45 Cheap & Clever Pet Products You'll Regret Not Buying Sooner

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If you own a pet, you know how tempting it is to buy nearly everything in sight at the pet store. Truth be told? I’ve definitely walked out spending double, even triple what I wanted to when I entered. But my pup deserves the best — and luckily for both of us, sometimes the most clever pet products also happen to be affordable.

Just how clever are we talking? Right off the bat we’ve got a water bottle designed for dogs. And with its built-in bowl, that means you’ll never have to stuff your bag with a separate water dish. Or, if you’re more of a cat person, there’s also an interactive laser toy that’ll keep your kitty entertained for hours. Just think of how much fun your cat has chasing around a laser pointer, then think of how much work you can get done while they’re occupied — a total win in my book.

You don’t have to break the bank every time you want to treat your furry friend. With so many cheap and clever pet products available on Amazon, there’s no reason to skip out on grabbing at least a few of these — you might even regret not buying them sooner.


This Water Bottle Made For Your Dog

You don’t have to pack a separate bowl for your pup when you’re out and about — just take this water bottle with you. The built-in bowl allows your dog to easily lap up water, while the leakproof seal keeps your bag dry. Loop the sling rope to your bag before your next hike, and you’re ready to go.


A Pack Of Clickers To Help You Train Dogs

Clicker training can be an effective way to train dogs, and these two are available for less than $6. Attach the carabiner to one of your belt loops so that it’s always readily available when your pup does something good — reviewers even raved about how loud they are.


The Cat Toy With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

When more than 34,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that shoppers more than approve of this cat toy. Multiple kitties can use it at the same time — and the nonslip base will help it stay in place as they play. “I put the toy on the floor and my cats immediately took to it,” wrote one reviewer. “They encircled it and batted it back and forth for a long time even without us baiting it with catnip.”


A Pet Hair Remover That’s 100% Reusable

Unlike rollers that rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this one is completely reusable. Thousands of small bristles latch onto hair, lint, and other sorts of fuzzies, while the built-in dust receptacle holds everything until you’re ready for disposal. Plus, there are zero batteries required.


These Liners Made For Litter Boxes

Tired of scooping out the litter box? Put one of these liners down before pouring in fresh litter. They’re extra-large, making them suitable for most litter boxes — and each one is made from tear-resistant plastic. One reviewer even wrote that these bags are the only ones that don’t “rip or tear when you change it.”


A Bell That Can Help You Train Pets

Teach your dog or cat to tap one of these bells when they need something, and it’ll save you a ton of headache when it comes to training. Each one features a nonskid rubber base to prevent them from sliding around the floor, and they’re loud enough to be heard from other rooms. Plus, every order even comes with a training clicker.


This Pet-Friendly Fountain That Filters Water

I’ve found that my little French bulldog drinks way more water out of this fountain compared to when he had a simple water bowl. It even comes with three carbon filters so that your pup’s water is extra-clean — and unlike some fountains, this one produces hardly any noise. Choose from two colors: blue or gray.


An Interactive Puzzle That Keeps Pups Occupied

When I’ve got work to do and my dog is begging for attention, I just stuff a few treats into this interactive puzzle toy. While he’s definitely the cutest pup, he’s not quite the smartest — so it takes him a while to flip, lift, and slide the bricks around in order to get the treats. Not only is it fun for him, but it also buys me time as well.


These Supplements Loaded With Omega-3

Made with wild Alaskan salmon oil that’s loaded with omega-3, these supplements are formulated to provide immune system support for dogs with skin or seasonal allergies. Not only are they grain-free, but the soft texture makes it easy for your pup to chew. And unlike some supplements, these ones are made without any artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.


An Orange-Scented Spray That Removes Unwanted Pet Odors

Whether your cat or dog has a habit of relieving themselves indoors, this spray is powerful enough to tackle either mess. It’ll work on everything from carpet to outdoor pens — and there’s no need to mix it. Just spritz it onto the affected area, then sit back and sniff as it replaces unwanted odors with the scent of fresh oranges.


The Tartar Remover That Helps Freshen Breath

Suitable for cats and dogs, this tartar remover can help freshen their breath. There’s no tooth scrubbing required — just sprinkle it onto your pet’s food, and it’ll gradually work away at built-up plaque. Plus, it’s even got vitamins and minerals to help support your pet’s fur and skin.


A Pair Of Doorbells That Are Extra-Loud

If your pup isn’t taking to the floor bells, you might want to try using these ones instead. They loop around your doorknob, which means all your dog has to do is nudge them with their nose — and the length is even adjustable to keep them off the floor.


These Tablets That Support Kitty Joint Health

If you’ve got an active kitty, these tablets are chock-full of nourishing ingredients that can help support their joints. Glucosamine works to help bolster cartilage, which gradually deteriorates as your cat ages — and many reviewers wrote about how it “seems to help” their cats.


A Brush That Gently Removes Matted Hair

Looking to save some money on grooming appointments? This brush is designed to gently remove stubborn knots and tangles from your pet’s coat — and it’s even effective on matted hair. The best part? The retractable bristles make for easy cleaning.


The Dog Treats That Are Sized For Training

Positive reinforcement with treats is an effective way to train your dog, but you don’t want to overfeed them. At only three calories per treat, these chews are perfect for training. They’re made without any corn, wheat, or soy — and the very first ingredient listed on the back is even real chicken.


A Gate That Locks Into Place Without Tools

Some pet gates require tools in order to stay upright — but not this one. It’s made from tough, sturdy plastic that locks into door frames, while the rubber bumpers on the sides work to prevent scratches. Plus, with over 18,000 positive ratings, it’s clear that pet owners are loving it.


This Barking Collar That Doesn’t Rely On Shock

If you’d like your dog to bark less, you might want to consider this training collar. Unlike some collars, it relies on humane vibrations — not electric shocks — in order to train your dog not to bark. The vibrations are adjustable up to five levels, and the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to two full weeks.


A Diffuser That Can Help Calm Cats

Not only is this diffuser clinically proven to help reduce scratching in anxious cats, but it can even help dissuade urine spray. It works by releasing an odorless pheromone that can help calm kitties, and each order comes with enough refills to last for up to four weeks.


The Dog Toothpaste That Can Soothe Gums

Made with aloe, neem oil, and grapefruit seed extract, this dog toothpaste isn’t just great for cleaning canine mouths — it can even help soothe gums. The natural flavors give it a pleasant flavor, while the gentle formula works to control plaque and tartar.


A Dental Additive That Doesn’t Require Brushing

Pour some of this dental additive into your dog’s water bowl, and it can help freshen breath, whiten teeth, and even reduce gum inflammation. There’s zero sugar, alcohol, or artificial flavors in the formula — and it even helps eliminate bacteria that can be found sitting in the water bowl.


This Ball That Tough Chewers Can’t Break

Even if your dog is the toughest chewer in town, this ball’s ultra-thick rubber core is likely tough enough to withstand all that jaw strength. While the center is hard, the exterior is coated with textured rubber that’s soft on your pup’s mouth — and it even comes in four different sizes for nearly any dog breed.


A Cover That Protects Dog Beds From Accidents

Tired of washing your dog’s bed after every accident? Try laying this waterproof cover down. Not only is it made from soft microfiber, but it also features a waterproof layer on the inside that protects the bed from liquids. Granted, you’ll still have to wash it — but it’s easier to fit into the machine than a full bed.


The Small Pet Bedding That Helps Control Unwanted Odors

Made from natural paper fibers, this bedding is ultra-absorbent — and it can even suppress unwanted odors for up to 10 days. The soft texture is gentle on small feet, yet perfect for burrowing and nesting. And if you’d prefer a different color other than white? It’s also available in blue, multicolor, purple, and others.


A Tasty Chew That Can Help Ease Anxiety

Whether your dog is stressed from separation anxiety or thunderstorms, these chews might be able to help. Not only is the duck flavor tasty, but they’re also made with calming ingredients — including organic passion flower and chamomile.


This Dog Toy That Giggles & Wiggles

Give this ball a light toss, and it’ll start giggling as it wiggles across the floor. Its unique shape features six “pockets” that make it easier for your dog to grab it in their mouth — and it’s suitable for pups of any age, any size. “I love that the sound it makes,” wrote one reviewer. “[It] isn't so loud and obnoxious that I have to take it away.”


A Pair Of Grooming Gloves That Are Gentle On Pets

Use these grooming gloves to get rid of excess pet hair before it dirties up your home. More than 250 silicone bristles work to brush your pet — and since they’re soft, they won’t leave your pet with irritated skin. The best part? One size is made to fit all.


The Handle That Launches Balls Really Far

Use this curved handle to send balls flying into the air with a fraction of the effort. You can even use it to pick up dirty balls so that your hands stay clean — and many reviewers raved about how it’s large enough to pick up regular tennis or lacrosse balls.


An Interactive Laser Toy That Keeps Cats Entertained

Working from home with an overactive kitty? This laser toy is an absolute must-have — especially if you’ve got an important meeting coming up. Five different random patterns keep your cat entertained, and it doesn’t produce any noise as it runs. Plus, you can even set the timer so that it turns off by itself.


These Clippers With A Built-In Guide Light

Trimming your pet’s nails is tough enough already — but these clippers feature a built-in LED light so that they can at least help you see exactly where you’re cutting. The blades are razor-sharp, making them perfect for thick nails. And unlike some clippers, this pair also comes with a handy storage stand.


A Blacklight To Help You Find Pet Urine

You might be able to smell that pet accident, but finding it is another story — unless you’ve got this blacklight. The UV light makes it easy to see urine stains that are invisible to your naked eye, while the LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 15 yeas. Plus, it also works great outdoors when looking out for scorpions.


The Dog Shampoo Made With Soothing Oatmeal

If your dog suffers from dry, itchy skin, you might want to consider this soothing shampoo for their next bath. Oatmeal works to moisturize irritated, flaking skin, while the thick lather provides a thorough clean. And unlike some shampoos, this one is alcohol-free, as well as pH-balanced.


This Cover That Protects Your Car’s Backseat

I’ve got a cover just like this one protecting the backseat of my car. Truth be told? I think my dog prefers riding with it rather than without it, as it keeps him from falling forward onto the ground if I brake suddenly. And since it’s made from waterproof Oxford fabric, it can even save your upholstery from accidents.


A Harness That’s Comfortable For Your Dog

If your dog likes to yank during walks, putting them in harness — like this one — will help keep them from being uncomfortable. The fit is adjustable, with four body straps allowing you to customize how loose or tight it sits. And with leash clips in the front and back, it can even help dissuade pulling behaviors.

Available sizes: Small — X-Large


The 2-In-1 Tearless Shampoo & Conditioner For Dogs

Formulated without any fragrances, sulfates, or artificial colors, this two-in-one shampoo and conditioner gives your pup a thorough clean while also softening their coat. Buttermilk works to calm skin, while linseed oil infuses fur with shine. And with a balanced pH, it’s even suitable for dogs of all ages.


A Waterproof Mat For Your Pet’s Food Bowls

Made from waterproof silicone, this mat will protect your floors from mess as your pets eat. The nonstick exterior makes it easy to clean with a simple damp rag — and it can even be used as a trivet if need be, as it’s heat-resistant up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose from eight colors, including a brilliant shade of blue.


A Toy Fish That Flops Around Like The Real Thing

Not only does this toy fish start flopping every time your cat touches it, but the rechargeable battery means you won’t have to spend money on wasteful disposables. Each order even comes with a bag of catnip for extra fun — and reviewers raved about how it’s “well-made.”


The Cordless Grinder For Trimming Long Nails

If your pet doesn’t handle clippers well, you might want to try out this grinding tool instead. The speed is adjustable up to two levels, while the cordless design makes it easy to maneuver. Plus, each order comes with five sander heads included.


A Pet Carrier That Fits Like A Backpack

Ever wish you could take your cat out with you on a walk? Now you can with this backpack. Breathable mesh walls let your pets enjoy the fresh air, and there’s even a zippered window you can open up. Plus, the large side door makes it easy for them to get in and out.


This Pooper Scooper That Comes With Scented Bags

You don’t have to reach down and grab your pet’s waste — just use this scooper. The bin swivels so that it’s easy to flip and dump, while the telescopic handles mean you don’t have to bend over. And unlike some pooper scoopers, this one comes with scented bags to help keep the bin clean.


An LED Dog Collar That’s Water-Resistant

Help your dog stay visible at night with this LED collar. Not only is it water-resistant, but it even features three light modes: on, strobe, or blink. And unlike some LED collars, this one features a rechargeable battery that can run for up to eight hours.

Available sizes: X-Small — Large


The Adjustable Harness Made For Cats

Soft and lightweight, this harness is specifically designed for cats. Four adjustable straps ensure a snug fit, while the reflective straps help keep your kitty visible when it’s dark. The best part? It’s available in nine different colors — including a fun shade of orange.

Available sizes: X-Small, Small


These Wipes That Help Remove Tear Stains

Tear stains, dried mucus, boogers — these pre-soaked wipes can help clear away all of it. They’re safe for pups aged six weeks and older, and the gentle formula doesn’t require any rinsing afterwards. “Worked so well for my dog,” wrote one reviewer. “Within less than a month, her tear stains were gone.”


A Fake Grass Pad That’s Perfect For Apartments

When you don’t have a yard for your dog to relieve themselves in, this fake grass pad can be a total lifesaver. Not only is it great for apartments, but the plastic insert underneath the grass allows for easy cleanup. Plus, it even works great for potty training young pups.


This Double-Sided Brush That Detangles & Shines

This double-sided brush is great for pups who’ve got thick, tangled hair. One side is meant for detangling, and the other (denser) side is made to add shine. It was developed by groomers, per the brand — so you can brush your pet’s hair confidently knowing that you’ll be able to detangle with ease.


A Heavy-Duty Dog Leash With Reflective Threading Throughout

Walking your dog will be so much easier with this heavy-duty leash. Not only is it thicker than most (being able withstand up to 120 pounds of resistance), but it also boasts reflective threading throughout the knit. It also has a padded handle as well as durable clasps — and it comes in various colors.

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