41 Products On Amazon That Make Being At Home Way Better


Spending time at home is already pretty great — you can wear pajamas all day and save money by cooking and entertaining at home — but there are several comfort-enhancing home items on Amazon that will make your house even more inviting. Best of all, they don't have to cost a lot, and most of the items on this list are under $40.

Below, you'll find a range of products that will make your space more comfy, cozy, and organized than ever. Start with practical upgrades like a gel foam mat for the kitchen and an odor-minimizing set of towels. Then graduate to a cozy sherpa throw blanket, artificial plants that look real, or twinkly string lights for a touch of luxury and ambiance. Finally, get a little me time with hydrating face masks or soothing aromatherapy — and if you're doing it while wearing the comfiest pair of faux fur-lined suede slippers and a plush fleece robe? All the better.

Whether you're lounging at home solo or with family and friends, there's sure to be a few picks below that will make you like spending time at home more than ever. After all, these 42 items have already been vetted and loved by other Amazon shoppers.

1. This Soft Shag Rug That Comes In Lots Of Colors & Sizes

Add cozy comfort to your house with this stain-resistant plush shag rug that's sturdy enough to even put in high-traffic zones to add a little softness under your feet. Available in 21 colors, from neutral Cloud Gray (pictured) to bright Taffy Pink, the soft rug comes in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect look for your space.

2. This Cult-Favorite Blanket Hoodie You Might Just Wear Everywhere

Loungewear doesn't get any comfier than this oversized blanket sweatshirt, which is lined with warm, fluffy sherpa. It's as cozy as wrapping yourself in a blanket, but the design keeps your hands free to control the remote and make snacks. No wonder it's won a 4.7-star rating. The one-size-fits-most hoodie with a roomy pocket comes in 14 colors and patterns. As one fan wrote: "I literally wear this all the time. The only times it’s came off is when I’m at work and when I’m showering."

3. A 6-Piece Bamboo & Cotton Towel Set That's Soft, Absorbent, & Odor-Resistant

A soft set of towels can instantly make the bathroom more inviting, and this bamboo-cotton-blend set is a popular pick. Made from bamboo fiber and Turkish cotton, the six-piece towel set is durable and absorbent. And because of the bamboo, it's naturally resistant to mildew and odors. Choose from eight versatile colors like gray (pictured) and moss green.

4. These Faux Fur-Lined Slippers You Can Wear All Day

These comfy and stylish suede moccasin slippers with a faux fur lining have three layers of cushioning topped with high-density memory foam. The moccasins also have durable anti-slip rubber soles so they can be worn outside — which is good, because you'll probably never want to take these cozy slippers off. Choose from five colors including brown, light gray, and black. Available sizes: 6 - 11

5. These Faux Fur Pillow Covers That Are So Chic & Soft

Give your throw pillows a cute and comfy makeover with these soft faux fur throw pillow covers. Made with plush Mongolian faux fur on one side and smooth polyester on the other, these pillow covers come in six chic colors and a variety of sizes.

6. This Super Soft Throw Blanket With 5,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Get cozy under this fan-favorite dual-sided sherpa fleece blanket, with a 4.7-star rating after more than 8,000 reviews. The large throw blanket is great for curling up with in the living room or adding an extra layer of warmth to your bed. Plus, the comfy blanket is easy to care for, comes in more than a dozen colors, and is resistant to fading and stains.

7. A Gorgeous Cotton Rope Basket For Blankets, Laundry, & More

This large cotton rope basket is perfect for storing all kinds of things, from laundry and throw blankets to craft supplies and games. Made from 100% cotton rope, the roomy basket features a versatile color-block design and durable handles that make it easy to move.

8. A Natural Air Purifying Bag That Absorbs Odors For 2 Years

Freshen up your home with this natural bamboo charcoal air purifying bag that absorbs odor and excess moisture without any harsh chemicals or fragrances. Place the bag in any area up to 90 square feet (or hang it using the convenient grommet) and it will eliminate odors for up to two years — just place the bag in the sun once a month to refresh it.

9. This Clever USB Wall Charger & Surge Protector Can Power Up 8 Devices At Once

Forget those space-wasting power strips, turn a standard wall socket into a power hub with this space-saving USB wall charger and surge protector. With two USB ports and six standard outlets, you can charge up to eight devices at once. Plus, the charger has an optional built-in LED night light with adjustable brightness sensor that turns on automatically when it gets dark.

10. A Gel-Infused Mattress Topper That's Supportive & Cooling

Give your bed a comfort upgrade with this gel-infused memory foam mattress topper. The soft and supportive memory foam conforms to your body while temperature-regulating gel beads keep you cool throughout the night. The mattress topper comes in 2- or 3-inch styles for bed sizes from twin to California king.

11. These Fake Plants That Have People Asking If They're Real

Add a cheerful pop of green around the house with this set of cute artificial plants, which come in paper pulp pots and look great on any tabletop or shelf. And since they're fake plants, there's zero effort required after you set them down. "People ask if they are real....that should say enough," wrote one fan.

12. A Cool Mist Humidifier That Works With Essential Oils

This cool mist humidifier brings your room to comfortable levels for better sleep, fewer allergies, and more. The large, easy-to-fill tank provides up to 28 hours of continuous mist and there are three mist settings, a 360-degree mist nozzle, and an optional night light. Plus, this humidifier works with essential oils for an easy aromatherapy session.

13. A Best-Selling Essential Oil Set With 6 Popular Scents

This essential oil set has six of the most popular scents for a quick boost of mood: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, sweet orange, and lemongrass. Use the 100% pure essential oils with your favorite diffuser for at-home aromatherapy sessions or add them to a carrier oil for on the go.

14. A Neck & Shoulder Massager That "Feels Absolutely Incredible"

Get relief from sore muscles in your neck, back, and other tense areas with this powerful shiatsu neck and shoulder massager. Made from breathable mesh and PU leather, the massager has eight kneaders, three adjustable intensities, an optional heat therapy mode, and a 15-minute timer so you get just the right amount of massage. Most importantly, it has customers raving. "Very easy to use and feels absolutely incredible. I often have shoulder blade and neck tightness, I definitely think this will help and am excited to have it at home for easy use!" one wrote.

15. This Fridge Deodorizer Works For 6 Months

Get rid of unwanted odors and keep produce fresh for longer with this long-lasting refrigerator deodorizer. The compact, leak-proof deodorizer can be placed anywhere in the fridge or freezer to quickly remove smells for up to six months, and it's nontoxic and fragrance-free.

16. An Affordable Dutch Oven For Delicious One-Pot Meals

An enameled dutch oven is a genius way to bake, roast, braise, and boil with less mess, and this one costs so much less than some other quality ones on the market. The roomy pot is made of heavy-duty, oven-safe cast iron and comes in blue, green, red, or white. There are even several sizes to choose from.

17. A Lightweight Mixing Bowl Set For Easy Meal Prep & Storage

Featuring five stainless steel bowls of various sizes, this mixing bowl set has you (and your leftovers) covered in the kitchen. The durable, lightweight mixing bowls have flat bottoms for better stability while you're prepping food. Plus, they're freezer- and dishwasher-safe and nest neatly within each other for easy storage.

18. A Compact Waffle Maker That Also Makes Great Paninis

This adorable and affordable Dash Mini Maker makes perfect single-serving portions of waffles, paninis, and more so you can eat great without much wait. The compact, lightweight waffle maker is perfect for small spaces, and the nonstick surface heats up quickly and cooks evenly. The standard Mini Dash comes in nine bright colors, and there are also versions that make heart- or pumpkin-shaped waffles for extra cuteness.

19. This Gel Foam Anti-Fatigue Makes It Easier To Stand In The Kitchen Or Office

To relieve the foot, knee, and back pain that comes from standing in the kitchen or office, over 3,000 Amazon shoppers are fans of this anti-fatigue floor mat. The cushioned foam mat is soft and supportive, and the nonslip bottom keeps it in place while you work. Choose from nine colors and patterns and three sizes.

20. A Handheld Milk Frother That Makes Foamy Cappuccinos & More

To make café-quality coffee at home, pick up this handheld milk frother. The lightweight, BPA-free frother has a stainless steel whisk that makes delicately foamy cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and more. The battery-operated gadget comes with two AA batteries so you can use it right out of the box.

21. An Electric Wine Opener That Removes Corks In 7 Seconds

You can open wine with a traditional corkscrew, or you can let this electric wine opener do all the work for you. The easy-to-use, rechargeable wine opener comes with a handy foil cutter and removes corks in just seven seconds. Plus, it can open up to 80 wine bottles on a single charge.

22. This Wine Saver Keeps Bottles Fresh For Up To 1 Week

Keep your bottle of wine fresh for longer thanks to this Vacu Vin wine saver, which comes with two reusable vacuum bottle stoppers. Just insert a stopper into an open bottle of white or red, use the wine saver to create an airtight seal, and savor your wine all week long.

23. A Rainfall & Handheld Shower Head Set To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Make your shower feel more like a spa with this rainfall shower head and handheld shower combo with seven luxurious water settings like Pulsating Massage and Power Rain. It's easy to install, too, and connects to any standard overhead shower arm with no tools required.

24. A Super Absorbent Towel That Dries Your Hair In A Flash

With this super absorbent microfiber towel, your hair dries in half the time making it a perfect addition to a busy morning or an at-home spa day. Made from crepe fabric with a stretchy seam, the lightweight towel absorbs moisture from all hair types without getting weighed down, and it can even help prevent frizz.

25. This Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser That Makes Hand-Washing Fun

To avoid spreading germs or messes when washing your hands, opt for this touchless foaming soap dispenser with high foam or low foam modes. The sleek, battery-operated dispenser has a sensor that gives you the perfect amount of your favorite foaming soap (or diluted non-foaming soap) whenever you place your hand under the nozzle.

26. A Set Of Banana Leaf Baskets To Declutter Every Room Of The House

Cut through the clutter with this set of three banana leaf baskets, a stylish storage solution for less than $20. With a small, medium, and large basket, there's plenty of room. Plus, the sturdy baskets can be nested inside one another for easy storage when not in use.

27. The Super Soft Memory Foam Bath Mat That's So Affordable

Made from soft memory foam and covered in velvety microfiber, this cozy bath mat makes stepping out of the shower feel so luxurious. Available in 13 colors like neutral gray and eye-catching lavender, the thick mat is lined with anti-slip PVC dots that hold it in place. And at only $10, this popular bath mat is a steal.

28. A Hydrating Watermelon Face Mask Which Smells Like Jolly Ranchers

This watermelon gel face mask is packed with hydration and nourishing ingredients like vitamins A, C, and B6 to moisturize, tone, and balance your skin. The cooling mask is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Perhaps the best part? Many reviewers noted that this watermelon face mask smells just like candy.

29. A Set Of Silicone Face Brushes To Make Applying Masks So Much Easier (& More Hygienic)

These silicone face mask brushes are perfect for mixing and applying masks, serums, and other skin-care products. Sold in a set of two, the brushes make spa days way less messy and applications oh-so even. The silicone brushes are easy to clean, and unlike standard brushes, you don't have to worry about product getting stuck in the bristles.

30. A Compact Fridge That's Both A Cooler & Warmer

To keep skin-care products, medications, or beverages and snacks cool, this AstroAI mini fridge is a great option. The compact fridge has a removable shelf and cools up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient temperature. When turned off, the portable fridge keeps hot items warm for several hours. Choose from pink, blue, white, or black.

31. A Smooth Silk Pillowcase That's Gentle On Hair & Skin

Avoid bed head and sleep lines with this smooth 100% mulberry silk pillowcase. The breathable, hypoallergenic pillowcase is naturally cool to the touch and comes with a hidden zipper. But the best part are the results. "I looked refreshed without even getting a good nights sleep that night! My hair is very very long but fine and it was so soft, not broken [...] as when I used cotton pillowcases," one customer raved. Choose from lots of luxurious colors and patterns, as well as multiple pillow sizes.

32. A Long-Lasting Soy Candle That Comes In Lots Of Essential Oil-Based Scents

Made with high-quality soy wax for a cleaner burn, this scented candle provides hours of soothing candlelit vibes and scents. Infused with essential oil-based fragrances, the chic candle comes in more than 20 scents including Fresh Linen, Pineapple Evergreen, Jasmine & Lily, and more.

33. These Cooling Collagen Eye Masks To Relieve Puffy, Dry Skin

Relieve puffiness, dark circles, and dry skin under your eyes with these hydrating collagen eye masks. Made with plant-based collagen, rose oil, and hyaluronic acid, the cooling eye masks leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. These vegan, cruelty-free eyes masks are great for all skin types and have a stellar 4.8 overall rating on Amazon.

34. A Toothpaste Dispenser That Squeezes The Tube For You

If your household argues over the right way to squeeze toothpaste, this automatic toothpaste dispenser is a must-have. The handy dispenser adheres to the wall or other surfaces for super easy installation, and it automatically dispenses toothpaste when you place your toothbrush under the sensor — no more struggling to get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube, and no more toothpaste mess around the sink.

35. These Fan-Favorite LED String Lights With Over 8,000 Reviews

These curtain string lights make any room feel magical. Featuring 300 warm white LED lights with eight light mode settings, the string lights look lovely on their own or paired with a sheer curtain. And since the lights are waterproof, they're safe to use outdoors, too.

36. A Fogless Shower Mirror That Stays Clear In Steamy Bathrooms

This best-selling fogless shower mirror stays clear in steamy bathrooms thanks to a reliable anti-fog coating. It sticks to any shower surface with a powerful suction cup and features 360 degree swivel angling. There's even a convenient hook for razors or brushes.

37. These Foldable Storage Bins Made With Waterproof Fabric

Get rid of clutter with these durable fabric storage bins with sturdy handles. Sold in a set of three, the roomy baskets are made from a waterproof linen-cotton blend that's easy to keep clean. Plus, the baskets fold up for convenient storage when not in use. Choose from 10 colors and prints from versatile gray to a vibrant wave pattern.

38. A Fleece Bathrobe With Pockets That's So Warm & Cozy

A plush robe is the ultimate self-care wardrobe, and this ankle-length fleece bathrobe is a popular choice. The soft belted robe has a wide shawl collar, two large pockets, and comes in a range of colors with hooded and knee-length versions also available. Available sizes: S - XL

39. A Cooling Massage Roller That Works So Much Better Than Ice Packs

Relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation on your neck, knees, and other sore areas with this handy cold massage roller. Keep it in the freezer and use it before and after workouts or anytime you need cooling massage therapy. "Forget the ice cups and bag of peas. This device is amazing and stays cold for 5-6 hours," one reviewer wrote.

40. These LED Night Lights Turn On When They Detect Motion

Add extra light around the house just when you need it with these clever plug-in motion sensor lights. The two-pack of energy-efficient LED night lights plug into any outlet and have three light modes: always on at night, auto mode to turn on when motion is detected, or completely off. There's also a slide to adjust the brightness. Dark closets and late night snack runs just got a whole lot better.

41. A Large Electric Heating Pad That Feel Likes A "Soft, Warm, Comforting Hug"

Cozy up in this large electric heating pad that also helps with sore muscles and cramps. Covered in soft microplush fabric, the heating pad treats you with low, medium, or high heat settings and automatically turns off after two hours. "It is sooo soft and warm. It heats quickly and the large size makes it so I can heat my entire back or tummy area. I truly wish I had had one of these years ago. It's like a soft, warm, comforting hug!" a customer raved. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.