25 Gift Ideas For Your Starbucks-Obsessed Friend

So. Many. Options.

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True Starbucks lovers know that the holiday season means one thing: new Starbucks drinks and merchandise. As soon as the holidays are in sight, Starbucks superfans run to the coffee chain to try out the season's newest drinks and snag one of the iconic red holiday cups. If you're getting gifts for the Starbucks lovers in your life, now’s the time to head to the closest store or hop on Etsy, Disney Shop, or Amazon to find a little treat for them. These items are great for stocking stuffers, Hanukkah gifts, secret Santa, or simply as a way to get into the holiday spirit. And, what better time than now to purchase these gifts before prices skyrocket during holiday crunch time?

While Starbucks-themed items are a great purchase around the holidays, they also make awesome gifts for your Starbucks-loving friends for any occasion. If they have a birthday or anniversary coming up, or they just need a pick-me-up, these gifts are the perfect place to start. From personalized cups and phone cases to Disney-themed merchandise, there's a Starbucks item for everyone on your list.

Here are 25 gift options to impress the Starbucks fans in your life.

1. Starbucks Holiday Blend

For the Starbucks lover who can't get enough of seasonal blends, this gift lets them enjoy a cup (or three) from the comfort of their own home.

2. Starbucks Variety Syrup Pack

Some people carry hot sauce in their bag, while coffee lovers carry vanilla syrup.

3. Bedazzled Reusable Cup

This crystal-covered 24-ounce reusable Starbucks cup is perfect for your glitter-loving friend. It comes in 16 different sparkling colors from rose gold to aqua to jet black, so you'll be sure to find one that matches your friend's style.

4. Personalized Rose Gold Tumbler

With this personalized Starbucks tumbler, your friend will never be confused about which coffee is theirs, and they will also use less paper cups. It's a win-win.

5. Personalized Phone Case

Give your friend a constant reminder of their love affair with Starbucks with this personalized phone case. It comes in sizes compatible with most iPhones and Galaxy phones, and allows you to include your friend's name in addition to the drink design.

6. Frappuccino Scented Candle

If the Starbucks lovers in your life are just as obsessed with the scents of their favorite drinks as the beverages themselves, this is the perfect gift for them. The seller also uses upcycled bottles to create these candles, making this gift a sustainable option.

7. Starbucks Logo Sweatshirt

Give your friend the gift of comfort and remind them they're a total boss with this flexing version of the Starbucks mermaid.

8. Starbucks Door Mat

Take your friend's Starbucks obsession to the next level with this "Come back with Starbucks" door mat. You will be doing any guests who visit your friend's house a favor.

9. Color Changing Hot Cups

These color-changing hot cups are perfect for your Starbucks-loving friend who wants to drink their coffee in style. A set of six is available in Starbucks stores for $16.95, or you can snag a personalized one from Etsy.

10. Glitter Cold Cups

Give your friend the gift of glamour with these glitter cold cups. Get a personalized version on Etsy, or check out your local Starbucks store to get a 5-pack or 24-ounce cups for $18.95

11. Bubble Mint Cold Cup

This iridescent, mint green reusable cup is available only in Starbucks stores. If you're having a hard time finding one, you may have to go the route of getting one on eBay at a steep upcharge.

12. Stripe Straw Pack

Available online and in Starbucks stores, this pack of reusable straws features a multicolored straw, a purple straw, a straw cleaner, and a handy pack to keep everything together.

13. Red Holiday Cup Ornament

These shimmery red holiday cup ornaments are available in Starbucks stores for $7.95. But, like most other limited-edition Starbucks products, they'll go quick. If your local stores are out of stock, you can always check second-hand online sellers like Mercari albeit at an upcharge.

14. Magic Kingdom Starbucks Mug Ornament

You know the Starbucks obsession is real when someone puts a mug ornament on their holiday tree. Gift the Starbucks lover in your life this Starbucks ornament that features Disney's Magic Kingdom to bring some magic into their holiday season.

15. Disney Tumbler With Straw

New for 2020, this reusable tumbler is perfect for anyone who is equal parts Starbucks lover and Disney stan. What could be better than the Disney, Starbucks, and holiday spirit all mixed into one mug?

16. Disney's Animal Kingdom Travel Tumbler

If your friend is more of a hot drink fan, this is the Disney and Starbucks tumbler for them.

17. Starbucks By Nespresso, Blonde Espresso Roast

If your friend lives for Starbucks' blonde roast and they have access to a Nespresso machine, gift them their favorite light roast coffee in espresso form.

18. Starbucks "Cough-y Filter" Face Mask

Go full 2020 will this gift from Etsy retailer Culture Fabrics. This "cough-y filter" face mask is equal parts funny and functional.

19. Starbucks Scented Lip Balm

If you know someone who would bathe in a frappuccino if allowed, these Starbucked-flavored lip balms are for them. With varieties like Caramel Brulee to White Mocha, you can give someone the gift of drinking their Starbucks and wearing it, too.

20. Baby Yoda Color Changing Cup

You can get these adorable Baby Yoda color-changing cups in five different colors and add personalized text as well! It's the perfect gift for anyone who can be found sipping on a Salted Carmel Mocha while marathoning The Mandalorian.

21. Mug & Coffee Sleigh Gift Set

This gift set comes complete with Pike Place Coffee, Stroopwafel, a mug, and a tiny sleigh. It's the ideal gift if you've got someone for Secret Santa and all you know about them is "Likes Starbucks."

22. Red Speckled Ceramic Mug

This cozy ceramic cup is perfect for sipping on Stabucks coffee brewed at home. It also makes for a good container for ice cream, meaning you're basically giving them the gift of a future affogato.

23. Starbucks & Teavana Gift Set

This is the Pimp My Ride version of a Starbucks-themed gift. There's coffee. There's tea. There's even a travel tumbler and snacks. It's like a bougie apocalypse prepper kit.

24. Starbucks Snacks Holiday Sampler

OK, I lied. This gift set of Starbucks holiday snacks is the bougie Christmas apocalypse prepper kit you seek.

25. Laser-Cut Wood Earrings

Looking for something a little more subtle? These laser-cut earrings are made of maple wood and are the perfect accessory for any Starbucks fan.

And, if all else fails, you can always throw in a Starbucks gift card just to be safe.

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