Cadbury's New Easter Creation Has Mini Eggs Embedded *Inside* The Chocolate

It's a whopping 507g of Mini Eggs heaven.

by Sophie McEvoy
Cadbury's Mini Eggs Easter Egg

Is it just me, or does it seem like retailers prep for Easter earlier and earlier each year? Not that it bothers me too much, I'm quite content with stocking up on as much chocolate as I can. And one brand that's seriously upped their game this year is Cadbury's, who have brought out a new Mini Eggs Easter Egg that'll blow your mind.

Instead of supplying the usual tiny bag of Mini Eggs with the main chocolate event, this time the Mini Eggs are embedded inside the chocolate. And to top it all off, that tiny bag is still included. Cadbury better give whoever came up with this idea a raise, ASAP.

This slice of heaven is available to buy now at most UK retailers, and it looks like it's the biggest Mini Eggs Easter Egg yet. Scrolling through Tesco's selection, Mini Eggs seems to have its own size range of eggs now from medium to extra large. The new Mini Eggs Easter Egg is the biggest at 507g and costs £12, while the usual "medium" egg is 130g and costs £1. You can also buy a 231g egg for £5, a large 177g egg for £3 that comes with a mug, and another (slightly smaller) extra large version at 455g for £10.

These eggs join the variety of other Mini Eggs delicacies, including the recently released Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar that follows the Oreo Bar trend. Mini Eggs Bars are also available at most UK retailers for £1. What a delicious bargain!