75 Clever Gifts Under $30 On Amazon For People Who Are A Pain To Shop For

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There’s no harder person to shop for than the person who already has everything and wants nothing. They already have every new tech gadget and viral TikTok product, making this already-stressful holiday season even more difficult when it comes time to find a gift for them.

Or, there’s the person that is so picky it feels impossible to find a gift that they’re going to like. While we love someone with specific and unique tastes, we don’t always love the process of finding the perfect gift for them.

Luckily, we’re here to save you from the impending stress that comes with finding a gift for the most finicky people on your list, all while keeping budget in mind — there’s no need to shell out the big bucks when Amazon has so many amazing products under 30 dollars.

We found tons of gift ideas for your loved ones, from beauty products, to home decor pieces, to things that will simply make your life so much easier, all from Amazon and all of which won’t make you break the bank. Check out all 75 products (all under 30 bucks!) right here:


These Shower Bombs That Will Give You A Spa-Like Soak

Similar to bath bombs, these shower bombs are meant to take your bathing routine to the next level. Place one of these in the corner of your shower (do not submerge them in water) and soon after, its sweet scent will fill your shower and make you feel like you’re at a luxury spa. Scents include lavender, peppermint, vanilla & sweet orange, menthol & eucalyptus, pomegranate & pose, and lemongrass & coconut.


A Personalized Map Of The Stars On The Night Of Your Special Day

If you want to commemorate a special date in a unique way, this custom star map is the way to do it. Whether you want to remember the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary, or a first date, this customizable star map will show you the map of the constellations from that specific night.


This Cozy 3-Pack Of Socks That’ll Get You Through The Cold Months

Keep your toes cozy with these super thick crew socks that come in packs of three or four. All of the varied multicolored pairs have unique, fun patterns and designs that will make you look stylish and feel extra warm this upcoming winter season.


A Wine Glass Holder For Your Bathroom So You Can Relax In Multiple Ways

Sometimes, we just really need to relax. And sometimes, that means bringing a glass of wine into the bath with you. This wine glass holder conveniently sticks onto your shower wall for easy access to a glass of your favorite vino when you’re relaxing in the bath or need a quick pregame in the shower.


A Necklace With Your Pet’s Precious Face Engraved On It

Many devoted pet parents will be obsessed with this customizable necklace that lets you put your furry friend’s name and face on it. Choose everything with this piece, from the finish and font to the picture you want to be engraved on the coin, and you’ll have a charming, personalized piece in no time.


This Game That’ll Tell You What To Make For Dinner Tonight

Whether you live alone or have a family to feed, figuring out what to make for dinner each night can be a difficult task. These dice will help you solve that problem from night to night — each side of the dice has different food items printed on each side, giving you instant dinner inspo after one roll.


A Dainty Bracelet That You Can Personalize

A personalized piece like this beautiful bar bracelet is both sentimental, and perfect for someone who’s tough to shop for. You can pick the finish and name you want on the bracelet, plus choose the packaging and card that goes with it. You’ll have the perfect gift that even the pickiest people will love.


A Cozy Candle That Will Get You Ready For Cold Winter Nights

Get your hygge on with this “Sweater Weather”-themed candle that smells like warm spice, citrus, and the woods. This soy wax candle smells delicious, has a burn time of 40 hours, and is the perfect item for your home that will ensure it feels cozy all fall and winter long. If Sweater Weather isn’t your thing, this candle is also available in other festive scents like “Fraser Fir” and “Merry and Bright.”


This Tasty Lip Balm For Bourbon Lovers

Whether or not you like a cold bourbon drink (even better if you do!), this bourbon lip balm is a fun and useful gift. Not only does it smell like the popular beverage, but it contains vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter, hemp oil, and beeswax, which can help moisturize your lips.


This Set Of Reusable Straws For The Outdoorsy Folk

Anyone who loves the great outdoors will get a kick out of these cute reusable straws that look like twigs. Using these straws is a great way to reduce plastic waste and provides an easier way to sip from your water bottle, iced coffee cup, or whatever other beverage you consume throughout the day.


A Pair Of Earrings That Plant Parents Will Love

If you know someone who has plants all over their home and office, they’ll be sure to love these succulent earrings. These adorable earrings come in 11 different colors and look just like real succulents — not to mention they’re hypoallergenic, so those with sensitive lobes can rock them too.


These Marshmallow Roasting Sticks To Make The Perfect S’mores

Forget using sticks from your backyard when roasting marshmallows for s’mores, because these roasting sticks will do the trick 10 times better. These sticks are reusable, easy to clean, and even rotate on their own, so you’re guaranteed to get perfectly golden marshmallows.


These Snug Slippers To Keep Your Toes Cozy

This pair of fuzzy house slippers is an incredible solution to cold days and nights inside. They come in four stylish colors/patterns and are designed with cushy memory foam that will ensure you won’t take them off all day long. Based on the price, you might want to pick up a pair for yourself as well.


These Heated Hand Mitts That’ll Give Anyone An At-Home Spa Experience

These heated hand mitts are a great gift for anyone who needs a little extra warmth and pampering this winter season. Slather some lotion on your hands, wrap them in plastic wrap, and put them in these mitts for a few minutes to help rejuvenate your already beautiful skin.


A Tote To Hold All Of Your Everyday Essentials

Everyone needs something to help them lug all of their supplies around, and this chic tote bag is that thing. It comes in a ton of colors from apricot to watermelon red, and is incredibly durable and roomy. You might even want to pick up a few of them to coordinate with your wardrobe.


These Solar Globes That Will Make Your Yard Look Magical

Give your outdoor space a magical glow with these solar-powered decorative globes. These warm white lights will look fantastic on any walkway or patio, and can easily charge sitting out in the sun all day long. They’re also weather-resistant, so a little rain won’t ruin your pretty outdoor decor.


These Velvet Pillow Covers That Tie Together Any Space

Any space can benefit from these stylish, machine-washable velvet throw pillow covers. They come in packs of two in a variety of different sizes and colors, so you’re guaranteed to find a pair of covers that suit the style of any room in your home. They’re also available on Amazon Prime if you’re looking for a last-minute gift.


A Faux Fur Blanket To Keep You Cozy This Winter

Both you and the person you’re shopping for need this soft faux fur blanket to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. This throw blanket comes in three different sizes (depending on if you want it for a bed or couch) and seven colors — including pink and light yellow, which would fit a kid’s room. It’s the perfect big blanket for snuggling up during the cold months ahead.


A Knife Sharpening Stone That Every Chef Needs

Whether you religiously prepare your weekday meals in advance or just like getting fancy in the kitchen, you can’t do anything without sharp knives. This knife sharpening stone is essential in anyone’s kitchen and is an incredibly easy way to restore any of your dull blades. One of the best features is its non-slip rubber base, so you won’t have to worry about any accidents while sharpening.


These Oversized Shades That Will Make You Feel Famous

Chic sunglasses are an easy way to tie together any look, and this pair of shades is sure to do the trick. These round frames will suit anyone’s face and their sleek, black design will go with any outfit, making them the perfect pair of sunglasses for any occasion and any season. If black isn’t your style, these sunglasses also have six other plastic frame color options to choose from.


This Pillow That Gives Your Eyes Some Much-Needed TLC

Whether you struggle to get shut-eye every night or are just looking for another way to relax, this satin eye pillow is for you. This is unlike traditional eye masks, as this eye pillow rests atop your eyes (and adds light pressure) to help you relax — you can even warm it up or stick it in the freezer for a soothing warming/cooling effect. It also comes in plenty of different colors, so you can buy your friend an eye pillow that truly suits them.


A Mini Waffle Maker For Easy & Delicious Breakfasts

Breakfast just got a whole lot cooler with this mini waffle maker that will make adorable, tasty waffles in minutes. This waffle maker has a unique aqua design, is compact enough to seamlessly store in any kitchen. With a nonstick surface, it’s also good for busy parents since it’s easy to clean.


This Smart Lamp That Families Will Love

If you or a loved one have an Amazon Alexa device, this Amazon Echo Glow is the perfect device to pair with it, especially if you have young kids. This smart device works as many things: a nightlight, an alarm for school wake-up, or a colorful lamp that’s perfect for impromptu dance parties. This lamp also includes a Rainbow Timer that might help further motivate kids to learn more about time management during busy mornings.


This Set Of Baking Essentials For Both Amateurs & Pros

Whether someone you love recently got into quarantine baking, or if they’ve always found joy in making muffins and breads, this carbon steel baking essentials kit is a must-have. This set of nonstick pans comes with a loaf pan, two cake pans, a roast pan, a 12-cup muffin pan, and a baking sheet — all necessary items for baking holiday sweets.


A Comb That Temporarily Dyes Your Hair When You Use It

Anyone itching for a temporary appearance change needs this hair chalk comb that can dye your strands a different, fun color. Those with lightly colored natural hair will get the best results. It’s also easy to use — comb it through your hair, and watch as your locks turn blue, pink, purple, or another one of the available shades. The dye can last up to three days and washes out easily with water and shampoo.


This Set Of Makeup Brushes With A Golden Touch

Replace all of your old tools with this set of luxe, golden makeup brushes that will suit all of your makeup application needs. This 10-piece set comes with brushes that will make applying face and eye makeup totally seamless. Not to mention, this golden set will look amazing stored on your vanity in the ivory brush holder.


A Hanging Toiletry Bag For Easy Access To All Your Stuff

If you’re constantly traveling and in hotel rooms, this hanging toiletry bag is not a want, but a need. This bag comes in six different colors and has tons of zippered compartments that are roomy enough to hold even some full-sized products. The hanging hook makes it a breeze to access while in the bathroom. Your suitcase is not complete without this in tow.


An Exfoliating Body Scrub Made With Himalayan Pink Salt

Help give some extra glow to your skin with this exfoliating Himalayan salt body scrub. This is a must-have product for anyone looking to up their body care game since it includes ingredients like lychee essential oil and sweet almond oil. Many customers also note that it’s wonderful to use before shaving.


A Creamy Eyeshadow Stick That Comes In Tons Of Shades

Reviewers cannot get enough of this waterproof eyeshadow stick that makes applying eye makeup a breeze for both beginners and pros. This shadow stick comes in 30 different shades and goes on as a creme, but dries as a powder, making application and blending seamless. It even comes with a built-in smudging tool to help you create different eye looks in seconds.


This Luxurious Foot Spa For At-Home Pedicures

Anyone can use a relaxing foot soak from time to time, and this foot spa can help you fulfill that need — without getting your hands messy. This product brings the concept of fancy pedicures to your home with its toe-touch-controlled bubbling foot bath and a removable callus-fighting pumice stone, helping you relax and get smooth, rejuvenated feet simultaneously.


A Pack Of Scrunchies So Big You’ll Never Worry About Losing One

Never worry about losing a hair tie again with this pack of 60 colored velvet scrunchies. This is a long-haired person’s dream gift, with its multitude of colors for different occasions and moods, soft velvet fabric that’s less harmful on your hair, and ability to look great as accessories when you (accidentally) leave some stacked on your wrist.


This Tracker That Will Ensure You’ll Never Lose Your Keys Again

Chronic key-misplacers need this Tile device like, yesterday. This attachment can go on your car keys, backpacks, or luggage to ensure you’ll never lose them again using Bluetooth technology that dings when your missing item is in range. As a bonus, it also alerts you of your item’s most recent location if it’s out of range. Tile Mates can be purchased individually, and come in both black and white.


These Affordable Wireless Earbuds With Touch Control Functions

If AirPods aren’t your thing, these wireless earbuds will be — for multiple reasons. They come sans cords, they’re waterproof, have built-in touch controls that allow you to play the next song or pause your music, and even come with a convenient, compact charging case. There are 10 different colors to choose from, adding extra personality to this clever gift.


A Security Camera That Will Leave You Stress Free When You’re Away

Never stress about leaving home again when you’ve got this motion tracking security camera watching your house’s every move. This camera works indoors and outdoors (with night vision) and alerts your phone if motion is detected on your property. It even has two-way audio, so you can speak and listen to audio through your device.


A Smart Plug That Works Outdoors

Perfect for the holidays when it’s time to decorate your yard with colorful, festive lights, this outdoor smart plug will ensure that set-up is seamless. This plug allows you to turn on your outside lights and devices or set them on a timer using your Alexa, Google Assistant, or Cync app. You can even group multiple plug-ins together to make controlling them even easier.


This Pack Of Smart Plugs With Universal Compatibility

Smart plugs like these are a must-have in any home due to their unbelievable effortlessness. This pack comes with four single plugs that you can control via your Alexa, Google Home, or KMC smart app. They’re also user-friendly and easy to set up. Set them on a timer or turn them on/off whenever you please, and soon, you’ll want these for every outlet in your house.


These Smart Bulbs That Change Colors

Smart devices have made our lives so much easier, and it’s amazing that we live in a world where we can verbally ask our lightbulbs to change color. These Kasa Smart Changing Dimmable Bulbs are a must-have for anyone who wants to work in room that’s completely red or blue. These are the perfect replacement for the lightbulbs in your home. Aside from changing a bunch of different colors, these also dim to the brightness level you desire.


This Echo Wall Clock That Doubles As A Timer

Do you know someone who’s got a lot going on right now? This Echo Wall Clock may help them better organize their time. Setting it up is pretty easy if you’re already familiar with Alexa, and it can also double as a timer if you’re in the midst of cooking or need to keep track of your at-home lunch break. This innovative clock comes with mounting hardware and 4 AA batteries.


A Sleek Charging Station That Every Home Needs

If your family or roommates have numerous charging devices taking up space all over your common areas, this charging station dock is the perfect way to streamline them all. The bamboo dock looks quite sophisticated and is the ideal way to keep your household’s charging items, from smartphone to tablets, organized. This would make a great gift for anyone who loves to stay orderly.


The Tool That The Handy One Around The House Needs

Anyone deemed your household’s resident handyworker needs this universal socket tool. This power drill attachment is ideal for any (big and small) fixes around the house, as it fits into any hex nut, hook, eye and lag screw, bolt head and more. It eradicates the need for an entire set of sockets, so it’ll give people some extra room in their toolbox.


A Kit That Helps Keep Your Candles In Tip-Top Shape

Any candle fanatic needs this candle care kit in order to keep their wicks in the best condition they can be. This kit comes with a rose gold wick trimmer to help prevent soot and make wicks last longer, and a wick snuffer and digger to extinguish flames without getting hot wax and smoke everywhere. Plus, it’s pretty cute.


A Cozy Blanket That Will Make You Look & Feel Like A Burrito

This burrito blanket is the perfect novelty gift for any Chipotle lovers out there who need something to cozy up with this winter. Not only does it look strikingly like a flour tortilla that holds your favorite beans, cheese, and beef, but it’s also made from comfy flannel material that will actually inspire you to curl up on the couch. If burritos aren’t your thing, this also comes in a waffle and pizza design.


A Set Of Hand Moisturizing Products That’ll Protect You From Winter’s Elements

If you or a friend suffer from the wrath of dry, cracked winter hands, this Burt’s Bees Hand Repair set is a necessity. This kit comes with everything you or your loved one will need to continue staying comfortable in your own skin. The set includes one almond milk hand cream, one shea butter hand cream, a lemon butter cuticle cream, and a pair of cotton gloves.


This Cool Lamp That Looks Just Like The Moon

Whether you have a kid who loves space or simply want functional decor around the house, this LED moon lamp is a great purchase. This lamp works great as a nightlight for all ages, and can change to 16 different colors using a handy remote control. Plus, it looks just like the real moon.


This Blender That Makes The Perfect Drink For One

If you live alone or just have a cramped kitchen, this compact blender is the perfect way to make your favorite smoothies, milkshakes, or juices. It comes with a lightweight base, a blade, an ice tray, an 18-ounce, BPA-free plastic cup, and an attachable drinking lid so you can easily bring your concoctions on-the-go with you.


A Sandwich Maker That Will Make Your Breakfast Routine So Much Easier

Making breakfast sandwiches couldn’t be more effortless with this handy sandwich maker. Excellent for people who need to grab a quick breakfast to-go, this device has several different compartments that cook eggs, breakfast meats, and English muffins all at once, giving you instant ingredients for the perfect a.m. sandwich. Just wrap it in foil to bring with you on your daily commute. It also comes in fun colors like coral and mint.


These Unique Popcorn Flavors For Your Next Movie Night

Upgrade your movie nights with these fun popcorn flavors that will give plain, movie-theater butter a run for its money. Popcornopolis offers up this tasty selection of four space-saving popcorn cones in flavors like cheddar cheese, zebra, kettle corn, and white cheddar, which would also serve as a great treat for the popcorn lover in your life. These are also a good snack that are certifiably gluten-free.


A Light Switch That You Can Control From Anywhere

Turning off your lights has never been easier with this smart light switch. With your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Kasa Smart app, you can switch your home’s lights on or off without lifting a finger. You can even trigger them to turn on and off at random times when you’re away from home if you want to trick potential intruders into thinking you’re inside.


An Adorable Reminder To Drink More Water

You’ll never find yourself ignoring this adorable water bottle attachment that reminds you to hydrate throughout the day. This fits around standard water bottles and has a little cactus printed on it telling you to take a sip. It’s perfect if you or someone you’re gifting for often forgets how important it is to drink water throughout the day.


These Oven Mitts That You’ll Enjoy Bear-y Much

These oven mitts are not only hilarious, but also totally functional when it comes to taking your piping-hot dishes out of the oven. They’re insulated and come with silicone pads (that look like adorable paw pads) that make handling steaming pots and pans a breeze. They also come in polar bear, if you know someone who happens to be a fan.


This Magnetic Wrist Band That’s Ideal For DIY Projects

No one wants to lug a heavy toolbox around all day when fixing stuff around the house, which is why this magnetic wristband is awesome for any handy worker or DIY-obsessed person. This is ideal for keeping screws, small wrenches, nuts, and bolts nearby, and eliminates the need to bring your whole set along with you.


A Magnetic Stick That Effortlessly Picks Up Nuts & Bolts

It can be easy to lose track of nuts, bolts, and screws, especially when working on big projects that require tons of tools and accessories. This magnetic stick makes gathering them up easy. It even has an LED light and a flexible neck to make getting into small, dark places easier than ever.


A Small But Mighty Jewelry Holder

This jewelry case is perfect for storing your smaller jewelry pieces, and is compact enough to bring with you when traveling. It’s designed with a unique staircase structure with compartments stacked on top of each either, serving as the perfect organizer for earrings, rings, and bracelets.


The Perfect Gift Set For Tea Lovers

Tea lovers will be obsessed with this assorted loose leaf tea set, which comes with Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea, Saffron Premium Masala Chai, and Earl Grey Spice Masala Chai, each in their own beautiful gold canister. The company was started by a 4th generation entrepreneur in India and is fair trade, so you can truly feel good about what you’re buying.


An Avocado Tree That’s Perfect For Beginner Gardeners

If your best friend swears by avocado toast every morning, this avocado tree growing kit will serve as quite the clever gift. This set comes with everything they’ll need to easily grow the perfect avocado, including the pot, a strainer, rope, and a device that keeps the pit in place. Just add an avocado pit, change the water every two weeks, and voilà!


These Rechargeable Hand Warmers For Long, Cold Days Outdoors

If you love standing at early-morning football tailgates but don’t love how the elements freeze your hands, these rechargeable hand warmers are for you. These have double-sided heating, different heat settings, and even work as a power bank to charge your phone on-the-go.


These Handy Gloves With Built-In Flashlights

There are few products more versatile than these flashlight gloves — you can use these for a variety of tasks, including working in dark spaces and running at night. These are made from stretchy, breathable polyester, and the light battery can last up to 30 hours. These are also available in blue and pink camo print.


A Device That Keeps Your Beer Cold Without Watering It Down

There are few things worse than a watered-down beer — these chilling sticks can prevent that and ensure your Corona will be ice-cold. These sticks make it so you can keep your beer cold without even pouring it out of the bottle due to its slender design that fits perfectly into long-neck glass bottles.


The Ultimate Piece Of Loungewear For Homebodies

Transform your WFH or lazy day experience with this ultra-cozy wearable blanket. This is essential for those particular winter days where you know you’ll be lounging on the couch all day long typing away on your laptop or watching Hallmark movies. It even comes in 16 different colors and patterns, so you can buy one for all of your loved ones.


A Beanie With A Convienent Built-In Flashlight

If you’re a night runner or spend lots of time doing work outdoors even once it gets dark, you need this beanie with a built in LED light. This sleek black beanie is comfortable and gives you hands-free lighting that will ensure your path is clear on a late-night jog or during an outdoor project you’re tackling during evening hours.


An Understated Protector For Your Vaccine Card

It’s crucial that your vax card doesn’t get ruined or damaged, which is why this card protector will become your new essential. It comes in six different colors and you can easily slip your card into the plastic protector, guaranteeing your CDC card will be safe from spills or rips.


A Device That Keeps Your Mug Warm All Day Long

This mug warming device is a must-have for chronic coffee and tea drinkers — or even busy moms who often find their cup cold when they finally get a chance to eat breakfast. Your morning pick-me-up will remain as piping hot as when you first poured it with this warming device. Just place your mug on the warming surface, choose one of the three temperature settings, and enjoy your steaming beverage.


This Stylish Recipe Book That Keeps Your Family’s Favorites All Together

If your recipes are a messy compilation of grandma’s recipe cards, printouts from online blogs, and scraps of paper with ingredients written down, you need this recipe book. This book is the perfect way to keep all your collected recipes organized and written down in one place, and even comes with fun stickers to make creating your inventory all the more fun.


A No-Fuss Coffee Maker That Makes Café-Quality Coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice! There is a way to make amazing coffee in your own home (so long, Starbucks!) and this pour over coffee maker is it. This 34-ounce coffee maker comes with a stainless steel mesh filter that makes your coffee taste better than when paper filters are used, and it couldn’t be easier to set up and use.


This Device That Makes Shredding Meat Effortless

Any pulled-pork enthusiast needs this handy meat shredding device in their lives. These BPA-free plastic shredders can withstand high heat and are durable enough to shred any type of meat you’re cooking up or smoking. You’ll feel like a professional when you use this, and you’ll have perfectly-shredded meat for your pulled pork sandwich. This gift would be perfect for anyone who’s getting serious about home cooking.


A Spray Bottle With The Perfect Amount Of Mist

Curly-haired peeps can always benefit from a spritz of water to liven up their locks, and this special spray bottle is the best product for the job. This mister sprays just the right amount of water each time, ensuring you don’t overdo it when you’re trying to tame your hair in the morning, but covers enough range so you won’t have to keep spraying over and over again.


This Milk Frother That Lets You Make Your Favorite Lattes At Home

If you need a fancy latte for your daily serotonin boost, you’ll love this electric milk frother that’ll let you make your drinks at home. This handheld frother is insanely powerful, making it easy to create the perfect milky foam for lattes and cappuccinos. It’s easy to clean, too, with just a quick rinse of the metal attachment.


A Bougie Clock That Literally Tells The Time

Sick of your boring alarm clock you’ve had since college? This electronic word clock will instantly spice up any room and literally tell you the time in five minute intervals. Keep it on your side table, dresser, kitchen counter, or anywhere else where you want a bougie and convenient decor item.


This Beard Oil That Keeps Your Beard Luscious & Hydrated

If you have a beard, you know how itchy and dry it can get, which is why this Jack Black beard oil is a must for those rocking facial hair. This oil is made from Kalahari melon oil, brown algae and carrot extract, and vitamin E that hydrates and softens beard hair with just a few drops.


An Exfoliating Liquid That Gets Rid Of Pesky Blackheads

Pesky blackheads can be a common skincare concern. If you’re looking to add an exfoliating liquid to your skincare routine, this brand will help tackle the issue. Just put a small amount of liquid onto a cotton pad and rub the essence onto areas with clogged pores. This is great for someone who’s always looking to experiment with new products.


An Organizer For Your Cables That Declutters Your Space

Cables and cords can be such an eyesore, which is what makes this cable management box such a necessity in any home. This is the best way to keep your TV or computer cords completely organized and untangled, all while eliminated any unattractive clutter. This would be a clever gift for anyone who’s still working out of a home office.


A Nonstick Pan With An Ergonomic Removable Handle

Nonstick pans like this frying pan are an essential in any kitchen. Not only is this pan perfect for cooking anything and everything without worrying about food sticking to the sides, but its nonstick technology also allows for seamless cleaning. This one even comes with a removable handle and a tempered glass lid that makes steaming easy.


The Brush That Cuts Your Hair Styling Routine In Half

Hair styling can be a hassle, especially if you’re pressed for time. This hair straightening brush both detangles and flat irons your locks, essentially killing two birds with one stone. It’s designed with five different heat settings that you can adjust depending on your hair type.


The Digital Notebook That Dramatically Reduces Paper Waste

You’ll never head to Staples for spiral notebooks again once you have this smart notebook. This reusable notebook uses dry erase technology instead of pen and paper, enabling you to use your notebook again and again. Just jot your notes down in the 36 included pages, scan your notes, and upload them to your desired cloud service for easy access whenever you need them.


A Diffuser That Keeps Your Car Smelling Fresh

Prevent your car from smelling like yesterday’s drive-thru french fries or the gym shoes you keep in the trunk with this car diffuser. This conveniently fits into the cup holder of your car and mists your favorite essential oils all around its interior, giving off a desirable scent and overall relaxing aura. Not only is this easy to use by utilizing a one-touch switch, but it also operates quietly.