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TikTok Thinks Old Champagne Bottles Can Be Chic Home Decor

Get your DIY cap on.

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TikTok is no stranger to unique DIYs, eye-catching makeovers, and budget-friendly dupes. From recreating viral phone cases to giving old furniture a new life, TikTok’s DIY community knows how to make something beautiful out of something broken, and the latest trend taking over the platform is no exception. Crafty champagne enthusiasts are turning their empty bottles into decor pieces, but instead of sticking a few flowers inside, users are actually transforming the once-filled bottles into framed pieces of art.

If you search “champagne bottle art” on TikTok, you’ll see these decor DIYs have been circulating on the FYP since 2022, so it’s unclear who to attribute the trend to. But whoever brought the idea over to the clock app was clearly onto something, because the related hashtag, #champagneart, has accrued a whopping 37.5 million views and counting as of Aug. 7. Unlike other viral DIYs, the bottle artwork seems pretty simple to make — as long as you’re not afraid of breaking things, that is. According to this video from creator Ella Shasserre (@ella_shasserre), all you need to turn your recycling into up-cycled artwork is an empty champagne bottle (you can never go wrong with Veuve), a hammer, resin, and a frame to display it in.

To break the glass safely, Shasserre places a towel over the bottle before hammering away. Then, once the glass is broken, the TikToker applies the resin directly into the frame to keep the shards in place, and voila: the one-of-a-kind piece is ready to be hung on the wall. It’s almost as easy as finishing a bottle of champagne.

You can choose to set the pieces in resin as is for an abstract work of art or rearrange them accordingly to fit the frame, just like @bottlebreakers_ did with this bottle of Moët. If you do play around with the glass, make sure to wear gloves and be extra intentional with your movements.

Of course, you probably don’t have enough wall space to display every bottle of champagne you’ve ever had. However, you can use this handmade decor hack to meaningfully commemorate all kinds of special moments, like birthdays, graduations, and weddings. @Izzysofia even repurposed the bottle they split with their partner after moving together into a heartwarming piece of “custom forever art.”

Whether you want to decorate your home with a permanent reminder of the most important day of your life, or you just want to put your DIY skills to the test, the broken champagne bottle trend is a great way to turn waste into a work of art. So the next time your empty champagne bottles start piling up on the kitchen counter, you can say you’re saving them for a project.

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