The 8 Best Toilet Brushes Are Super Effective & Easy To Hide After You're Done

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While it might not be the most luxurious purchase you've made lately, the best toilet brushes can be functional and attractive. At first glance, most toilet brushes will look pretty similar, but before you add anything to your cart, be sure to consider the materials, the features, and the caddy design.

Since toilet brushes regularly come into contact with moisture and cleaning solutions, you'll want to choose a material that can stand up to both. Durable plastic is usually the material of choice here — for both the handle and the bristles — but some brands have also begun to utilize silicone bristles because they're scratch-free, easier to clean, and attract less bacteria than plastic. And if any part of the brush is metal, be sure it's a metal that naturally resists rust and corrosion (like stainless steel). Regardless of your preferred materials, you should also make sure that the brush is comfortable to hold and well-suited for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Finally, almost all brushes come with their own caddies, which means that the caddy's design is almost as important as the brush's. Make sure that it's sturdy, compact, capable of catching drips, and allows the brush to dry. You'll also want to make sure that it's at least moderately attractive if it'll be sitting in a corner of your bathroom all the time.

With all of that in mind, here are the best options for a wide selection of toilet-cleaning needs.


A Versatile Silicone Toilet Brush

Most toilet brushes are made with plastic bristles, which can effectively scrub away build-up, but may also trap moisture and bacteria. The TreeLen toilet brush, on the other hand, is made with durable silicone bristles, which dry quickly, prevent scratches, and are easier to rinse clean. The brush also has a comfort handle and a flip-up tab, which helps you to clean underneath the elusive toilet rim. Finally, the compact caddy catches drips and has an open design for quick drying.

One reviewer wrote: "I was also skeptical about how effective this brush would be with cleaning. Needless to say it actually cleans great! It cleans so much better than the traditional brush. I also love how it doesnt hold water, so you're not left with that nasty doo-doo water in the holder. The little part that sticks out REALLY gets the part of the toilet that always gets neglected."


A Cult-Favorite Toilet Brush With Hundreds Of Rave Reviews

The compact OXO Good Grips Hideaway toilet brush is a fan-approved option with a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 5,000 reviews. This set comes with a small but powerful tapered plastic brush (with white bristles for scratch-free cleaning and tougher blue ones for under the rim) and a canister drip tray that automatically flips closed with its hideaway design — no touching required. Together, both pieces take up a mere 5 inches on the ground beside your toilet, so it'll fit in even small bathrooms. Choose from four colors.

One reviewer wrote: "Love the way this toilet brush looks in my bathroom; the gross part (the brush) is hidden from site and the container is sleek and neat. I also love how the brush is elevated in its housing, so it isn't sitting in nasty water. I clean houses for a living and have seen my share of really bad toilet brush designs. I have been suggesting this product to all of my clients and they are just as pleased with it."


The Editor-Approved Disposable Set

If you’re all about reducing the ick-factor as much as possible, zero in on this set of disposable toilet brushes with a handle, stand, and four pads. No wonder it’s the toilet brush of choice for Commerce Editor Amy Biggart: "This toilet brush works so well, and has a flushable pad that you can use to scrub the sides of your bowl and then easily drop into the toilet bowl and flush away. This kit comes with four refills, and one was definitely enough for a basic cleaning of my toilet, so I won't have to replace it for awhile. It also comes with a stand that it sits in when you're not using it. I'd definitely recommend it!" With more than 11,000 perfect five-star ratings, plenty of reviewers agree.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m a Housekeeping Supervisor at a high end Resort and this product has saved me so much time and frustration. Instead of carrying around a sopping wet, dirty toilet brush; I now have a sanitary, disposable one!”


An Affordable Toilet Brush That Comes In 10 Colors

Yes, it's made from durable, shatter-resistant plastic like most of the others — but the mDesign toilet brush doesn't look it. Both the non-slip base and the sturdy-bristled brush are coated in your choice of more than 10 different colors, including fun pastles and some of which look like genuine metal; they then effortlessly fit together to form a discreet, compact pair that looks surprisingly elegant next to your toilet that's just a little more than $10. However, it's not the best at draining or drying excess moisture.

One reviewer wrote: "It looks much nicer than traditional toilet cleaning brushes, cleans well, and hasn’t fallen apart in any way. I would recommend it and plan to buy another for my upstairs bathroom."


A Silicone Brush That’ll Get Into Tight Corners

This brush and holder set features a silicone brush that doesn’t hold water like your average plastic one would, but it also has an extra-thin profile so it’ll reach into all those awkward corners. There are slots in the base of the holder to keep things sanitary and it even comes in three colors: silver (shown), rose gold, and white.

One reviewer wrote: “It’s sleek, and works amazingly. It drains well, and the water that’s left on the brush has an opportunity to dry quickly because of the design of the hanging holder (that sticks to the wall inconspicuously because of its compact size.) [...] I tried one out first to see if I liked it—- and immediately then ordered three others.”


The Best Toilet Brush & Plunger Set

Get two bathroom essentials with one purchase — and in one well-organized caddy — thanks to this set from Mr. Clean. It comes with a nylon plastic-bristled brush and a turbo plunger, both of which are made from high-quality materials and have rubber comfort-grip handles. The caddy has a non-slip base and helps you to tuck away both tools while still allowing them to dry after use. No wonder it has a 4.7-star rating after more than 11,000 reviews.

One reviewer wrote: "Bought one to test and ended up ordering two more, tired of wasting money on cheap models. The base is convenient and easy to clean, durable, and will last."


A Sleek Stainless Steel Option

When it comes to sleek, modern products, simplehuman has a way of making just about anything more elegant. The brand's ergonomic toilet brush is no exception. The design features a removable plastic brush head with a row of deep-cleaning bristles and a high-quality stainless steel rod that magnetically secures to the drip-free storage caddy. Unlike your average toilet brush, this one is crescent-shaped instead of rounded, so you can more easily clean around the rim and scrub away stubborn spots.

One reviewer wrote: "Historically, I've found plungers to be a nasty yet necessary component to a functional powder room. This one is the exception. It actually looks nice enough to keep out, especially when turned around."


A Stylish 2-Pack For Less Than $20

If you need more than one toilet brush but don’t want to spend more than you have to for quality, consider this stylish set with a circular holder. Made from stainless steel, it offers great style for the price. And with a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 3,000 reviews, most buyers agree that these do the job quickly and easily. It also comes in the same finish but a more traditional trapezoidal shape, if you prefer.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these toilet brush holders. They are stylish and yet work oh so well. I add just a bit of pine sol to the bottom which disinfects the brush and nicely scents the bathroom.”