The 5 Best Solar String Lights

It's amazing how a simple set of lights can transform your backyard into a festive nighttime wonderland. What's more, solar-powered lights will allow you to create this glowing oasis without having to deal with clunky outdoor plugs. To help you find the right set, I've made a list of the best solar string lights out there. Here are the qualities I looked for:

  • Fast charging: There's no point in having outdoor lights if you have to wait days for them to charge up. All of the selections below can be charged in 10 hours or less. And while it might take a little longer, all of them will still charge when it's overcast.
  • Easy to install: None of my picks below require screws, bolts, or any sort of extensive installation. All of them can be set up with easy clips or simple stakes.
  • Flexible strings: I made sure that all of the choices below feature flexible, mostly copper wires that are easy to mold. That means installation will be a breeze, whether you're wrapping them around fence posts or weaving them through the garden.

In addition to these factors, I read through the reviews carefully, choosing lights with lots of positive feedback from customers. Some of my picks have more than 1,000 fans who've attested to their greatness. Take a look below to find the best outdoor string lights for you.