40 Cheap Tricks Decorators Swear by To Make Homes Look Much Nicer & Newer

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You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your home look nice. For example, adding faux fur blankets and stylish throw pillows are just a few of the many cheap tricks decorators swear by. But if you need more? You’re in luck — I’ve reached out to a few designers who shared their best tips, tricks, and must-have Amazon products when it comes to making your home look nicer.

Speaking of lighting, you don’t have to put up with the outdated fixtures that came with your rental. Sometimes all your home needs is a few finishing touches to pull everything together, and stylish light fixtures can help. Or, if you’re looking to make big changes, there are also peel-and-stick wallpapers that you can use to make accent walls — and they’re easy to remove if you ever need to move out.

Working with a budget doesn’t mean you have to hold back when decorating; it just means you have to be smart with your money. Luckily, these decorators are total pros when it comes to making your home look much nicer and newer — keep scrolling for more.


This Picture Frame Made From Sleek Acrylic

Looking for a way to dress up a blank wall? McCall Dulkys, interior stylist of Interiors By McCall, suggests hanging up a few of these picture frames. They’re made from sleek acrylic that gives your photos a floating effect — and each order also comes with all the screws and anchor needed to mount them up.


These Curtain Rings Made Of Durable, Yet Chic Metal

If your drapes could use a little extra length, Dulkys also suggests grabbing these curtain rings. They glide effortlessly back and forth across any curtain rod, while the metal clips grip onto curtains without causing tears. Choose from two shades: black or silver.


An Oversized Pillow That’s Hypoallergenic

Not only does Dulkys recommend using overstuffed pillows to upgrade your bedding, but this pillow in particular is hypoallergenic, as well as made right here in the United States. It’s also available in dozens of sizes — and one reviewer even wrote that “they fill the covers beautifully...and retain their shape after you lay on them.”


The Mini Table Lamp That Helps Brighten Dark Rooms

When you’re struggling for ways to illuminate dark rooms, KateDiaz, interior designer and co-founder of Swanky Den, recommends this miniature table lamp. It takes up hardly any space regardless of where you put it, yet still gives off the “perfect amount of light” according to many reviewers.


These Pillow Cases That Add Texture To Dull Rooms

Not all pillowcases are created equal — Andra DelMonico, lead designer at Trendey, suggests grabbing these velvet ones that’ll help vary up textures in dull rooms. The hidden zippers won’t snag on your clothes. And with dozens of colors to choose from, it’s easy to match them to suit any style.


A Hanging Planter That Just Looks Plain Good

Need a little green in your home? DelMonico recommends installing this hanging planter. It’s made to fit any standard-sized pot, and you can even adjust the hanging rods vertically as well as horizontally. Plus, the rustic design just looks plain good regardless of where you put it.


The Air Plant Holders For A Little Boho Touch

If that mounting that hanging planter seems a little daunting, DelMonico suggests putting up these air plant holders instead. Not only do air plants require minimal watering, but these holders in particular also add a little bohemian touch to any room.


A Ceiling Light With A Sleek Partial-Wood Frame

Light fixtures may be small, but they can leave a huge impression when it comes to design — that’s why DelMonico also recommends this modern light. The partial-wood frame gives it a modern touch, while the LED bulb that comes included can last for more than three years with regular use.


The Wall Sconces That Won’t Produce Glare

Some wall sconces can leave you with an annoying glare — that’s why this one comes recommended by DelMonico. With a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours, there’s no need to change the bulb anytime soon. Plus, each order comes with a complete installation kit to make the experience as simple as possible.


A Vintage Sconce With An Industrial Vibe

With its industrial vibe and unique shape, it’s clear why DelMonico suggests adding this gorgeous sconce to your home. It looks just as good in bathroom as it does in kitchens — though make sure to order your own separate power cord, as one does not come included.


This Organizer That Keeps Your Mail Looking Tidy

Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective, suggests using this organizer to tidy up that messy pile of mail on your desk. It’s made from sleek bamboo — not plastic — and you can even use it for phones, tablets, wallets, and more.


A Charging Station That Protects Your Devices From Damage

Little high-tech finishes are an easy way to give your home a modern feel — but if you’re in need of ideas, Franklin recommends this charging station. Each order even comes with five shortened cables to help keep its appearance clean: three lightning, as well as two micro-USB.


The Mail Holder That Mounts On Your Wall

Instead of letting your mail pile up on your coffee table, Franklin recommends using a wall-mounted organizer — like this one — to keep your home looking tidy. It’s made from stainless steel with a stylish matte black finish, and each order comes with adhesive for effortless installation.


These Apothecary Jars Made From Sleek Acrylic

Acrylic looks just as good as glass, but without all the fragility that comes with it — that’s only part of why Franklin also suggests grabbing these apothecary jars. They’re the perfect size for cotton rounds, Z-tips, and more. Plus, the tight lids keep the contents safe from dust.


The Vanity Jars With Stylish Bamboo Lids

If those acrylic apothecary jars didn’t strike your fancy, Franklin suggests taking a look at these stylish ones with bamboo lids. They’re large enough for everything from Bobby pins to cotton swabs — or, you can fill them with fairy lights for some cute vanity decor.


A Trio Of Baskets Made From 100% Cotton Rope

Made from 100% cotton rope, Franklin advises incorporating these rope baskets into your shelves if you need a little extra organization. Their thick, durable bases keep the rope from separating when lifted —and the handles are even reinforced for added strength.


This Taller Rope Basket For Linens & More

Sheets, blankets, toys — this tall rope basket is large enough to fit all of them and more. Franklin recommends it for its “toys, laundry, blankets and even mittens and hats come winter!” Plus, you even have the choice of four colors: white/desert, white/grey, white/beige, or off white/jute.


The Glass Jars That Make Any Pantry Instagram-Worthy

Your pantry doesn’t have to be a jumbled mess of dry ingredient boxes — and if you’re looking for ways to pretty it up, Franklin suggests these jars. The bamboo lids give them a luxurious touch, while the borosilicate glass gives them an extra layer of durability against cracking or shattering.


A Set Of Ceramic Canisters For Tea, Sugar, & More

Storage containers don’t have to be boring — that’s why Franklin also recommends these ceramic canisters. They’re perfect for tea, sugar, coffee, and other dry ingredients. Plus, each one is made from thick, hearty ceramic instead of flimsy plastic.


A Woven Basket For Everything From Laundry To Groceries

Michelle Hansen, the owner of Practical Perfection who’s also a decorating and designing expert, recommends eliminating clutter in order to make a home look nicer. You can fill this basket with a plant to add some green to your bedroom, or even toss it inside your closet as a dirty clothes hamper. It’s versatile enough for nearly anything — and it even comes in two shades: jute or black stripes.


The Soap Dispenser That De-Clutters Your Tub

If the walls of your bathtub are a mess of bottles and soaps, try condensing them into this dispenser, which is one of Hansen’s go-to picks. Installation is a total breeze using the included double-sided adhesive — and since it’s made from ABS plastic, there’s no need to worry about rust developing.


A Makeup Organizer With Space For Nearly Everything

Even the largest makeup collections will likely fit inside this organizer, as there’s space for lipstick, eyeliner, palettes, nail polishes, and more. It’s also recommended by Hansen, and the clear acrylic walls make it easy to see exactly what is where. Plus, each drawer even has a non-slip liner to help keep your things from shifting around.


These Spice Jars That Come With Fashionable Labels

Not only do these spice jars — which were also recommended by Hansen — come with a set of blank and pre-made labels, but the lids are also made from stainless steel. And if you made a mistake on one of the labels? You can likely rub it off with a little soap and water, as each label is made from PVC material.


A Sliding Shelf That’s Perfect For Spices

If you like to keep your spices inside of your cabinets, you’ll definitely want to check out this sliding shelf that’s also a suggestion of Hansen. It’s the perfect width to hold dozens of spice bottles, yet slim enough that there’s still room to store other items in your cabinet.


The Wallpaper You Can Easily Peel Off

Renting doesn’t mean you’re stuck with boring walls — just put up this peel-and-stick wallpaper, which was suggested by Hansen. It easily peels off once it’s time to move out, making it perfect for renters. Plus, the grid lines on the back help you measure so that it matches up with your walls perfectly.


A Removable Wallpaper That Reviewers Adore

Hansen also recommends this peel-and-stick wallpaper, which can be used to create a gorgeous accent wall in your home — or even just redo that bathroom wall you’ve been eyeing. Reviewers raved about how it’s “easy to install,” with one writing that “the pattern is very forgiving, so it was easy to line up.”


This Throw Blanket Made From Faux Fur

Luxurious, soft, cozy — this throw blanket hits all the right notes, and it’s one of Hansen’s go-to selections. The faux fur feels plush against your skin as you cuddle up in bed. Or, you can simply drape it across your couch to help vary up the textures in any room. Choose from four colors: ivory, marbled ivory, gray, or marbled gray.


A Throw Blanket That Comes In A Ton Of Colors

Made from 100% soft microfiber, this faux fur blanket that was suggested by Hansen comes in so many fun colors you’ll be tempted to grab more than one. Orange, blue, rose — they’ll all look great strewn across your bed for a pop of color, or even draped across a chair for a bougie little accent.


The Throw Pillow Cover Made From Recycled Bottles

This throw pillow cover suggested by Hansen isn’t just fashionable — it’s also eco-friendly. Each one has been made using soft cotton, as well as polyester derived from recycled PET bottles. “This pillow is actually far more beautiful in person,” wrote one reviewer. “Purchased for a window seat and looks lovely.”


This Pair Of Pillowcases With Tufted Velvet Accents

With soft velvet accents running up and down these throw pillowcases (which Hansen recommended), there’s no need to worry about them feeling scratchy against your skin as you doze off for a nap. The tassels on each corner are a cute touch — and one reviewer even wrote that “the quality is outstanding!”


These Wall Sconces With A Rustic Touch

If those geometric wall sconces didn’t strike your fancy, these rustic black ones might grab your attention. They were recommended by Dala Al-Fuwaires, the principal designer and owner at House of Form. The lampshade design gives them a timeless appearance, while the bronze accents make them look like they cost way more than they do. Plus, each order also comes with a two-year warranty.


A Piece Of Wall Art That Won’t Break The Bank

Decorating your walls with art can cost a pretty penny — unless you’re using this framed print recommended by Al-Fuwaires. Not only does it come in dozens of different styles, but it also comes in a variety of sizes to suit any space. “Simply stunning!” raved one reviewer. “It pops with abstraction and color, making it the new focal point when you walk into our bedroom.”


This Round Mirror That Helps Bounce Light Around

If there’s a room in your home that could use a little extra natural light, try hanging this mirror up across from a window. It’ll help brighten things up by bouncing the light around — and the suspended brass hook at the top makes it easy to hang using a simple nail or screw. This mirror was also recommended by Al-Fuwaires.


A Toilet Paper Holder In Stylish Matte Black

Still using the toilet paper holder that came with your home? Then it’s time to upgrade to this stylish matte black one, which Al-Fuwaires also suggested. Or, if matte black doesn’t suit your decor, it also comes in brushed nickel, as well as gold. Plus, the stainless steel metal won’t grow rusty over time, making it perfect for humid bathrooms.


This Sleek Matte Faucet Replacement With Stainless Steel Handles

Al-Fuwaires suggests replacing the hardware in your bathroom with this high-pressure faucet, which boasts a matte black copper construction. The handles are made of stainless steel that’s extra-durable, and the drain even has a strainer attached to help prevent clogs.


These Faux Succulents That Come In Cute Pots

Mark Cutler and Nichole Schulze of cutlerschulze suggests adding these faux succulents to your home. They can be placed on a small vanity tray for a little touch of green, or even on your dining table for a cute centerpiece. Each order comes with the cute pots you see pictured included, and reviewers raved about how they “look real.”


A Big Storage Box With A Bone Inlay Print

The next time you need to stash something somewhere, why not stick it inside of this box, which was also suggested by Cutler and Schulze? The bone inlay print gives it a unique appearance, making it work as a piece of decor as well as a storage solution. Plus, it’s made from chic wood — not plastic.


This Small Table Lamp With 2 USB Ports

Don’t have a ton of space for a full-sized lamp? This one, which was recommended by Cutler and Schulze, is a fraction of the size — but it’s small enough to fit onto cramped nightstands. It also features two USB ports in the back where you can charge your devices, and each order even comes with one LED bulb included.


A Glistening Miniature Chandelier For Under $30

Your walk-in closet doesn’t have to feel like a closet; turn it into a trendy wardrobe room using this miniature chandelier, which was recommended by Farris Wu, the founder and CEO of DecorMatters. And if you’re worried about installation? Don’t be. Reviewers raved about how simple the process was, and each order even comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.


These Curtains That Add Elegance To Any Room

Dressing up your windows is an easy way to make your home look nicer, and these curtains — also recommended by Wu — come in a variety of colors to suit any decor. They’re made from rich linen, giving them a soft feel and expensive feel. Plus, you even have the choice of six different sizes.

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