The 13 Best Wine Accessories On Amazon, According To Wine Lovers

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When it comes to the expansive world of wine, there are nearly as many types of wine-drinkers as there are grape varieties. But whether you like to pop a bottle with dinner each night or save your prized vintages for special occasions, a few key wine essentials makes the whole experience more enjoyable. The best wine accessories make it easy and fun to savor your favorite wines, and even make great gifts for the wine lover in your life.

Any accessory you buy should be functional. So start by deciding how you plan to open your wine. Screw top bottles are becoming more common, but everyone should have an opener that can remove natural or synthetic corks. Rather than a manual wine key or corkscrew, consider upgrading to a foolproof electric model.

If you plan to enjoy the whole bottle, you might want to buy a decanter. Decanting introduces air to open up the aroma and flavors of your wine, and makes for an elegant presentation. Choosing a wine glass comes down to preference, but whether you like stemmed or stemless glasses, invest in a style that’s comfortable to hold and easy to clean.

If you’re looking for a smaller wine accessory, there is plenty to love on this list. From a wine glass cupholder that suctions to your bath or shower, to washable wine markers that let you draw on the sides of your glass, there’s a wine accessory on this list for everyone.

Below, I’ve rounded up the best wine accessories, as well as a few splurge-worthy items to take your wine game to the next level.

1. The Best Wine Opener

Secura’s automatic wine opener won the title of best electric wine opener, and it’s still a top pick. The battery-operated opener removes corks smoothly and consistently using simple up and down controls, so you’ll never have to worry about breaking or damaging corks. A foil cutter is included to make the job easier, and the low-profile charging station also serves as a display when it's not in use. When fully charged, the Secura can open up to 30 bottles of wine, and a built-in blue LED light illuminates when the battery is full.

According to one reviewer: “This is the best wine opener we have used. Very easy to use and attractive to leave on counter top. I have arthritis in my left hand and this is still a breeze to use. Highly recommended!”

2. The Best Wine Bottle Stoppers

Decorative wine bottle stoppers may look nice, but they don’t do the best job of keeping air out of your opened bottles, which can lead to premature spoiling or flavor turns. This bottle stopper from Erhiry has a hinge closure that activates an expanding ring to create an air-tight seal in the bottle's neck. Sold as a set of two, the stoppers are great for keeping still wines fresh, and can also keep sparkling wines bubbly longer. Since the seal is leak-proof, you can store opened bottles on their side in the fridge without fear of spills. One note: This doesn’t wine bottle stopper doesn’t work for sparkling wines.

According to one reviewer: “I love my wine and needed to find a wine stopper that keeps my wine tasting just as good as the day I opened the bottle and this one does just that. This stainless steel wine stopper is made of high quality materials and easy to use.”

3. The Best Wine Charms

If you’ve ever run into the dilemma of forgetting which wine glass is yours, a handy wine charm is a great accessory to have in your kitchen drawer. This set of 16 wine tags clip over any stemmed wine glass so you can easily remember which glass belongs to who. Each one has a different charm in the shapes of famous (and familiar) landmarks, like the Statue Of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. You can also opt for one of their other collections, including a set of beach- or wine-themed charms.

According to one reviewer: “I purchased this as gift for my wife. She was very happy with the various token items (all different). Once we can mingle again she will have friends over and everyone will have a personalized glass!”

4. The Best Wine Glasses

For everyday use or special occasions, this set of 12 wine glasses from Libbey’s Greenwich collection includes two volumes, 20 and 24 ounces, for drinking white and red wines, respectively. Made from clear, lead-free glass, they’re designed to be durable and dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy. Reviewers love the glasses’ thin lip, which gives them a premium feel. The slightly angular design of the bowl gives each glass an elegant but modern look, and since the largest glass is just over 9 inches tall, the set can be stored on a shelf or in most cabinets.

According to one reviewer: “I love having the two sizes-for white and red wine. The rim is thin so the glass looks expensive even though it did not cost much. The glasses are durable-I've hit them on the granite counter and they have not chipped.”

5. The Best Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses have become more popular in recent years, and offer a casual option for drinking wine anytime. This set of four stemless glasses have a versatile 15-ounce capacity for enjoying red or white wine. The design features a thin lip for enjoyable sipping, and though they’re lightweight, they’re dishwasher safe for easy care.

According to one reviewer: “I needed to replace some old stemless glasses that had become clouded. Thought I would take a chance on these. They are a great size and shape. Fit perfectly in my hand and in the dishwasher rack. Flat bottom means they don't accumulate water in the dishwasher. I will use these for a long time.”

6. The Best Shatterproof Wine Glasses

You’d never know these stemless wine glasses from Vivocci are shatterproof, making them a great option for anyone who enjoys having a glass of wine outdoors or for those who identify as accident-prone. They’re made from Tritan, a highly durable, BPA-free plastic that won’t break when dropped or clinked. Unlike many other acrylic or plastic glassware brands, Vivocci’s glasses are dishwasher safe and won’t stain or become cloudy over time. You can choose between two volumes, 12.5 and 20 ounces, as well as sets of two, four, six, or eight glasses.

According to one reviewer: “I've tried to abuse these glasses (dropping them, dishwasher, using them as kids cups, etc.) and haven't found a scratch or blemish. On the shelf and in the hand, they look like glass. I'm having great fun dropping these for the un-initiated.”

7. The Best Wine Markers

Another way to distinguish your wine glass (or any glass you’re using), these wine markers allow you to write on the sides of your glasses. This pack of markers comes with five different colors to choose from. When you’re done, easily wipe your glasses clean with a wet washcloth and a bit of dish soap, or put your glasses in the dishwasher if they’re dishwasher safe — your glasses will look like new.

According to one reviewer: “I absolutely love these markers. I like to write silly things on my glasses, so when people get one out of the cabinet they have something to smile about. The writing comes off in the dishwasher with no residue left over. It doesn’t come off on your hand when [you’re] using the glass, either.”

8. The Best Wine Bath Holder

This shower wine cupholder makes for a perfect gift (even if that gift is just for yourself), and attaches to a smooth shower or bath surface with powerful suction cups on the back. You can easily use this for a glass of wine (or any beverage, really) — it can hold up to 7 pounds. Even better, this cupholder is made of dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic that couldn’t be easier to clean. This is a great accessory for anyone who loves a glass of shower wine.

According to one reviewer: “This is a strong suction cup glass holder and doesn't slip down when affixed to a tiled bathroom wall. It can be kept in its place for days and not slide down. It's actually better than the photo shows - and it's not too bulky or big that it sticks out of the wall. I love this item - it's motivated me to take more baths (and have more wine). I highly recommend this as a gift for wine lovers!!”

9. The Best Wine Decanter

Aerating your wine, or allowing it to “open,” reveals complex flavors and aromas, particularly in red varieties. This beautiful, hand-blown crystal decanter from Le Chateau holds a full 750-milliliter bottle of wine, making it perfect if you’re serving wine at the table. The pour spout features a tapered lip for drip-free serving, and the wide base provides a generous surface area for quick aeration. Although this decanter is technically dishwasher safe, it’s recommended to purchase a special long brush for thorough cleaning, given its unique shape.

According to one reviewer: “We LOVE this decanter! It's extremely elegant and looks amazing on the table! We'll have for years to come! Also loved the idea that this is a small family run business.”

10. The Best Wine Sulfite Remover

If you have allergies or sensitivities to sulfites, a wine sulfite remover can be a good accessory to invest in. Available in a pack of three, this tool removes sulfites and antihistamines from your wine, which many reviewers credit with fewer wine-related headaches and a sharper, crisper taste. With more than 5,000 Amazon reviews, this is one of the most popular wine accessories on the market.

According to one reviewer: “Actually very surprised at how much I noticed the difference. It does change the flavor a little bit, not by adding anything but by taking away the sulfites I felt like the wine became "sharper" or "brighter" (not a wine expert clearly).”

11. The Best Wine Preservation System

Whether you drink wine by the glass rather than the bottle, hate waste, or want to venture into more rare or special vintages, investing in a wine preservation system like this Coravin Model Two makes a lot of sense. The innovative design uses a needle to pierce the bottle’s cork, allowing you to pour wine by the glass without oxidizing or spoiling the rest of the bottle. This means you can drink from multiple bottles without popping a single cork, and wine will stay fresh for years as opposed to hours or days. The system comes with two capsules of inert, flavorless argon gas (what replaces air in the bottle), each of which can pour up to 15 glasses of wine. This wine preservation system offers a great way to try special wines since you won’t have to worry about if or when you’ll finish it.

According to one reviewer: “This is the best thing I have bought in a decade! I use it daily and have saved so much red wine that it paid for itself in a couple of weeks. I like it so much I bought one for my Aunt and she loves hers also. I would rate this very highly.”

12. The Best Wine Cooler Bag

This insulated wine carrier can fit two wine bottles (or one bottle and two glasses), and will keep them cool while you head to your destination. Made with durable polyester and PU leather details that add an elegant touch (without compromising its durability), this wine cooler bag is a great accessory to have on hand. It even comes with its own corkscrew opener, so you don’t have to remember to bring one with you. This bag is available in 10 different colors and even in a three-bottle design, so you can find the perfect one for you.

According to one reviewer: “This is a great item for carrying wine. It is so convenient. We purchased the three bottle carrier which is perfect for two people and it even includes a wine opener. We carry two bottles of wine in it and put two glasses in the center which is ideal. We would recommend it to everyone who enjoys wine.”

13. The Best Wine Refrigerator

Depending on whether we’re drinking red or white wine, most of us store wine either at room temp or cold. But in order to really enjoy each glass as the winemaker intended, wines should be kept and served at specific temperatures, which is where this wine refrigerator from Wine Enthusiast comes in. Though compact in size (it’s 32.7 inches in height, 18.9 inches in width, and 13.6 inches in depth), it features dual temperature zones, so you can keep red and white bottles in the same unit but at their ideal temperatures. The digital touchscreen allows you to input a specific degree for each zone (or set the whole refrigerator to one universal temperature), so you can customize it to your wine collection. The refrigerator can hold up to 18 bottles on the chrome racks, and has a lower display shelf for showing off your most prized bottles.

According to one reviewer: “I use the cooler free standing and it looks great. Love the dual zone, great for my red & white wines.Not the quietest unit I've heard, but very acceptable. After all it is not installed in the bedroom.Great unit, worth every penny.”