50 Brilliant Things That Declutter Your Home

Now that you've spent a lot of time at home, you've probably stocked up on quite a few necessities and — if you're being honest — a few impulse purchases. That influx of new items mixed with the old can create the perfect storm for clutter. But the time for decluttering has come: Check out these organizational products on Amazon that will get things in tip top shape and make your home seem way bigger.

When you're working with limited space, the goal should always be to make use of every square inch, and nothing embodies the spirit of this philosophy more than a slim-profile rolling storage cart. It's cleverly designed to slide into some of the smallest spaces in your home — like between your washing machine and the wall or right next to your kitchen counter — so you can store everything from cleaning products to spices and canned goods, even when all the cupboards are packed.

Likewise, these vacuum compression bags will give back tons of closet space. They shrink comforters, linens, and out-of-season clothes down to a fraction of the size, so you can stash them (compactly) out of the way.

All of these organizational items will make your home seem suddenly spacious and airy — a welcome feeling. Keep scrolling for even more brilliant decluttering products.

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The Cap Organizer That You Can Hang In Your Closet

This cap organizer is just the thing you need to keep your hats in crisp condition. Made from heavy duty nylon, it fastens with Velcro over a hanger rod to store up to 10 caps from sturdy, stainless steel clips. This is the perfect way to store your baseball cap collection without risk of any crushing or crumpling.


These Racks That Are The Perfect Way To Store Jewelry

Forget tangled necklaces and bracelets, and keep your favorite accessories in order with this set of jewelry racks. They mount to your wall, where the gorgeous rustic shelves provide storage for your lipsticks, nail polishes, and creams, while the rods below give you space for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


The Stackable Kitchen Shelves That Double Your Cabinet Space

Is it just me, or does cabinet space just seem to vaporize into thin air? With these kitchen shelves, you can double decker your kitchen cabinet space, so you get more room for spices, condiments, and mugs. Each set comes with two stackable shelves made from sturdy steel.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Are Perfect For Pants

These space-saving hangers are absolutely genius, allowing you to hang up to five pairs of jeans or trousers on each one. Made from durable stainless steel, the hangers feature non-slip grips, so you won’t have to worry about your clean clothes falling onto the floor of your newly organized closet.


A Shoe Rack That Stores Up To 36 Pairs

Calling all my shoe fanatics: This shoe storage rack is a game-changer, giving you nine (yes, nine) rows for storing up to a grand total of 36 pairs of your beloved heels, boots, and sneakers. The exterior of the rack is made from lightweight, sturdy cloth, and features roll-down covers to protect shoes from dust.


These Floating Shelves That Mount Easily To The Wall

How chic are these floating shelves? With a minimalist design that feels clean and super modern, they're perfect for storing toothpaste, cosmetics, and cotton swabs. Available in three sizes, the shelves can be mounted via the strong adhesive to glass, ceramic, tile, metal, and wood surfaces.


A Rack That Organizes All Your Hair Tools

Use this wall-mounted hair tools organizer to rid your bathroom cabinet of its mess of tangled cords. Made with a rust-resistant finish, it can be mounted to the wall or the inside of the cabinet and has four slots for neatly storing your blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, and more. Choose from 10 colors, like peach, bronze, chrome, and teal.


A Toiletries Organizer That You Can Mount In the Shower

To free up counter space (or shower floor space) mount this toothbrush holder to your bathroom or shower wall with the included adhesive. It has slots to store multiple toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and loofahs for easy access, and the drainage holes on the bottom help keep everything clean and dry.


The Rotating Makeup Organizer That Makes It Easy To Find What You Need

This makeup organizer will declutter your vanity and make locating that petal pink lipstick so much easier. Made from strong acrylic, the organizer features four trays that can be adjusted to give you different shelf heights. The best part ? It rotates, so you can always find what you're looking for.


These Compact Storage Organizers That Can Fit Under Your Bed

These zippered storage bags are made from durable, mold-resistant fabric to help ensure your linen and clothing stay in good condition after being put away. The flat organizers zip closed and are low enough to fit under your bed, so you to maximize every square inch of your home. Plus, the handles make them easy to pull out, and the windows let you get a peek inside.


An Organizer That Can Store Up To 6 Remotes

This clear acrylic organizer is the perfect place to store your remote controls. With slots for up to six controllers (or phones), you can place it on the side table, so you have everything within easy reach. Finally, no more frantic searching under the cushions and between pillows for the remote.


The Monitor Stand That Helps Reduce Neck Strain

Extended time working on your computer can put significant strain on your neck, but this monitor stand elevates your screen, so you can look straight ahead and alleviate the pressure. Available in three sizes, the stand also provides additional storage space, including a slot for your phone.


This Rack That Organizes Your Nail Polish Collection

Nail aficionados, listen up: These clear, wall-mounted nail polish shelves will display your collection in the most salon-worthy way. The set comes with two racks with three tiers each, and once you've organized all the shades, you'll be left with a kind of colorful, de facto art piece that adds a fun element to your space.


A Box That Cleverly Conceals Cables & Cords

Maybe it's a little nitpicky, but there's something about a tangle of loose cords that takes away from the visual appeal of a room. But a cable management box easily solves that problem, concealing cables and cords, while also keeping them out of the reach of children and pets. Just tuck the cords in the box, and thread them through the cutouts to plug in.


The Towel Rack That Turns Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Spa

Store fresh linens on this towel rack that it'll make it feel like you living it up in a five-star spa. The wall-mounted rack has sturdy hooks to hold up to eight rolled up towels, and you can use the top shelf to store lotion or replacement bottles of shampoo.


An Over-The-Toilet Shelf That Maximizes Bathroom Space

This over-the-toilet shelf says, "Hello, it's time to get your serums and lotions off your window sill and give them a proper home." Made from sturdy metal, it fits right over the toilet and features four shelves for storing towels, washcloths, and cosmetics.


The Charging Dock That Powers *All* Your Devices

A charging dock is just the thing you need when you have a tablet, phone, watch, and earbuds that are all running low on power at the same time. Made from eco-sustainable bamboo, the station can charge up to six devices simultaneously and even has a compartment to keep all the cords hidden.


These Food Containers That Will Keep Your Pantry Goods Fresh

I'm currently daydreaming about organizing a massive, chef-style pantry with these food storage containers. Each BPA-free container features a lid that provides an airtight seal to keep keeps food fresher, longer. The 12-piece set is dishwasher-safe and comes with 24 labels that makes organizing a breeze.


An Adjustable Rack That Organizes Cutting Boards & Bakeware

This bakeware rack is the most fuss-free way to store cutting boards, pans, baking sheets, and platters. The seven removable dividers are adjustable, so you can fit just about everything. And while you're at it, get the lid holder for all your pots and pans.


The Rolling Shelf That Fits Into Tiny Spaces

This rolling storage cart is only 6.69 inches in width, making it slim enough to slide easily into those tiny, but empty spaces in your home between ovens and counters or washing machines and walls. You can choose from three-tier or four-tier options for storing all your spices, snacks, condiments, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent.


An Under Sink Organizer That Makes Space For The Pipe

An under sink organizer is the perfect way to add vertical storage space to a cluttered cabinet. The two-tier rack comes with 10 removable shelves that can be added or subtracted to maximize space, and make room for the pipe. Plus, the organizer expands sideways to fit the amount of space you have under the sink.


This Heavy Duty Organizer For Your Pots & Pans

The beauty of these pot racks is that you can access whichever pan you want — even the biggest one — without having to unstack all the smaller ones on top. Plus, it's versatile: The rack can be used either vertically or horizontally, and you can adjust the height to accommodate large items and maximize space.


A Kitchen Sink Caddy That Clears Up Counter Clutter

Store your sponge and scrub brush in this kitchen sink caddy to keep your counter from getting crowded. This brilliant little invention suctions right to the side of the sink, and the open design allows wet sponges to drip dry, which helps prevent the growth of germs and mildew.


These Stackable Bins That Add Order To Your Fridge

I can't be the only one prone to having a messy fridge. Luckily, these life-changing (really) fridge bins are an easy way organize everything, so you can actually find that jar of capers when you need it. Use them for produce, condiments, yogurt, cheese, and more.


The Sunglasses Organizer That Takes Up Minimal Space

Keep your shades from getting lost (or broken) by keeping them tucked away in this genius over-the-door sunglasses organizer. Made from soft felt that won't scratch lenses, the 16-slot organizer features clear, dust-proof windows that allow you to locate your favorite sunnies in no time. You can hang the organizer on your door with its two hooks. Choose from four colors.


The Tiered Spice Rack That Lets You Find The Coriandor

Have a fully stocked kitchen but trouble locating spices when you need them? Me too. This four-tier spice rack features stair-like steps to elevate each spice, so you can actually find the paprika when you need it. It has space for up to 24 jars, but if your spice collection is smaller, you can opt for the smaller rack.


These Customizable Organizers For Your Socks & Underwear

These customizable organizers will ensure your underwear drawer is no longer the messiest of the bunch. Made from soft but sturdy fabric, the organizers feature sub-dividers for separating bras, socks, camis, underwear, and scarves. Each set comes with four organizers that can be configured to fit neatly inside your dresser drawer.


A Drawer Organizer That Expands To Maximize Storage

Made from eco-sustainable bamboo, this drawer organizer can be expanded to eight compartments for maximum storage, or it can be collapsed to a more compact six compartments for smaller drawers. With compartments of various sizes, it's the perfect tool for organizing cooking utensils, but it's also great for desk drawers or craft supplies.


An Over-The-Door Caddy For Your Ironing Board

If your ironing board and iron don't have a proper home, this over-the-door caddy can give them one. You can hang the board on the hooks and insert your iron in the basket above. And if you don't want to hang it over the door, you can use a little hardware to mount it to the wall.


A Mesh Laundry Bag That Keeps Odors Away

Laundry just got a little less complicated with this laundry bag that mounts directly to the wall. A great alternative to bulky hampers, the mesh construction keeps smelly odors at bay, and the sturdy rim at the top keeps the it open for easy loading and unloading.


31.The Garden Tool Organizer That Will Transform Your Garage

This wall-mounted tool organizer will immediately take your garage from clutter city and transform it into a neat little oasis for your brooms, shovels, rakes, gardening shears, and more. The rack comes with three bars for a total of 48 inches of storage space, and each of the 12 hooks can hold up to 5 pounds of weight.


These Storage Bins That Are Perfect For Nails, Screws, & More

Now that I'm on a garage kick, how about these wall-mounted storage bins? The two-tier system comes with eight storage bins that can hold up to 22 pounds each (!) and can snap on and off as needed. They're perfect for keeping bolts, screws, and smaller tools in place, and the the bright orange color will also a pop of color to your garage or shed.


A Grocery Store Bag Holder With Easy Access Perforations

Are there a ton of grocery store bags sitting underneath your cabinet? (Of course there are.) Well, you can finally give them a home with this grocery bag holder. The cylinder organizer can be stored vertically using adhesive strips, and it has cutouts throughout, so you can easily access one bag at a time.


A Versatile Fabric Organizer That You Can Quickly Install

While this hanging organizer was designed with paper towel storage in mind, it can actually be used for so much more: towels, wash cloths, extra rolls of toilet paper, and other necessities. Installation is unbelievably quick. Simply hang it over a standard-sized storage closet rod, and voilà.


The Lid Holder That’s Just Too Genius To Resist

Take your organization skills up a notch with this food storage container lid holder. It's designed with adjustable dividers, so you can maximize space and find the right sized size lid for the container at hand. The metal holder can be left on the counter, but is easy to tuck away in a cabinet or drawer.


A Organizer That Stores Plastic Wrap Vertically

This organizing rack is a game-changer when it comes to kitchen storage. With height-adjustable shelves you can vertically store plastic wrap, foil, baggies, and garbage bags, and all those other items that tend to take up unnecessary space in kitchen drawers.


The Compression Bags You Can Use At Home Or While Traveling

With over 16,000 five-star reviews, these vacuum compression bags deserve all the shine they get. This five-pack of medium sized bags is perfect for compressing pillows, linens, and out-of-season clothes for space-saving storage, and you can also use them to fit more in your suitcase while traveling. The set is available in small, medium, large, and jumbo size bags and comes with a convenient hand pump.


These Hangers Will Save You A Ton Of Closet Space

If you’re stuck with a tiny closet, these space-saving hangers will go a long way. When used vertically, they hang your clothes in cascading order, saving on closet rod space. But here's another tweak: You can also hang them horizontally to evenly space out your clothes and prevent them from getting wrinkled.


These Stackable Shoe Holders That Double Your Storage Space

These shoe holders double your existing shoe storage space by allowing you to stack each pair on top of each other. Each holder has four adjustable heights, so you can use them with heels and ankle boots, as well as sneakers and flats. They’re designed with a non-slip surface and a lip to keep your shoes from slipping off. I’m on board.


A Boot Organizer That You Can Hang In Your Closet

This boot organizer is a dream come true for anyone with a small collection of knee-high, midi, ankle, or cowboy boots. It hangs from your closet rod and features sturdy clips that clasp the tops of the boots, which gets them off the floor and prevents them from getting crumpled and misshapen.


This Entryway Organizer That's Great For Mail & Keys

The entry to your home can get surprisingly messy fast — use this pretty wall-mounted organizer to add some order. door. It has a rack for papers, hooks for your keys, umbrella, or dog leash, and a small shelf for your phone (or perhaps a cute succulent).


An Ottoman That Doubles As A Storage Bench

This storage bench is so clever, doubling as an ottoman in your living room or at the foot of your bed, and giving you a concealed space to store shoes, linens, extra pillows, toys, and more. Made from durable fabric, it features a tufted top and comes in colors like charcoal gray and midnight blue.


The Pencil Organizer You Can Secure Under Your Desk

Sometimes all you need is a place to store your stray writing utensils, and in that case, this simple pencil holder will do. It features an adhesive backing that's strong enough to secure it to the underside of your desk, so you can slide it out, grab a pen or pencil, and slide it right back out of sight.


A Shower Caddy That Won't Damage Your Walls

No screws or drills are required to hang this shower caddy. It comes with hooks and adhesive that cling to your shower wall, giving you a space for your hair products, body wash, shaving cream, and loofahs. Made with stainless steel, the rust-resistant caddy comes in three finish options: bronze, black, and silver.


These Sturdy Hooks That Hold Your Favorite Coffee Mugs

Free up precious storage space in your kitchen cupboards by hanging your mugs on the underside of the cabinets with these heavy duty coffee mug hooks. They're easy to install and the set comes in bronze and black color options, in sets of eight or twelve.


A Chic Cotton Swab Holder That's Easy To Refill

Chic and functional, this cotton swab holder will add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom vanity. It's easy to grab a swab from the open tray at the bottom of the holder and equally easy to refill the dispenser by opening the lid at the top.


This Rack That's The Perfect Way To Store All Your Canned Goods

This can rack is solidly constructed to store a whopping 36 cans of goods in a neat and organized fashion. The six adjustable plastic dividers make it easy to customize shelves. Plus it ticks one of my favorite boxes: easy-to-assemble. Choose from white, bronze, chrome, and silver finishes.


This Brilliant Way To Hang Tanks, Camis, & Bras

Is there anything more annoying than tanks tops and strappy dresses immediately sliding off of their hangers? Luckily, these tank top hangers are a great answer, thanks to the curved hooks that prevent slipping. Even better — they're a great way to store your bras to keep them from getting crumpled up in a crowded drawer.


An Outlet Shelf That Also Keeps Cords Organized

This outlet shelf is the perfect place to stash your phone or tablet while it's charging. It's also a great storage solution for smart home assistants or electric toothbrushes in the bathroom. It can be attached to any wall outlet, where the shelf hold items up to 15 pounds. There's even a groove for wrapping the cable and keeping it out of the way.


The Waterproof Storage Bag That Secures All Your Stray Cables

Speaking of cable management, this waterproof cord organizing bag will come in handy when you have extra cables and nowhere to put them. The mesh compartments and loops let you neatly wrap and store cables, so they won't get tangled, and there's even an additional compartment for tablet storage. Choose from seven color options.