The 6 Best Solar Path Lights That Are So Easy To Use

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Best Solar Path Lights

When it comes to keeping your yard safe, well-lit, and enjoyable with minimal effort on your part, the best solar path lights are a no-brainer. All of your options should be bright, well-reviewed, capable of withstanding the elements, and automatic (meaning they turn on and off depending on the level of light in their environment). That said, there are still a few additional factors to consider. Your preferred style is probably going to be your biggest determinant, but you should also take a look at the materials and the price per light.

Most affordable options are going to be made from some type of plastic, which is fine — and keep an eye out for manufacturers who specify that they use ABS or polycarbonate (PC), which are considered some of the most impact-resilient plastics. Materials like stainless steel and glass are another option and offer an elegant look, and can often be very durable. When you think of cost, since outdoor solar lights come in multipacks, you'll want to calculate exactly how much each light is costing you to ensure you're getting a good deal. (Don't worry — I've done the math for you below.)

All six of these solar light sets soak up sunlight during the day and turn it into bright, automatic illumination at night. Most importantly, they're highly rated thanks to their appearance, quality, and low-maintenance designs.

1. The Overall Best Solar Path Lights

If you're looking for an all-around great set of solar pathway lights, look no further than these ones from GIGALUMI. They have nearly 3,000 reviews and a 4.3-star overall rating because they're waterproof, easy to install, and quick-charging (just four hours of sunlight will provide eight hours of evening light). Last but definitely not least, their square shape, paned lamps, and all-black exterior are undeniably stylish, all while remaining shockingly affordable. They're also available in a 12-pack.

  • Materials: plastic
  • Price per light: $2.99

One reviewer wrote: "I liked the design and brightness so much that I have purchased this product four times. My yard looks great at night. Easy to install, and very bright for the yard."

2. The Most Affordable Pathway Lights

Each solar light in this 12-pack breaks down to less than $2, making it the best option for the budget-focused shopper. Despite the price tag, however, these lights are made from stainless steel, stay lit for up to eight hours, and have an elegant, minimalist design that's still capable of illuminating your path with cool white light. Of course, they're waterproof and turn on automatically when they sense a dim environment. (You can also get them in color-changing, multicolor, and warm white iterations, but do note that those sets are a little more expensive.)

  • Materials: stainless steel
  • Price per light: $1.49

One reviewer wrote: "Love the lights. They are better than I really expected for the price. They look great bordering landscaping along our home."

3. These Elegant Stainless Steel & Glass Lights

Unlike their competitors (which are often made from plastic), these BEAU JARDIN pathway lights are made from rust-proof stainless steel for the stake and crack-resistant glass for the shade. As a result, they're more durable than your average set and are designed to last, even when exposed to the elements. They're also easy to install without tools, can last up to 12 hours on a full charge, and have an elegant design that comes in your choice of six different colors and designs. They also have enough water protection to stand up to a water jet.

  • Materials: stainless steel/glass
  • Price per light: $7.49

One reviewer wrote: "I have been using cheap Solar lights for years, replacing them regularly as they fail or the plastic fogs up. I just thought Solar lights were all junk. Not so. these are well made, glass, and bright. The pattern of light is wonderful. OK, they cost about double what the junkers from the big box store cost, but they are worth it."

4. The Best Non-Raised Walkway Lights

Because they stick all the way into the ground to sit flush against your grass or gravel, these Sunco solar path lights are the safest option to avoid tripping. Still, they provide ample illumination with their powerful, waterproof LEDs that last for up to 10 hours when fully charged. They're also have strong water resistance that can stand up to a water jet. You can get them in four different options (which include different shades of white and light intensities), and each order comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Materials: plastic
  • Price per light: $2.48

One reviewer wrote: "These are great! Easy to put together and install! Very bright! Plus [...] no one is tripping over them! Worth the buy!"

5. The Brightest — & The Most Modern

Reviewers can't stop raving about how bright these OSORD solar lights are, so if you're looking to create a well-lit yard or path, this set is your best bet. Their modern shape projects high-brightness LED illumination directly onto your path, and they last up to eight hours when fully charged by sunlight. They also have a design that can also be mounted to the outside of your home using screws, and they're resistant to heat and frost. They're also waterproof.

  • Materials: ABS/PC plastic
  • Price per light: $11.49

One reviewer wrote: "Finally a solar light that gives off a decent amount of brightness. I've been going through multiple kinds of pathway lights, and these are the brightest I've found. [...] These work great so far."

6. The Best Hanging Solar Lights

More than 3,500 reviewers have given these Maggift hanging lights a 4.4-star overall rating. Yes, they love the weather-resistant materials, easy-to-install stakes, and long-lasting, automatic brightness — but they also love the classic look of a hanging lantern on a 34-inch shepherd hook. They're taller than most other brands for a more dramatic appearance and the ability to cast light further. Plus, they're a great pick for those who don't want their lights to be swallowed up by greenery and landscaping.

  • Materials: plastic
  • Price per light: $10.99

One reviewer wrote: "Very attractive [...] Looks really nice in my butterfly garden. Also placed by our front walkway; looks nice. Well worth the price."