The 5 Best Vacuums For Long Hair

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If you have long hair or live with someone who does, chances are vacuuming is a frustrating task that can involve clogs or jamming. Fortunately, there are many vacuums prepared for the task. When shopping for the best vacuums for long hair, consider the type of flooring you have. When vacuuming carpet, you’ll want a model with a specialized brush roll, which is the rotating part of the vacuum that is used to dislodge debris from carpet and other flooring. Self-cleaning or tangle-free brush rolls should be able to handle long strands better than traditional bristled ones — without tangling or jamming. Alternatively, you can also opt for a vacuum with no brush roll at all, which will eliminate the possibility of brush roll clogs altogether. If your home has mainly hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring, a vacuum without a brush roll — or a brush roll that can be turned off — can even help your floors from being damaged and keep debris from scattering.

There are upright, stick, canister, and handheld vacuums that can all handle hair pickup, and the style you choose is up to your personal cleaning preferences. If you’re unsure or are interested in multiple types, there are many vacuums that can convert into multiple configurations. Similarly, there are corded and cordless models, and even robot vacuums if you’d prefer to have your cleaning done for you.

There’s also a wide range of filter systems, including both disposable filters and washable ones. As you shop, consider which one you will find easiest to maintain. You can also find HEPA filters, which are extremely effective against allergens — but while some HEPA filters can be washed, it’s not usually recommended.

Below are some of the best vacuums for tackling long hair, available with a wide range of features to clean your space.

1. An Upright Vacuum With A Self-Cleaning Brush Roll

For some serious carpet cleaning without the struggle of a tangled brush roll, try the Shark Navigator, an upright vacuum with a self-cleaning brush roll featuring flexible blades instead of bristles. It’s bagless and corded, but the cord is 25 feet long, so you have a wide cleaning radius. While the manufacturer notes that it’s best for cleaning carpet, many reviewers have also noted success with hardwood and tile without any damage from the brush roll, and reviewers have also attested that the brush roll can be turned off to reduce scattered debris.

The vacuum converts from upright to a “lift-away” mode where the body of the vacuum can be picked up to use on stairs, upholstery, or high places. It also comes with a crevice tool with bristles for dusting, a multi-tool for removing hair, and a wide upholstery tool so every nook and cranny, even on furniture surfaces, can be effectively cleaned. It uses a washable HEPA filter and washable foam and felt filters.

One fan wrote: “Great vacuum, maneuvers well, easy to clean, light weight, brush roller not clogged with 7 longhair dogs in my house. Awesome for pet hair and human long hair. Best ever ! Game changer !”

2. This Budget-Friendly Canister Vacuum With No Brush Roll

For tangle-less vacuuming at a great price, consider the BISSELL Zing canister vacuum, which has over 15,000 five-star ratings and counting. It has no brush roll, which removes the possibility of hair getting wrapped around the bristles. Featuring a height adjustment switch, the vacuum can be used on both carpet as well as hardwood and tile — although reviewers have noted it’s easier to roll and generally more effective on bare floors. It’s bagless and has a 15-foot cord that is conveniently retractable. It doesn’t have any other configurations but does come with a crevice tool and dusting brush attachments. It uses a washable non-HEPA filter. All in all, if you’re on a tight budget, this could be a great fit for cleaning around your home.

One fan wrote: “This is great for tile or wood floors, seriously the best suction I’ve ever had on a vacuum and I’ve had dysons. You can vacuum carpet but you can only go in one direction, I have little throw rugs and if I stand on the corner and vacuum across it it works great but you can’t go back. It’s easy and light enough my two year old can vacuum and he loves it. Everyone in the house has long hair and the broom was always missing it but this sucks it up super fast. The head of the vacuum does get some hair and fuzz stuck to the bristles but I just take it off and vacuum it right before I turn it off to take apart. The only thing that I wish it had was a little case or plastic box to store it and the accessories in.”

3. A Cordless Stick Vacuum With A Tangle-Free Brush Roll

If you’d prefer a cordless vacuum for cleaning up long hair, the BISSELL PowerGlide stick vacuum is a great option. It has a tangle-free brush roll, which many reviewers confirm can handle longer hair, and a roll-slowing button that allows it to be effective on both carpet and hard surfaces. While you can’t turn the brush roll off completely, you are able to slow it down by pressing the “cleaning mode” button. For even more applications it can convert into both a handheld and high-reach vac. As for attachments, it comes with a crevice tool, dusting brush, and pet hair tool for cleaning upholstery, as well as a wall-mounted storage system which also accommodates its charger. The vacuum is bagless and can run for 30 minutes on a single charge. It uses a washable non-HEPA filter and is also available in a corded version at a slightly lower price.

One fan said: “My daughter and I we both have long hair plus a cat. When I vacuum the hair doesn’t stuck on the brush. The suction power is strong, light weight and easy to maneuver. The extension can reach up high, vacuum the stairway and sofa. I am very happy with this vacuum.”

4. A Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Without A Brush Roll

Thinking about switching to a robot vacuum but worried about it getting tangled with long hair? Consider the bagless and brush roll-less ILIFE V3s Pro. It has a corded docking port but moves about cordlessly and returns to its port on its own when it needs a charge. Best of all, it has a remote and can be programmed on a daily cleaning schedule. The manufacturer notes that the vacuum is best suited for hard flooring such as wood, laminate, and tile but that it can also handle low-pile carpet. It comes with a filter that is not specified as HEPA, which the manufacturer recommends replacing monthly. (You can, however, find replacement HEPA filters online.) If you’re looking for a larger dustbin capacity, more suction, and more navigation features, check out the V80 Max and V9e models of this vacuum (found at the same listing) — they’re available for a slightly higher price.

One fan wrote: “This little robot [...] has been a life saver! I love it! When my husband first purchased it, I was very skeptical thinking it would only half clean up the hair and dust. We have lots of tile floors with grout throughout our house. We have a dog that sheds pretty bad at times and I have super long hair that gets everywhere and [it] gets it all.”

5. This Handheld Vacuum That’s Made For Hair

If you’re looking to vacuum upholstery, this handheld vacuum designed specifically for hair will likely help, and it has more than 11,000 five-star Amazon ratings to back it up. It is bagless, has a 16-foot cord, and skips the brush roll. While it can only be used as a handheld vac, it has two heads to choose from for multiple functionalities. The first is a rubber nozzle, which helps attract hair and is specified for using while vacuuming hair from upholstery or carpeted stairs. The second is a contoured plastic nozzle which is a good option for dry messes like dirt. It uses a disposable pleated post-motor filter and a filter screen, neither of which is a HEPA filter or washable.

One fan wrote: “​​I keep this in my bathroom to clean up my hair after I dry/straighten it in the mornings. It works great. I know it's supposed to be for pet hair, but it works great on human hair too.”