The 5 Best Unbreakable Drinking Glasses That Won’t Shatter

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If you’re tired of sweeping up shattered glass, it’s time to snag a set of unbreakable drinking glasses. The best unbreakable drinking glasses are constructed with ultra-durable Tritan plastic, a material that’s not only easy to care for, but also looks and feels remarkably like glass. It can be made into crystal-clear glasses or tinted varieties, depending on your aesthetic preferences. It also comes in all types of glassware, including wine glasses, tumblers, and champagne flutes.

Tritan is a BPA-free variety of plastic that can be made to mimic the look and feel of glass — without the fragility. Resistant to chips, scratches, and shattering, Tritan is a sturdy material that’s easy to clean, too. You can typically pop Tritan glasses in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Although there are thousands of durable drinking glasses available online, keep an eye out for those labeled “unbreakable” instead of just “break-resistant.” The terms may appear interchangeable at first glance, while break-resistant drinking glasses are less likely to break than traditional crystal glass, they can still be fragile and susceptible to cracks and chips. On the other hand, unbreakable drinking glasses are engineered to be shatterproof (and are usually made of plastic or stainless steel), even if you drop them or knock them over.

Check out these sets of unbreakable drinking glasses for wine, water, cocktails, and other beverages — all available in sets of four on Amazon for less than $50. They’re all BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and totally practical. Plus, some are even designed to be stackable, which is a bonus if you don’t have a ton of storage space. And if you prefer stainless steel to glass-like look of Tritan, I’ve also included a beloved option.

1. The Best Unbreakable Wine Glasses

With more than 2,300 five-star reviews to date, these Vivocci wine glasses have garnered quite the fanbase. According to reviewers, they feel a lot like genuine glass — with the added benefit of being durable and surprisingly unbreakable. One user described, “I just elbowed one of these glasses onto the floor today. I watched it bounce around without breaking and it reminded me to write a review! Truly unbreakable! The plastic they are made out of hasn’t scratched or gotten dull from the dishwasher after 3 months of use and they have been dropped or knocked over several times.”

Like most wine glasses, they aren’t stackable, but each glass holds up to 20 ounces of your favorite vino (or other drink). They’re sold in packs of two, four (pictured), six, or eight glasses. These are stemless, which means they’re less prone to being knocked over and spilling, but you can also opt for stemmed glasses, too. (Check out this list of the best unbreakable wine glasses for more inspiration.)

Promising Amazon review: “These ‘glasses’ look like the real thing and are similar in weight. Perfect size when you want a glass of wine, not half a bottle in one glass. These are great for use outdoors as well as indoors.”

2. The Best Unbreakable Juice Glasses

These budget-friendly juice glasses from Scandinovia are sure to delight adults and kids alike. The colorful set comes with one 8-ounce glass in each eye-catching hue: bright blue, light green, sunny yellow, and hot pink. Even better? These glasses are stackable, which makes them especially ideal for smaller spaces. (Alternatively, if you prefer plain crystal-clear glasses, opt for this four-piece set.)

Promising Amazon review: “They are very pretty. Exactly what I wanted. I tend to be klutzy, so I wanted unbreakable glasses, yet still attractive. These fill the bill.”

3. The Best Unbreakable Tumblers

Although these 17-ounce glasses are technically described as water tumblers, they are versatile enough to hold all of your other favorite beverages. Try using them for soda, juice, iced tea, or even a pint of beer. While they aren’t stackable, they boast an elegantly curved silhouette that looks a little fancier than the standard straight-sided tumbler or pint glass.

Promising Amazon review: “Wanted something we can use everyday. These are great and don’t have to worry about them breaking. Easy to hold and pretty looking. The price was good too. I got two sets.”

4. The Best Unbreakable Highball Glasses

This Drinique set features four 14-ounce highball glasses that are the perfect size and shape for cocktails — and, of course, a nice choicest for non-alcoholic beverages, too. A wonderful alternative to glass versions, one reviewer described these cups as “virtually indestructible.” They’re stackable for easy storage and come in five different colors — clear, red, teal, blue, and opaque white — to suit your style.

Promising Amazon review: “Very nice glasses, and you don’t even realize at first glance that they are not glass. Nice weighted bottom [...] Would work well for anyone, and any occasion.”

5. The Best Unbreakable Champagne Flutes

Cheers! These stemless champagne flutes are the perfect way to celebrate a joyous occasion or enjoy a mimosa without worrying about breaking delicate glass. Each set comes with four flutes, which each hold 8.5-ounces of bubbly. Like most champagne flutes, these are not stackable. These are stemless, but if you happen to prefer stemmed flutes, you’re in luck: Consider these Tritan stemmed champagne flutes with a 4.6-star overall rating.

Promising Amazon review: “These are absolutely stunning glasses! The weight and the quality passes for glass. Adore them!”

Also Great: A Set Of Unbreakable Stainless Steel Cups

While the above Tritan glasses are the best substitutes for glass, these stainless steel cups are another unbreakable and dishwasher-safe option to try. Some users have noted that the single-walled cups can generate a significant amount of condensation and become very cool to the touch when filled with cold beverages — otherwise, they’re largely praised and have garnered an average 4.8-star rating on Amazon. They’re stackable and available in 10-ounce (pictured) and 16-ounce options, including in black and rainbow iterations. (Looking for different types of stainless steel glassware? You can find wine glasses and champagne flutes, too.)

Promising Amazon review: “Needed some unbreakable drinkware. These are perfect! Stackable and easy to store.”