If Your Bathroom Often Gets Gross, These 32 Clever Products Will Be Game-Changers


I'm a self-described neat freak, but even I have my weak points when it comes to keeping my space clean — and my biggest weak point is without a doubt the bathroom. My hair gets everywhere, my makeup floods the countertop, and (since I live in a basement apartment), my showers create an inordinate amount of moisture. Needless to say, tackling the bathroom is my least-favorite job come chore day, but a select few genius cleaning products on Amazon have made it a lot more bearable.

See, for me, it's all about efficiency. If I know that cleaning the bathroom is going to take several hours, I'll find every excuse to skip it. But, if I'm equipped with the right tools to scrub away grime, dislodge clogs, and organize my beauty products, I'm way more likely to just get in there and get it done.

And for those who hate to clean, you're in luck: The internet also has tons of game-changing products that make your bathroom way less gross, simply by existing. (Think mildew-minimizing materials, plug-in sanitizers, and sprays that trap odors before they even hit the air.) In short, keeping your bathroom clean doesn't have to be a huge production — and these 32 clever items are proof.


This Power Scrubber With 4 Interchangeable Heads

Scrub your sink, shower, tub, and floor — all without having to bend down. The Homitt electric spin brush has four interchangeable heads for all types of jobs, and it takes elbow-grease out of the equation with its adjustable handle and rechargeable battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours. "I'd had this for the last few years I wouldn't have hated cleaning the bathroom so much!" one buyer raved.


This Touch-Free Soap Dispenser That Works Automatically

The Secura automatic soap dispenser is designed to release the optimal amount of soap right into your hand, without drips and without the need to touch anything. It can hold up to 17 ounces of your favorite handsoap at a time, it uses infrared sensors for accurate motion detection, and it's available in five metal finishes to match your existing decor.


These Ergonomic Handheld Brushes For $4 Each

It's not easy to find a quality scrub brush for a decent price, but there's a reason why this two-piece set from Amazer has a 4.6-star rating. Buyers love the "nice hard bristles" and the "comfortable handle" because they don't have to apply "a whole lot of pressure to clean." They're also durable and versatile, and you get two different colors for just $8.


A Brilliant Take On A Plunger — That Also Works On Sinks & Showers

Because of its high-pressure design and interchangeable heads, the Drain Buster works on more than just toilet clogs. It'll also help to dislodge clogged sinks and shower drains, all without potentially harmful chemicals and expensive plumber fees. "This thing is amazing," one reviewer said. "I have been trying to get a toilet unclogged for a week and took a chance to order this. Worked perfectly and got my toilet working right."


This Genius Kit That Turns Your Drill Into A Power Scrubber

While electric scrub brushes are a great way to minimize effort during cleaning, most aren't cheap — which is why the Drillbrush set is such a genius buy. For $15, you get three all-purpose brushes that attach to any standard handheld drill. As a result, you can clean tile, porcelain, fiberglass shower enclosures, door tracks, and fixtures, all with one low-effort tool.


These Bear-Shaped Pods That Clean Your Toilet Automatically

Plop one of these adorable bear pods into the back of your toilet, and it'll release a formula that dissolves stains and germs in the bowl every single time you flush. The only down-side, according to reviewers? "I can't bear to use it, it's so cute" — no pun intended.


Some Gloves With Built-In Silicone Scrubbers

Some wear these scrubber gloves while washing dishes, but thanks to the heavy-duty design and non-scratch bristles, they're also great for cleaning the bathroom. They keep your hands clean while allowing for optimal dexterity during any job, and since they're made from silicone, they're durable and easy to rinse clean for next time.


A Pumice Stone That Removes Rust & Hard Water Stains

Whether it's in the toilet, sink, or tub, this Powerhouse Pumice cleaner effortlessly removes rust and hard-water stains when nothing else will. Most importantly, it does so without damage or scratching. "Over the last few years a reddish brown ring formed in the toilet and NOTHING worked to completely remove it," one reviewer said. After using this, however, their "toilet looked brand new!"


This Unique Caddy For Over-The-Shower Organization

Hang it over almost any standard shower head, and this mDesign caddy will hold your bottles, razor, soap, and sponges. Unlike competing options, the bottle slots are tilted diagonally to stop them from toppling over, but there are also two horizontal shelves for miscellaneous items. Get it in your choice of eight different finishes, from black to satin — and they're all rust-resistant and made from durable steel.


The Cult-Favorite Toilet Spray That Traps Odors Under The Water

"Seriously obsessed," one buyer wrote about this best-selling toilet spray. "Will never again buy a chemical air freshener. This stuff is way better for you and is more effective." Instead of covering up odors with synthetic fragrances, this formula uses natural essential oils to create a barrier on the surface of the water. As a result, you simply spray it into the toilet before you go, and any unwanted odors will flush down alongside the physical evidence.


This Heat-Resistant Organizer For Your Styling Tools

Minimize clutter on your vanity and give your hot tools a safe place to cool off. The mDesign hair care organizer has three slots to hold your flat iron, curling wand, blow dryer, or brushes, but the steel-wire design is heat-resistant and takes up minimal space on your counter. You can get it in a huge range of colors, including rose gold and mint green. Most importantly, it has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating.


A Well-Designed Storage Shelf That Accommodates Pipes

Whereas most under-skin organizers aren't suitable for use alongside plumbing systems, the SpicyShelf was designed for this very purpose. It's fully expandable and adjustable in its width, height, and depth, plus its U-shape hugs pipes instead of getting in the way of them. "This product turned my unorganized bathroom sink into a much more manageable space!" one reviewer raved.


This Smart Toilet Brush With An Under-Rim Extension

The TreeLen toilet brush is revolutionary for two reasons: One, it's made from durable, non-porous silicone, which gets rid of toilet bowl grime without scratching and without clinging onto germs. Two, it has a special extension that helps you clean under the rim, so you can be sure your toilet is spotless — even in hard-to-see areas. This one comes with a caddy and has a comfort-grip handle.


A Cape That Catches All The Facial Hair While Grooming

Tired of cleaning tiny hairs out of the sink after a shave session? These reviewers are, too, which is why they've called the Doepsilon beard apron the "best invention ever" and a "great idea." One side attaches comfortably around the neck, while the other adheres to the mirror with suction cups. The durable nylon then catches all hairs while grooming, so you can just shake them straight into the garbage.


This Tiny Dehumidifier To Reduce Moisture & Mildew

It fits effortlessly on your toilet tank or on a shelf — and it can even hang from your towel bar — but don't be fooled: This tiny dehumidifier packs a serious punch. It's filled with battery-free silica gel beads, which absorb moisture in any space up to 333 cubic feet. Once the beads change color (which normally takes about 30 days), you can plug the unit straight into a wall outlet to "recharge" them.


A Powerful Gel That Removes Mold Stains Without Scrubbing

Due to its precision-application tip and thick gel formula, this Skylarlife mold remover can be applied to grout, tiles, sealant, showerheads, and corner crevices — without dripping. Over the next few hours, it'll then break down stains and mildew build-up, so you can simply rinse it all away. Buyers say their fixtures look "brand new" and they're thrilled to see "such fantastic results with so little effort."


These Brilliant Clips That Hold Your Shower Curtain Shut

If you're tired of cleaning up puddles and mildew because of a leaky shower, these EONMIR splash guards are a worthy purchase. They attach to most surfaces using a self-adhesive sticker; then the tight clip holds the shower curtain flush against the wall to prevent water from getting out. Each pack comes with four clips for just $9, or you can get eight for $2 more.


A Revolutionary Drain Protector With Nearly 30,000 Reviews

Prevent clogs and expensive plumbers' fees with the Tub Shroom, which is available in six colors and has almost 30,000 reviews. The 3-D mushroom-shaped design catches almost every hair before it can slip down the drain, but the countless holes optimize the flow of water despite a large collection of hair. When it's time to clean it out, the flexible silicone wipes down without effort.


These Super Affordable Snakes That Remove Drain Clogs

For $9, you get five plastic snakes, which are designed to dislodge hair, garbage, food, and other blockages. The bent design combined with the tiny spikes have helped hundreds of reviewers clear their pipes without having to use harsh chemicals or call a plumber. "They are beyond amazing!" one reviewer said. "It took less than a minute to get everything that's apparently been clogging my sink for who knows how long."


A Plug-In Sanitizer That Zaps Germs, Mold, & Odors

Here's one of the aforementioned products that keep your bathroom clean without you having to lift a finger: The Germ Guardian is a plug-in air purifier that uses a UV-C light to zap away germs, odors, and mold spores in the air. It doesn't require any filter replacements, and it's just 7 inches high so you can use your second outlet and sanitize your space without cluttering up your counter.


This Fabric Shower Curtain That's Waterproof & Washable

Since it's made from waterproof, machine-washable polyester fabric, this $11 shower curtain doesn't even need a liner — and yet it's still effective when it comes to minimizing mildew and keeping moisture inside the shower. Best of all, it's offered in nine colors and a huge range of sizes to suit any bathroom, and reviewers rave, "Gorgeous. So elegant!"


A Discreet, Non-Slip Tub Mat That Resists Stains & Mildew

Bath mats are a good idea because they prevent slipping in the tub — but most collect mildew and germs like nobody's business. The Tree Bud tub mat, on the other hand, is made from machine-washable, eco-friendly vinyl that dries quickly and resists the growth of mildew. It's also 30% longer than other standard mats, and it has 200 suction cups to ensure that it stays put. Get it in your choice of six translucent colors.


These Compact Bleach Pens For Precise Messes

While some people use these compact bleach pens to remove stains, brighten up their white sneakers, and even decorate clothing, others say they're a must-have for cleaning the bathroom: "Great for mold lines in the shower," one said, and another wrote, "Made old grout and caulk look brand new." Each one has a dual-tipped applicator that minimizes splashes, plus they fit easily in a drawer, bag, or cabinet.


This Memory Foam Bath Mat That You Can Actually Wash

Most bath mats (especially the foam ones) are a magnet for mildew and bacteria. That said, even though the MAYSHINE mat is filled with soft, thick memory foam and covered with a fluffy fabric, it's easy to keep clean. The entire thing can be tossed in the washing machine to sanitize it, and when hung up afterwards, it dries quickly and without odor.


This Holder & Dispenser Set That Minimizes Messes & Germs

Clear up countertop clutter, minimize toothpaste drips, and keep your toothbrush heads safe from airborne germs. This set from Wikor comes with a toothbrush dispenser and toothbrush mount that holds up to five at once — and both are outfitted with suction cups for use on tile or glass. "I love that it fits my electric toothbrush," one buyer said.


A Disposable Toilet Cleaning Set If Reusable Wands Gross You Out

If you're grossed out by the thought of putting a dirty toilet brush back in its stand, the Clorox ToiletWand system might be for you. The caddy and wand are made from a non-porous, reusable material, but the part that actually touches the toilet is entirely disposable. These little pads kill 99.9% of bacteria, are hexagon shaped to reach deep into corners and crevices, and pop off and right into the trash when you're done.


These Cotton Pads That Make It Super Easy To Mop

They fit onto most popular flat mops (including the Swiffer), but unlike your usual pads, these ones are made from 100% thick cotton. As a result, they're durable, washable, and reusable up to 150 times each — and since the pack comes with two, you'll be set for quite a while. "Today I used it dry to polish black marble floor in the bathroom," one reviewer said. "Ended up as shiny as a mirror with zero streaking."


A Tank Cleaner That Removes Rust, Calcium, & Hard Water Deposits

Believe it or not, reviewers can't stop raving about this $6 toilet tank cleaner: "10/10 will buy again," one wrote, while another said, "Tank looks like new, wish I knew about it sooner." Another goes as far as to say, "I want to clean every toilet in the world now!" Simply pour half the bottle into your tank, and the formula will remove rust, calcium, dirt, and hard water deposits to prolong the life of your toilet.


These Deodorizing Drain Strips That Smell Like Lemon

"I live on a property with a septic system, and sometimes odors come up through my sink drain," wrote one reviewer who has tried everything to get rid of them. Green Gobbler BIO-Flow drain strips, on the other hand, seemingly tackled the issue. "I have not smelled any odors at ALL since I placed them in the drains." Each one is packed with slow-dissolving enzymes which break down grease, food build-up, and soap scum — and they have a refreshing lemon scent, too.


This Long-Handle Scrub Brush With A Squeegee Feature

This is not your average scrub brush. For one, the BOOMJOY scrubber has stiff, dual bristles and a long handle so you can deep-clean the shower, tub, or floor without bending down — and for another, it has a brilliant squeegee built into the top. As a result, you can simply flip it over and drag all the soap and scum right to the drain. Not bad for $20.


This Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Shower

Purify and refresh the air in your bathroom with the Oasis diffuser, which is one of the only models that's waterproof for use while you're in the shower. It mounts to the wall in seconds and allows you to attach most standard essential oil bottles, so you can infuse the mist with antibacterial tea tree, invigorating lemon, or relaxing lavender.


One Of The Best-Selling Squeegees On Amazon

Looking to keep your shower or mirror streak-free? The OXO Good Grips all-purpose squeegee is a top-seller on Amazon because it has a durable, flexible blade, a lightweight design, and a comfortable handle. It also stores securely inside the included suction cup mount, so it dries quickly and is always within reach.

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