30 Cheap, Easy Ways To Help Your Dog Behave So Much Better

No-fuss products that are pet parent-approved.

by Lauren Moison
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Whether you’ve just adopted your new best friend or you’ve gotten to know each other quite well, it’s no secret that dogs can get into trouble every now and then. However, there are some genius products that can help your dog behave better through preventative measures, reward systems, or by simply keeping them entertained. There are tools for leash training, chew toys to redirect the habit, and anxiety-soothing accessories on this list, all of which have been pet parent-approved on Amazon.

Scroll on for some cheap and easy ways to get your dog to behave a little better.


Offer This Scented Chew Toy To Redirect Bad Habits

Redirect your dog’s chewing habit with this cheddar cheese-scented ball that’s made to be durable enough for even the heaviest chewers. The ball has a fun squeak inside, will float if dropped in water, and can be rinsed clean without losing its scent. Plus, it’s scented with all-natural ingredients and won’t leave funky odors around your home, according to the brand.

Scents: 9


Use A Shampoo-Dispensing Bath Brush For Easier Grooming

If your dog get impatient during baths, this bath brush can be filled with shampoo to help make grooming faster and easier. While washing your dog, just squeeze the brush to release some suds and use the soft bristles to shampoo your pup’s coat. Then, follow up with the included grooming brush to remove loose hair and dander.


Train Your Dog To Use Potty Bell To Help Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

Give your pup a clear way to communicate when they need to go outside with this wireless bell. The two-piece set includes a receiver that plugs into any outlet and an activator button that attaches to the wall or door via adhesive backing. It has 38 ringtone options, four volume settings, and doesn’t take a lot of pressure to push — making it great for little dogs, too.


Use This Donut-Shaped Dog Bed That May Help Soothe & Calm

Give your dog a cozy place to sleep with this nest-like dog bed that’s designed to help soothe stress and anxieties that may contribute to poor behavior. “My dog gets anxiety on long car rides so I put his bed in the backseat and he slept calmly the whole ride,” confirmed one reviewer. The plush bed has a faux fur shell and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Sizes: Small — Large | Colors: 4


Give These Calming Herbal Chews In Stressful Situations

If your pup gets spooked by thunderstorms, fireworks, or other stressful situations, consider these calming chews that are crafted from a blend of soothing herbs, including organic hemp powder, valerian root, chamomile, and ginger. The non-drowsy formula doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives and may help curb excessive barking and other behavioral issues, according to the brand.

Flavors: 4


Lift Excess Fur With This Gentle Massaging Pet Brush

Use this gentle massaging brush to comfortably capture excess hair before it ends up all over your house. Used wet or dry, the thick silicone bristles work to trap hair in the brush, while tiny beads provide a soothing massage. When finished, simply lift the silicone screen off the bristles to easily remove hair.


Use This Pet Seat Belt To Keep Your Dog In Place During Car Rides

Keep your dog safe and in place while in the car with this doggie seat belt that hooks easily to your in-seat LATCH system for a secure hold. The cable is chew-proof, comes in five lengths (depending on your dog’s size), and has a swivel clip on the end for a comfortable attachment to your dog’s harness or vest.

Sizes: Small — XX-Large


Wear This Dog Treat Pouch For Training On The Go

This dog treat pouch is a handy way to keep tasty rewards on hand to promote good behavior. It has multiple compartments to stash your keys, phone, and even poop bags, and a main drawstring section provides easy access to treats. Use the hanging loop or metal clip in the back to attach it to your belt or waistband.

Colors & styles: 4


Use This Short Leash For Training Or Walking In Crowds

Use one of these short leashes for ample control while leash training or in crowded places. The 12-inch nylon leash features a wide, padded handle for a comfy hold and is constructed to withstand even the heaviest pulling. Plus, a 360-degree swivel hook keeps the leash from twisting.

Sizes: 4, ranging from 12 to 30 inches | Colors & styles: 5


Entertain Dogs With These Long-Lasting Cheese Chews

These long-lasting cheese chews are a great way to keep dogs entertained and satisfy their urge to chew. Each high-protein treat is made from just milk, salt, and lime (great for dogs with sensitive tummies) and is free from lactose, preservatives, and other chemicals. Plus, they don’t stain, leave a sticky residue, or have any strong odors, according to reviewers.

Sizes: Small — Large


Put Dog Food In This Feeding Mat That Utilizes Foraging Skills

Give your dog a fun activity with this snuffle mat that utilizes their natural sniffing and scavenging instincts to help them uncover hidden treats. Simply sprinkle the cotton mat with kibble or training treats and allow dogs of all sizes to explore and find the goods. The mat also helps encourage slower feeding and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Dimensions: 18 x 12 inches


Give Aggressive Chewers This Incredibly Durable Toy

If your dog is notorious for destroying toys, pick up one of these extra-durable chew rings with a replacement guarantee. Designed for dogs over 25 pounds, the 6.5-inch ring is made of a natural and nontoxic rubber that’s made to stand up to the most aggressive chewers, with one reviewer confirming, “This toy has lasted longer than any toy they have ever had.”


Cover Your Back Seat To Protect Against Pet Hair, Scratches, & Messes

Even well-behaved dogs can accidentally make a mess or leave behind pet hair, but you can protect your seats from rips, drool, and fur with this full-length car seat cover. Anchors, straps, and a nonslip backing help keep the cover in place, while the durable, waterproof material is easy to clean. Plus, there are holes that allow for use of the seatbelt buckles.

Sizes: Standard, XL | Trim colors: 4


Use This Dog Training Kit To Teach Good Behaviors

To help prevent or correct bad behavior, grab this dog training kit that has everything you’ll need to get started. The kit includes a treat pouch, a clicker, an ultrasonic whistle, and some hanging bells for your door. It even comes with a training guide and e-book to help you through the process.


Put Your Dog In This Comfy Harness To Reduce Pulling

Reduce leash pulling with this dog harness that features a front clip attachment to create counter-resistance when your dog pulls. It’s made with soft padding that disperses pressure across your dog’s chest for comfort and is extremely durable with its double-stitched, military-grade nylon construction that’s resistant to rips.

Sizes: Small — XL | Colors: 5


Give Medicine With These Popular Pill-Hiding Treats

These peanut butter-flavored pill pockets make it so much easier to give your dog medicine. They feature a hollow design that’s the perfect size for a tablet or capsule, a moldable texture that can be pinched closed to conceal, and a yummy flavor that most dogs can’t resist. “My dog doesn't suspect a thing and he loves them,” wrote one reviewer.


Prevent Boredom With This Brain-Stimulating Treat Puzzle

Provide fun entertainment while stimulating your dog’s brain with this treat puzzle that’s earned over 88,000 reviews on Amazon. The board consists of eight squares that move and close to hide treats, as well as four white bones that your dog can remove to reveal even more goodies. It free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates and is great for dogs of all sizes.

Dimensions: 12.75 x 8.75 x 1.75 inches


Keep Your Dog Busy With This Wobbling & Giggling Ball

This interactive ball is a great way to entertain your pup while you’re away thanks to its giggling sounds and pockets that make it easy to pick up and toss around. The battery-free design uses air pockets inside to create all of the noises, and it has a warped shape that helps it roll in different directions.

Styles: 3


Use This Car Net To Keep Pups In The Back Seat

If your dog likes to creep up front while you’re driving, install this car net between your two front seats to act as a barrier between you and your furry friend. The net attaches to the headrests and seat tracks on the car floor via sturdy hooks on each side and is made of durable nylon mesh to withstand stretching and pulling.


Place These Protective Sheets On Doors To Reduce Scratching

Keep your dog from scratching your doors and other surfaces with the help of these clear protective sheets. Each self-adhesive panel measures 8.2 inches wide and 40 inches tall (giving you the flexibility to place them where your dog scratches the most) and can be cut to size for versatile placement along windowsills or ledges.


Keep Dogs Engaged With This Filling-Free Crinkle Toy

Encourage some stress-busting play with this crinkle toy that delivers a satisfying crunch with every move. This filling-free toy has a crinkly inner material, a soft, fuzzy exterior, and a fun squeaker in the head. The 15-inch length makes it fun to whip and toss around, and it’s available in a variety of bright colors.

Dimensions: 15 x 7 inches | Colors: 13


Slow Down Fast Eaters With This Puzzle Feeder Bowl

If your dog devours their meals in seconds and gets an upset stomach, this slow feeder bowl can help reduce digestive issues. Available in three sizes, the bowl features various food channels and obstacles to help slow down your dog’s meal time. Plus, the BPA-free bowl is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Sizes: 1.5 cups, 2 cups, and 4 cups | Colors: 2


Give Teething Puppies This Cooling Chew Stick

Give your teething dog something satisfying to chew on, like this cute stick, and they may just leave your new shoes alone. The colorful toy is loaded with textures to explore, and the soft filling is gentle on teething puppies’ gums. Simply soak the toy in water and freeze it for a cooling, soothing treat.


Outfit Your Anxious Dog In A Soothing Jacket During Stressful Situations

Use one of these anti-anxiety jackets during stressful events to help your pup feel calm and protected. The adjustable design gently hugs your dog to provide soothing benefits so they can better handle loud noises, separation anxiety, traveling, and vet visits. One reviewer wrote, “This vest has given us a completely new and confident dog.”

Sizes: XX-Small — XXL


Utilize Your Dog’s Hunting Instincts With This Adorable Squirrel Toy

This plush puzzle toy will excite and stimulate your dog’s mind as they try to figure out how to get each of the six squeaky squirrels out of the tree trunk. The cute toy has earned over 59,000 reviews from fans, with one shopper writing, “My dog absolutely went nuts when she got this toy.”

Sizes: Small — XL | Styles: 15


Keep Your Pup Comfortable With A Cooling Mat

Overheating can lead to excessive drooling and other issues, but this pressure-activated cooling mat can help keep your dog comfy. The portable mat is made from nontoxic gel and doesn’t require refrigeration, water, or electricity. It can provide up to three hours of cooling per use, recharges itself in about 20 minutes, and can be spot cleaned by hand as needed.

Sizes: Extra-Small — Medium


Prevent Food & Water Messes With These Splash Mats

While not intentional, dogs tend to make quite the mess around their food and water bowls — but you can keep the floor clean and dry with this waterproof splash mat. Made of nonslip silicone, these trays have an outer lip to keep messes contained and are top-rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Sizes: M/L — XXL | Colors: 5


Practice Off-Leash Behavior With An Extra-Long Training Leash

To practice off-leash behavior before actually letting them off the leash, simulate the experience with this free-range leash that provides up to 30 feet of space between you and your dog. The leash is made from durable nylon, features a rubber handle grip for comfort, and has a swiveling clip to reduce twisting.

Lengths: 5, ranging from 15 to 100 feet | Colors: 2


Release Pent-Up Energy With This Set Of Rope Toys

If your dog likes to chew, pull, and tug, consider this set of rope toys that are built to last. The set features one 20-inch rope and one 27-inch rope, both with a knotted, 100% cotton design for durability. Bonus: The machine-washable ropes also feature ridges that may help clean your dog’s teeth while playing.


Support Your Dog’s Gut Health With These Probiotic Bites

These yummy probiotic bites help support your dog’s gut flora and immune system, which might make them feel happier and healthier overall. Each soft chew includes 3 billion CFUs of six probiotic strains, as well as a base of quinoa, millet, amaranth, and sorghum to further support gut health. Choose from pumpkin, chicken, and bison flavors.