All The Celeb Kids Named After Where They Were Conceived

Because Lyra Antarctica isn't the only one...

by Aoife Hanna
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Emboldened by unconventional lifestyles, celebrities have long been known to name their progeny something a little on the eccentric side. And who can blame them really? However, what some famous parents appear to forget is that their offspring, just like the rest of us, will one day have to contend with being a teenager. And just imagine dealing with those dark years as one of the celebrity children named after where they were conceived? I can almost hear the "MUUUUUM! YOU'RE SO EMBARRASSING" from here.

As we know, there are a whole host of celebrity kids out there named after geographical locations. Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson named their son Bronx, for example. Then you have Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz, whose child is named Egypt, and Shakira and Gerard Pique, who have Milan. And, of course, who can forget Chicago West, daughter to Kayne and Kim, and her sister North? Now there's a family who have really lent into the whole geography thing.

However, there are only a few celebrity kids out there with the very special privilege (*cough cough*) of being able to pinpoint exactly where and when they came into being, thanks to their name. Most recently we've seen it happen with Ed Sheeran's new baby girl Lyra Antarctica, but let's take a gander at all the famous people who've decided to name their children after the place they were conceived.


Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran

One famous pair who've recently welcomed a baby with a place name are Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn. Their daughter Lyra Antarctica was born nine months after a photo of Sheeran was taken on a boat in (you guessed it) Antarctica. Although nothing has been confirmed, multiple publications are speculating that the writing's on the wall with this one.


Bryce Dallas Howard

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Bryce Dallas Howard's father, director Ron Howard, chose to give each of his children their middle name dependent on where they were conceived.

"The rule was it's wherever we were conceived, it's so disgusting!" Bryce told Peter Travers on ABC. "For me, it was a city, for my sisters, it was a hotel [Carlyle]."

It's Howard's brother, however, who got the worst deal of the lot. His middle name is Cross, inspired by the name of the road the family used to live on. But, as Howard revealed to Travers: "My dad would make this joke, 'I didn't want to call him back of the Volvo!'"


Paris Jackson

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Daughter of Debbie Rowe and the late Michael Jackson. In an interview with the Daily Mail in February 2008, Rowe revealed that she became pregnant with Paris through artificial insemination, and that "Paris was conceived in Paris, that's how she got her name." She added: "Michael wanted to call her Princess, but I thought that was stupid."


Brooklyn Lachey

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Daughter of Nick and Vanessa, Brooklyn was conceived in Brooklyn... well, kind of. Speaking to People, Nick said it was "not in Brooklyn, per se, but we felt the Upper West Side didn't have a good ring to it and we wanted to pay an homage to New York."


Brooklyn Beckham

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Dare I call the eldest of the Beckhams the cornerstone of conception location babies? But fans may be shocked to hear the true story behind Brooklyn Beckham's name. Although it's long been rumoured that Brooklyn was conceived in the New York City borough, it turns out the deed actually took place thousands of miles away.

In her autobiography Learning To Fly, Victoria Beckham reveals the inspiration for the name, which she decided upon while on holiday in Marbella, came from her love of the name Brooke.

Then, in a comment that dates Learning To Fly somewhat, Victoria says she had always liked the borough of Brooklyn as it was a "very grounded" place.

She continues: "And it was only afterwards that I realised how appropriate it was because it was in New York that I found out I was pregnant and where David came after the World Cup."

In fact, when speaking with Danish tabloid BT, Victoria revealed, "I became pregnant in Denmark. We were on tour with the Spice Girls, and had come to Copenhagen. David visited me and yes...so it happened."

So there you have it, one of the greatest celebrity name myths debunked.

Although calling your children after where they were conceived might be utterly mortifying for them in later life (see Bryce Dallas Howard), the fact of the matter is that it could be worse. The Independent has reported on an alarming trend for coronavirus-inspired names rising with the virus. Yes, a couple in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh called their twins Covid and Corona. No, actually, I take it back — nothing is worse than being called where your parents bonked.

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