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TikToker Brynne Marie Has Thoughts On Kiss-Proof Lip Products

The #BeautyTok queen is open about her sexuality and skincare routine, but future relationships are off the table.

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In Bustle’s series Shooting Your Shot, single influencers weigh in on drinking and dating: their drinking limits on a first date, their drink order ick, and more.

Brynne Marie just hit 4 million followers on TikTok, and as a self-taught makeup artist, she’s honored to be such a force on #MakeupTok. Videos like her straight eyeliner hack help followers mimic her flawless, snatched face while her “Color Me Monthly” challenge, where she uses randomly selected colored pencils to choose her look, keeps viewers on their toes.

She’s been interested in makeup for the majority of her life — in fact, she estimates the passion started when she was just 3 years old. Now 25, she shares her love for cosmetics on TikTok for all to see. In 2021, a video of her sharing her foundation routine went viral and Bella Hadid commented on it, so Brynne credits the model for launching her even further into TikTok stardom.

With millions of followers, though, comes a learning curve for setting boundaries. This year, Brynne started dating a girl who recognized her from TikTok and began sharing videos of their relationship online and it wasn’t long before followers found out who it was. Then, her video about their breakup went viral, and while it’s something that felt true to Brynne’s brand, she’ll be extra cognizant of sharing such details in the future.

“I always just want to be who I am and I’m someone who shares everything. But after my last relationship, I've definitely wanted to step back from posting about them,” she tells Bustle. And although it’s the makeup that brings followers in, it’s her candid attitude that makes them stay.

Dating and makeup artistry go hand in hand in Brynne’s life. She is always quick to disclose her content creation career in the early stages of dating — plus, she’s always going to show up to a first date in a full face. “I'll still wear little half-lashes and everything,” she says. “I'm never going to be scared about the whole ‘Oh, they’re going to wake up next to someone who looks completely different without makeup’ because I like myself without makeup, so if they have any feelings about that, then they're not the person for me.”

Brynne has been open about her bisexuality and says she has become a sort of confidant for followers who are coming to terms with their own identity. “My sexuality is a big part of my online presence. I had a very difficult journey being someone who grew up religious, which a lot of people can relate to, but I see it as an opportunity for people to come to me if they ever have questions,” she says.

Below, Brynne shares why she’ll never be a “clean girl,” why she has no rules for drinking on dates, and her go-to line for going up to someone at the bar.

Do you have a makeup hack for kiss-proof lips?

[Sighs] No. It's just going to get everywhere. You can make out with me and mess up all my makeup and I don't care because I'm making out with you.

What are your thoughts on current makeup trends like no-makeup makeup?

I've always said I feel like my eyebrows are essentially 2016 brows. Honestly, all my makeup, I'm still very much a full-beat girly because that's how I learned to do my makeup and that's how I've gotten better with it. I still love a highlighter. When it was clean girl makeup, I was like, “No. I'm still baking under my eyes and still doing the full beat.”

Do you have any preferences or rules when it comes to drinking on dates?

Anything goes for me. I don't care about literally hooking up on the first date if I want to and if the vibe's right. Stay up to date on your testing and all of that, obviously.

Is there a drink order that would give you the ick?

No, as long as they don't try to force it on me. I'm getting my espresso martini and you can f*ck off.

What's a good opening line people can use if they see someone at a bar and want to talk to them?

I would just go up and say, “Hi, can we get married?” to people at clubs and normally it would work. If they were really weird about it, then they don't understand my sense of humor, so goodbye. I don't want to talk to them. It’s a good indicator of whether we’re going to get along or not.

What’s your advice for someone who is nervous about putting themselves out into the dating scene?

Walking in is probably going to be the most terrible part of all of it, but then it's over. It lasts two seconds and then you're just on the date.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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