The 5 Best Spray Bottles

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Spray bottles are a versatile purchase that can be reused and are better for the environment than single-use bottles. You can use spray bottles to mix and store cleaning solutions, water your plants, or even create your own air freshener out of essential oil blends. The best spray bottles have durable nozzles that are resistant to leaks, adjustable triggers that feel comfortable in your hands, and settings like mist or stream that give you application options. I’ve rounded up a variety of spray bottles for each of your needs. Here are a few things to consider before you make a purchase.


Most spray bottles are made of either plastic, glass, or a combination of the two. Plastic bottles are often less expensive, lightweight, and some plastic options are chemically resistant, which means you can store strong chemicals like cleaning agents without worrying about the chemicals damaging the bottle or vice versa. Unlike glass, plastic spray bottles will not break or shatter if you drop them. While glass is more fragile, it has its own set of pros. Some glass bottles are made with UV protective glass, which shields the bottle’s contents from degradation from ultraviolet light. Glass is also generally impermeable, which means it’s non-reactive, non-leaching, and won’t absorb liquids and gases. If you plan to leave them out on the counter, an unmarked glass bottle will look aesthetically better than a function-first plastic bottle, often found with branding and measurements on the side.

Nozzle Details

A durable nozzle is the most important aspect of a spray bottle. You want a strong nozzle that will not leak. Look for a leak-free, adjustable nozzle that can toggle between a stream spray and mist, and a setting that locks the nozzle when it’s not in use is also handy.

These multi-purpose, reusable bottles will make your life easier and are better for the environment. I’ve included options in a variety of styles, functions, and prices — including an option with 18,000 reviews on Amazon. You'll even find one that's designed specifically for misting plants.

1. A Glass Spray Bottle Set With A Cult Following

These amber glass spray bottles are loved by reviewers for both their durability and style. These spray bottles are a bit more expensive but with more than 19,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, it's safe to say they are a fan favorite. The two-pack includes BPA- and lead-free glass bottles, two leak-free phenolic caps for storage, and four labels to place on the outside. The ergonomic spray nozzle is adjustable between a spray, stream, and off. They're made with UV protective glass, which shields the bottle's contents from ultraviolet light. Each bottle holds 16 ounces and can be used time and time again. The manufacturer mentions that the bottles are heat-resistant and a few reviewers report washing their bottles in the dishwasher without any issues.

Helpful Review: "These glass spray bottles from Sally's Organics are just what I wanted! The sprayer works very well with 2 spray options, stream and mist, and 2 off positions for ease of use. The straw is long and slightly curved so it more than reaches the bottom to get every last drop of my homemade cleaners. I also love the caps for the bottles which offer a nice tight fit for no-leak transport and storage! The weight and feel of the bottle, even when filled to capacity, isn't too heavy! And the sprayer stays attached without constant tightening, although thanks to previous plastic sprayers, I am in the habit of checking it before spraying!"

  • Available Sizes: 16 oz.

2. This Value Pack of Spray Bottles

If you're less concerned with aesthetics and just want a really great deal and a quality bottle, this value pack of four plastic spray bottles is for you. These 16 ounce spray bottles are made from BPA-free plastic and are chemically-resistant so you can fill them with any cleaning solution and store them without worrying about the bottle deteriorating. They have durable spray heads that prevent clogging or leaking. These multipurpose bottles are ideal for cleaning, watering plants, ironing, air fresheners, essential oils, and more. Select which nozzle setting you need, from a fine mist to a solid stream, simply by twisting the nozzle. They feature an extra long tube that will spray every last drop. It has a three-finger trigger that feels comfortable in your hands, according to reviewers. The manufacturer doesn't mention anything about the bottles being dishwasher safe. This pack of four is also available in a larger, 24-ounce size.

Helpful Review: “I've been using heavy duty spray bottles for years now. Way better than the bottles that your cleaners come in at the store. They last a long time and the adjustable nozzle is fantastic! Goes from a very fine mist to a solid stream. They can hold just about any chemical and the labels that come with it are great, they stay stuck onto the bottle and accept a ball point pen ink. Plus there's less plastic put into the environment. I simply buy cleaners by the gallon and refill these when empty. That saves money.”

  • Available Sizes: 16 oz., 24 oz.

3. A 3-Pack Of Colorful Plastic Spray Bottles

At 17 ounces, these spray bottles are slightly larger than the other picks on this list and, thanks to their colorful design, allow you to quickly identify which bottle you need. Use one for cleaning, one for watering plants, and one for freshening laundry; they come in a pack of three with one blue, one pink, and one black spray bottle with a textured finish. These lightweight bottles are made of BPA-free plastic and feature a secure screw-on top that is leakproof. It has an adjustable nozzle that has three settings: mist, stream, and off. The sloped design of the bottle makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. The manufacturer doesn't mention whether these bottles are dishwasher safe, so you might want to hand wash them to be safe.

Helpful Review: “Purchased these bottles to use for [...] home cleaning products and am very happy with them! The nozzles are well made and can stand up to daily use. I've had them for a few months already and it doesn't feel like the springs will break anytime soon. The nozzle has a stream spray option, mist spray and off setting. They are about the size of a Method all-purpose cleaning bottle with a more triangular shape. They fit comfortably in my hand and hang easily off the side of my baking rack. Lightweight and easy to carry a few of them around the house while cleaning. It's easy to tell the bottle colors apart and you can still see whats inside of them so you won't get them mixed up. The side of the bottle has a bit of texture to it so labels may not stick. Also doubles as a good medium sized water spray bottle for hair touch ups.”

  • Available Size: 17 oz.

4. These Glass Spray Bottles With Measurements

These 16-ounce spray bottles make it easy to mix your own products thanks to the measurement labels. The side of each bottle has measurements for milliliters and ounces, which is convenient for refilling cleaning supplies or blending essential oils. These spray bottles have four nozzle settings that rotate 90-degrees in this order: mist, off, spray, and off. The pack comes with two cobalt blue glass bottles, two sprayers, two storage caps, a stainless steel funnel, and four labels. The glass is BPA- and lead-free, nontoxic, and offers UV protection. You can even toss these bottles into the dishwasher to wash before you refill them. Reviewers report that the blue is vibrant and much more appealing than industrial bottles.

Helpful Review: “Beautiful cobalt glass, with easy-to-read measurements printed on the body allows me to mix up my own cleaning products and then leave the bottle out where I can actually use it! I hate the cheap plastic spray bottles out there. The sprayer seems much sturdier than [...] store-bought cleaning products, plus it is easy to squeeze with my arthritic hands.”

  • Available Sizes: 16 oz.

5. A Small Misting Spray Bottle That's Great For Plants

Watering your plants has never been easier thanks to this mister spray bottle. The 10-ounce bottle is made of BPA-free plastic and sprays a fine mist that covers a large area, which is perfect for indoor or outdoor plants. It only has one nozzle setting, which may limit how you use it, but it's the perfect tool for plant lovers and can double as an essential oil mist for your hair or skin. It's designed with a safety buckle and a threaded neck that make it completely leak-proof and the extra-long tube completely empties the bottle. Reviewers report that it delivers a consistent mist and the stunning green is perfect for displaying. The manufacturer doesn't mention anything about this bottle being dishwasher safe, so it's best to hand wash it.

Helpful Review: “I was using a regular [...] spray bottle when unbeknownst to me there was an actual mister out there for my babies (plants). I said why not? My plants only deserve the best! It is the perfect mister for my Chinese evergreens. The mist easily shoots from the lightweight bottle, and my plants are blessed with the likes of an outdoor Seattle mist day. Highly recommend.”

  • Available Sizes: 10 oz.

Also Nice: An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

Searching for a top-notch cleaning solution to add to your spray bottle? This all-purpose cleaner is made with a biodegradable plant-based formula and is free of fragrance, VOC's, and chlorine bleach. It gets rid of grease and dirt from most surfaces and is considered an EPA Safer Choice product, which means it meets U.S. EPA standards for containing ingredients that are safer for human health and environment. This money-saving pick has a 4.7-star rating and includes two one-gallon bottles that you can easily pour into spray bottles.

Helpful Review: "I like everything about this product. It performs as listed on the label. It sprays and wipes without fumes or toxic chemicals. I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity and this is the only product I've tested that I can use everywhere without concern that I'll have symptoms. I love it."