The 8 Best Storage Baskets To Organize Your Home

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Baskets are one storage solution that can wrangle everything from blankets to pantry items, and the best storage baskets hit the sweet spot between functional, stylish, and durable. Every room and organization project is different, so before you buy storage baskets, think about where you plan on utilizing them and the items that you want to store inside — this should help to determine your ideal sizes and materials.

Soft-sided fabric baskets made from materials like canvas or cotton (either in rope form or fabric) are ideal for storing items like pillows, blankets, and linens. Durable plastic baskets offer stiff structure with more protection for your items, and are typically low in cost. Woven baskets are super aesthetically appealing, so you may want to utilize them in visible spots around your home: think in the living room to store magazines or books, or on a shelf or bookcase to hide clutter. Sturdy wire baskets have an open design that allows items to easily be spotted — just make sure the stuff that you’re storing won't accidentally fall out.

Some storage baskets boast other features that can be helpful, too. Many baskets have sturdy handles, made from sturdy materials like rope or leather, that make it easier to move them around or grab them from a shelf. There are also baskets with a designated spot to place a label, increasing their organizational functionality. And if you’re tight on space, there are stackable, hanging, or wall-mounted baskets to help you maximize every square inch in your home. Keep in mind that certain storage baskets were designed with a specific purpose in mind, like sliding baskets for under-the-sink organization or hanging fruit baskets to reduce counter clutter, while others are more versatile.

You can never have too many baskets, so here are eight of the highest rated ones on Amazon that are perfect for organizing all sorts of items around your home.

1. A Fan-Favorite Extra-Large Rope Basket

With its extra-large size, you’ll be majorly impressed with how much you can store in this rope basket from INDRESSME. The soft-sided basket measures 21.7 inches in diameter and is 13.8 inches tall. It's made entirely from cotton, so it’s ideal for storing blankets, pillows, linens, and more, but still sturdy enough to stand up on its own. The basket comes in three neutral colors combinations that'll blend seamlessly with your home decor. And since it’s lightweight and has two handles, you’ll be able to move it around easily if needed.

Amazon reviewers are wild about this pick, praising its size, durability, and design; they give the storage basket a whopping 4.8-star rating overall on the site.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I am so pleased with the xxxlarge cotton rope basket. I was able to store (6) 18x18 over sized pillows in the basket! Which is amazing because with kids they always end up in the floor! The basket is made of thick durable material, but soft enough that it won't tear fabric. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fashionable storage basket to hold items!"

2. A Wire Basket With A Label Plate

With its open design and convenient label-holding plate, this wire basket from Spectrum Diversified is any home organizers’ dream. The basket is made from a sturdy steel material, and features your choice of finishes (black, chrome, copper, industrial gray, and satin nickel) so you can be sure it vibes with your home decor. Use this pick for food in the pantry, linens in the closet, cleaning supplies in the bathroom... the organization possibilities are virtually endless, so long as the stored items are big enough to avoid slipping through the 1-inch square gaps in the weave. Amazon reviewers have serious love for this pick, giving it a knockout 4.8-star rating on the site after more than 1,700 reviews.

This pick is available in two sizes — small or medium. The small basket measures about 10 by 7 by 8 inches (length by width by height) and the medium basket measures about 13 by 12 by 8 inches (length by width by height). If you need more than one basket, you can also pick these up in packs of two or six.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I bought 5 of these baskets to try and organize my deep pantry shelves. They are the perfect size and hold more than you would initially think. They are more sturdy than I expected as well. I also really like the slot for a label. I just ordered 5 more to finish off the pantry."

3. A Set Of Natural Woven Storage Baskets

Woven storage baskets are known for being sturdy, stylish, and super versatile, and this set of five from Best Choice Products is no different. The 1-foot cube-shaped baskets are made from natural water hyacinth that’s woven over a reinforced wire frame. When not in use, the baskets fold down flat for storage. Reviewers on the site give this pick a solid 4.7-star rating overall, after more than 400 reviews.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I can't say enough about how beautiful these storage baskets are, I am in love with them. They just look so beautiful. So simple to put together and so very sturdy and well made, very high quality. Great product for the price."

4. A Set Of Six Plastic Storage Baskets For Less Than $20

If you have a lot of items to store or are on a tight budget, these storage baskets from Eagrye come in a pack of six for less than $20 — a total steal. The baskets are made from sturdy yet lightweight plastic, and they feature a woven design for just a bit of added interest. Handles on both sides make them super easy to grab.

Another major plus with this pick is the versatility; use the baskets in the bathroom to corral hair products, place them in the pantry to store snacks, utilize them in your dresser drawers (they’re short enough for that!) to organize socks or underwear… the list goes on and on.

While the 10.4 by 7.6 by 4.05-inch baskets (length by width by height) are particularly versatile, they also come sized conveniently for paper storage, or as a set of stackable plastic bins that might be better for smaller objects since they don't have "woven" sides with holes.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I love these baskets - they helped me organize kitchen drawers (I was actually surprised they fit in an average-sized drawer, but I could put two in one drawer together, not stacked), kitchen cabinets and bathroom closet. I organized utensils in two different drawers, baking supplies in the kitchen cabinet and bathroom toiletries in the bathroom closet. They are clean-looking, simple and sturdy. Very good product for the price, and the fact that you get 6 helped me to organize so many spaces very well!"

5. A Set Of Large Fabric Storage Baskets

These fabric storage baskets from StorageWorks are perfect for use in a closet or on a shelf. The baskets feature a unique trapezoid design, meaning they are slightly shorter in the front than in the back, which gives you a clear view of the contents inside. When you're ready to access your stuff, use one of each basket's three sturdy rope handles to easily pull it closer. This pick fold downs for storage when not in use — a major space saver, given that the baskets measure 19.7 by 11.2 by 8.3 inches (length by width by height) when unfolded.

The baskets are made from 100% cotton, and they’re available in a handful of subdued colors.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Front of basket a bit lower, so when on shelf you can sometimes see what is inside without pulling off shelf! Great for sweatshirts or bulky items, sheets, etc. to tuck away on shelf w/o having to see messy stacks of clothing."

6. A 2-Tier Sliding Basket Organizer That’s Perfect For Under The Sink

The space under the kitchen or bathroom sink can be like a black hole, so to help wrangle your stuff, consider this basket organizer from SimpleHouseware. The organizer features two tiers of sliding baskets that are perfectly sized to store cleaning supplies, toilet paper, sponges, among other items. But don’t just take my word for it; with more than 4,700 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating overall, reviewers on the site indicate that this pick is a game changer when it comes to organization.

The organizer is made from a sturdy metal wire, and it has a lovely chrome finish. If you scoop up a few of these units, know that they're stackable if you have enough vertical space for that (one set measures 16.75 inches long by 11 inches wide and is 12 inches high). And if you need an under-sink organizer but aren't super fond of this one, check out this list of under-sink organizers for even more options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This is exactly what I needed for my bathroom vanity cabinet. It fit perfectly and more than doubles the storage capacity with easy access to all the smaller products. The sliding baskets work perfectly and the additional shelf on top holds the larger things. I highly recommend this."

7. A Pair Of Wall-Mountable Baskets

Looking for a storage solution that won’t take up too much floor space? These baskets from Goodpick are calling your name, since they're petite in size (6.7 inches in diameter and 7.9 inches tall, to be exact) and designed specifically to hang on the wall. Place them next to the front door to stash your keys and wallet, use them by your bed to store your phone or glasses at night, hang them near a window and place a plant inside… I promise, you’ll be able to find a use for this pick in your space.

The baskets are made from a woven jute material, and they feature a leather handle that’s ultra-strong and durable. Choose from multiple color options, including two-toned varieties.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "These baskets are amazing quality, a great color, and such a fun size. Very functional and the styling possibilities are endless! The leather strap detail is beautiful and with the thickness of material I know these are going to hold up very well! Love them!"

8. A 3-Tier Hanging Basket

This three-tier hanging basket from Fox Run gets the stamp of approval from Amazon reviewers who indicate that it's amazing for reducing countertop clutter. This pick features three differently sized baskets — in small, medium, and large sizes — and it's designed to hang from a ceiling or wall hook. It’s perfect for holding fruits and veggies in your kitchen or pantry, though it could also be utilized in other spots in your home like a closet or laundry room. Made from metal, this pick is quite sturdy and strong, and it comes in a bunch of finishes, including gold, white, copper, green, and red, for extra style. The baskets measure 11, 9, and 7 inches in diameter, respectively, and the unit has a total height of 32 inches.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I bought this to create more counter space in my home. I was actually surprised as to how much this could hold. I have a 5lb bag of apples in the bottom; an entire bag of onions in the middle; the top well that is filled with my favorite ingredient, Garlic! It looks amazing hanging and makes it so my roommates and I have plenty of counter space. I will honestly probably purchase this again when I move."