The 7 Best Steering Wheel Covers For Hot Weather

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best steering wheel covers for hot weather

While the sun’s powerful rays will inevitably heat up your car, a good steering wheel cover can keep your hands comfortable while you drive. The best steering wheel covers for hot weather are made from heat-resistant materials such as microfiber, neoprene, and silicone, and they come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find a shade that matches your car, or a pattern that expresses your style.

When it comes to materials, the most important thing is to stay away from anything that retains heat, like leather, vinyl, or plastic. Instead, stick to materials that are breathable and temperature-resistant, like the following:

Another important factor to think about is the overall look. If you want a premium aesthetic, faux leather is a great option, but if you’d rather have something a little more bold or funky, you can opt for prints like sunflower, leopard, or even tie-dye.

As for size, most of the covers below are compatible with standard 15 inch-steering wheels but I’ve also included options for wheels that are larger or smaller. (Note: Before buying, you’ll want to measure your wheel’s outer diameter to make sure the cover will fit.)

The best steering wheel covers come in a range of materials and appearances, so you’ll be able to find the one that fits your car — and personal preferences — the best.

1. A Basic Cover In Solids & 2-Tones

  • Compatible with 15-inch steering wheels

This dual-material cover is constructed with nonslip rayon on the sides to soak up sweat from your hands, along with microfiber faux leather that adds a sleek touch to the overall design. This cover is compatible with standard steering wheels that are 15 inches in diameter, and it’s available in solid black as well as several two-tone shades, so you can pick one that complements your car’s color scheme. With over 9,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this steering wheel cover is a great option that comes at a budget-friendly price.

According to a reviewer: “This is such a nice material, it feels really good to hold onto, it is never hot or cold, always comfortable. I live in AZ and nothing is worse than sweating on your steering wheel, but this cover keeps your hands nice and dry.”

  • Available colors: 14

2. A Cover Made From Faux Leather

  • Compatible with 14.5- to 15-inch steering wheels

While this steering wheel cover may look like genuine leather, it’s actually constructed from soft microfiber. It fits standard-size steering wheels that are 14.5 to 15 inches in diameter, and it comes in several colors — black, beige, and gray — but you can also opt for a rhinestone crystal design that’s perfect if you’re looking for some bling. While it’s the priciest option on this list, many reviewers feel that this cover is worth it, and it’s earned an overall rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon.

According to a reviewer: “This makes my steering wheel look brand new and like it’s part of the actual steering wheel! It doesn’t get hot in the sun which is a nice bonus and hasn’t faded, peeled or damaged. It’s easy to clean and looks high end! I’m very happy I got this!”

  • Available colors: 3

3. A Flax Steering Wheel Cover With A Natural Look

  • Compatible with 14.5- to 15-inch steering wheels

If you’re looking for a wheel cover with a natural aesthetic, this one made from flax linen is the way to go. Temperature-neutral and airy, flax linen dissipates heat effectively and soaks up moisture as you sweat. This cover fits over steering wheels that are 14.5 to 15 inches in diameter, and it comes in three different striped patterns in subdued colors, so you can pick the one that fits your personal vibe.

According to a reviewer: “Sooo cute, perfect for super hot or cold weather and does not make your hands sweaty. Does not slide around on the wheel and matches my interior nicely.”

  • Available colors: 3

4. A Neoprene Cover In 7 Print Options

  • Compatible with 14- to 15-inch steering wheels

This neoprene steering wheel cover is made from the same material used to construct wetsuits, so it’s no wonder it keeps your hands dry from sweat while driving. The cover is durable, temperature-resistant, and easily stretches over 14-to-15-inch steering wheels. But what really sets this option apart from others on this list is the variety of bold, colorful patterns. From bright sunflowers to sassy leopard print to groovy tie-dye, these designs make a great accent piece for your vehicle. If you want to protect your hands from the heat while also jazzing up your car’s interior, this is the choice for you.

According to a reviewer: “High quality and great. It was fairly easy to get on and keeps the steering wheel cool during the Georgia heat in a black leather seated car.”

  • Available designs: 7

5. A Cover That’s Padded For Comfort

  • Compatible with 15-inch steering wheels

With six cushy pads, this steering wheel cover adds an extra layer of comfort to your grip while you drive. Made from ventilated microfiber mesh, the cover is soft and breathable, and the standard foam cushions won’t retain body heat the way memory foam does. This cover fits over standard 15-inch steering wheels and is available in four colors.

According to a reviewer: “Everyone should have one of these. The steering wheel doesn't get cold in the winter. It doesn't get hot in the summer. The wheel is way easier to grip. It sort of massages the hands while driving because the fabric has some texture. I LOVE it.”

  • Available colors: 4

6. A Faux Leather Cover In A Wide Range Of Sizes

  • Compatible with 14- to 16-inch steering wheels

Fashioned from realistic-looking microfiber leather, this steering wheel cover comes in a wide range of sizes, so it’s suitable for sporty Audis, 18-wheelers, and anything in between. Skid-proof and heat-resistant, the durable material protects your wheel from the sun’s rays while also keeping your hands cool. Not to mention, the solid black and dual-tone design options offer some understated style. Reviewers have stated that it does take a good deal of effort to pull this cover over their wheel, but once it’s on, it’s a perfect fit.

According to a reviewer: “Fits well, feels good. Matches cars interior, not hot or cold like pleather.”

  • Available colors: 8

7. A Steering Wheel Cover In A Variety Of Prints & Sizes

  • Compatible with 14.25- to 16-inch steering wheels

Like the above option, this steering wheel cover comes in multiple sizes, but it also comes in a handful of fun and quirky designs. Show off your wild side with tiger stripes or leopard spots, or opt for basic neutrals, or a two-tone black and red design. Made from microfiber, the cover won’t overheat in the sun, and the deepened lines on the surface will offer a skid-proof grip while you drive.

According to a reviewer: “This is an awesome steering wheel cover! This is one of the best ones I’ve ever had, it’s super breathable as well as it sticks to your hands with the leather not in the sticky way but in the way that it feels VERY comfortable! It’s super high quality for the price as well as very easy to put on even with the giant steering wheel in my Malibu.”

  • Available colors and designs: 8