49 Cheap Products Experts Say Are Effing Amazing

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My family loves passing along recommendations, even if they’re a little ridiculous. For example, my Great Aunt Barbara recently suggested that I buy “the most amazing” mini fridge for my home office — even though the kitchen is only 10 feet away from my desk. But when an expert says that a product on Amazon is totally genius, you can rest assured that it’s probably worth buying.

And if you aren’t sure what the experts are recommending these days, don’t worry. I’ve gathered some of the best products you can find on Amazon right here, and they’re all expert-approved. There's a flat iron made with titanium plates to help reduce any unwanted frizz as it straightens your locks, as well as an acupressure mat and pillow set to help relieve tension. But if that isn't enough, I've also made sure to include everything from affordable gym equipment, to nourishing serums that are chock-full of antioxidants. Professionals from various areas of expertise have provided their input and recommendations just online shoppers can score the best products possible.

And as long as you listen to the them, it’s almost impossible to waste your hard-earned money. Keep scrolling to see what kinds of affordable Amazon products they’ve recommend.


The Hydration Serum That Helps Nourish Dry Nails

Whether your nails are cracked or chipping, this serum delivers a nourishing dose of hydration to help moisturize even the driest ones. The plant-derived formula is chock-full of vitamins, and it's even cruelty-free.

What the expert says: "An essential product with biotin, pentavitin and wheat protein that keeps nails hydrated and strong. I use this as a base coat, especially during the cold winter months, this helps seal moisture into the nails." — Elle (Enamelle), Celebrity Nail Artist


A Friction-Free Rake Comb That Can Help Reduce Unwanted Frizz

Unlike some combs, this one creates less friction against your strands in order to help reduce unwanted frizz while creating a smooth, shiny finish. Many reviewers raved about how it doesn't pull at knots, with one person writing, “I have naturally curly hair and this comb minimizes the time it takes to comb through and without pulling all of my hair out.”

What the expert says: "This comb is amazing for detangling." Tabitha Fredrichs, Fine Hair Specialist and Certified Trichologist, From Tabitha F Hair


These Clips That Add Volume To Limp Roots

Curl these clips into limp roots, and they'll help lift them up without any heat necessary. They're suitable for use with all types of hair — and you only need to wear them for a few minutes for quick results. They’re available in five colors.

What the expert says: "These volumizing root clips are great for fine, flat hair." Tabitha Fredrichs, Fine Hair Specialist and Certified Trichologist, From Tabitha F Hair


A Flat Iron Made With Titanium Plates To Help Infuse Shine

Whereas some flat irons can leave your strands feeling dry, this one is made with titanium plates to help reduce damage as well as infuse shine. The temperature is adjustable up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit — and with a 1-inch heating plate, you can even this iron to create loose curls.

What the expert says: "My go to flat iron is [$37], has an auto off feature, and suggests temperatures based on the perceived health of your hair." Kym Dudley, Stylist and Founder of The Queens Salon


This High-Density Foam Roller That Won't Fall Flat

Made from high-density foam that won't fall flat under your bodyweight, this roller is a must-have after an intense workout. Plus, it's shorter than some rollers, making it easy to take with you to yoga or the gym.

What the expert says: "It is really important to stretch before and after your workouts. I love to use a foam roller as this helps to release tension and knots in the muscles, particularly in areas hard to reach when just stretching with your body. It is a great tool that helps to prevent injuries." Justine (JustFit), Fitness Trainer


An Affordable Gel That Helps Eliminate Roaches

Visits from the exterminator can be expensive, whereas this gel eliminates cockroaches from your home for a fraction of the cost. The best part? Thousands of reviewers raved about how they saw results after just one day.

What the expert says: "The Advion cockroach bait includes the indoxacarb poison that is scientifically approved to be safe for application within residential and office areas. I recommend combining this remedy with traps for the fastest effect." Nicolas Martin, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Pest Control Hacks


These Absorbent Gym Towels Made From Soft Microfiber

Not only are these microfiber towels soft, but they're also more absorbent than cotton. They also dry up to three times faster than cotton, which is great for helping to keep unwanted odors from leeching into your gym bag.

What the expert says: "One of the best additions I've made to my workout kit is my Sinland Microfibre gym towel. Sinland specialize in microfibre towels, so they guarantee quality. One thing I particularly love is how easily you can dab sweat away with them. With other towels, you have to wipe. If you sweat profusely during a workout like I do, you'll agree that abrasive towels can become a real pain." Stephanie Boll, Founder and Editor of Spikes & Heels


A Vitamin C Serum That Can Help Brighten Your Complexion

You only need to give your complexion a few drops of this serum, and the vitamin C can help brighten your complexion as well as promote collagen production. Hyaluronic acid works to help moisturize any dry spots, while organic aloe vera is chock-full of antioxidants.

What the expert says: "This is an affordable serum that's also highly concentrated and contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for a hydration boost to your skin. It's highly effective as an antioxidant and does not contain synthetic fragrances or parabens." Jill Canes, Founder of Face Forward Medical Aesthetics


This Hyaluronic Acid That Moisturizes For Up To 24 Hours

You only need to apply this hyaluronic acid serum once, and it can help keep dry skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. A little goes a long way — and it's even suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive.

What the expert says: "This concentrated serum contains high and low weight hyaluronic acid molecules that penetrate your skin quickly to provide hydration. It's also affordable and you only need to use a few drops each day, making it a good value." Jill Canes, Founder of Face Forward Medical Aesthetics


These Bands That Come In 5 Resistance Levels

Squats, bicep curls, bent-over rows — these resistance bands can be incorporated into nearly any workout to help you tone your muscles at home. Each order comes with five bands in varying levels, as well as a drawstring bag so you can take them with you to the gym.

What the expert says: "My secret to having an at-home gym when you're on the road, traveling or don't want the bulkiness of weights is to use resistance bands. Plus you can buy a whole pack that varies in width, thickness, and overall resistance. You can do almost any type of strength-training exercise with them — squats, bicep curls, rows, and more." Reggie Chambers, Personal Trainer at New York Personal Training Gym


The Ab Roller Made With Non-Slip Handles

Tired of doing crunches on the floor? This ab roller is an easy way to change up a stale workout routine. The handles are coated in non-slip to help you maintain a firm grip, and it's even ready to go right out of the box.

What the expert says: "Navigating massive inventories like Amazon for quality exercise equipment can be difficult, but I always recommend this ab roller for people looking to easily and conveniently strengthen their core. Ab rollers in general are a fantastic way to provide an effective core workout anywhere you want one, whether that's at home or the gym. This specific model can be found on Amazon, and it also has plenty of high-rated reviews to show off the fact that it's well made, durable, and easy to assemble and use." David McHugh, Fitness Expert, CEO and Founder of My Mixify


A Pack Of Face Masks That Reviewers Can't Get Enough Of

With more than 7,000 five-star reviews, it's clear that Amazon shoppers are absolutely in love with these face masks. Not only are they affordable, but each one is also made with triple-layered fabric for added protection along with elastic ear bands.

What the expert says: "It’s sturdier and sleeker than the traditional blue medical face mask. I love the lightweight feel and waterproof material. Perfect for all the sweaty cardio workouts!" Ridge Davis, Fitness Trainer and Puma Athlete


This Portable French Press Made For Camping Stoves

Camping or backpacking? You can still enjoy your morning cup of Joe with this French press. It's designed to work with camping stoves (specifically Jetboil). “I absolutely love this product,” raved one reviewer. “No more worries about drinking coffee and catching a mouthful of coffee grounds on the last swig.”

What the expert says: "You’ll be out of luck looking for a Starbucks or Costa Coffee in the morning on your backpacking trip. Unfortunately, you have to make do in the great outdoors and traditionally that has meant nasty instant coffee sachets. But that all changes with the Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press attachment for their camping stoves." James Black, Founder of Wilderness Redefined


The Boxing Balls That Help Train Your Reflexes

Training your reflexes with these boxing balls is as easy as looping the band around your head, then aiming your punches one after one. The balls are lightweight and soft, which means you don't need boxing gloves or hand wraps.

What the expert says: "One of the greatest thing[s] about a reflex ball is that it’s very portable and can be done almost anywhere, including your own bedroom. As long as you have about [six feet] of space in front of you, you can use it without a problem." Michael Slowak, ACE Certified Trainer and Co-Founder of Boxingholic


This Hydrating Cleanser That's Suitable For Sensitive Skin

Not only does this gel cleanser help moisturize dry skin, but it also gently removes everything from impurities to makeup. It's suitable for sensitive skin, and the formula is free from any synthetic fragrances.

What the expert says: "Best face wash to get a clean feeling while still keeping your skin hydrated and helping keep acne at bay." Monique Mazer, Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist


A Primer & Top Coat To Help Your Manicure Last

Not only can this top coat and primer help keep your manicure looking fresh, but they also give your nails glossy sheen that lasts for up to 11 days. Plus, there's no UV light required since they're designed to work with lacquer.

What the expert says: "This has been a game changer for my nail game, I no longer go to the salon with this kit my nails don’t chip and last two weeks." Monique Mazer, Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist


The “Best Mascara Ever” That’ll Deliver Dramatic Volume

It only takes a few coats for this volumizing mascara to help curl and lengthen your lashes. Plus, the smudge-proof formula is vegan as well as cruelty free. One customer even wrote that it’s “by far the best mascara ever!”

What the expert says: "This mascara makes my lashes look incredibly thick and lengthens like crazy. If you want an easy way to make your lashes pop, this is the mascara for you!" Monique Mazer, Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist


This Glass Coffee Maker With A Stainless Steel Filter

Still using a drip-style coffee machine? This pour-over version can be used to make your regular cup of coffee, as well as delicious cold brew. The reusable filter is made from stainless steel — and the borosilicate glass walls are also heat-resistant.

What the expert says: "Assuming you have a grinder, the next best thing you can do to elevate your coffee drinking experience at home is invest in a pour over coffee maker. It gives you the opportunity to ‘bloom’ the coffee, releasing immensely potent aroma and flavor potential. There are some very expensive automatic pour over machines on the market, but Bodum's [$22] manual pour over coffee maker is one of the best kept secrets you can add to your kitchen." John Bedford, Founder of Viva Flavor


A Handheld Milk Frother That Does So Much More

Whether you’re in the mood for lattes or cappuccinos, this milk frother is a must-have. It quickly whips up everything from milk to egg whites using just two AA batteries (which aren’t included). Plus, this one creates hardly any noise.

What the expert says: "Looking to enjoy incredible lattes, macchiatos, or cappuccinos at home without breaking the bank or traveling to Starbucks? Check out this incredible handheld milk frother. It'll seriously up your coffee game!" Graham Cooke, Founder of Cafe Last


The Cold Brew Coffee Maker That’s Eco-Friendly

Since this cold brew coffee maker comes with a reusable stainless steel filter, it’s a more eco-friendly alternative to regular drip-style machines. Plus, it’ll work with any 2-quart Mason jar — not just the one that comes included.

What the expert says: "Love the taste of delicious cold brew, but hate spending $5+ at the cafe? This amazing gadget lets you brew cold brew at home that will last all week. Plus, it comes with a flip cap lid and pouring handle, which makes brewing and enjoying easy and cost-efficient." Graham Cooke, Founder of Cafe Last


A Heated Coaster To Keep Your Coffee Warm

Prefer to slowly sip your coffee over the course of your morning? Keep it from going cold with this heated coaster. It’s designed to work with most mugs, and the waterproof exterior helps protect it against spills.

What the expert says: “There's nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. There's nothing worse than that coffee you love turning lukewarm - yuck! Fortunately, this Smart Coffee Warmer keeps your coffee nice and warm, so you can enjoy flavorful coffee all day." Graham Cooke, Founder of Cafe Last


The Shampoo that Helps Lock In Color

If your hair is dyed, it’s helpful to make sure you’re using a shampoo that won’t strip the color from your strands. This one is not only color-safe, but it also won’t leave behind any buildup to weigh your hair down in the future.

What the expert says: "Color Wow’s Color Security Shampoo is my single favorite shampoo. It’s a gentle sulfate free cleanser that will remove any product buildup while protecting your hair and hair color. No more buildup or over drying with this genius shampoo that retails for $23." — Jospeh Maine, Celebrity Hair Stylist


A Pair Of Yoga Blocks Made From Quality Pine

Made from high-quality pine wood, these yoga blocks can help you stretch into nearly any position you like — and the smooth edges are gentle on your palms. Plus, two sides are coated in non-slip.

What the expert says: "Handstand/yoga blocks are ideal for alleviating wrist issues while improving strength, mobility, and flexibility for any athletes’ hand balancing, bodyweight training, or yoga journey. Blocks are a great training tool and helps the transition from the ground to canes." Holly Hatch, Co-Founder of Club Calisthenics


This Rechargeable Lighter That’s Also Windproof

Not only is this lighter windproof, but it’s also rechargeable via USB. It lasts for up to 500 uses before you need to plug it back in, while the flexible gooseneck allows you to bend it into nearly any position.

What the expert says: "When styling a client's home (or honestly, just in my own home on a regular day!) I love to have candles lit for aroma and ambiance. This USB rechargeable candle lighter is genius, and means I'm no longer throwing out disposable lighters. It uses so little power and lasts for months before needing a recharge. It's a must-have at home and in my styling toolkit." Lesley Myrick, Principal Designer and Owner of Lesley Myrick Interior Design


A Clothes Rack That Retracts Into The Wall

Mount this clothes rack in your mud room, and you’ll instantly have extra space to hang garments while they dry. It’s made from tough aluminum, and it’s even so sturdy that it can easily support up to 60 pounds.

What the expert says: "While a laundry drying rack isn't going to be the most beautiful thing in your home, it's certainly going to be one of the most functional! Laundry room clutter drives me crazy, and this minimalist retractable drying rack means it's there when I need it, and it's tucked away when I don't." Lesley Myrick, Principal Designer and Owner of Lesley Myrick Interior Design


These Gliding Discs That Change Up Boring Workouts

I like to use a pair of gliding discs — like these ones — anytime I go to the gym. They’re great for changing up your ab routine whenever I get bored. Plus, you can even use them for lunges, bridges, and other lower-body workouts.

What the expert says: "Usually marketed as a core workout, but don’t be fooled. These pocket-sized disks turn any carpeted surface into an absolutely killer stability workout for the upper and lower body while setting your core and glutes on fire! Pro tip: Move mindfully. Slow, controlled reps are the name of the game to make the most of slides." Erin Moraghan, Wellness Strategist, Mindset and Movement Coach


A Pair Of Toe Separators That Can Help Alleviate Pain

Whether you suffer from bunions or hammer toes, these gel separators can help. They shift your toes into their proper position to help alleviate pain — and unlike some separators, these ones are completely latex-free.

What the expert says: "To help with hammertoes, tired toes, or toe cramps during the night, I recommend these toe spreaders. Most of my patients tell me that they could not believe how comfortable they actually are." Dr. Dana Canuso, Board-Certified Podiatrist, Founder and CEO, From Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet


The Shin Brace Made From Medical-Grade Neoprene

Whether you have shin splints or simple cramps, this brace can help. It’s made from medical-grade neoprene that feels soft against your skin as it compresses your muscles, and you can even wear it during workouts for some added leg support.

What the expert says: "With a barefoot quarantine lifestyle, it is very common to feel pain in your shin that you have never experienced before and these braces can help quickly. Shin splints are not just for runners!" Dr. Dana Canuso, Board-Certified Podiatrist, Founder and CEO, From Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet


This Repairing Treatment For Dry, Callused Feet

When chemical peels aren’t doing enough to soothe your dry or cracked heels, it may be time to give a repairing serum like this one a try. The hydrating formula penetrates deep into the thick skin on your feet, helping to repair callused areas.

What the expert says: "This product is a serum, not a lotion or cream, so it delivers moisturizers deep into the thick layers of the feet to heal dry, cracked heels fast. Patients can expect to start seeing results in 2 days." Dr. Dana Canuso, Board-Certified Podiatrist, Founder and CEO, From Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet


A Yoga Ball That You Can Incorporate Any Workout

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working out your legs or shoulders — this yoga ball can be used to help tone muscles all over your body. The nonslip exterior helps keep you stable as you exercise, and it comes in six different colors to suit your style.

What the expert says: "This small ball will set your abs on fire, work your thighs, and help you keep good form. Good for stretching." Helen M. Ryan, Workout Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, From Real World Weight Loss


The Jump Rope That’s Completely Cordless

You read that right — swing these handles just like you would with a normal jump rope, and you’ll get the same cardio workout without the risk of tripping. Each one is covered with soft non-slip foam that’s also sweat-resistant.

What the expert says: "If climbing isn't your jam, or you live in an apartment, then you can't go wrong with skipping rope. I always recommend them to my students to improve cardio stamina, which is essential for long, rigorous hiking excursions. If you're a little hesitant about the rope, you can get 'ropeless' jumping ropes to get the same workout with none of the tripping." Jennifer Schultz, Outdoor Guide and Instructor, From Outforia


A Meat Thermometer That’s Easy To Read

Don’t risk biting into a raw chicken breast — use this thermometer to make sure your meats are cooked all the way through. The large LCD screen is backlit so that it’s easy to read, and each order even comes with batteries included.

What the expert says: "When grilling something that doesn’t need hours and hours of monitoring, I use an instant read thermometer. These are great for hamburgers, chicken, and steaks." Shawn aka TheGrillingDad, Founder of The Grilling Dad


A Mandolin That Helps Get Dinner Made Quickly

When you’re hungry and dinner seems forever away, allow this mandolin to help get your ingredients sliced quickly. The thickness is adjustable, while the stainless steel blade easily slices through everything from cheese to vegetables.

What the expert says: You'll always find a mandolin on a chef's must-have list, because it lets you slice things incredibly thin and uniform at [a] super fast speed. But let me tell you a little secret: It doesn't have to be fancy to get the job done right. I use a $15 mandolin in my own kitchen, and it's served me well for a few years! I absolutely love it, and you'd never know it's a fraction of the price of the expensive ones." — Laura Miner, Chef and Recipe Creator, From Cook at Home Mom


The Spiral Hair Ties That Won’t Stretch Out

Tired of discovering your hair ties have stretched out? These ones are made from smooth plastic that returns to its original size after just a few seconds underneath a hair dryer. And since they’re non-absorbent, they won’t leave you with that soggy wet hair tie feeling on your wrist when wet.

What the expert says: "When I work out, I don’t want any distractions, especially when it comes to my hair. I like my hair away from my face and off my neck so I can focus on getting the most out of my time and effort. Spiral hair bands are the way to go. Kitsch spiral hair ties keep my hair secured without damaging it!" — Toni Putrizello, Certified Life Coach and Instructor at Jazzercise, Inc.


A Gadget That Seals Up Open Snack Bags

Don’t let your snacks turn stale — allow this miniature bag sealer to close them shut so that air stays out. It only takes a few seconds to heat up, and there’s even a built-in slicer to help you open snacks back up.

What the expert says: "I recommend this Bag Sealer [...] to keep bagged products fresher for longer. I find that it can help keep pantry staples and dry goods from becoming stale, like chips, bread, and to seal back packages like pasta bags, etc. so they don't spill out." Chef Daisy Garcia, From Freshly


This Cast Iron Skillet That Comes With A Handle Grip

Unlike some cookware, the handles on cast iron pans get too hot to touch — which is why this one comes with a heat-resistant silicone grip. And since it arrives pre-seasoned, you can use it right out of the box to make your next meal.

What the expert says: "I get all of my cast iron roasting pans on Amazon. I specifically use the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 12-Inch Ergonomic Frying Pan, because it’s incredibly durable and versatile. I’ve had one of mine for almost 15 years now. You can use it to sear meats on a stovetop or roast something in an oven. It can take the heat of a pizza oven as well, and when I take it camping, I put it right on the hot coals no problem." Daniel England, Corporate Chef, From San Diego’s OMG Hospitality Group


A Cutting Board That Helps You Transfer Ingredients Without Spilling

Squeeze the handle on this cutting board, and the sides will fold up into a funnel so that you can easily transfer ingredients. The nonslip feet help keep it in place as you chop, and it even comes in five colors: green, red, grey, black, and white.

What the expert says: "For me, when I discovered the Joseph Joseph folding cutting board [...], it was life changing. I can't tell you the number of times I dropped cut veggies when trying to sweep them off a traditional cutting board and into a pot. I think even the clumsiest of chefs will have a hard time making a mess with this cutting board. Plus, at under $20 it's super cheap." Steven Evans, Chef & Founder of Air Fryer Bro


The Espresso Maker You Can Use Almost Anywhere

Since this espresso maker doesn’t require electricity, you can easily use it at home, while camping, as well as everywhere in-between. It brews up to three cups in just a few minutes — and unlike some French presses, it won’t leave your coffee with an overly acidic taste.

What the expert says: "To this day, I cannot find a more affordable and flavorful cup of coffee than that brewed with a simple aeropress. All these high tech, ridiculously priced ways to make coffee, and yet I prefer the flavor of one that is cheap and somehow far superior to anything else I’ve ever tried." Michael Murdy, Creator of Robust Kitchen


A Travel Mug Made Specifically For Coffee

You can use this travel mug for any type of drink, but its ceramic inside is specifically designed so that it won’t affect the flavor of coffee. The exterior is made from tough stainless steel — and the insulated walls help keep warm drinks toasty for up to 12 hours, whereas cold drinks stay chilled for up to 24 hours.

What the expert says: "For gear that’s as good as the coffee it produces, check out Fellow. They're a rising star in specialty coffee and offer award-winning products such as the Stagg Kettle. Their Carter Everywhere Mug is a must, with a unique design that’ll keep your coffee warm in style.” Ryan Fritzky, Founder and Chief Marketer of Bean Box


This Coffee & Tea Press Tumbler That Lets You Brew On The Go

Whether you’re in the mood for coffee or tea, this tumbler can help you brew a fresh batch. The built-in press works to strain out leaves and coffee grounds, while the double-wall construction helps insulate your drink for hours. Plus, the lid is even spill-resistant.

What the expert says: "The Bodum Travel Press is a portable version of the French Press that is sleek, compact, and is a beauty to look at. [...] It is so simple and easy to use. All you have to do is put coffee grounds in it, pop the lid on, push the plunger down and you can sip away at your leisure - directly from the spill-resistant lid like you would a drink bottle." — Sean Yew, Specialty Coffee Barista and Founder of The Hearty Brew


A Coffee Dripper That Lets You Brew Right In Your Mug

Don’t have a coffee maker at the office? Not a problem when you have this dripper cup. Simply add your own filter and grounds, place it over a mug, then pour in hot water — in just a few minutes you’ll have a fresh cup of joe to enjoy.

What the expert says: "Once you start drinking pour over coffee, you'll be spoiled for any other kind of coffee. There's just something about the richness and smoothness of pour over coffee that makes it very special." Shabbir Nooruddin, Coffee Blogger at Coffee In My Veins


The Zester That Separates Chefs From Home Cooks

Cheese, nuts, fruits, garlic — this zester can easily grate all of them into pillowy mounds that add a burst of flavor to bland dishes. It’s made from sharp stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, while the narrow blade allows for easy maneuvering around curved fruits.

What the expert says: "Easily the best tool you can buy in your kitchen without spending too much money. This tool makes quick purées, zests fresh citrus, grinds difficult spices like nutmeg and grates cheese perfectly. I use this tool all the time because it saves me a lot of time and can handle the stress I put it through in professional kitchens." Devan Cameron, Chef and Owner of Braised and Deglazed


An Acupressure Mat That Can Help Alleviate Soreness

Not up for acupuncture? Then you might want to give this acupressure mat a try instead. Whereas acupuncture relies on needles, this mat uses thousands of raised points to help alleviate pain from sore muscles — and you only need to lie on it for about 20 minutes.

What the expert says: “I could recommend exercise equipment all day long and the items would be beneficial to any fitness routine. Fitness isn’t just about how much you can lift or how long you can run. Total health comes from how you take care of yourself outside the gym as well. That’s why I’m recommending an acupressure mat. It may look useless, but in all honesty, it’s a pretty good mat for the price and the tension relief is real." Jeff Parke, Owner of Top Fitness Magazine


A Pair Of Floating Shelves To Break Up Boring Walls

Adding some floating shelves to a blank wall is an easy way to break up the space, and these ones come in three different sizes: 10, 15, or 24 inches. Each order comes with mounting hardware — and one reviewer even wrote that “they were very easy to install.”

What the expert says: "[White floating shelves] are miracle workers for all the empty wall space — and you can definitely hang them yourself." Anita Devlin, Professional Designer, Organizer, and Decluttering Expert of We Heave Ho


The Shoe Organizer That Takes Up Very Little Space

With space for up to 24 pairs, this organizer is a must-have for anyone with a large shoe collection. Hang it over any standard door to help save closet space — and since the pockets are clear, it’s easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything.

What the expert says: "Not just for shoes! Hide these behind every door you can. Another great place for cords, cosmetics, crayons and small toys, gloves, lotions, everything!" Anita Devlin, Professional Designer, Organizer, and Decluttering Expert of We Heave Ho


A Draft Stopper That Helps Keep Cold Air Outside

Utility bill a littler higher than usual? This draft stopper can help. Slide it underneath any drafty door in your home, and it’ll help keep cold air, noise, and even light outside. Plus, it easily moves over any type of floor — including carpet.

What the expert says: "If a door replacement is not in your budget right now but you’re concerned with energy costs, the Vergilius Under Door Draft Stopper is a great temporary substitute. It helps keep unwanted outside air from coming indoors, blocks bugs and dust from getting inside and keeps your heating and cooling bills down." Michael DiMartino, Senior Vice President of Installations, From Power Home Remodeling


This Pull-Up Bar That Fits Into Your Doorframe

Commit to a few reps every time you walk underneath this doorframe pull-up bar, and you’ll start seeing results in no time. It’s able to hold up to 440 pounds, and each order also comes with resistance straps — just in case you need an extra challenge.

What the expert says: "Pull ups are one of the most effective upper body moves you can do. In addition to working the traps, lats, and biceps, you’re moving all of your upper body joints – improving your grip, triceps, and deltoid strength. Pull ups also improve posture and reduce back pain. This doorway pull up bar by Fitheaven fits into your doorway without any screws or damage to your door. Plus, you can put it on the floor to do dips." Alex Davis, Fitness Coach and Co-Creator of Ryan and Alex Duo Life


An Antifungal Treatment That Can Help Clear Up Nails

Not only does this serum work as an intensive antifungal for your nails, but it can also help turn discolored nails clear within just three weeks. The gentle formula is safe for diabetics — and it can even help strengthen dry, brittle nails.

What the expert says: "Toenail fungus can be one of the most difficult things to treat, but this product uses both an FDA registered anti-fungal medication and homeopathic remedies so it is the best of both worlds! Also, I like how the medicine lasts a long time." Dr. Dana Canuso, Board-Certified Podiatrist, Founder and CEO, From Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet


These Precision Tweezers Made For Food

Whether you’re flipping meat on the grill or keeping your hands clean rom raw ingredients, these tweezers can help. They’re made from rustproof stainless steel that cleans easily — and one reviewer even raved that “these tweezers work well in tight places, like getting small pieces of bread broken off in the toaster.”

What the expert says: "The first is a pair of good forceps. I detest tongs since the edges can tear the food or smash the food." Dann Reid, Former Head Chef and Head Baker, Current Podcaster and Blogger, From Culinary Libertarian

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