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These TikTok-Viral Phone Cases Are Cutesy Cluttercore At Its Best

Give your device some personality.

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Accessories are a necessary part of every outfit, but the easiest way to vamp up a look doesn’t involve necklaces, bracelets, bags, or rings — all you need is a cute phone case and you’re good to go. That’s probably why TikTok can’t get enough of these memento-themed phone cases from Memor right now.

Owned by maker Maxine Mitdbo, Memor is a small business that creates unique, handcrafted “vessels and homewares” including jewelry dishes, vases, and phone cases. Each order is designed around a specific theme and features an assortment of up-cycled trinkets that match the vibe, making every creation one-of-a-kind. You can choose to personalize your piece with add-ons like horoscope charms and monogram letters, and you can even opt to send in your own memorabilia to be included on the case as well. According to the website, Memor pieces consist of a mix of “talismans, jewelry, findings, glass, tile, coins, shells, etc,” and are designed to “epitomize our nostalgic relationship with objects.” You never know what you’re going to get until it arrives on your doorstep, and that’s the fun of it.

To get an idea of what to expect, TikTok user @hummusbird’s handmade phone case contains goodies like a silver snake, mini conch shells, an antique coin, and more, while @thatcurlytopp’s phone accessory features lots of colorful sea glass, beads, tiles, and an adorable miniature mushroom.

With themes like Conch and Desert, the phone cases give off major mermaidcore and coastal cowgirl energy, so it’s no wonder why the kitschy accessories are having a moment on TikTok. And between the 25.5 million views on the hashtag #memor, as well as the additional 10.1 million and 8.5 million views on the hashtags #memorphonecase and #memorcase, respectively, it’s safe to say the trend is really popping off.

If you tend to drop your phone a lot, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth investing in a handmade piece of artwork for yourself. The starting price for a Memor phone case is $85, and can get up to $190 depending on the add-ons you choose. The price is reflective of the effort it takes to not only create the final product but to source the materials and curate the unique vibe of each case. As for the case’s lifespan, you can expect your phone to start showing signs of “wear and tear” within six to nine months of receiving your product, per the brand’s FAQ page. If you choose to only whip out the case on special occasions, though, you may be able to prolong its life.

Regardless, fans like @astoldbyjacynth, who called their Memor piece the “most beautiful phone case in the world,” definitely seem to be getting their money’s worth. @Allybacon18 was “obsessed” with their case as soon as they unboxed the product, and deemed the phone protector “stunning” immediately upon unwrapping it.

As users shared their Memor phone case purchases, TikTokers began making their own DIYs inspired by the brand’s viral clustercore aesthetic. TikToker @thriftedhomemaker shared how they made their own DIY Memor-inspired phone case, and the whole process looks so simple that the only part worth stressing over is figuring out how to arrange all your pieces. All you’ll need is a phone case, caulk, and a collection of trinkets.

First, the crafty creator used a neutral-colored phone case as the base, then sanded the back to ensure the caulk would adhere. After settling on trinket placement, the user removed the items (but not before snapping a pic to reference later), applied some silicone caulk, and positioned the items on the phone case to make them stick.

Altogether, the items needed to DIY your own phone case can run you less than $20, depending on the kind of phone case you get.

Following the same steps, @adrirangel_ included a bunch of eye-catching ethereal knickknacks on their phone case, like a heart-shaped locket, pearls, gemstones, and a gold Chanel charm.

@Velvetmelonn took the idea one step further and hosted a whole phone case decorating party for their besties, and supplied plenty of mermaidcore-inspired sea glass, shells, and beads for everyone to use.

If you want to use a phone case that’s not caulk-colored as your base, you can take a page out of @bigspookyboy’s book and dye the caulk with acrylic paint before applying it to your case. The creator also added a touch of glitter on top, because, in their words, “why not?”

Whether you want your iPhone to look like it came straight from Princess Ariel’s stash of gadgets and gizmos, or you want to carry a piece of your favorite memories with you wherever you go, you can purchase the real thing from Memor (and even send in your fave trinkets to the brand) — or make your own memento-themed phone case that is sure to inspire the most conversation out of all the accessories in your collection.

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