40 Clever Products That Seem Expensive But Are Under $30 On Amazon

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It's pretty stressful out there these days, and the urge to treat yo' self is stronger than ever. But if you're anything like me, breaking the budget for a fancy new handbag or a 90-minute massage isn't an option. That said, there's no reason why a couple of really brilliant and affordable Amazon products won't do the trick.

Because here's the thing: If you're looking to alleviate a little stress, luxury items aren't going to do it for you. But a mini sunlamp that literally brightens up your day even when you can't go on vacation? Or a super soft heating pad with a special pocket for your feet? Count me in. And the best part is you can enjoy these items over and over again, and they're also extremely affordable. It's a win all around.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes truly life-changing products aren't really that exciting at first glance. Sure, this food warmer doesn't seem like a big deal, but if it gives you a warm, delicious lunch at work every day with no extra prep time, you’ll soon love it.

Ready to splurge on a mini treat? These genius Amazon products will save you time, money, and stress — and they're 30 bucks or less.


This Vacuum Sealer That Keeps Food Fresher Long-Term

This food sealer is perfect for buying in bulk and storing all kinds of ingredients long-term. This machine comes with 10 heavy-duty storage bags that can be used for nuts, sweets, fruits, meats, and more. To use, place whichever food you want to store in the plastic bags, then use the sealer to remove all air from inside. You can store food in the freezer for months — up to seven times longer — without ice crystals or a freezer burn taste.


This Space-Saving Bamboo Knife Organizer That Fits In A Drawer

Instead of taking up precious counter space, you can slip this bamboo knife block right into a drawer. At just 2 inches tall, this organizer can fit into any standard kitchen drawer. It has 16 slots for knives of varying shapes and sizes, so you can fit your entire set inside and still have plenty of space inside the drawer to store more utensils.


This Portable Crock-Pot For Hot Lunches On The Go

Skip the sandwiches and pack a hot lunch with this mini Crock-Pot. Fill the 20-ounce container with fresh soups, pastas, and more. You don’t even need a microwave; just plug it in to reheat before lunchtime at work or school. It has a convenient handle for toting to and from home, and the spill-proof container and lid are conveniently dishwasher-safe.


This Dual Dispenser That Turns Your Kitchen Into A Cereal Bar

Ditch the cardboard cereal boxes for good with this dual dry food dispenser. It features two 18-ounce dispensers that keep your nuts, granola, and cereals fresh for up to a month. Each dispenser has its own turn-style nozzle, so it's really easy to dispense your cereal directly into your bowl without over-pouring. This dispenser unit even comes with a catch-all tray for easy clean-up.


This High-Pressure Shower Head That Feels Like Rain

For less than $30, this extra-large shower head turns every shower into a luxurious experience. It creates a high-pressure stream that feels like being caught in a summer rainstorm. The shower head is made of durable and rust-proof stainless steel, and it features a swivel ball so you can easily adjust this shower head to any angle.


This Heated Styling Brush That Straightens Your Hair

This styling brush looks like a regular brush, but it actually heats up to straighten hair, too. The brush’s ceramic plate heats up in just 30 seconds. To use, gently brush your hair as usual and allow the heat to do its magic. Use the five heat settings to straighten and smooth all types of hair, including curly and thick hair.


This Waterproof Solar Panel That Charges Your Smart Devices

This solar-powered charger is a must for keeping devices powered during outdoor adventures. Harness the sun’s rays or USB power to charge up to two devices (including iPhones and Androids) at once. It’s highly durable, waterproof, dustproof, and you can clip it to a backpack with a carabiner. Plus, it has a built-in compass and LED flashlights that are also useful while hiking or camping.


This Color-Changing & Long-Lasting Light Bulb With A Remote Control

Once you install this color-changing lightbulb, you don't have to worry about replacing it for a really long time. This LED bulb lasts for 50,000 hours and features 120 colors to choose from. It even comes with its own remote so you can easily change the color on a whim. You can also program the bulb to flash different patterns, switch colors after a set amount of time, or even split the bulb into two separate colors.


This Magnetic Lash Kit That Comes With All The Tools You Need

While other kits just provide lashes, this magnetic lash kit has everything you need for a complete look. It comes with five pairs of reusable eyelashes that are easy to clean, two bottles of magnetic eyeliner, and a pair of tweezers for lash application. Each pair provides a different look, and reviewers report they’re really easy to apply and remove.


This Hair Remover & Facial Exfoliator That's Completely Painless

Not only is this facial hair removal tool totally painless, but reviewers insist it's really effective, too. For one, it doesn't vibrate at all so you can easily target small areas and stray hairs without an issue. This tool also comes with six replaceable heads and features an LED light on the tip so you never miss a spot. Some reviewers even use this tool to exfoliate skin and smooth out fine lines.


This Mini Lamp That Feels Like Sunshine Even On Gloomy Days

If you're dealing with the winter blues, this portable sunlamp mimics sunlight to lift your mood. Its compact and sleek design fits perfectly on a desk, countertop, or shelf, and it's simple to operate. Just choose your preferred brightness level and spend a few minutes each day basking in this lamp's warm glow. The light mimics the sun minus any harmful UV rays, so you can soak up some vitamin D on even the gloomiest days.


This Extra-Large Heating Pad That Has A Pocket

Whether you're dealing with sore muscles or you're just always cold, this heating pad is a must. For one, it's over 22 inches wide, so it's almost like a mini blanket that you can set on your lap when you get cold. It also has a deep pocket so you can tuck your hands or feet inside for an extra cozy experience. On top of all that, this heating pad also features a luxe microfiber cover and multiple heat settings to choose from.


This Cool-Mist Humidifier That's Super Quiet

Not only does this cool mist humidifier stave off dry skin, but it can actually soothe a sore throat and dry eyes. This humidifier emits moisture into the air to help you breathe easier, and it’s whisper-quiet so it won’t disturb sleep. Reviewers rave that this humidifier is efficient, effective, and it's so quiet that you'll forget it's even on. Keep it running for up to 16 hours at a time.


This Facial Mister That Clears Clogged Pores

This compact steamer emits a full mist in just 30 seconds for an at-home facial. The soothing mist helps clear clogged pores by loosening makeup, dirt, and oil. This steamer also comes with a stainless steel medical-grade extraction kit, so once your pores have opened up, you can safely and efficiently remove any stubborn dirt.


This Memory Foam Pillow For Dreamy Cushion & Support

If you prefer for your pillows to be a bit firmer, this memory foam pillow is definitely your best bet. Unlike other pillows, the high-density memory foam filling holds its shape and won’t flatten over time. It’s also completely breathable, so it won't trap in any unwanted moisture or cause you to overheat while you're sleeping. Plus, one side even has a special "ice fabric," which helps to keep you cool in warmer weather.


This Soft Sleep Mask With Bluetooth Speakers

This super-soft sleep mask blocks out all light and plays music through built-in speakers. The speakers are woven into the cotton-blend fabric near your ears. To use, just connect your phone to the Bluetooth signal, put on some calming music, and drift off into peaceful sleep.


This Telescope That Attaches To Your Smartphone

For flawless, up-close photos, this smartphone telescope is a fun and simple solution. It comes with its own mini tripod that you can use to set up your phone, along with a super-powerful telescope that you can set up right against your phone's camera. It magnifies the lens by 10 to 300 times so you can get really close and crystal-clear photos without affecting the quality by zooming. It even has night vision to capture photos in low-light.


This Gaming Headset With Surround Sound & A Noise-Canceling Mic

This gaming headset is super affordable, but it doesn't scrimp on any special features. For one, it features over-ear headphones that are equipped with surround sound so it feels like you're actually inside the game you're playing. On top of that, reviewers say they're lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also feature a high-quality microphone that cancels out nearby sounds and multiple adaptors to hook into your gaming console.


This Multi-Tier Spice Rack That Expands To Fit

Fit all of your spices in one place with this multi-tier spice rack that expands up to double its size. Stretching from 12 to 25 inches, you can use this rack anywhere from slim cabinets to countertop corners. It's even wide enough to hold and display condiments during family gatherings, potlucks, or barbecues. And because it's made from rust-proof wire, you can safely take it outside.


This Flexible Ice Pack That Keeps Your Neck Cool

This ice pack for your neck is perfect to soothe sore muscles or cool off on a hot day. It's completely latex-free and constructed of soft, flexible vinyl so it won't irritate sensitive skin. To use, just pop it into the freezer for a couple of hours, then drape it over your shoulders. It keeps you cool and refreshed for at least 30 minutes, and you can reuse it over and over again.


This Portable Oven That Cooks Or Warms Up Your Food Anywhere

Heat up food anywhere using this portable oven. To warm up a prepared meal, just plug in the hotplate for up to an hour. You can even cook your lunch all the way through by heating it in this portable oven for an additional hour so you don't have to spend precious weekend hours meal prepping. It’s lined with aluminum to keep food warm and is compatible with many types of containers, including glass, plastic, ceramic, and aluminum foil.


This Pour-Over Coffee Maker With A Reusable Filter

Make delicious and rich coffee in a snap using this sleek pour-over coffee maker with a reusable filter. The 34-ounce carafe is made from heat-resistant glass and comes with a durable mesh strainer you can use over and over again. Just add coffee grounds and water. It's true that this stainless steel strainer is eco-friendly, but thousands of reviewers insist that it also allows the nuanced flavors of coffee to shine through for a more complex-tasting cup.


This Rose Gold Makeup Mirror That Lights Up & Magnifies

Upgrade your daily routine with this vanity mirror that lights up and magnifies for easier makeup or skincare application. The rose gold finish is gorgeous on its own, but the trifold mirrors prove extremely useful for getting ready or grooming. The central mirror features rows of LED lights that you can adjust with a touch sensor, and you can even rotate the whole unit up to 180 degrees so you can get a glimpse at any angle.


These Adorable Hair Clips That Are Surprisingly Affordable

These stylish hair clips prove you don't have to pay a small fortune for luxe hair accessories. These clips come in a pack of 20 and cost less than a few coffees. The assortment of colorful and neutral hues will match any outfit, and reviewers report the clips do stay put even in thick hair. The set comes with eight macaron clips, four pearl hairpins, three acrylic clips, and five simple yet chic hairpins.


This Fan Favorite Milk Frother For Homemade Lattes

Now you can make your lattes right at home with this electric milk frother. It’s a fan favorite with over 51,000 reviews in part because it’s so easy to use to step up your morning cup of coffee or tea. The electric handheld frother whips milk or creamer into a foam in seconds. The frother’s stainless steel whisk is durable, and it even comes with a stand to store it upright in your kitchen.


This Insulated Food Container That Keeps Food Hot — Or Cold — For Hours

Store lunch in this stainless steel food jar and its double-insulated walls will keep soup or stew hot for seven hours. The sealed insulation of the 16-ounce jar can also keep contents cold for nine hours. The container’s tightly sealed lid holds a foldable spoon inside. This jar is completely portable, leakproof, and highly durable.


This Door Stopper That Blocks Air, Light & Noise

To save a little extra on your heating bill, consider grabbing one of these under-door stoppers before the weather gets cold. This 3-foot-long stopper fits most standard doors and is weighted so it stays put. The guard keeps heat from escaping your cozy spot and its double-knitted fabric helps keep dust, sound, and light out of a room.


This Smart Outlet That You Can Control With Your Voice

Now you can control your lamps and appliances with just your voice when you snag one of these brilliant smart outlets. It works and looks just like a regular outlet, except this one is equipped with technology to sync with your Google Home or Alexa — even if you don't have a hub in your home. Turn your lights, television, and coffee maker on with just the sound of your voice or via the manufacturer’s smartphone app.


This Memory Foam Pillow That Supports Your Neck From All Angles

Tons of reviewers are so glad they replaced their old travel pillow with this ultra-comfy and more supportive memory foam pillow. This U-shaped pillow is filled with high-density memory foam that gently cradles your head without flattening out over time. It also features a drawstring so you can keep it in place. The pillow supports your head at four points of contact so you can actually get some rest while you're on the go.


This Insulated Coffee Mug That Keeps Your Beverages Piping Hot

If you’re tired of your cup of coffee or tea getting cold before you can finish it, this rambler mug is a lifesaver. It features double-insulated, vacuum-sealed walls that keep your beverage hot for hours. This mug’s tough coating is highly durable and won’t chip or scratch. It’ll also keep cold drinks chilled during iced coffee season. And bonus: it's dishwasher-safe.


These Electric Inserts That Dry Out & Sanitize Your Shoes

These shoe dryers may not seem like an everyday necessity, but tons of reviewers swear by them to maintain dry and clean shoes. They’re easily adjustable to slip into shoes of any and all sizes. Each dryer gives off concentrated heat to delve deep into insoles and fabric, causing water droplets to quickly evaporate while staving off odor. People who live in rainy climates or are active insist these dryers are a must.


These Packing Cubes That Make It Easy To Organize A Suitcase

Packing for a trip is so much easier with these packing cubes that organize items into neat, stackable containers. With six cubes in different sizes, you can separate items by type and end up saving space in your suitcase. The durable and lightweight organizers have mesh covers, so you can identify groups of clothes at a glance. Choose from 13 colors, including black, blue, and beige.


This Plug-In That Repels Rodents & Insects

Simply plug in this pest repeller and keep mosquitoes, spiders, rodents, and other insects away. Powered by an outlet, it emits ultrasonic frequencies that small insects and rodents can't stand so they stay far away from your home. It's completely soundless, non-toxic, and only takes a very small amount of power to operate, making this repeller one of the best and safest options out there for banishing pests.


These Silicone Measuring Cups & Spoons That Collapse For Storage

If you're looking to clear up some space in your kitchen drawers, these collapsible measuring cups and spoons are definitely the solution. Both the cups and spoons come in a set of four, and both sets are made from high-quality, food-grade silicone that easily pops in and out of the frame. Plus, they're dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.


This Airtight Canister That Keeps Your Coffee Beans Fresh

If you want the freshest coffee possible, you won't regret snagging one of these airtight storage canisters. It's made from high-quality stainless steel and features a one-way carbon dioxide valve and BPA-free silicone seal. The valve and seal work together to prevent oxidation inside the canister, which would cause coffee grounds or beans to go stale. It also comes with a coffee scoop that attaches to the side and features a handy date tracker on the lid.


This Leakproof Bento Box That Keeps Your Food Separated

If you prefer your sandwich to not touch your chips or fruit, reviewers swear by this compact Bento box. It features a lockable, leakproof outer shell and an inner shell with four separate compartments. Each compartment is a different size so there's enough room for your sandwich or wrap and three smaller food items. Nothing touches, nothing gets soggy, and your lunch remains just as fresh as when you packed it.


These No-Slip Socks That Are Perfect For Studio Classes

Whether it's barre, pilates, or yoga, these no-slip socks are a studio class essential. They're made from soft combed cotton, which is a hollow fiber that doesn't hold onto sweat or heat while you work out. Silicone grips on the heels and toes prevent slipping on your yoga mat or the studio floor. These socks fit shoe sizes 5.5 to 11. And at this price for four pairs, they’re much more affordable than the socks you’ll find in a barre studio.


This Ice Pack That You Can Wrap Around Your Ankle

Why mess with standard ice packs when you can wrap this gel therapy pack around your wrist or ankle and wear it? The gel pack keeps cool much longer than ice, and it's also not as messy. Plus, it’s reusable and also provides compression therapy.


This Ventilated Box That Keeps Your Bread Fresh Longer

Keep bread fresh longer simply by storing it in this clear container. Use its adjustable air vent to let in the right amount of air to keep your bread fresh and pillowy without it getting stale or moldy. This container even comes with its own ultra-durable cutting board that you can easily slide out and use to slice. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.