Thanksgiving-Flavored Candy Corn Is Here Whether You Like It Or Not

Candy corn just became more controversial.


There is a new contender for most buck wild holiday candy. In what can only be described as an extremely 2020 move, Brach’s has released Thanksgiving dinner-flavored candy corn. They were too busy asking if they could, they didn’t stop to wonder if they should.

You may have seen pictures of the Turkey Dinner Candy Corn looming on your timeline. Perhaps you scrolled past, chalking it up to Photoshop and a sick and twisted sense of humor. However, I am here to report that the Thanksgiving-inspired candy corn does indeed exist.

The bag of candy corn has all the makings of a Thanksgiving feast. There are candy corn pieces that taste like cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie — strange but still in the realm of dessert. There’s some that taste like ginger-glazed carrots — odd but not obscene. Then, we get to the savory flavors: green beans, stuffing, and of course, roasted turkey.

Now comes the natural next question: do they actually taste like Thanksgiving dinner. According, to foodie Instagram account @hustlekitten, yes. “Well. I mean. They did it,” the caption for the candy corn reads. Per their post, the savory flavors do indeed taste like what they are meant to taste like. Fortunately, the same is true with the sweet flavors. If you’re willing to risk it all for some cranberry-flavored candy corn.

BRACH’S has been making candy corn since the ‘50s, per an emailed press release. In that time they’ve stuck mostly to more conventionally flavored treats, only occasionally dabbling in controversial snacks like their all-black licorice bag of jelly beans. This newest bag of holiday candy corn is far from conventional.

Candy corn remains one of the more controversial holiday confections. A 2017 survey from Statista found that 49% of people like candy corn. The other half is a near-even split between people who think candy corn is gross and people who don’t like candy corn themselves but think it’s an important part of Halloween.

Strange snacks and savory sweets are nothing new to the candy aisle. The list of weird candy cane flavors is long and filled with everything from pickle to bacon to gravy-flavored candy canes. For the past few years, limited-edition Thanksgiving dinner Pringles have been highly sought after, selling out in just 41 minutes in 2018. Time will tell whether Brach’s new candy corn will follow suit.

You can find the new Thanksgiving Dinner candy corn at Walgreens stores across the country, from now throughout the season. Each 12-ounce bag costs $2.99 and your last shred of dignity.