71 Clever Gifts On Amazon That Women Actually Want

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The longer you know someone, the more humble and secretive they seem to be about the things they actually want. My mom or best friend would likely never admit they have their eye on something, and it's definitely not helpful for shopping purposes. That's where the best gifts for women on Amazon come in. We all know I'm going to get them something whether they like it or not — it might as well be something they'll actually enjoy.

When it comes to gifts that women actually want, the clever and practical stuff is where it's at. Yes, I'm sure your aunt or sister would appreciate another cat-themed paperweight, but do they really need it? How often does a destructive gust of wind blow through their houses, truthfully? As people progress through their lives, move out of old homes, and read books about minimalism, they tend to gravitate towards things that they'll really use on a daily basis.

Please note: Functional doesn't mean it can't be sickeningly adorable. It just means it also needs to serve a more practical purpose. (Example: wine markers shaped like sloths that hang off your glasses. They prevent the spread of germs, and they look damn cute while doing it.) So whether you're shopping for mother's day, a birthday, a housewarming party, or a holiday, these gifts are so clever, you might just have to buy a second one for yourself.


Make single-serve waffles in under three minutes with the mini waffle iron. The non-stick surface browns your breakfast (or snack) without creating a mess, and it's great for sandwiches and hash browns, too. Not only is it compact and easy to use, but it comes in six different colors and reviewers say it's the "best impulsive buy" they've ever made.


Avid readers and candle lovers tend to go hand in hand. This Book Lover's candle smells like the crisp pages, fresh ink, and ambered glue of a new book. It's made from Californian soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick for an eco-friendly burn, and makes the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life.


The next time you wake up looking tired, this roller might be able to help. Simply roll it across your face with a little force — the light pressure can help ease inflammation, as well as stimulate blood flow in your complexion. Plus, it’s made from real rose quartz rather than plastic.


Tired of the same cup of coffee every morning? Use this electric whisk to whip up some milk into a delicious froth. The motor runs at an ultra-silent level so that you won’t disturb others if you’re at the office, and the whisk attachment is even made from tough stainless steel that’s resistant to rust.


Mascara is normally packed with irritating ingredients, yet it's applied pretty much right up against the eye. Honest Beauty mascara is made without parabens, formaldehyde, or artificial dyes, and instead use natural ingredients like beeswax, cinnamon bark, and lavender. Rather than clumps and flakes, you get gorgeously long, dramatic lashes in jet black, so it's a great gift for the person with sensitive skin or eyes.


Everyone knows someone who needs this. This sturdy bed tray table is a must-have if you like to eat breakfast in bed, or even if you enjoy working from home while snuggled under the sheets. It’s made from 100% bamboo — and the legs fold down so that you can slide it underneath your bed once you’re done using it.


Journaling is a great hobby to get into if you want to cultivate creativity, mindfulness, or self-awareness. The Corso Mindful notebook takes it all a step further with a daily inspirational quote, gratitude section, and wide open space for your doodles, notes, to-do lists, or entries. It has a thick, durable cover with a built-in bookmark, and the company donates a portion of every sale to a mindfulness website.


Where has this been all my life? The The Flick Stick eyeliner is double-sided for the quickest, easiest cat eye you've ever done. One end is a felt liner pen, while the other is a stamp that creates the perfect wing every time. It's also made from a wax formula that's waterproof, smudge-proof, and dries really fast.


Perfect for the pool, beach, or even your bathroom, this waterproof bluetooth speaker has an IPX7 rating (which mean you can submerge it in water for up to 30 minutes), it floats, and it's a steal for less $30. If that all sounds too good to be true, don't worry, it comes thousands of Amazon users have given it glowing reviews.


This popular cleansing balm effortlessly removes makeup and renews skin with antioxidants in one simple step. The silky smooth balm transforms into an oil texture in the warmth of your palm and emulsifies with water to dissolve makeup and sunscreen for a truly clean face. Reviewers commented it's gentle on sensitive skin yet powerful enough to easily remove waterproof mascara.


Whether you prefer a chilled glass of white or a crisp red, these wine glasses are an absolute steal for less than $25. Each one has a laser-cut rim that feels smooth — not scratchy — against your lips. They’re also made from lead-free crystal glass, as well as large enough to hold more than half of a bottle of wine.


Instead of using wasteful cotton swabs or balls, why not make the change to these reusable pads and save yourself some money? They’re suitable for all types of skin, as they’re made from soft bamboo cotton. Plus, each order includes a drawstring bag to keep them packaged together in the wash.


For that person who really loves safety — or for the person who typically forgets about it — there are these rechargeableLED candles. They illuminate and flicker just like real candles, but because they're battery-operated, there's no risk involved. Best of all, because they come with their own remote, so you can turn them on and off without getting up from the couch.


If your makeup brushes are caked in foundation and pigment, you might want to consider giving them a good wash with this brush cleaner. It’s designed to work with brushes of nearly any shape or size, and it only takes a few short minutes to get your brushes looking like almost new. Choose from two colors: pink or black.


You no longer have to choose between a curling wand and a flat iron — this hair straightener and curler does both. Wrap your hair around the curved outside to create waves or open the wand to straighten strands with the flat iron plates. This 2-in-1 ceramic heating tool saves space and creates frizz-free and smooth hair with negative ions and plates infused with argan oil and titanium.


You can get an essential oil diffuser pretty much anywhere these days, but few make a statement quite like this one from Jack & Rose. Rose gold and marble accents on this round teal diffuser with legs make it look like a fancy candle, and its output can fill a large room up to up to 480 square feet. Three timer settings are convenient for setting and forgetting it, and this pick doubles as a humidifier.


Using its rechargeable battery and automatic corkscrew, the Secura wine opener removes the cork in seconds. It also comes with a charging base and foil cutter, and since it has a built-in LED light, transparent shell, and stainless steel housing, it's the type of kitchen gadget they'll actually want to display.


Not only does the Hi-Tech Wireless device stand hold everything from your phone to your e-reader, but it folds up into a tiny square for effortless portability. It easily adjusts for countless viewing angles, has anti-skid and rubber padding for stability and safety, and has a hollow alloy steel build that's both durable and lightweight.


Like a highlighter you might apply high on your cheekbone, this gold glitter body cream has micro sparkles that reflect the light exactly where you want it to. This light moisturizer with a subtle apple scent absorbs quickly and is recommended as a highlighter on your collarbone, shoulders, arms, and legs. The shimmer is gold but wearable enough for every day.


It can be used as a body or facial cleanser, it's guided by nature and sustainably hand-crafted, and it seriously clears up skin without drying it out. That's because the activated charcoal soap is made with cleansing tea tree oil, which is known for its exfoliating and balancing properties. It’s also suitable for all types of skin, as well as fortified with hydrating coconut oil.


With space for crackers, cheese, fruits, and more, this cheese board is a fun way to spend date night at home. The hidden drawer pulls out to reveal four stainless steel serving knives, and the board itself is even made from sleek bamboo. “Board is very pretty and big enough to hold a variety of cheeses and meat,” wrote one reviewer. “I love that there is a place for the crackers on the side.”


Packed with a blend of super herbs, broad-spectrum antioxidants, and pearl extract, Moon Juice supports beauty from within. It's an herbal supplement that tastes sweet in smoothies, coffee, or milk, and it helps the body preserve collagen proteins, increase skin elasticity, and cope with stress. Reviewers say their face is glowing, their hair is hydrated, and their body feels nourished.


This is so much more than your average bottle. If you know someone who's trying to drink more water, this smart water bottle is an amazing gift. Not only does it work as a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker you can take anywhere, but it glows to remind you to keep hydrating throughout the day. It's also dishwasher-safe once the bottom speaker attachment is removed and fits in standard cup holders.


This toiletry bag has room for all your essentials, as multiple pockets on the inside give you room to store makeup, skincare, soaps, and more.. The water-resistant exterior protects against messes and spills, and the zipper closure is super convenient while traveling.


With 135 thought-provoking questions, this edition of TABLETOPICS inspires the best kinds of conversations. It's great for dinner parties, work gatherings, first dates, or long-term relationships, and it's suitable for anyone over 12 years old. It was even featured in Oprah's Favorite Things, and reviewers say it's "insightful and great fun."


For the avid traveler, camper, or fan of preparedness, try out this To-Go Ware utensil set. It comes with a knife, fork, spoon, and chopsticks, all made from lightweight and durable bamboo. The holder is crafted from recycled plastic bottles and includes a handy carabiner clip for effortless portability.


If you're tired of replacing cheap chargers or trying to find the right one for your device, try this one-size-fits-all charging cable for devices with micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors. It'll charge both iPhones and Android devices. Plus, the 3-foot-long cable is reinforced for durability to keep the internal wiring from breaking.


Great for itchy skin, sunburns, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and cuts, Aloe Infusion moisturizer has reviewers raving: "My skin has never felt softer, smoother or looked healthier." With ingredients like aloe, shea butter, grape seed oil, and Kukui nut oil, it's packed with all the protection you need and none of the nasty additives you don't. It also absorbs fast, works for the face or body, and has no scent.


For oily, combination, or sensitive skin, this vitamin E oil can help brighten skin, fade away blemishes, and more. It’s also infused with avocado oil to help hydrate dry skin — and one reviewer even wrote that “a little goes a long way, so even if the bottle is small, it's going to last me a while.”


If the person you're shopping for has trouble getting to sleep, they might love this Calm Pacifica Body and Pillow Mist. Genuine lavender and rose essential oils come together to relax the body, lessen stress, and soothe the mind for a great night's sleep. Most importantly, it's made without all the harmful additives and buyers say it really does work.


According to reviewers, this OXO Good Grips dripper makes "one of the best cups of coffee you've ever tasted." Simply position it on top of your favorite mug, add ground coffee, and pour in boiling water. The different hole sizes automatically regulate water distribution for ideal brew time, while the measurement markings help you with serving size. The result is consistently smooth coffee with a balanced taste.


An amazing gift for your fantasy fan friend, these unicorn makeup brushes have bold, intricately designed handles and soft but durable bristles. The nylon wool is easy to clean and effortlessly blends anything from highlighter to shadow, and reviewers say the quality is fantastic.


Made from USA-based soy and poured into chic concrete holders, the Paddywax Urban Collection combines modern designs with non-toxic ingredients. Scents like driftwood and indigo, fig and olive, and amber and smoke are all created with natural fragrances, and they burn cooler for a longer-lasting candle that reviewers say is definitely "worth the splurge."


This party game involves lies and deceit, but reviewers say that since bringing it around their friends, "No one wants to play any other game." Werewolf comes with a deck of cards that outline your role (like a villager, seer, doctor, moderator, witch, and of course, werewolf). While everyone's eyes are closed, the werewolf chooses someone and come "morning," everyone else needs to carry out their roles and try to guess who the traitor is before it's too late.


This waterproof pouch comfortably holds and protects anything as big as the iPhone Pro 11 Max. It has a slot for money and cards, as well as a hole in the back for your earphone wire. "Keeps my phone isolated from other things in my bag," one reviewer says, so you don't have to worry about bangs and scratches.


For anyone who's a fan of mermaids, try a brilliant Fu Store blanket. It's hand-crafted from eco-friendly and hypoallergenic material, and even though the back and bottom are open, it turns your entire lower half into a mystical tail. It's available in six colors, and reviewers say the patterning is gorgeous.


Whether you drink coffee or tea, a mug warmer is a small but essential luxury that keeps your drink at a consistent temperature so your last sip is as delicious as your first. With three temperature settings, this warmer with a waterproof panel defaults to your preferred setting. The plate's gravity sensor warms only when it feels the weight of a mug on the base and completely shuts off after four hours for safety.


The L. Erickson hair ties are made from Italian Lycra and feature zero metal clasps. As a result, they won't tangle, tug, or leave indentations the way other bands do. Reviewers seriously love them because they're "soft, colorful, washable, and comfortable," so they're a great gift for the yogi, hiker, or runner.


Anyone rocking curls knows it's not easy to find a clarifying shampoo that doesn't strip your curls of moisture. Twist clarifying shampoo removes product build-up and excess oil without stripping curly hair of its natural oils. This pH-balancing formula is gentle enough to use on color-treated or chemical-treated hair. Over time, regular use of this shampoo in your routine restores bounce and elasticity to curls.


These unique sheet masks contain real milk protein extract. As a result, they gently exfoliate dead skin and deeply hydrate for a softer, clearer complexion. This set comes with seven different "cartons" in different scents and types, like green tea, coffee, and banana.


Made for especially dry or brittle hair, the this argan hair mask uses nutrient-dense oil to restore essential fatty acids and vitamins. Reviewers can't stop raving about how "nourished and bouncy" their previously-damaged strands are. Despite all the moisture, people say it's extremely light and won't weigh hair down.


If a Dyson hair dryer has been on your wish list but that kind of investment isn't in the cards any time soon, this ionic hair dryer has a similar design at a fraction of the price. Reviewers report it doesn't just look like the Dyson but also cuts down on drying time with smoother results. Negative ions released from the dryer zap away frizz and lock in moisture. It comes with three styling attachments, including a diffuser.


According to reviewers, these leggings are comfortable, and the high rise doesn't roll down at the waist. Not only do they come in multiple colors, but the peachskin fabric is also incredibly soft, making them perfect for lounging.


Even though it's slim and lightweight, the Tomtoc electronics organizer has various pockets for all your wires, power banks, external drives, and other devices. It's well-padded for extra protection, and also works well for makeup, camera accessories, or toiletries.


When it comes to must-have yoga props, the UpCircleSeven wheel is getting tons of recognition on Amazon. It has hundreds of reviews and high ratings because it offers extra support during your poses. Its thick padding comforts your limbs and cushions your back bends, but it can handle more than 500 pounds without flexing. It's even available in five different colors.


Free from parabens, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances, Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid instead uses white willow bark water and Betaine Salicylate to reduce blackheads, balance sebum, and hydrate skin. Reviewers say pores look much smaller and a little goes a very long way.


Made of carbon steel and perforated for even heat distribution and air circulation, this Fox Run pan makes the crust on pizza crispy and delicious. It's non-stick for easy clean-up, and even though it's made for cooking and reheating pies, reviewers also say it's great for fries, chicken fingers, and fish sticks.


Silicone and bamboo are arguably the most popular materials right now, and these Umite Creations baking tools have both. The ergonomic handles are comfortable, lightweight, and fight bacteria, while the heads are non-stick, non-toxic, and easy to clean. It comes with two spatulas, a scraper, a basting brush, and a whisk, and reviewers love that they won't scratch their cookware.


For the friend who likes to play bartender — especially with margaritas — you can give them this Greenco rimmer. It has three different tiers for salt, sugar, and lime juice, all of which are made from heavy-duty ABS plastic. The parts shift together for easy storage, and everything is labeled to keep things neat and organized behind the bar.


The difference between a good potato masher and a bad one is how much effort you have to exert; you'll feel it. This OXO potato masher does more of the work with a rubber handle that absorbs pressure so there's less tension on your hands, and it's non-slip with an ergonomic grip. This masher is also heat resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can mash potatoes when they're still hot, and it's dishwasher-safe and safe to use on nonstick cookware.


Forget brown guacamole after one day. The Casabella Guac-Lock presses all the air out of the container so your dip is still fresh and green when kept overnight. It's made from shatterproof, odor-proof, stain–resistant BPA-free plastic, and can also be used as a convenient server.


Whether it's used for electronics, wires, makeup brushes, or tools, the Cocoon Grid-It keeps everything organized and travel-friendly. It's made from rubberized woven bands that stretch to accommodate your things, and since it's thin enough to fit in suitcases, drawers, and backpacks, it's a great gift for those who need to have everything in its place.


With eight large mesh pockets on one side and seven on the other, the Misslo organizer holds a ton of stuff in a small amount of space. It hangs over the closet rod and works especially well for all that stuff that can't really be hung up otherwise — like bras, slippers, stockings, scarves, and bags.


Most zit stickers target blemishes on the surface level, but this zit patch goes deeper to treat pimples underneath the surface. Each of the kit's eight clear patches tackles zits with 24 (painless) microneedles that deliver a mix including hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and niacinamide to stop the zit's progression quickly. Dozens of reviewers report a noticeable change overnight, and one reviewer who has dealt with cystic acne for 30 years commented she's "definitely a huge fan."


Tone, moisturize, refresh, and balance with this e.l.f. hydrating mist. It utilizes a blend of Coconut, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E to nourish skin regardless of type. Reviewers love the easy-to-use spray bottle, and say it's great for use as a dry-skin primer, setting mist, or daily moisturizer.


From the creator of the immensely popular blog by the same name, Salad for President offers a visually-rich collection of recipes that seriously spice up your salads. It has a 4.9-star rating due to its unique dishes, and reviewers say: "This is not just a cookbook — it's a window into an artist's life, how she thinks, cooks, interacts with other artists, and beautifully photographs the process.


Add 13 new pockets (and some structure) to any massive purse with this genius organizer. It's available in three sizes and over a dozen colors, and holds phones, wires, toiletries, and cash in convenient places where you can always find them. Goodbye, dark abyss of a bag. Hello, finding your keys in mere seconds.


They may look a little strange, but they have over a thousand reviewers raving about how effective they are. YogaToes use medical-grade gel to stretch toes, align feet, reduce pain, and fight things like bunions or plantar fasciitis. "I stand on my feet all. day. long," one reviewer says. "I tried YogaToes one time and I will use them for the rest of my days."


"I can't decide if I'm grossed out or amused but this product is worth more than any pedicure you can receive if you're wanting to rid of dead skin," one reviewer raves about these foot peels. Simply let your feet soak for about an hour, then watch as that outer layer of flaking skin peels away over the next two weeks, leaving you with ultra-soft feet.


Silk is great for hair and skin because it distributes the natural oils while you sleep without adding frizz or causing breakouts — and it's especially cooling for hot sleepers. These YANIBEST pillowcases are made from 100 percent real Mulberry silk: They're double-sided, available in a few colors and sizes, and have a hidden zipper closure to prevent slipping.


Not only is this travel mug leakproof, but it also comes with a stainless steel mesh filter so that you can brew your own cup of fresh Joe while you’re on the go. It’s also insulated to help keep your coffee warm for hours longer than it would be in a mug — and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “easy to use.”


While Kombucha is an incredibly delicious way to get probiotics into your diet, one bottle is usually several dollars at the health food store. Now you can make your own with this starter kit. It comes with whole leaf tea leaves, water, kombucha culture, and organic fair trade evaporated sugar cane, as well as a lifetime of real support and access to their private online community.


Reviewers say that these Naturally Sensible produce bags are a "great alternative to plastic" and "make shopping in the produce aisle quicker and easier." They're made from a durable and washable nylon mesh, and since they're foldable and color-coded, they're extremely convenient to travel with. They even have a clasp on the closure to keep fruits and veggies secure.


Pillowcases are sometimes the culprit harboring acne-causing bacteria, but this anti-acne pillow spray can refresh your linens with antibacterial ingredients, like tea tree oil and peppermint oil, to reduce breakouts. One bottle offers up to 1,000 sprays, and the addition of lavender oil gives your pillow a soothing scent at bedtime. One reviewer commented it "provides a freshness between bed sheet washing that my skin greatly appreciates."


Always misplacing your wallet when you’re out with friends? Start keeping your essentials inside of this crossbody bag, and it’ll be way harder to put down and misplace than a clutch or purse. The shoulder strap is adjustable to your liking — and it’s even large enough to hold an iPhone 11.


Never have a half-eaten bag of chips or candy go stale again with this mini bag sealer that keeps your treats fresh. This small and portable appliance seals a bag airtight in just three to five seconds, and it's small enough to easily tuck away when not in use. Plus, it comes in five colors.


Rough cotton towels can create unwanted frizz and breakage, but these hair towel wraps are made with extremely soft microfiber to dry hair without damage. The fabric absorbs more than 10 times its weight in water, significantly cutting drying time. These wildly popular hair towels come in more than a dozen colors and are designed with a loop and twist system, so the lightweight design stays put while you're going about your routine.


Created with advanced 3-D printing technology, the Gahaya moon lamp brings a mystical feel to any room. It's way bigger than other brands and uses an energy-efficient LED bulb that recharges via USB. Not only can you switch between warm and cool light, but it comes with a classy wooden stand or can be carried around wirelessly.


"I see why it's called O Wow," one reviewer comments, and hundreds of others agree. This makeup brush uses silky smooth bristles to deliver flawless coverage whether you're using liquid foundation, powder, concealer, bronzer, or blush. It also has an angular shape, flexible neck, and comfortable handle for effortless application. "By far the best makeup brush I have ever owned," another buyer raves.


Add a dollop of your favorite shampoo to this brush, then gently rub the soft silicone bristles into your scalp for an indulgent shower massage. Not only is it great for cleansing hair, but it can also help stimulate blood flow in your scalp. Plus, each order comes with two different heads: one for cleansing, and one for massaging — though they both feel great according to reviewers.


The Dream Beauty Box kit cleans brushes, wet or dry, to prevent unwanted color transferring and the spread of germs. The cleansing pad has four different textures to remove residue from all sized brushes, while the dry sponge instantly removes color without water, so you can switch it up mid-application.

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