The 3 Best Underarm Sweat Pads To Keep You Dry & Stain-Free

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Everyone sweats, but nobody enjoys the feel of damp clothing or the look of pit stains — and sometimes, over-the-counter antiperspirants just don’t cut it. That’s where the best underarm sweat pads come in: Made from a super-absorbent fabric like cotton or microfiber, they come with a multi-layered design that slips imperceptibly under your clothes, keeping your underarms dry and your tops protected from stains.

Most underarm sweat pads look pretty similar, but where they differ is in the fabric construction, size, and color. The most effective sweat pads will be made from an absorbent fabric that acts like a sponge, instead of simply wicking moisture away. Most commonly, you’ll find pure cotton or microfiber options, or a blend of both. Cotton is a natural fiber, so it’s more environmentally friendly, but microfiber is more durable and possibly better at resisting odors. But both are soft, hypoallergenic, and absorbent, so which one you choose depends on your personal preference — or choose a blend to get the best of both worlds. Another factor that contributes to absorbency is the construction itself. Look for sweat pads with a multi-layered design — usually two layers, though some will have more — to ensure maximum protection and absorption. One pick below even has an “impermeable” layer to prevent moisture from reaching your clothes entirely.

In terms of size, most measure just under five inches in length and are relatively thin, which keeps them from looking bulky under your top; but you can also find a larger option if you want extra coverage and security. Also, note that sweat pads come in shades similar to common undergarments, so they’ll stay low-profile as you wear them.

One last thing to note: If you do any research into underarm sweat pads, you may come across antiperspirant or deodorant wipes being referred to as “sweat pads” — that’s not the focus of this list, but you’ll find one extremely popular option included for good measure.

Scroll on to shop three of the best underarm sweat pads on Amazon, all designed to offer you added sweat protection for a little more peace of mind.


The Overall Best Sweat Pads

These Garment Guard sweat pads are the “original disposable sweat pads,” according the brand, and a solid go-to if you’re overwhelmed with options. Firstly, they come in both black and beige, which will be more discreet than the more commonly available white sweat pads, especially under dark clothing and thin fabrics like silk. Also unlike other options, these are designed in an oval shape (as opposed to the standard hourglass style) with built-in slits to allow for a flat application. Another thoughtful design detail: There’s no adhesive at the center of the pad, so they won’t pull threads from the seam of your top or dress. They’re made of 100% pure cotton that’s breathable, compostable, and soft, and the double-layered design (which includes an absorbent layer and an “impermeable” layer) ensures all-day protection.

  • Size: 4.9 x 3.4 inches (length x width)


Best Affordable Underarm Sweat Pads

Get the most bang for your buck with this value pack, which includes 40 pairs of white underarm sweat pads for just $13. These are made from a hypoallergenic, double-layered cotton-microfiber blend, so you’ll benefit from both the breathability of cotton, and the durability and odor-resistant properties of microfiber. They’re equipped to absorb 30 milliliters of moisture (that’s about the equivalent of two tablespoons) and provide up to eight hours of protection. Though they’re individually packaged, so you can throw a couple extra in your bag for more peace of mind.

  • Size: 4.8 x 4.4 inches (length x width)


Best Underarm Sweat Pads For Added Protection

For a little extra protection, opt for these large underarm pads that measure just over five inches in length. They’re designed in a wider, squared version of the conventional hourglass shape and reinforced with a triple lining, as opposed to the standard double lining — so they offer heartier coverage for a broader area, though they’re still surprisingly thin. Their microfiber construction provides more odor prevention than cotton, but it’s hypoallergenic, so gentle on sensitive skin. Plus, each pack contains 40 pairs, so you’ll be covered for over a month, even if you use them daily.

  • Size: 5.5 x 5 inches (length x width)


Also Consider:

If you find that over-the-counter antiperspirants aren’t keeping you as dry as you’d like, consider upgrading to these clinical-strength sweat wipes, which have earned over 8,800 five-star ratings on Amazon. The active ingredient in here is aluminum chloride (14%), which is known to greatly reduce sweating, even in those with hyperhidrosis. In fact, these wipes were created by a doctor who was seeking to address his own struggles with the condition — they worked so well, he decided to brand and sell them. Apply these wipes at night to allow the aluminum chloride to penetrate, then enjoy up to seven days’ worth of sweat protection.

One thing to note: Aluminum chloride may be irritating for people with very sensitive skin. If that’s the case for you, skip these in favor of those gentle, hypoallergenic underarm sweat pads, and/or a gentler (but still powerful) antiperspirant.