50 Clever Products That Work So Well You'll Be Mad You Didn't Buy 'Em Sooner

These products will help you live life on easy mode.

50 Clever Products That Work So Well You'll Be Mad You Didn't Buy 'Em Sooner
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When you scroll through Amazon, you’ll find thousands of products that can take your home to the next level. With so many options, it can be tough to figure out what’s worth buying and what’s not — that’s where this list comes in. From an adhesive-free pet hair remover to an ingenious taco bar, you’re sure to find a few clever products you might have wished you knew about sooner.


This Motion-Activated Bed Light For More Safety At Night

This motion-activated bed light illuminates your path when you head downstairs to use the bathroom or grab a midnight snack. Its power-saving design means it'll only light up when it detects movement, and it'll shut off automatically when you're gone to conserve energy. You can set its automatic shut-off timer to turn it off after 30 seconds, six minutes, or somewhere in between.


These Swedish Dishcloths That Will Quickly Replace Your Paper Towels

Replace disposable paper towels with these Swedish dishcloths, which you can use over and over again. When they’re dry, they’re gritty enough to scour stubborn food stains, and when they’re wet, they become soft to the touch, so you can use them to mop up spills. Each dishcloth acts as the equivalent of 15 rolls of paper towels, so you’ll be getting more than enough bang for your buck.


A Battery Organizer & Tester With An Easy-To-View Transparent Cover

This battery organizer and tester features a transparent cover you can use to find what you need at a glance. Mount it on your wall or stash it in a kitchen drawer for easy accessibility whenever you need a battery or two. It'll hold up to 93 batteries in total, ranging from AA to D. You can buy it in one of seven colors to best match your home decor.


A Stackable Microwave Cooking Set For Quick Dinners

Whip up a quick dinner with this stackable microwave cooking set. When you buy, you'll receive four versatile pieces, which you can use to cook a delicious meal in a matter of minutes. The pot and lid are made with integrated handles, which help you remove your food from the microwave without burning your hands or fingers. “This is probably one of my favorite kitchen appliances,” said one of its many five-star reviewers.


This Pet Hair Roller Designed Without Sticky Adhesives

This pet hair roller picks up lint and debris without sticky adhesive, so you can use it on all sorts of surfaces. Simply roll it back and forth over furniture and clothing to trap fur into its built-in receptacle; once you're satisfied, press the button to open up the chamber and empty it. You can use it over and over again, so it's a budget-friendly choice for pet owners whose four-legged friends love to leave a trail.


A Baseboard Buddy For A More Thorough Sunday Reset

The next time you take on a Sunday reset, use this Baseboard Buddy for a more thorough clean. It'll remove dirt and debris from baseboards and moldings without needing to bend over, so it's super gentle on your back, knees, and shoulders. Its lightweight aluminum handle extends up to four feet, so no matter how tall you are, your living room will absolutely sparkle.


This Compact Dehumidifier For Damp Spaces

If your space tends to get damp easily, invest in this compact dehumidifier. It's lightweight and portable enough to take into the office, and it's capable of extracting up to nine ounces of water per day. When it's full, it'll shut off automatically and its LED light will turn on to indicate that it's time to empty it. Over 30,000 Amazon customers gave it a five-star review.


This Sole & Sneaker Cleaner For Flawless Footwear

This sole and sneaker cleaner makes your favorite footwear look positively flawless. Scuff marks and dirt stains will quickly become a thing of the past when you add water and gently scrub. Each sponge in this pack of three is made with a unique dual-layer technology for serious cleaning power without the potentially irritating chemicals.


A Soap Dispenser & Sponge Holder To Streamline The Dishwashing Process

Streamline your dishwashing process with this soap dispenser and sponge holder. It holds up to 13 ounces of your favorite dish soap at a time, so all you have to do is press down on the dispenser with your sponge, and you'll be ready to take on those dirty dishes. It'll also keep water off your countertops to prevent messy drips and spills, and its compact design takes up very little real estate.


This Roomy Purse Organizer That Hangs Over Your Door

This roomy purse organizer hangs over your door to display your accessory collection. Each of its spacious compartments has more than enough room for your favorite handbags, and its transparent material helps you find what you’re looking for fast. It comes with two sturdy metal hooks, which you can pop into place for the easiest installation process ever.


These Spacious Storage Drawers That Add Extra Space In Seconds

Stick these spacious storage drawers to the underside of your desk to make the most out of your office. Each drawer is made of lead-free plastic that's durable enough for everyday use since it resists wear and tear over time. When you buy, you'll receive four pieces of sturdy self-adhesive tape, which you can use to attach your new drawers wherever you'd like them to go.


This Tank Top Hanger & Bra Organizer For A Cleaner Closet

This tank top hanger and bra organizer will help you achieve a cleaner closet without the hassle. Each hanger fits up to 16 smaller pieces, and its tiered design means you can identify your clothes and accessories at a glance. Its rubber-coated edges protect your favorite pieces from potential rips and tears, and it's made of a tough chrome material that resists rust.


This Ingenious Lazy Susan Taco Bar That Makes Family Dinners Even More Fun

Make family dinners even more fun with this ingenious lazy Susan taco bar. With six removable plates and four holders that keep tacos upright, this set helps you streamline your taco dinners, making it way easier to eat your favorite meal. You'll also love the warming hot pot, which keeps ingredients like rice, beans, and queso from getting cold. “We had a taco bar and fixed quesadillas for my twin grandsons' first birthday and this was perfect. It made a great-looking presentation,” said one reviewer.


A Window Squeegee & Scrubber With 3 Blades Included

This window squeegee and scrubber helps you wipe away dirt and grime for glass that sparkles and shines. You can rotate the squeegee and scrubber, which lets you clean from any angle, and if your windows are especially lofty, you can attach a DocaPole extension pole (which is not included) to help you reach them. When you buy, you'll receive three squeegee blades of various sizes; simply pick the one that best fits your cleaning needs, and you'll be ready to scrub.


This 4-Pack Of Bamboo Drawer Dividers With Adjustable Lengths

This four-pack of bamboo drawer dividers helps you declutter your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen in no time. Simply adjust the length of each divider and pop it into place to keep unmentionables, personal care products, and even silverware in order. They’re made of a waterproof bamboo material that you can wipe down with a damp cloth whenever they need to be cleaned.


These Convenient Food Savers That Make Your Ingredients Last Longer

These convenient food savers make ingredients last longer, helping thrifty chefs save money. Their round silicone sleeves will stretch to fit fruit and vegetable halves, creating an airtight seal that prolongs the lifespan of your apple or avocado. When you buy, you'll receive five food savers of various sizes to accommodate all your culinary needs.


These Silicone Oven Mitts That Protect Wrists & Hands While You Cook

Protect your wrists and hands with these silicone oven mitts while you cook. Their extra-long design covers more surface area than your average mitts, so you can reach into the oven and grab even the heaviest pans without getting burned. They provide heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and they're fully waterproof, so they'll guard against hot water when it splashes or spills.


A Wooden Digital Clock With A Cool Minimalist Design

This wooden digital clock features a cool minimalist design that looks so chic on your nightstand. With seven brightness levels and an automatic dimming function, it's a smart piece of technology that'll help you streamline your morning routine. You'll also appreciate its sound control function, which puts it in standby mode after it's been idle for 10 seconds. You can buy it in one of four colors.


This Set Of Quick-Dry Towels That’s Great For The Gym & Pool

Available in eight different colors, this set of quick-dry towels is getting a ton of attention on Amazon right now, likely due to their compact design and plush microfiber surface. Great for people who love outdoor sports or indoor yoga classes, these towels can absorb up to four times their weight and dry much quicker than standard towels. They’re a great addition to any gym bag.


This Powerful Steam Cleaner That Removes Dirt, Grease, & Grime

This powerful steam cleaner only needs water to get rid of dirt, grease, and grime. When you buy, you'll receive seven multi-surface cleaning tools, which include a jet nozzle, a flat scraper, and three color-coded round bristle brushes. Its user-friendly trigger lets you control how much high-pressure steam you release at a time.


These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Polish Off Your Devices

Polish off your devices with these microfiber cleaning cloths to remove dust and fingerprints. They're made of a high-quality microfiber material that's great for cleaning screens, sunglasses, and other delicate surfaces you don't want to smudge. Plus, they make a sustainable alternative to disposable paper towels that's significantly gentler.


A Laundry Folding Board That Changes The Way You Store Your Clothes

This laundry folding board helps you store and organize your clothes with retail-level efficiency. You can use it on shirts with all sorts of sleeve lengths, dresses, pajamas, and so many more of your favorite garments. Plus, the durable material of these boards means you can reuse them over and over again for cleaner closets and drawers.


These Magic Cleaning Sponges That Work With Just Water

These magic cleaning sponges remove dirt, stains, and grime with just a little water. They're made of a super dense melamine material that's tough on messes and gentle on surfaces. When you buy, you’ll receive 20 sponges, which you can use to clean leather, steel, metal, and everything in between. “If you're using them to scrub food stains off your counter or yellow stains in your tubs, it'll do the job quite well,” said one reviewer.


These Pure Sage Candles That Can Help You Cleanse The Energy In Your Space

Cleanse the energy in your space with these pure sage candles for a much-needed reset. You’ll receive three candles with your purchase, so you can stash one in every room and set intentions whenever the mood is right. They'll also help support your meditation practice with ingredients like sustainably cultivated sage and 100% natural soy wax.


This Sink Shelf To Store Your Kitchen Must-Haves Within Reach

Keep your kitchen must-haves close at hand with this sink shelf to maximize counter space. You can use it on any narrow, flat surface, and you won't need any tools to put it together. With its chrome steel frame and its removable birch platform, it's made of durable materials that'll last for years to come.


These Scented Drawer Liners That Have A Classic Damask Print

These scented drawer liners turn your bedroom into a cozy chamber worthy of a Jane Austen heroine. They're made with high-quality French fragrance oils, which infuse them with scents like English lavender, fresh linen, and sandalwood. Each liner is large enough that you can cut it down to the size of your drawer, and you can also use them in cabinets and closets.


This Personal Blender For Smoothies On The Go

Invest in this personal blender for shakes and smoothies on the go; with its 14-ounce capacity, it’s more than large enough for your favorite drinks. Simply power it up with its USB charging cord and pop it in the dishwasher when it needs a clean. Its powerful blades are strong enough to crush even the toughest ice cubes and frozen fruits.


A Collapsible Insulated Bowl With A Lid For Easy Transportation

This collapsible insulated bowl comes with a silicone lid for easy storage and transportation. Its 360-milliliter capacity makes it a perfect fit for backpacking trips, school lunches, and any other events where you need to bring your meal with you. You'll also appreciate the sleeve around its sides and lid, which protects your hands from burns while simultaneously keeping your food warmer for longer.


These Unbreakable Wine Glasses Made Of Durable Stainless Steel

You can drop these unbreakable wine glasses on the ground without having to clean up a dangerous mess. Each glass is made of durable stainless steel, which keeps your drinks cold all night long. Their stemless bulb design is super easy to hold, and it lets your wine breathe to enhance its flavors and aromas. These gained an impressive 4.6 out of five-star rating on Amazon from customers, many of whom noted how well-made they are.


This Cold Brew Mason Jar To Store Your Favorite Beverage

Store your favorite beverage in this cold brew mason jar, so you can pour a cup of joe whenever you want. Its leakproof lid creates a tight seal that minimizes mess, and its easy-pour dispenser directs your coffee into your mug, not onto your kitchen counter. Plus, it's made with dishwasher-safe components that make cleanup a breeze when you’re in between brews.


A Deluxe Pillow With Room For All Your TV-Watching Essentials

This deluxe pillow has more than enough room to store all your TV-watching essentials. It's made of an insulating foam material that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, whether you're watching a 30-minute sitcom or a three-hour movie. Since you can stash your remote in any of its spacious pockets, you won't have to search the living room when you want to turn off the TV before bed.


A Cozy Weighted Blanket With Over 29,000 5-Star Reviews (And Counting)

This cozy weighted blanket feels like a comforting hug, so you can wrap yourself up for a stress-free night of sleep. Its ingenious design features multiple pockets, which evenly distribute glass beads between layers of lightweight fabric. You can machine wash it in cold water with the rest of your laundry, making it a breeze to care for.


This Bedside Shelf That Helps You Maximize Bedroom Space

Maximize bedroom space with this bedside shelf, which was launched on Kickstarter and is now beloved by thousands of customers. You can choose between seven unique models, depending on the size and design you like best. It clamps securely onto bed frames with rails of all shapes and sizes, and you won't need any tools or hardware to pull off its installation process.


This Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker For A Yummy Meal In The Morning

This dual breakfast sandwich maker works so quickly that you’ll always have time for a yummy meal in the morning. It only takes four simple steps to whip up a wide variety of sandwiches, whether you love a classic egg and cheese or something a little fancier. Because it makes two at once, it cuts your breakfast prep time in half, so you’ll have more time for your morning TLC.


This Mop & Bucket Set With A Built-In Wringer

This mop and bucket set features a built-in wringer that keeps floors from looking like they’ve flooded while you clean. Simply stick the microfiber mop in the bucket, and it'll scrape away dust, dirt, and excess water for a more efficient mopping process. Because the mop head rotates 360 degrees, you can clean even the hardest-to-reach spots with the utmost ease.


This Miniature Egg Bite Maker For A Nutritious Snack

With this miniature egg bite maker, you can cook a nutritious snack that fits beautifully in your lunchbox. All you have to do is prep your eggs (and add desired flavors/toppings), pour them into the silicone molds, let them cook, and take them out for a delicious bite. Its compact design makes it a great choice for dorm or apartment kitchens where counter space might be limited.


This Vegetable Spiralizer For Pasta Alternatives That Taste Amazing

If you’re craving a delicious pasta dish but gluten doesn’t agree with you, pick up this vegetable spiralizer. It's equipped with six spiralizing options that let you customize your meal and multiple stainless steel blades that are razor-sharp. For safety purposes, it has a nonslip finger guard that prevents nicks and cuts, so even with your kids in the kitchen, you’ll have peace of mind.


This Wine Insulator Bottle That Keeps Cold Drinks Cold

Keep cold drinks cold with this wine insulator bottle, which boasts a 25-ounce capacity. It maintains the temperature of your drink for up to 24 hours, so you can hit the beach, the pool, and the sofa with a beverage that stays frosty all day long. Because it’s shatterproof, it’s a smart choice for party guests who have to travel to their events.


This 6-Pack Of Bag Racks To Help With Your Meal Prep Process

This six-pack of bag racks (say that five times fast) can seriously help speed up the meal prep process. They’ll hold zip-up bags upright while you fill them with ingredients from fruits and vegetables to sweet treats. Each one features a nonslip rubber base that helps you transfer food into the bag without a spill. “Great product to use when you are freezing foods. Simple design and sturdy base, very useful. Folds up nicely so it doesn’t take up much room. Wish I'd bought it years ago,” said one reviewer.


This Water Bottle Organizer For Busy Families Who Are Always On The Go

If you’re a member of a busy family that’s always on the go, pick up this water bottle organizer. With three shelves that fit approximately three water bottles each, it’s equipped with enough storage to keep your loved ones hydrated all day long. Its assembly process only takes one minute, and you won’t need any tools to put it together.


This Plastic Bag Saver To Declutter Your Kitchen

Declutter your kitchen with this plastic bag saver, which features a brushed stainless steel finish that resists fingerprints. You can mount it inside your cabinet or closet or hang it up on your wall for easy access whenever you go grocery shopping or take out the trash. It'll help you maximize space in your pantry and under your sink, so your kitchen will be significantly tidier.


This Food Warmer For Delicious Lunches Anytime, Anywhere

This food warmer helps you cook delicious lunches anytime, anywhere — no microwave required. Its airtight lid keeps food from spilling while you take it from place to place, and even as it heats up, its exterior won't get hot. You'll also appreciate its sturdy handle, which makes it easy to transport your soups, dips, and leftovers.


This Expandable Organizer You Can Stash Under Your Sink

Store personal care essentials and cleaning products under your sink with this expandable organizer. With four legs and a sturdy top shelf, it's durable enough to hold even the heaviest bottles, and its expandable design gives you flexibility while you organize your space. Its 40-pound capacity ensures that it'll stand the test of time, so you won’t have to search high and low for body lotion or stain remover ever again.


A Chic Teapot With A Spillproof Spout For Easy Pouring

With this chic teapot, your BFF dates will feel like high society hangouts worthy of Bridgerton. Just add the tea of your choice to its seamless infuser and let it steep for a flavorful brew that tastes positively delicious. You'll also appreciate its spillproof spout and shatterproof and dishwasher-safe design, which makes it easier than ever to use when you have company.


This Softball-Themed Mug With An Adorable Glove Detail

Gift this softball-themed mug to the athlete in your life, or keep it for yourself if you want to smile every time you open your kitchen cabinet. It's made of a high-quality ceramic material that's microwave and dishwasher-safe, so you can use it for all sorts of drinks and dishes. Whether you're sipping a delicious cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows or you're enjoying a warm bowl of soup when it's cold outside, this mug will be quite the conversation starter.


An Insulated Lunchbox Set With 3 Glass Containers & An Ice Pack

This insulated lunchbox set comes with everything you need to take your favorite meals on the go. When you buy, you'll receive a durable lunchbox, an ice pack, and three glass containers with airtight locking lids. The lunchbox itself features two roomy compartments that are spacious enough for even the biggest meals, and its long strap means you can sling it over your shoulder as you walk out the door.


This Automatic Drink Dispenser That’s Universally Sized To Fit Most Containers

Instead of lifting heavy jugs and bottles, use this automatic drink dispenser to fill your cup. Its universally sized silicone cap fits most containers, so you can simply place the dispensing tube inside a bottle or jug of your favorite beverage whenever you need a refill. It's powered by AA batteries, and it's easy and safe for children to use.


This Adjustable Rolling Pin That’ll Make Baking So Much Easier

Whether you’re a weekly baker or just bake for special occasions, this adjustable rolling pin will be a game-changer in the kitchen. Made from solid beech, this pin comes with removable rings that’ll allow you to better control the thickness of your dough. All you need to do to swap out the rings is unscrew the ends. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and would also make a great housewarming gift.


This Handy Spatula That Lifts, Chops, & Scrapes

Who doesn’t love a kitchen tool — like this mini chopula — that does it all? It has a flexible head that’ll be able to slide under all of your baked goods for easy removal, but also has a unique head shape that’ll allow you to access corners and cut brownies better than ever. Its shape also helps you avoid accidentally touching the hot edges of the pan. It currently has a 4.6 out of five-star rating, making it a great addition to any home chef’s kitchen.


This Hair Drain Catcher That’ll Help Save Your Bathroom Pipes

Plumbers do excellent work, but they can also be expensive — so, you might want to invest in this ShowerShroom catcher to help significantly lessen their visits. This stainless steel gadget is different from many others since it collects loose hair inside the drain to prevent clogs. It couldn’t be easier to install and clean after use, and it has such a sleek design that you’ll likely forget it’s even there.