43 Clever Things That Make Your Storage Space Seem 10x Bigger

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They had it right back on good ol’ Star Trek: Space really is the final frontier. But venturing into the cosmos is nothing compared to the challenge of home organization. Help is on the way, though, in the form of these clever things that maximize your storage space. In fact, this list is packed with genius products that do everything from helping you wrangle your bulky winter clothes to making sense of all of the food storage container lids that seem to multiply overnight.

Whether you live in a small city apartment, an older house with closets that just weren’t intended for 21st-century levels of clutter — or anything in between — there’s a good chance that space is at a premium in your home. The key to not feeling like your surroundings are closing in on you is having a place for everything. That’s why I’ve included ingenious products that miraculously add space, like a slim cabinet that fits into the tightest of spaces and a two-tier storage shelf that doubles the amount of space under your sink.

I’m really glad we’re not chatting about all of this on Zoom right now, because if you could see my house, you’d know that I’m still mid-process in practicing what I preach, but with these organization products from Amazon on their way to my front porch, I’m almost there.


These Organizers That Let You Store Twice As Many Shoes

These shoe organizers let you stack each pair, which doubles your storage space and makes it easy to straighten your closet. They’re height-adjustable, so you can fit anything from sneakers to stilettos, and the nonslip surface ensures your shoes will stay put.


The Stackable Bins That Make Storage Easy

Made from sturdy plastic, these storage boxes are the perfect way to stow out-of season clothes, extra linens, holiday decorations, or toys. With a generous 19-quart capacity, each bin has a snap-shut lid and handles for easy portability. Plus, you can stack them on top of each other for efficient vertical storage.


These Genius Hangers That Save Closet Space

Fit more into your closet with these cascading clothes hangers that allow you to hang up to five garments on each. The hangers can also be used horizontally, which is perfect if you’re less concerned about storage and more concerned about being able to see all your clothes and keeping them wrinkle-free.


The Rack That Doubles Your Cabinet Space

Made from sturdy steel, this shelf gives you twice the space in your cabinet by letting you store things on top of each other. Also ideal for use on your counter, in the craft room, or in the garage, the rack has non-skid feet and comes in two sizes and six colors, like bronze, charcoal, and light blue.


This Acacia Board That Holds Up To 18 Eggs

As an alternative to boring old store cartons, use this board to store up to 18 eggs in the refrigerator at once, or use it as a tray to serve boiled eggs at breakfast. It’s made from natural acacia wood and has a waterproof coating that cleans up easily with soap and water.


This Organizer That Corrals Your Food Storage Lids

If your kitchen cabinets are anything like mine, you have food storage lids all over the place. Help has arrived in the form of this organizer that will get the lids into a neat, orderly row, so you can grab just the right size when you need it. With five adjustable dividers, it holds lids of all shapes and sizes.


This Clothes Drying Rack That Folds Up Small

Ideal for small spaces, this drying rack extends to provide up to 6 feet of drying space for your clothes and delicates, but collapses to a mere 37 by 10 inches, so you can stash it in the corner of your closet when you’re done using it. It can hold up to 110 pounds, which means you can use it with even the heaviest sweaters and quilts.


These Natural Rope Baskets That Make Organization Chic

Made from woven cotton rope, these baskets don’t just help you organize all the tchotchkes in your life, but they look absolutely great while doing it. Perfect for just about any room in your home, these baskets are durable and long-lasting, and they’re available in three neutral tones: white, gray, and brown.


A Rack For Cleaning & Gardening Tools

Get all your brooms and mops up and off of the garage floor and give them a full-time place to live with this wall-mounted rack. With a 40-pound capacity, it has four slots to hold cleaning and gardening tools, along with multiple hooks for gloves, rags, and other items. Plus, it installs easily with the included hardware.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Compress Clothes & Bedding

Store clothes and bedding in these these vacuum-sealed bags that take up a fraction of the space in your closet. They feature unique double-zip seals and valves that hook up to your vacuum, so you can suck out every last bit of air, which compresses the bag into a compact size. The impermeable bags also protect the contents from moisture, mold, mildew, and pests. Choose from several different sizes.


This Can Organizer That Will Whip Your Pantry Into Shape

Get so much more storage space in your pantry by stacking jars and canned goods on this three-tier can rack. Made from sturdy coated metal, it can hold up to 36 cans of various sizes, and it assembles easily in just seconds with no hardware required. Choose from four finishes: white, bronze, chrome, and silver.


The Modular Cubes That Let You Customize Your Storage

With six cubes that can be arranged in a variety of configurations, this modular shelving set lets you customize the way you store your stuff. The cubes are designed so that you can use them separately, in pairs or trios, or all together, and the convenient snap-on connectors make it easy to assemble or disassemble as needed.


A 3-Tier Corner Shelf That’s Perfect For The Kitchen

Crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo, this corner shelf is designed for that spot in the kitchen where you need just a little more space — say for for spices, sugar, or storing utensils. This genius design hack is available in three styles, so you can also opt for just two tiers or a version with triangular shelves.


The Hanging Shelf That Gives Your Closet An Instant Makeover

Store sweaters, shirts, handbags, shoes, and more on this hanging closet shelf. Made from sturdy canvas, it’s designed to hook onto any standard closet rod and has six tiers that add a significant amount of shelf space to your closet. It’s also available in gray, as well as two- and 10-tier versions.


This Toilet Paper Holder With A Shelf For Your Phone

The question of where to set your phone in the bathroom has always been a challenge, but this toilet paper holder has solved that dilemma. Not only does it have a convenient shelf for your phone, but it also has room to store up to three backup rolls. Plus, it’s made from sturdy metal and comes in silver, bronze, and rose gold finishes.


A Skinny Storage Shelf That Fits Into Tight Spaces

At less than 7 inches wide, this narrow cabinet is designed to fit into tight spaces, but it still has plenty of vertical storage space for cleaning supplies, hair products, and backup rolls of toilet paper. In fact, it even has a cutout so you can use the cabinet as a toilet paper dispenser.


This Lazy Susan That Makes It Easy To Reach Anything

This lazy Susan is great in the kitchen for organizing items like cereal packets, coffee supplies, and spices, and since it spins, it’s easy to access the items in back. It comes with three removable bins that keep everything in place, and you can store it on the counter or in a cupboard.


The Under-Cabinet Holder For Cooking Utensils & Coffee Mugs

Keep your most-used cooking utensils easily accessible with these racks that give you hanging space under your cabinet. They simply slide onto the bottom shelf of your cabinet and stay in place with strong suction cups and adhesive screws. They can hold nearly 7 pounds each and are also great for hanging coffee mugs.


These Storage Bags That Collapse When You’re Not Using Them

Ideal for storing off-season clothes, bedding, or extra towels, these soft bins make storage a breeze and collapse flat when you’re not using them. They feature zip-top closures and handles for portability, as well as clear windows, so you can see what’s inside. The set comes with six, so you’ll have plenty of bins on hand.


This Hanging Organizer That Keeps Your Jewelry Sorted

Instead of losing earrings, keep them together (and in easy view) with this jewelry organizer that you can hang in your closet. With 80 pockets, it has room for your entire earring wardrobe, as well as your necklaces, and bracelets. What’s more, you can easily see everything, thanks to the durable, transparent windows.


A Heat-Resistant Organizer For All Your Hair Tools

Crafted from solid wood, this hair tool organizer features three compartments lined in heat-resistant steel to safely hold your curling iron, straightener, and blow dryer — even when they’re still hot from use. The three other compartments can be used to hold brushes and combs, hair products, and even makeup tools. It’s available in a warm torched brown as well as distressed white.


These Organizers That Make Sense Of Your Underwear Drawer

If you find yourself digging through unused bras and tights just to find a pair of underwear for the day, this organizer set is what you need. It comes with four bins, and they all have dividers specifically sized for certain pieces, like bras, underwear, socks, and even tights and scarves. It’s an easy way to get that jumbled drawer straightened up in no time.


A 3-Tier Storage Unit For Shoes & Other Items

Made with a sturdy metal frame, this shelving unit has two tiers for storing shoes, along with two pull-out drawers for socks, dog leashes, pocket umbrellas, or any other items you want out of sight. It’s great way to add extra space in your closet, but you can also use it in the front entryway or mudroom. Choose from colors like gray, beige, and brown.


This Hanger With Space For 18 Scarves

Crafted from durable steel, this hanger is designed to fit over your closet rod where it stores scarves, shawls, and belts. An easy solution to drawers that are jam-packed, it has a grand total of 18 loops, so even the most dedicated scarf collectors will get plenty of hanging space.


The Hangers That Store 5 Pairs Of Pants Each

Recover lots of space in your closet with these S-shaped hangers that hang up to five pairs of pants each. They hang garments in cascading order, and the rounded rods help keep pants crease-free. Plus, the strong construction of these hangers means that each one can hold up to 11 pounds.


An Organizer To Store Pots And Pans Vertically In Your Cabinet

Get more room in your kitchen cabinets with this pan rack that has space to store five pans vertically. It’s a convenient way to stack your pans since you can easily see everything you have and retrieve the one from the bottom without having to unstack all the others on top. Made from heavy-duty steel, it’s available in bronze and chrome.


The Bedside Tray That Keeps All Your Stuff Handy

Designed to hold your book, phone, drink, and more, this bedside shelf is the companion you need before getting a good night’s sleep, or when you’re lingering among your pillows on a Saturday morning. It installs just by slipping between the mattress and bed frame, and since it’s padded, it won’t scratch your furniture.


A Rolling Storage Cart That Has So Many Uses

You’ll find so many uses for this rolling storage cart — use it as a bar cart, as a bedside table, or maybe use it to store toiletries in the bathroom. It has a slim design (just 9 inches wide), so you’ll find it fits into so many spaces around the house, too. Plus, the four easy-glide casters mean this cart can move from place to place with ease.


This 3-Tier Shelf That Adds Kitchen Storage Space

Get vertical storage space in your kitchen this three-tier shelf that you can set on your counter or keep in a cupboard. The shelf snaps together and can hold up to 20 pounds, which makes it sturdy enough for canned goods, but you can also use it for condiments, pasta, or foil and plastic wrap.


This Rod That Creates A Whole Extra Level In Your Closet

This rod hooks over your existing closet rod, giving you an additional level of hanging space for shirts and pants — perfect if you’re dealing with a crammed closet. The rod is 30 inches long and suspended from two stable rods (instead of chains) to minimize movement. One reviewer wrote, “I purchased two after moving into a new apartment with only one closet rod and limited storage space. [...] These are perfect! Two filled out the length of my normal-sized closet perfectly.”


The Cotton Swab Holders That Cut Down On Counter Clutter

Reclaim some space in your bathroom drawers with these cotton swab holders that sit on your countertop. They’re made from shatterproof acrylic (so no worries if you knock them over while drying your hair), and one is sized for cotton swabs while the other works great for cotton balls,


These Food Storage Containers For A Picture-Perfect Pantry

Get a pantry worth drooling over with this food storage container set. The 12-pack comes with BPA-free containers in four different sizes, so you can store everything from pasta to cereal to flour and more, and the airtight, snap-on lids keep everything fresh.


A Shower Rack With Space For *All* Your Products

Clear up your shower floor by giving all your products a place to live with this shower rack. Made from stainless steel, it adheres to your shower wall and has two shelves for body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as a tray for bar soap, and hooks for your razor, washcloth, and loofah.


The Shelf That Make The Most Of Your Under-Sink Space

Designed to fit under your bathroom sink, this two-tier storage shelf features adjustable platforms that let you work around that space-eating pipe. Along with four adjustable height settings, the shelf is expandable from 15 to 25 inches wide, so you can configure the whole thing to maximize space for cleaning products, toiletries, and more.


A Makeup Organizer That Turns Any Vanity Into A Beauty Counter

This makeup organizer turns your vanity or bathroom counter into the ultimate Hollywood-style glam station. With tons of capacity for a wide variety of beauty products, it feature lazy Susan-style rotation that makes it easy to find and access everything. It’s made from clear acrylic, so it wipes clean, and each level is height-adjustable to accommodate taller cleanser bottles and perfumes.


These 4 Bins That Organize Your Pantry Or Fridge

Keep everything in your refrigerator or pantry straight and in order with these bins. They’re a great way to corral loose items, and since they’re BPA-free, you can store fresh foods right inside. Each set comes with four containers, and the handles make them easy to grab and move.


A 2-Tier Storage Basket That Slides Out Like A Drawer

Great for use under your kitchen or bathroom sink, this storage unit features two baskets that can hold toiletries, like extra towels and lotion, or cleaning supplies, like dish soap and sponges. Each basket slides out for easy access, and the adjustable dividers allow you to organize everything to a T.


An Ottoman With Plenty of Storage Inside

With this ottoman, you can put your feet up while you’re on the couch or get some extra seating when guests are over. Even better, the inside is hollow, giving you all kinds of extra storage for books, pillows, throw blankets — whatever you need to stow in order to declutter your space. Available in gray, beige, and navy, it features a tufted top with contrasting stitching.


The Wall-Mounted Clothes Rack That Folds Up When You’re Not Using It

If you’ve run out of space in in your closet, this wall-mounted hanger will give you space for up to 12 more garments. It comes with all the hardware necessary for mounting, and when you’re not using it, it pivots up to sit flush against the wall. Use it in your bedroom, or use it in the laundry room to keep clothes wrinkle-free as they come out of the dryer.


A Hanging Shower Caddy For All Your Bath Necessities

Get your soaps, shampoos, and conditioners off the shower floor (and give yourself some room to maneuver) with this shower caddy. Made from stainless steel, it hooks right over your shower head (zero installation required) and features two shelves and two hooks to hold everything you need. It’s available in four finishes: bronze, chrome, and silver.


The Purse Organizer That Hangs From Your Closet Rod

Store up to six handbags — without cramming them on a shelf— with this purse hanger that’s earned a 4.7-star overall rating after 3,600 reviews. Made from durable steel, it hangs over any closet rod and is also perfect for storing scarves and shawls. One reviewer wrote, “Just moved into a tiny apartment and needed a space-saving way to store my bags in my closet without creasing them. This hanging rack is perfect!”


An Over-The-Door Organizer For Your Pantry

Store snacks, spices, condiments, and aluminum foil on this organizer that hooks over your pantry door. The six spacious baskets provide lots of extra room, so you can bid adieu to overcrowded pantry shelves and cupboards. Bonus: You can also use this in your utility closet or garage for cleaning supplies.


This Drying Rack Is A Real Space-Saver For Parents Of Littles

If you have babies or toddlers in the house, you’ll really appreciate the amount of counter space this bottle drying rack saves. It’s BPA-free and has various hooks for sippy cups, bottles, and lids — and there’s even a drip tray at the bottom.