40 Cheap Ways To Automatically Make Your Home Look More Expensive

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If you want your house to look luxurious, refined, and probably a little chic, don’t worry — it’s totally possible. I know those words might sound like they cost a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in order to make your home look nice. Regardless of how strict your budget is, there are ways to automatically make your home look more expensive — and the 40 I’ve chosen to feature below are also incredibly affordable.

I know what you’re thinking: Using cheap stuff to make your home look expensive seems counterintuitive. However, each item I’ve selected not only has rave reviews, but also just plain looks good. Case in point? This stylish wine rack that costs less than $30. With space for up to 10 bottles of wine, it’s as functional as it is fashionable. Or, if your vanity is looking a little cluttered, try using these mirror trays to get organized. There are also rolls of removable wallpaper that’s renter-friendly, sleek soap dispensers for your shower, and even a motion-activated light that fits underneath your bed.

Even if you’re decorating on a budget, your home can still look enviably good — and the cheap home products you’ll find below can help. Keep scrolling for more.


This Contact Paper That Looks Like Stainless Steel

If you want a fridge that looks brand new (but you don’t want to spend the money on one), you can simply cover the one you have with this contact paper. It looks just like real stainless steel, but goes on just like a sticker. And since it peels off just like one too, it’s perfect for renters who can’t make permanent changes to their home.


A Gold-Hued Wine Rack That Sits Out On Your Counters

There’s no drilling or mounting required when it comes to this wine rack — just place it out on your counter and it’s ready to go. There’s enough space for up to 10 bottles of wine. Plus, the brushed gold finish makes it look more expensive than it is.


The Crown Moulding That Makes Any Room Look Good

You don’t have to pay for a contractor to come design expensive moulding on your walls — just grab this roll and put it up yourself. It’s flame-resistant, and there’s no glue required. Simply press the adhesive back up against your walls, and it’ll stay put just like a sticker.


These Smart Light Bulbs That Work With Alexa

For less than $35, you can grab this four-pack of smart light bulbs that bring any home into the current century. Pair them with Alexa, and you’ll be able to adjust their brightness, color, as well as turn them on and off. Plus, you can even put them on schedules so that they’re on when you come home.


An Area Rug Made From Soft Faux Fur

You can’t deny how luxurious this faux fur area rug looks. Put it down next to your bed for a soft place to step on when getting up in the morning, or even drape it across a couch to give your living room a touch of chic. The best part? It comes in seven different colors for any style.


This Bamboo Bath Mat That’s Feels Like It’s From The Spa

Turn your shower into a relaxing spa with help from this bath mat. It’s made from sleek bamboo that won’t deteriorate in wet conditions — and the rubber feet on the bottom keep it from sliding around your shower floor. Choose from two sizes: small or large.


A Peel & Stick Wallpaper That Looks Like Bricks

Got a blank wall in your apartment? Put up this peel-and-stick wallpaper to create a gorgeous faux brick wall. The printed grid on the back helps you line up the bricks so that they look flawless — and once you’re ready to move out, it should easily peel off without damaging your walls.


These Flameless Candles That’ll Never Drip Wax

Dripping wax can damage your tabletops, so why not switch over to these flameless candles? The LED bulbs flicker just like real flames, and each order comes with a remote so that you can control them without having to get up. Plus, each one only requires two AAA batteries (not included).


The Candle Holders With A Modern Touch

With their tapered design and staggered heights, these candle holders give a modern touch to any room. They’re made with wide bases to help keep them from tipping over — and if you aren’t into gold, they’re also available in matte black as well as silver.


A Soap Dispenser That Helps Declutter Your Shower

If your shower is cluttered with shampoo and soap bottles, try downsizing everything into this dispenser. Three separate chambers let you store shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Plus, it easily mounts to your shower wall using the included waterproof adhesive.


These Floating Shelves With Gorgeous Golden Brackets

Trying to fill some empty wall space? These floating shelves feature chic golden brackets that add some color to blank walls, all while providing extra storage and organization. They’re great for holding little pieces of decor, or even for spices if you put them up in the kitchen.


The Under-Bed Light That’ll Only Turn On When You Get Up At Night

With its built-in motion and dusk-to-dawn sensor, this bed light will only turn on when you get up in the middle of the night. That way, you won’t need the bright overhead light in your room — and unlike some LEDs, this one has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.


A Set Of Shower Hooks With Chic Faux Diamonds

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact — like these shower hooks with little faux diamonds on them. Not only do they shine like real diamonds, but they add a little touch of chic to any plain bathroom. Plus, reviewers raved about how they’re “sparkly.”


This Wine Decanter Made From Hand-Blown Glass

Serve your guests wine using this decanter, and they’re sure to be impressed — especially when you casually drop the fact that it’s made from hand-blown crystal glass. And if that isn’t enough? The slanted tip helps prevent accidental drips onto your tabletop.


These Blackout Curtains That Help Dim The Room

Is the bright sun keeping you from sleeping in on the weekends? Put these blackout curtains up and get ready to snooze. They block out up to 99% of light, as well as insulate your room to help keep it from heating up throughout the day. Choose from more than 30 colors, including a gorgeous shade of royal purple.


A Pair Of Throw Pillow Covers Lined With Velvety Material

I have these throw pillow cases on my bed as colorful accent pillows, and they’re so soft that I always reach for them during naps. Each one is lined with plush polyester that feels like velvet, and they come in so many colors that you might wind up grabbing more than a few sets.


This Insert That’s Made From Hypoallergenic Fibers

If you need filling for your throw pillow covers, don’t forget to add this insert to your cart. It’s made with cushiony, hypoallergenic polyester — and it even comes in eight different sizes to suit a variety of pillows. “They are light weight, easily fluffed up to regally display the covers,” wrote one reviewer. “I've ordered more to start replacing all my inserts with these.”


A Footrest That Looks Like It’s Lined With Velvet

With hundreds of positive reviews, it’s clear that Amazon shoppers are huge fans of this footrest. Its foam surface is covered in a soft, velvety material, giving your feet a plush spot to rest after a long day — and the metal legs are incredibly sturdy.


The Toothbrush Holder That Keeps Everything Off The Counter

There’s no drilling required to put this toothbrush holder up, as each order comes with sticky adhesive to keep it in place. There’s space for up to four toothbrushes, as well as serums, small candles, and more. Plus, you even have dedicated slots for stacks of paper cups.


These Silky Bed Sheets Made From Smooth Satin

Not only are these sheets made from smooth, silky satin, but they’re also resistant to wrinkles and stains. The fitted sheet has an extra-deep pocket to help keep it from riding up over taller mattresses — and since they come in tons of colors, you can get a few for the whole house.


A Gold-Toned Floor Lamp With An Industrial Style

With its unique, industrial style, this floor lamp is a great pick if you’re looking for some minimalist decor. Assembly doesn’t require any tools, and the extra-long power cable makes it easy to use with distant outlets. One reviewer even wrote that it doesn’t have any lean to it once set up.


This Table Runner That Comes In So Many Colors

Made from soft cotton, this table runner is a great pick if you’re looking for ways to dress up your plain table. It’s long enough to fit tables meant for up to eight people — and you can even use it as a lightweight trivet when putting down warm cookware.


These House Numbers That Look Like They’re Floating

Even if the outside of your home isn’t smooth and flat, you can still hang these house numbers up. The unique mounting system allows them to sit on top of uneven surfaces, making them look like they’re floating — and each order comes with all the hardware needed for installation.


A Set Of Ground Lights That Are Easy To Install

There’s no complicated wiring necessary when it comes to installing these ground lights. Each one is powered with a built-in solar panel that provides up to 10 hours of light at night — and since they’re also waterproof, they won’t short circuit in poor weather.


This Slipcover That Breathes New Life Into Tired Furniture

Sofa looking a little worse for wear? Try putting this slipcover over it. Not only does it come in 20 different shades to match any style, but it’s also easy to wash in the event of spills. And unlike some slipcovers, this one is made from stretchy fabric that sits flush against your furniture.


A Sleek Pour-Over Coffee Maker With A Permanent Filter

Still buying expensive cold brew from the store? Try saving a few dollars by making your own using this pour-over coffee maker. The reusable filter is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the borosilicate glass walls are also incredibly durable. It’s even wrapped in cork that adds some style.


The Bamboo Cheese Board That Comes With Serving Knives

Pulling out this cheeseboard is an easy way to make any boring evening at home a little more exciting. It’s made from sleek bamboo with a pull-out drawer that contains four stainless steel serving knives. And unlike some cheese boards, this one comes in three different sizes.


These Faux Eucalyptus Plants That’ll Fit Nearly Anywhere

Whether your desk or windowsill could use a little greenery, these fake eucalyptus plants are a great choice. They don’t require any water or maintenance aside from the occasional dusting — and they’re even small enough to fit on narrow shelves.


A Backlight That Adds Flair To Your Home Theater System

Not only will this backlight give any home theater system an instant upgrade, but it can also be plugged into your television’s USB port so that there’s no need to take up an outlet. Each order comes with a remote so that you can change its colors, too.


This Essential Oil Diffuser That’s Sleek & Subtle

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to this diffuser, and it’ll let out little puffs of aromatic steam for up to eight hours. The matte ceramic finish gives it a subtle appearance that blends into your decor, and it even comes in six different colors.


A Chic Wallpaper That’s Simply To Apply & Remove

You don’t have to put up with blank walls if you rent your home — just use this removable wallpaper to create an eye-catching accent wall. It’s backed with sticky adhesive that easily peels off once it’s time to move out, while the grid on the back helps you line up the pattern perfectly.


The Wine Glass Rack That Installs Under Cabinets

Mount this rack underneath one of your cabinets, and you’ll instantly have space to store up to nine wine glasses. Each order comes with all the mounting hardware included — and since the metal is coated in protectant, there’s very little chance of it rusting.


A Window Shade That You Can Trim To Fit

Need a little extra privacy in some rooms? These window shades are an affordable solution. You can trim them to fit your windows for a customized fit, and the adhesive at the top allows for stress-free installation. Since they’re cordless, they can be easily pulled down or pushed up. Choose from two colors: white or natural.


These Hangers That Are Coated In Soft Velvet Material

Tired of finding your clothes have slipped off your hangers? Switch over to these velvet-coated ones. The velvet fabric makes them nonslip so that spaghetti straps, silky blouses, and more won’t slide off. Plus, each one is so sturdy that it can hold up to 10 pounds.


A Gripper Pad That Helps Rugs Stay In Place

You don’t have to let your rugs sit directly on hardwood floors: Instead, put these gripper pads underneath them. They’ll help keep your rugs from shifting out of place, and you can even trim the material to fit other rugs of different sizes. Plus, they have over 17,000 five-star ratings.


This Stylish Toilet Paper Holder With Space For Spares

You don’t have to get caught on the toilet without any toilet paper nearby: Keep a few spare rolls in the bottom of this holder. The raised feet on the bottom help keep the rolls protected from wet floors. Plus, it’s made from tough steel with a rust-resistant finish.


A Set Of Puck Lights You Can Put Almost Anywhere

Dark stairways and closets are no match for these puck lights. The feature built-in motion sensors so that they’ll only turn on when someone is in the room — and since each one is powered using three AAA batteries (not included), there’s no need for any complicated wiring.


These Lights That Turn Mirrors Into Hollywood Vanities

I’ve used this light kit to upgrade two different mirrors in my home, and the results were nothing short of spectacular both times. The 14 dimmable LED bulbs make it easy to see every detail while doing makeup, and they’re even backed with adhesive so that you can stick them directly to glass.


These Mirrored Trays That Are Lined With Gold-Hued Sides

With mirror bottoms and golden frames, these trays are a cute addition to any vanity. They’re large enough for small items like hair ties, skincare bottles, and more. Plus, one reviewer even wrote that “they seem more like a more like a unique, hand crafted item from a boutique as opposed to a mass produced product.”


A Set Of Magnets That Dress Up Your Garage Door

Garage door looking a little plain? Try sprucing it up with these removable accents. They’re made form tough plastic that’s UV- and weather-resistant. And with strong magnets on the back, installation is as easy as sticking them wherever you like on the door.

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