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What’s The “Clean Girl” Aesthetic Taking Over Fashion TikTok?

To sum it up: skincare and simplicity.

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TikTok has introduced us to an almost overwhelming amount of trends since its social media takeover two years ago. From Regencycore and cottagecore to the banning of middle parts and the end of skinny jeans (RIP), it’s where trends are born and where they come to die. One of the latest trends that’s probably been catching hold of your FYP algorithm is a minimalist style that’s been dubbed the “clean girl” aesthetic. Here’s everything you need to know about the look.

What is the clean girl aesthetic?

The clean girl has her life together — at least on the outside. Her manicure is fresh, her skin is dewy, and there is never a middle-parted hair out of place. She looks expensive, but in an attainable way.

With the perfect blazer and baggy jean combo, you too can be a clean girl — because the aesthetic is all about oversized, sporty basics. Some other key items in the clean girl closet include: simple crop tops, loose-fit, high-rise denim, dainty gold jewelry, matching athleisure sets (probably from Aritzia), and the latest Nike drop. Think: Hailey Bieber, Zoë Kravitz — basically, anyone serving the “off-duty model” look.

Why is it called ‘clean girl’?

This aesthetic is basically just a Gen Z rebrand of the minimalist look, with a bit of tomboy flare thrown in. The vibe consists of simple or “clean” outfits, free of statement accessories or loud prints.

However, there is some discourse in the comment section about the use of the term “clean.” Many commenters have questioned the word choice, because it implies the existence of a “dirty girl.” This particular style also comes across as more exclusive (see: white, thin, and wealthy), which feels a little gross. To fill this gap, some creators have taken to TikTok with “POC editions” of trends like the clean girl aesthetic. Because clean is not exclusive to only a certain group of people.

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