed options — they are intended for more personal use and will not efficiently cool down a room.

Ready to chill out? Here are 10 of the best small fans you can buy on Amazon.

The Best Small Corded Fans

Let’s start with the more conventional kinds of small household fans. Unlike a pedestal style, these are ideal for setting on a table or a shelf, and with the help of a power cord, they can often offer substantial air circulation for your space.

1. The Overall Best, All Things Considered

Vornado is known for its powerful air circulation technology and even with a smaller 9.7-inch diameter, this Vornado fan can still move air up to 70 feet. It has three speed settings and a gliding chrome bar that lets you tilt the head to up to 90 degrees (vertically and horizontally) giving it a multidirectional airflow. Several reviewers mention that it's relatively quiet, though expect the noise level to increase as the speed increases (One user describes it as "really good white noise while you sleep.") With a weight of 4.25 pounds and a 6-foot cord, it's easy to relocate it to another room when needed. It's also backed by a five-year warranty and you can get it in black or white.

For those who want to be able to cool down an even larger room, the 12-inch Vornado 560 still comes in a small package but will give you up to 75-feet of air coverage.

Rave review: "We live in Florida and wanted to make the best use of our air conditioning. The Vornado is PERFECT for our bedroom (average size bedroom). If you position it correctly it helps keep the air moving in a space. Also, we live with a poorly ventilated kitchen. We take the Vornado and point it from our stovetop toward the nearby kitchen window and it sucks any cooking smells/vapors right out! It's great!"

2. An Affordable Workhorse

According to several reviewers, this AmazonBasics small floor fan makes for an excellent budget-friendly alternative to a Vornado. Though it's a smidge wider and heavier than the pick above (11-inches and 4.7 pounds), you'll still get three speed settings and 90-degree vertical-only tilt. In terms of output, the range isn't confirmed by the manufacturer, but one user reported that it "puts out a good bit of air for its size. Definitely the right size for a bedroom." Several other reviewers also mention that it's very quiet, too. And although it's described as a floor fan, the built-in top handle and 6-foot cord make it easy to grab to place on a tabletop or another surface.

Rave review: “This isn't 100% quiet, but soft enough to know it's going. Love the fact you can tilt it up or down! Mind you, this has a lot of wind power for its small size! This is also great if you're steam cleaning carpets, paint, and as I have one on a platform; so you can have a little breeze while working in the garden on a windless nice day! I strongly recommend!”

3. A Best-Selling Compact Fan At An Unbeatable Price

More than 11,000 Amazon customers have given the Honeywell TurboForce fan a five-star rating, making it an astoundingly popular option for those who are in the market for a small but incredibly affordable fan. With a tiny 6.3-inch diameter, you won't get as much output as some of the other corded options, but it's still has a surprisingly decent air circulation reach of up to 25 feet. It comes with a 6-foot cord and you can choose between three speeds and a 90-degree vertical pivoting head. Keep in mind, several users report the sound level is more "moderate" than quiet, but if your goal is to find a fan that provides ample white noise, this may be the right pick for you.

Rave review: "I replaced another $10 fan with this one, and I am impressed so far with this little fan, it can be adjusted to blow the air upwards if you need to, it has a good reach for our small apartment and is fairly quiet. It is much sturdier than other fans I have tried in this price range, sometimes you get what you pay for but I must say, for less than $20 this fan is giving you value for the buck."

4. An Ultra-Quiet, Remote Controlled Table Fan

It's not the smallest or the most budget-friendly option on this list, but you can almost certainly guarantee this 12-inch, corded Rowenta table fan won't disturb your slumber thanks to the fact that at 35 decibels, it's literally whisper quiet. Plus, it has five speeds and can move air up to 1,695 cubic feet. It also boasts oscillation, a handy remote control, and a built-in remote control holder (so you'll never lose the tiny gadget again!). There's a 6-foot cord and a clever handle built into the stand, making it a cinch to move the 8-pound device around.

Rave review: “A VERY solid build...and...SILENT (on the low setting). When you run it faster, there's no mechanical noise, just air noise. There's no creaks and clicks, and it's been running ten hours a day for a few weeks. It's so solid, I don't expect that any creaks will turn up. Aesthetically appealing, too. Its blue lights reflect off the chrome guard. Cool...literally.”

5. The Most Stylish

This Dyson bladeless fan boasts similar high-tech settings of the pedestal model above but in a more compact 10-inch-diameter size. Beyond looking like a modern art sculpture, this 6.7-pound fan also has a wide range of desirable features. Among them are a 6-foot cord, 10-speed settings, a sleep timer, a remote control, and the ability to both oscillate and tilt. While Dyson doesn't confirm the exact output of this model, it is considered a high-velocity fan that can provide excellent airflow to most average size bedrooms. Many Amazon fans also remark that it's "super quiet," too. The fact that it's completely bladeless also means that it's the easiest to clean, and more importantly, the safest option to have when children or pets are around. With your purchase, you get a two-year parts and labor warranty.

Rave review: “This is a great fan! Quiet, efficient, attractive, moves air wonderfully with lots of variations of flow available. Oscillates and tilts for air flow direction changes. Excellent product!”

The Best Small Portable Fans

Not restricted by proximity to an outlet, the primary advantage of these fans is that they are lightweight and cordless— giving you flexibility in where you use them. Just remember they are designed for personal use and won't provide as wide of a cooling distance as the picks above.

6. A Sleek Battery-Powered Desktop Fan

If you want a powerful desktop or table fan that doesn't take up your entire workspace, this 2-speed, 2.3-pound O2COOL fan is a great option, thanks to its slim profile and 10-inch blade diameter. It's also versatile in terms of how it can be powered: this version pictured can either be plugged into an outlet (the AC adapter is included) or you can go cordless with batteries (6 D batteries, not included), which per Amazon reviewers, should give you an impressive 20 to 30 hours of use. For just a few more bucks you can also opt for the "fan with USB" version, which also doubles as a charging port for a device like your smartphone.

Rave review: “I was looking for just the right fan to put on my desk at work, where it gets way too warm for me sometimes. Today is my first day with the fan on my desk, and I am SO IMPRESSED. Design is important to me. This fan has a cool factor that 98% of other fans do not. Just as important, the cool factor does not result in a performance trade off. Its two speeds are plenty powerful for me. In fact, I have been running it on low, and I am very happy with it. Even on high, it is quiet enough to run without distracting me or others in the office.”

7. A Rechargeable Clip-On Fan That A Breeze To Use From Any Angle

Whether attached to a treadmill, a baby stroller, or a car seat, this highly-rated 0.6-pound SkyGenius clip-on fan is an ideal solution to generate a breeze from almost anywhere. The 8-inch fan comes with a rechargeable battery and USB cord. Depending on whether you run the fan on high or low, the fan should have enough juice to give you anywhere from 2.5 to 6 hours before needing to be recharged. (Note: When powered by USB, the fan only has one speed.) The fan also boasts a wind speed coverage zone of up 10 10.5 feet and has a 360-degree horizontal and vertical rotation and Amazon reviewers report that it works well at any angle ⁠— even when hung upside down.

Rave review: “This fan is incredible. Strong motor, perfect range to rotate and twist to blow in so [many] different directions, and battery lasted a while. We took it to the beach with us and it clipped securely on everything and held great to our stroller. I LOVE that you can just plug it in at night to recharge it, and then use it the next day."

8. A Highly Rated Rechargeable Mini Fan With A Bendable Handle

The VersionTECH handheld fan has earned an average of 4.7-stars across nearly 6,000 Amazon users because it's as versatile as it is inexpensive. With an 8-inch long body (the fan itself is 4-inches in diameter) and 0.5-pound weight, you can easily hold it in your hand, prop it up on a table (by folding the handle 180-degrees backward), or even use the bendable handle to clip it on thin poles, like inside an umbrella or around a bike. Plus, it has three-speed settings and a wind distance zone of up to 10 feet! It comes with a USB-rechargeable battery, which users report should give you about four to six hours of continuous use (depending on the speed chosen). Get it in five cheerful colors.

Rave review: "I love this fan. I bought it to help with hot flashes, and to dry my face between layers of moisturizer and primer. This fan is quiet and lightweight. It seems very well made and has a good quality battery."

9. A Longer Lasting, Lightweight Rechargeable Fan

Without the flexible handle of the pick above, this OPOLAR mini fan may not be as comfortable to grip in one hand, but you'll still get the same extra-portable 4-inch-diameter size and same 0.5-pound weight only there's way more battery life — up to 13 hours on a single charge with the included USB rechargeable battery. There are three-speed settings to choose from, and you'll find that the optional blue "night light" and LED flashlight function also makes this a reliable pick for bringing on camping trips or leaving in an emergency kit. Plus, it has more than 2,000 five-star reviews, making this "deceptively powerful" fan worth having around.

Rave review: "This little fan works incredibly well! [...] Each speed puts out a significant amount of air for a cordless fan. I purchased this fan because we live in South Florida which is prone to hurricanes and power loss. This little fan really comes in handy if the power shuts off. It's also perfect to use while sunbathing. It gives a nice cooling breeze wherever you need it without the use of an electrical outlet."

10. This Cute Wearable Necklace Fan

With 2.5-inch blades and a slim profile, this O2COOL personal fan is so lightweight that you can comfortably wear it around your neck thanks to the attached cord. The air vents point up towards your face to keep you cool. In addition, this fan has a relatively long run time (about 12 hours) before needing another round of batteries (two AA batteries, not included). It also comes in six great color options.

Rave review: "Love this fan. Super quiet and lightweight. The fan can be worn around your neck with the breeze directed up towards your face. The fan can also be set in a flat surface for a really great cooling breeze. I have had many inquires about this fan."