39 Hilarious Christmas Puns For Your Instagram Captions

Jingle. Ladies.

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If you are an avid Instagram user, then you already know that simply posting a good photo isn't enough nowadays — you also have to have a great caption to go with it. When choosing the perfect words to describe your photo, you could go for something inspiring, heartfelt, or funny. Your best bet, though, is probably a pun, especially around the holidays. Sure, some puns might veer on the "dad joke" side, but they're still cute, funny, playful, and clever — all the things you want as part of your social media presence! If you're looking for Christmas Instagram caption ideas, a pun might be just the thing.

The key to a good pun is to keep it short, keep it simple, and keep saying it over and over until someone, anyone laughs at it. Whether you're posting a #foodgram of your dinner, a picture of your pod's small celebration, or just bragging about your decorating skills, there's a pun to go with your photo. Pick one (or more!) from below, and get into the Christmas spirit online.

1. The tree's not the only thing getting lit this year!

Perfect under a photo of you holding a Christmas drink.

2. I'm so egg-cited for the holidays!

Use this for a picture of your Christmas breakfast, or a photo of you with some eggnog.

3. It's the most wine-derful time of the year

Because wine was basically made for Christmas... right?

4. Feliz Navi-dog!

This caption and pun gives you the perfect opportunity to put your dog in a Christmas outfit and show them off to Instagram.

5. Sleigh-ing the Christmas outfit game.

You really can't caption your holiday #OOTD photo with anything else.

6. Ready to make this a not-so-silent night.

The best caption for a photo of you and your roomies. Or, if you feel like getting a little cheeky, for you and your bae.

7. Let's get elfed up!

Hey, it's Christmas — use this while you can.

8. Mince pies before guys.

Feeling totally over the questions about your relationship status from relatives? Post a photo of you and your bestie with this caption. Preferably holding mince pies.

9. Resting Grinch face.

This is for you if you are not a fan of the holidays.

10. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas... but if the white runs out, I’ll drink the red.

Who can't relate?

11. All the jingle ladies!

Celebrate your besties with an Instagram shoutout and this caption.

12. Let’s put the "Rum" in Pa-Rum Pum Pum Pum

Sounds pretty delicious to me!

13. Green eggnog and ham

This gives you an excuse to post a photo of your Christmas morning brunch.

14. What do you get when Santa goes down a chimney with a lit fire? “Crisp” Cringle!

Dad joke alert! But definitely a cute dad joke.

15. Merry elfin' Christmas

When in doubt, go with a classic.

16. I’ll be ho-ho-home for Christmas.

A not-so-subtle nod to the fact that we'll all likely be celebrating from our couch this year.

17. Frosty was pretty cool.

This is even better if there's snow outside!

18. I love when candy canes are in mint condition.


19. Fleece Navidad.

Post a photo of you in your favorite Christmas sweater with this cute caption.

20. But first — let me take an elfie.

Again — you can't go wrong with a classic.


21. Meowy Christmas!

From you and your cat to Instagram.

22. Have your elf a merry little Christmas.

When you post the perfect holiday group pic.

23. Jingle bell guac is extra

For your overhead shot of the apps — with the guacamole front and center.

24. Feelin' fab-yule-ous

When you're feeling your outfit.

25. Nauti or nice?

For those of your who get to spend the holiday on a beach.

26. Sleigh all day!

Think: Rosé all day, but make it Santa.

27. Snow me what you got.

For a white Christmas, of course.

28. Making it reign!

Perfect for a pic with all the presents under the tree.

29. Merry Christmas, Grinches!

To post with a selfie or a throwback of you and your best friends.

30. That's a wrap!

For when you want to brag about finishing the tedious job of wrapping all your gifts.

31. You rock my stockings.

Pose by all the stockings with a loved one who really does rock your socks.

32. Love at frost sight.

When trying to get that cute pic with your boo out in the snow.

33. But wait, there's myrrh.

To add something myrrh to your Christmas manger picture.

34. Yule be sorry.

For pictures that expose the culprit who ate all the holiday cookies.

35. Up to snow good.

When you want to playfully capture snooping in the Christmas gifts.

36. I'm Claus-trophobic.

Take a pic with all your loved ones for this punny caption.

37. I always have the final sleigh.

For your victory pose after you win a festive game.

38. Snow laughing matter.

The perfect caption for after an intense snowball fight.

39. Have a tree-mendous Christmas.

And a happy New Year!

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