The 6 Best Snow Pushers, According To Reviewers

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Best Snow Pushers

Snowfall can be magical, but when you realize you need to shovel the driveway, the magic begins to fade. If you're looking for a faster and more efficient way to accomplish that, the best snow pushers feature comfortable handles and enough width to take on the job at hand — no matter the size. After all, pushing snow out of the way like a snowplow — instead of lifting it with a shovel — can feel like a lot less work.

Most snow pushers are made from heavy-duty plastic (polyethylene or polypropylene), which is durable and lightweight, but if you're looking to chip through ice, you may want one with a stainless steel blade — but keep in mind you may have to use a little more muscle. You'll also want to consider blade size and how much snow you need to move. Some snow pushers measure in at about 24 inches wide, which is great for smaller areas like sidewalks, but if you have a big driveway, a wider 48-inch pusher will cover more surface area and can help you get the job done quickly. Just keep in mind that these will take up more storage space. You'll also want to think about the handle: Some handles are D-shaped so you can grip it horizontally (much like giving a fist bump), while others use just a straight broom-style handle — it all comes down to what's most comfortable for you. You can also consider a snow pusher with wheels that provide speed and stability or a snow pusher/shovel combo that’ll help you get more done with one tool.

Whichever style works best for your home, these are the best snow pushers on Amazon that will help you clear the snowfall away in a hurry so you can get back to enjoying the winter wonderland.

1. The Overall Best

For a reliable, easy-to-use snow pusher, this one is a solid choice. The durable steel shaft is made to last through many seasons of snowfall, and the large D-grip handle makes it easy to get a good grip. The 24-inch polypropylene blade easily moves a large amount of snow in no time, and it has a plastic edge so you can use it on wooden decks without causing any damage.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “It is well built, very strong (I've even chopped ice with it), wider than other snow shovels I've used, and the extra large handle makes it easy to use with thick gloves when the temperature is in the single digits.”

2. The Best Steel Blade Pusher

While this 30-inch steel blade pusher is heavier than a poly version (8 pounds, as opposed to the 3.7-pound option above), it’s excellent for chipping through ice and moving packed snow with ease. The heavy-duty D-grip handle is comfortable to hold, even when your hands are bundled in gloves.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “Used this shovel today for the first time... it cut through ice and slush with ease!!!! Cleaned the driveway and side walk in no time! Has a decent amount of weight to it, but not so much that's it's hard to use. Very happy with it so far."

3. The Best For Wide Areas

To quickly clear snow from a wide area, opt for this 48-inch snow pusher. It features a durable polyethylene blade, fiberglass handle, and comfortable D-grip. All the parts are easily replaceable if needed after years of wear and tear.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “This makes quick work of fresh snow on the sidewalks. The 48" width is roughly the same width as our sidewalks. If you hold it at an angle while you push, you can literally plow the snow off the sidewalk into the street, just like a plow on a truck would do.”

4. A Snow Pusher With Wheels

For extra speed and stability when clearing away snow, consider this wheeled snow pusher. The 26-inch pusher features a durable metal blade and anti-skid 6-inch wheels that allow you to move large amounts of snow with little effort, so you can get back inside and enjoy much-deserved hot cocoa ASAP. Plus, the padded handle extends between 47 and 51 inches, so you can find the most comfortable height for the task at hand.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “Works at clearing the snow very well. It took about half the time a [traditional] snow shovel would take.”

5. A Snow Pusher & Shovel Combo

This snow pusher and shovel combo is great if you want to do more with one tool. It features an 18-inch poly blade with a galvanized steel strip for added durability. The steel shaft has a ribbed, D-grip handle that provides comfort and grip while you’re moving snow. While this pusher/shovel combo has a smaller blade width than other options on the list, it’s a good choice if you want to minimize the number of items in your toolshed.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “This is a great shovel. Nice handle and I can easily shovel and/or push even wet snow.”

6. A Sleigh Shovel For Moving Large Amounts Of Snow

For tackling heavier snowfall, consider this sleigh shovel. It’s designed to help you clear large amounts of snow at once and features a 22-inch poly scoop with a steel strip that’s good for cutting through compacted snow. There’s also a sturdy steel handle that’s easy to grip with both hands.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “It is light weight and slides easily while moving a lot of snow. It seems to be sturdy built and has a ridge on the back for your foot if it bogs down.”

Also Great: A Shovel You Can Keep In Your Car

While it’s shaped more like a traditional shovel, this compact shovel has a wide aluminum blade and extendable handle, so it’s perfect for keeping in your trunk. The handle extends to 30 inches, making it easy to clear snow on and around your car. The shovel also converts into a side-mount position for removing snow under your vehicle.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “Excellent product. extremely durable. I keep it in my trunk year round because of [its] convenient size. I've had it for over a year now and have used it several times. It works great, not just in snow, but we've used at the beach to dig in the sand.”

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