45 Cheap Ways To Make Spending Time At Home More Enjoyable

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When you’re spending time at home, things can get a little dull and boring, but if you need a refresh, you don’t have to break the bank to get it — try these cheap items on Amazon that make being at home a lot more enjoyable.

You can start by hanging up an LED light curtain that turns your patio or living room into a nighttime fairyland. With hundreds of twinkly lights and eight settings, these glowing white lights add life to any space. Once the scene is set, you can bring a new spark to your next game night with the cult-favorite Exploding Kittens which has earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating after thousands of reviews. Not in the mood for group entertainment? Relax after a long day on the computer with a jigsaw puzzle that features dozens of delicious donuts in the image.

When you slip into bed, finish off your day by setting your wake-up time on a sunrise alarm clock that gradually brightens in the morning, so you’re not jolted out of bed. Then, whip up a quick and delicious breakfast with this egg bite cooker that makes mini omelettes you can eat with your fingers. With its compact footprint, it’s perfect for small kitchens and features a nonstick cooking surface that releases foods easily. These are just a few of the options packed into this list – there are so many more products that make being home way better.


This Lamp That Brings The Moon Indoors

Printed with 3-D technology for a result that looks just like the face of the moon, this lamp is a dreamy replica of that big orb in the sky — and one that you can use as a night light. It charges via USB for convenient cordless use and comes with a remote that lets you dim the brightness and toggle between colors.


The Karaoke Microphone That Makes Any Party

Featuring great sound at a very reasonable price, this karaoke microphone is packed with features that make it a compact, all-in-one party machine. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can sing along to songs, and the built-in LED lights syncs to the beat of your tunes. There are even options to change the sound of your voice for even more variety.


A Veggie Chopper That Makes Food Prep A Breeze

Prepping all your toppings for taco night is a chore, but not so much with this chopper that makes short work of fruits and veggies, thanks to its four interchangeable stainless steel blades. This BPA-free device has a sizable 5-cup collection container, which means you can even whip up some pico de gallo right inside.


The Mini Donut Maker That Will Upgrade Your Whole Life

Turn out the most adorable mini donuts any time of the day with this donut maker that makes the process so easy and fast. The donut maker features a nonstick surface, so removal is effortless, and its one-touch operation means that even kids can use it. It comes with a recipe book, but you can also use simple cake or quick bread batter.


A Cult-Favorite Game That’s Ridiculously Fun

With more than 9 million sold, this game is bound to be a hit with your friends or family at your next get-together. Similar to UNO but with a crazy, fast-paced, kitten-powered edge, it’s quick to learn, suitable for two to five players, and a riot for people of all ages.


This Machine That Churns Ice Cream In Just 30 Minutes

Enjoy homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet with this clever machine that churns out dessert in just 30 minutes. Delightfully affordable and compact enough for even the smallest kitchens, it delivers up to 16 cups of ice cream at the touch of a button — and you can choose the flavor.


The LED Lights That Liven Up Any Room

With more than 32 feet of tiny bulbs in 20 colors, these lights stir up a party atmosphere wherever they’re installed. They feature four modes that can sync to the beat of music, and you can use the remote control to set timers, change color, and adjust the brightness. Customizing the length of the strip is easy, too – just use simple household scissors and trim.


A Bluetooth Speaker That’s Waterproof For The Shower

Waterproof and ultra-durable, this speaker lets you enjoy your favorite songs and podcasts while you’re showering, at the beach, or by the pool. Available in six colors, it features a battery that’s rechargeable via the included micro-USB cord and offers up to 12 hours of play at a time. Plus, a convenient suction cup makes it easy to mount on any smooth surface.


This Rainfall Shower Head That Includes LED Lighting

Enjoy a spa experience in your own home with this rainfall shower head with built-in LED lights in seven shades. The showerhead has an attractive and rust-resistant chrome finish, and it doesn’t require batteries to work – the lights are water-powered and automatically turn on to brighten your bathing.


A Curtain Of Lights That Makes Any Room Magic

Turn any room into an oasis of magic with this light curtain that’s adorned with hundreds of warm white LED lights. Powered via USB connection, it has eight modes to choose from, so you can set them to flash, chase, twinkle, and more. Also available in cool white and multicolor options, they’re the ideal way to make any evening special.


The Sunrise Alarm That Wakes You Up Slowly

Put your body’s circadian rhythms to work for you with this light that lets you wake to a gentle sunrise effect. The LED lights inside the device can also be set to your choice of seven different colors (if you prefer a different shade of sunrise), and the alarm features an FM radio and eight default alarm tones, including everything from birdsong to a simple beep. Its brightness is adjustable to 30 levels, too.


These Molds For Making Your Own Bath Bombs

Take up a fun craft that will also help you relax in the end with these bath bomb molds. The bombs are easy to make with just a few household ingredients like baking soda, olive oil, and your favorite essential oils. The molds are crafted from a sturdy aluminum alloy, so they’ll last for years of crafting sessions.


A Cake Pop Maker For Delicious Treats On Sticks

Cake pops are such a fun treat, but making them at home can be tedious. Enter this cake pop maker that makes nine pops at a time in just minutes. Just pour the batter into the nonstick cooking plates, close the lid, and your pops will bake flawlessly. They’ll make you the star of any get-together, but they’re so simple to make, you can just enjoy them on any old weeknight.


The Portable Ping Pong Set That Works With Any Table

You’re ready for ping pong at any moment with this portable table tennis set. It includes two paddles, two balls, and a net that extends up to 6 feet over any table. Plus, the convenient mesh carrying bag makes it easy to take this whole set with you on the go. Challenge your friends, neighbors, or cat to a game whenever — or wherever — the mood strikes.


A Game That Air Hockey Lovers Will Adore

Reminiscent of an all-time arcade favorite (air hockey), this puck game is sure to be a hit at your next game night. Players attempt to shoot pucks through the goal in the center of the board using the spring-loaded ropes on each side, and the player who clears the board first wins. It’s fast-paced and, according to a reviewer “loads of competitive fun.”


This Mermaid Blanket For Cozy Nights On The Couch

Add some fun and whimsy to your living room with this throw blanket that turns you into a real-life mermaid. Available in three colors, the crocheted blanket is the perfect weight for all-season use. This mermaid tail even likes the water: It cleans easily in the washing machine and you can tumble dry it on low, too.


A Bathtbub Caddy That Keeps Your Essentials Within Reach

Crafted from bamboo, this bathtub tray is perfect for holding everything you need, making your nightly soak a true spa experience. Extendable up to 44 inches, it has compartments for your soap, a candle, and a beverage — and there’s even a special slot for your smartphone or tablet. It’s durable and waterproof, and comes with a bonus soap dish and sponge.


The Cornhole Set That’s Collapsible & Portable

Made in a junior size so that you can easily take it anywhere, this cornhole set includes everything you need to play one of America’s favorite bar games wherever you like. Everything in the set is waterproof, from the boards to the beanbags, and it collapses and packs neatly away.


The Adult Coloring Book For Blowing Off Steam

When you’ve had a rough day with the world, turn to this irreverent adult coloring book for relief. Apply your markers, crayons, or colored pencils to the 50 pages of mandalas and other intricate designs, each of which is paired with funny expletive-laden sayings that are designed to take the edge off of life with their sheer ridiculousness.


A Yoga Deck That Delivers Relaxation One Card At A Time

Reach for this yoga deck throughout the day when you’re feeling tense, and do a quick pose to release muscle tension and breathe through your stress. The deck includes 70 poses and nine pose sequences to open up your body and encourage you to get up from your computer and take a minute for yourself.


This Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Works In 5 Minutes

Make that breakfast sandwich you love right at home with this machine that cooks in just minutes. You can customize the ingredients to your heart’s content — there are cooking plates for eggs, toast, and meat — but you can also use it for grilled sandwiches at other meals besides breakfast. It cleans up easily, too: All of the nonstick plates are removable and dishwasher-safe.


These Affirmation Cards That Will Have You Feeling So Good

Get some positive vibes going, and get a good chuckle while you’re at it, with these cards that deliver affirmations packaged with a little silliness that takes the “self helpy-ness” out of it all. Draw a card in the morning as you start your day to set the tone for all you do, or pick one anytime you need a little lift. They make a great gift for anyone who needs a bit of a pick-me-up too.


This Egg Bite Maker For Finger Food Breakfasts

This egg bite maker gives you the opportunity to cook bite-sized omelets without a lot of muss and fuss, and you can even use it to make mini cheesecakes that will delight your friends. It makes up to four bites at a time, and the food releases effortlessly from the nonstick surfaces and silicone molds.


A Magnifier For Your Smartphone Screen

Make streaming movies and YouTube favorites on your smartphone enjoyable for groups with this magnifier that makes the picture three to four times larger, while also refining the picture. Suitable for use with all smartphones, it doesn’t require a power supply, and comes with a stand that folds up for easy transport on the go.


These Ice Breakers That Kick-Start Great Conversations

Get the conversation flowing with these cards that are packed with terrific ice breakers that will bridge the gaps in even the most diverse groups of people. Questions range from “What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?” to “Is it more important to be book smart or street smart?” and it’s simple to play – there are no rules — just draw a card and see where the conversation takes you.


This Kit For Growing Herbs In Your Window

Grow nine different herbs right on your windowsill with this garden kit that provides everything you need to get started: pots, soil, seeds, markers, and seeds for herbs like basil, thyme, parsley, and cilantro. Get the satisfaction of adding your own herbs to your cooking, and enjoy a nice touch of green in your home.


These Under-Eye Masks That Are So Hydrating

Refresh your tired eyes with these 24-karat gold eye patches formulated with hyaluronic acid, pure collagen, rose essential oil, and seaweed. The mini masks deeply hydrate dry skin, making it look like you got a full night’s sleep (even if you didn’t).


A Spa To Relax Feet At The End Of The Day

Treat your feet to a delightful and bubbly water massage at the end of the day with this foot spa. Also great for at-home pedicures, it features bubbling jets and an integrated pumice stone, so you can exfoliate your heels after soaking. Plus, the splash guards keep any water from ending up on the floor.


The Hair Mask Made With Goat’s Milk

Treat your hair to some deep-conditioning (and have a laugh while you’re at it) with this mask that comes with a cap that’s printed to look like a sheep’s head. And while the cap is definitely quirky, it does seal in all the nutrients offered by the goat’s milk formula, like hydrolyzed collagen, protein, and minerals.


This Kit For Doing Gel Nail Extensions At Home

With 48 nail molds in a variety of sizes and four gel colors for you to play with, this kit has everything you need to do your own gel nail extensions right at home. Easy enough even for a beginner to use, the extensions come out looking totally professional and will last for up to a month.


This Mini Drone That’s Good For Hours Of Fun

This drone is fun to fly even for beginners who have no experience with remote-controlled flight. Small and lightweight, it has four propeller guards to keep it intact in case of collision, and features three different flight speeds and the ability to fly in any direction, regardless of which way the “head” is facing.


A Roll-Up Mat That Saves Your Jigsaw Puzzle Progress

I love jigsaw puzzles, but I can’t always leave a half-finished puzzle spread out all over the table. This mat fixes that issue: It gives you a surface to work on and comes with an inflatable core, so you can roll the puzzle up and save your progress until the next time you’re ready to work on it.


This Donut Puzzle For Sweet Relaxation

Wind down after a long workday with this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that might convince you to make a donut run in the middle of working on it. The finished puzzle is 29 by 19 inches, so go ahead and clear off your coffee table now.


The Shiatsu Massager That’s A Treat For Your Neck & Shoulders

Featuring eight nodes that target knots in your neck, back, and shoulders, this massager is an excellent way to reduce muscle tension. Perfect for athletes or anyone who spends their days hunched over a computer, it features three adjustable speeds and an optional heat mode to promote relaxation, and the convenient arm slings make it easy to keep the massager in place.


This Memory Foam Cushion That Makes Any Seat Comfortable

Made from durable and supportive memory foam, this seat cushion turns even the hardest chair into the best seat in the house. Great for use at your desk or in your car, it’s contoured for optimal support and has a removable cover that’s machine-washable for easy cleaning. Choose from five colors.


A Hammock For Kicking Your Feet Up At Your Desk

This foot hammock will change the way you sit at your desk forever. It gives your feet a comfortable place to rest, making long hours of sitting easier on your back, thighs, and calves. It attaches to your desk with non-scratching clamps, and you can adjust the height to the most comfortable position. Also — it comes with a hook for hanging your headphones.


This Mask That Relieves Headches & Puffiness

Whether you have a pounding migraine or are looking to bring down eye puffiness, this gel mask can help. Suitable for both hot and cold use, it’s filled with gel beads that conform to your face, and the Velcro strap helps you get a snug but comfortable fit.


This K-Beauty Lip Balm That’s So Hydrating

Treat your lips to this overnight mask that’s a K-beauty favorite on Amazon. The rich, buttery formula is made with moisturizing cocoa butter and vitamin E, along with antioxidant-packed Vitamin C to protect and rejuvenate, so you wake up with softer lips in the morning.


This Hot Air Popcorn Popper That Doesn’t Need Oil

Enjoy fresh popcorn — without having to use any oil — with this hot air popcorn popper that makes up to 16 cups in just minutes. Available in white, red, and aqua, this compact machine features simple one-touch operation and comes with a butter melting tray, so you can add extra flavor as it pops.


A Massage Roller That Soothes Tired Feet

Get serious relief with this foot roller that’s covered in raised nubs to promote circulation and reduce soreness. You can control the amount of pressure you apply by using it sitting or standing, and it can also be placed in the freezer for a cooling sensation, or submerged in warm water for a little heat therapy.


These Fluffy Slippers Made With Memory Foam

Made with fluffy faux fur, these slippers feature memory foam footbeds that feel like walking on clouds, along with durable rubber soles, so you can make a trip out to the mailbox with your dog. They’re available in 14 colors and styles, like wine red, leopard print, and tie-dye.

  • Available sizes: women’s 4.5 — 10.5
  • Available colors and styles: 14


A Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser For Spa Vibes Anywhere

With its compact size, this aromatherapy diffuser packs in a lot of functionality without taking up space on your desk or nightstand. It cranks out cool mist for up to five hours at a time, and there are one- and three-hour timers, so you can set it to shut off automatically. Add some energizing or relaxing essential oils, and let the aromatherapy do its work.


The Milk Frother That Lets You Be Your Own Barista

This milk frother turns you into an old pro when it comes to making fancy coffee drinks at home. Available in three colors, the handheld, battery-operated frother can also be used to whip up a protein shake, smoothie, or even a blended cocktail.


This Touchless Soap Dispenser That’s More Hygienic

Instead of picking up everyone else’s germs when you pump the soap dispenser, use this automatic dispenser. The battery-operated unit features an infrared sensor that detects the motion of your hand and then releases a dollop of soap. Even better, it foams up soap, giving you a good lather every time you wash your hands.


A Highly Rated Candle In 29 Scents

Transport yourself with this luxury soy candle that comes in more than two dozen scents, ranging from the brisk and clean fragrance of “Fresh Linen” to the sandalwood and rose-scented notes of “Midnight In Paris.” Made from clean-burning soy wax, these long-burning candles have earned a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 25,000 reviews.