The 5 Best Wine Chiller Sleeves — & Sommelier Tips For Choosing One

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Best wine chiller sleeves
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“A chiller sleeve in the restaurant industry is key,” according to Sofia Flannery, a certified sommelier who works at New York’s Vinyl Steakhouse — and that’s because “it allows your wine to remain chilled while you eat and chat.” But you don’t have to settle for warm wine at home either, and the best wine chiller sleeves can keep your vino at the optimal temperature wherever you go. Some are designed with gel ice packs to help chill your wine, while others have double-wall vacuum insulation to maintain the temperature for hours. You’ll come across varieties with extra features to keep warm air out, such as adjustable collars, elastic bands, or twist-off lids. As you shop, also keep in mind that while most wine chiller sleeves fit the standard 750-millimeter bottle, there are also selections that can fit larger bottles, too.

The Experts

Sofia Flannery is a New York-based sommelier who received ​​certification from The Court of Master Sommeliers. She is also the hospitality director and in-house sommelier at the restaurant Vinyl Steakhouse, which is located in the Flatiron District of New York City.

Mark Fang is a New York-based certified sommelier with over 10 years of experience in the wine service industry. He is the founder and president of WineO Club, which offers private wine events, and the founder of the online wine blog WineO Mark.

Coly Den Haan is a Los Angeles-based sommelier who received certifications from the Association of Italian Sommeliers (AIS) and the North American Sommelier Association (NASA). She is the owner of Vinovore, a Los Angeles-based wine shop that specializes in wines made by women.

What To Look For When Choosing A Wine Chiller Sleeve

The first thing to consider when choosing a chiller for the occasion is the material. “If you’ll be carrying the wine chiller for an extended amount of time, like to the beach, then it’s not ideal to have a heavy marble wine chiller. A lightweight and portable wine chiller is preferable,” Mark Fang wrote in an email to Bustle. A nylon sleeve can be an easy-to-tote option — but Fang adds: “If the weather is hot, they will not last long, maybe an hour or two at the most.” One trick, according to Fang, is to “use sleeves that include gel packs to assure their efficiency.” These gel packs are pre-cooled in the fridge or freezer, depending on how much you want to chill the wine. And if you forget to chill your wine in advance, a frozen gel pack might also just bring it down to a tolerable temperature, too.

You can also opt for a vacuum-insulated option, which Fang describes as “the best functional wine chiller” type, since it will “keep the heat out and the wine colder for the longest time.” Just keep in mind that you’ll need to chill your wine before you add it to an insulated wine chiller without ice packs.

Shop The Best Wine Chiller Sleeves

In a hurry? These are the best wine chiller sleeves:

  1. The Fan-Favorite Le Creuset Wine Chiller Sleeve: Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve
  2. A Budget-Friendly Still & Sparkling Wine Chiller Sleeve Set: Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine and Champagne Cooler Set
  3. An Insulated Wine Chiller That Fits Multiple Bottle Sizes: Huski Wine Chiller
  4. An Insulated Wine Chiller Sleeve That Comes In 12 Colors: Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator
  5. An Insulated Wine Chiller Sleeve With A Twist-Off Lid: KUULii Wine And Liquor Bottle Thermos

Below you’ll find five of the best wine chiller sleeves that you can shop on Amazon, plus a sleek wine bucket for at-home presentation. Cheers!

1. The Fan-Favorite Le Creuset Wine Chiller Sleeve


  • Well-rated by Amazon reviewers
  • Features removable ice packs for chilling


  • Runs the risk of overchilling wines if you freeze the ice packs

The Le Creuset wine chiller sleeve is a fan favorite, with a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 4,000 reviewers have chimed in. It’s made out of nylon and has elastic panels and an adjustable collar to ensure that wine bottles fit snugly. The sleeve comes with two removable gel ice packs, which you can store in the fridge or freezer until they’re ready to use. It fits most standard-sized wine bottles and is available in seven color options.

One reviewer wrote: “Works very well. It kept my white wine chilled on hot summer nights throughout an hour commute and a few hours afterwards. It also works well if you just want to chill a bottle of red for a few moments.”

Cooling method: Removable gel ice packs | Designed to fit: Most standard-sized still and sparkling wine bottles | Available colors: 7

2. A Budget-Friendly Still & Sparkling Wine Chiller Sleeve Set


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with two chiller sleeves — one for wine and the other for sparkling wine bottles


  • The wine chiller doesn’t feature an adjustable collar

For less than $30, you’ll receive not one, but two chiller sleeves with the Vacu Vin set. One is made with still wine in mind, while the larger version is ideal for sparkling. Featuring built-in gel ice packs, you can store the chiller sleeves in the fridge or freezer prior to use. Unlike the version for sparkling wine, the wine chiller sleeve doesn’t feature a drawstring collar to help keep the bottle chilled for a longer period, which might be a small tradeoff for some folks. (You could use the larger sleeve for smaller bottles of wine, even if it might not be a snug fit.) Shop the chiller sleeve set in two colorways — a metallic champagne shade or black.

One reviewer wrote: “These are so great. We take wines and champagnes with us to restaurants and these do a great job of keeping the wine cold. The champagne cooler is perfect for the larger bottles that champagne comes in.”

Cooling method: Built-in gel ice packs | Designed to fit: Most standard-sized still and sparkling wine bottles | Available colors: 2

3. An Insulated Wine Chiller That Fits Multiple Bottle Sizes


  • Accommodates multiple bottle sizes
  • Constructed with double-wall insulation


  • Can’t chill room-temperature wine
  • Leaves part of the bottle neck exposed

If you want to keep the heat out and your wine cold, as per Fang, spring for a vacuum-insulated wine chiller sleeve. This wine chiller sleeve is made from stainless steel and features a height-adjustable design with a “flexi-lock lid” to keep bottles of various sizes secure in the sleeve. While it isn’t designed to cover the entire bottle neck, the manufacturer claims that it can still keep wine chilled for up to six hours. You can shop it in the five colors, including a metallic champagne color and a pink hue that would perfectly match a bottle of rosé.

One reviewer wrote: “This is such a smart device and it really does keep wine chilled. I tested it out on several different wine bottles and it fit all of them. I also tried it on the one champagne bottle I had and that didn’t fit – that’s not a show stopper for me but it might be for someone else or maybe you can find a brand that does fit. It’s easy to get the bottles loaded in and when you screw the top on it stabilizes the bottle so regardless of how long or wide the bottle is this adjusts really well. It's also easy to pour from. I’ve used the plastic wrappers that you freeze in the past and those don’t keep wine cool nearly as long as this (just remember that the wine needs to be cool before putting it in, this doesn’t do the chilling for you). I was happy drinking white wine outside on a warm day (around 80 degrees) and plan to do more of that!”

Cooling method: Double-wall vacuum insulation | Designed to fit: Most standard-sized still wine bottles and some sparkling wine bottles | Available colors: 5

4. An Insulated Wine Chiller Sleeve That Comes In 12 Colors


  • Sleek appearance with a wide array of color options
  • Several reviewers have mentioned it doesn’t sweat


  • It’s too small for sparkling wine bottles, according to reviewers
  • Priciest of the bunch

Equal parts stylish and functional, this sleek wine chiller sleeve comes in a dozen colors to match your aesthetic. It’s made from stainless steel and features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep wine chilled for extended periods. The snug, tapered opening also helps keep cool air in. While the manufacturer indicates that it is adjustable to fit different-sized bottles, several reviewers have noted it’s best used for standard 750-millimeter bottles.

One reviewer wrote: “I scored HUGE points with my wife by getting her this insulator. I looked at the plastic, mylar, freezer kind and chose to spend the extra money for this one. I'm so glad I did! It keeps the bottles cold for a couple of hours (not that the bottle will last that long). I'm very pleased with its appearance too.”

Cooling method: Double-wall vacuum insulation | Designed to fit: Most standard-sized still wine bottles and some sparkling wine bottles | Available colors: 12

5. An Insulated Wine Chiller Sleeve With A Twist-Off Lid


  • The twist-off lid keeps out the heat while preventing spills
  • Double-wall construction provides insulation


  • Fits only standard 750-milliliter Bordeaux-style bottles

Unlike the other options on this list, this wine chiller sleeve features a twist-off lid. The lid won’t just come in handy in maintaining a wine’s optimal temperature, but also to prevent spills between glasses. The base also twists off, so that you can insert the wine bottle into the sleeve. The sleeve is constructed from stainless steel and has double-wall vacuum insulation, plus the neoprene base cushions the bottle from impact and prevents breakage. It measures 3.9 inches wide and 12.6 inches tall, and it’s designed to fits only standard 750-millimeter-sized, Bordeaux-style bottles and comes in a single — albeit classic — stainless steel option.

One reviewer wrote: “Does what it's supposed to. [...] Performs exactly as advertised. Keeps wine chilled.”

Cooling method: Double-wall vacuum insulation | Designed to fit: Some standard-sized still wine bottles | Available colors: 1

Also Great: A Sleek Bucket For At-Home Use


  • The elegant design is ideal for dinner parties
  • Since it doesn’t need ice, it won’t over-chill a pre-chilled wine bottle
  • Can also be used as an ice bucket if needed


  • Bulky and not very portable

According to Fang: “If you're mostly using the wine chiller at home, it's important to consider how it looks.” Thanks to its sleek appearance, this wine chiller bucket is a great fit for hosting guests for wine and cheese. In addition to its stylish outward appearance, the bucket has a stainless steel, double-wall construction that keeps wine chilled for up to two hours and won’t generate pesky condensation. Plus, unlike some thinner ice buckets, it doesn’t require ice for pre-chilled bottles. Shop it in two color options.

One reviewer wrote: “Love the stainless steel. It keeps the wine cold and looks good. It hold champagne and regular wine bottles. Add ice and it gets even colder. Bonus that your wine bottle isn’t sweating on your furniture.”

Cooling method: Double-wall insulation | Designed to fit: Most standard-sized still and sparkling wine bottles | Available colors: 2

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use A Wine Sleeve?

Flannery notes that “a chiller is great for when you’re actively drinking wine.” However, she cautions against putting ice directly in your wine sleeve, explaining that it “can actually over-chill a red or even white wine.”

With this in mind, it may take some trial and error with your specific wine chiller sleeve and situation to find the best way to use it. Some sleeves are simply designed to maintain the temperature of a pre-chilled bottle using insulation. Others have ice packs that you can chill in the fridge to keep chilled bottles cool — or you could potentially freeze the ice packs ahead of time to chill room-temperature bottles in a pinch.

What Wines Should Be Chilled? And To What Temperature?

“White wines, sparkling wines, and rosés should be chilled before drinking to get that refreshing, crisp taste,” explains Fang. Flannery also says that “white wines are best served cold” because “they are more delicate than reds and chilling them allows their aromas and acidity to come to fruition.” When it comes to reds, Flannery explains that “red wine is fantastic when served slightly below room temperature.”

As a general rule of thumb, Fang says the ideal serving temperature for white wine is “45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit” and “55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit” for red wine. However, the temperature is also a matter of taste. According to Coly Den Haan, a Los Angeles-based certified sommelier and founder of wine shop Vinovore: “As a generalization, Americans drink their white wine too cold and their red wine too warm compared to our European counterparts who drink both closer to a cellar temperature 55 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just something to keep in the back of your mind when chilling a wine.”


Mark Fang, certified sommelier and the founder and president of WineO Club and WineO Mark

Sofia Flannery, certified sommelier and the in-house sommelier of Vinyl Steakhouse

Coly Den Haan, certified sommelier and owner of Vinovore