23 Expert-Approved Products For Keeping Your Closet Super Organized

Plus, all of the best hacks to declutter your space.

As seasons change you’ve definitely thought about how to freshen up your space or, at the very least, how to validate some of your inevitable online shopping. That being said, you want to make sure your closet space is optimized so you can take advantage of those new purchases. To do so, there are several closet organization hacks you can follow and items to buy that help keep your shoes in line, pants hanging, and accessories easy to access as you get dressed.

It doesn’t matter if your closet is a walk-in or you live in a more compact space, there are tons of ways to maximize what you’re working with by purchasing additional shelves, tiered organizers, and closet inserts made specifically for your belts, handbags, and jewelry. No worries if you have a security deposit on the line either, because the majority of closet organization ideas are totally renter-safe.

Jessica Litman, an organizing expert and CEO of The Organized Mama, got her start in the organization space when working as a special education teacher who did home visits to help her students and their families learn more organization strategies. Her company The Organized Mama offers workshops and virtual consultations and she’s written about her advice in her upcoming book Home Sweet Organized Home. Her advice for anyone looking to better organize their closet is to first decide what your closet needs and then figure out a budget that works for you. From there, you can find an organization system that works for you and see what products you are willing to invest in. Below are some of get hacks for making the most of your space plus the products you should be investing it, from stand-alone closet systems to item-specific hangers.

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Add (Or Create) Extra Shelves

As Litman puts it: “The easiest way to double shelf space is to simply add more shelves. You can do this by requesting more shelves from your closet company or you can go to your local hardware store and have them cut boards to add more shelving,” she said. If you happen to go the DIY route “make sure to measure the shelf you actually have. Or bring that into the store for perfect dimensions.” If you’re not looking for a full construction project, you can purchase hanging shelves that add more space to put your clothes.

Keep Your Shelves Orderly

Once you settle on more shelving for your closet, you don’t want to make those additional shelves yet another surface that can be disorganized. Look into organizers meant for smaller items like handbags, socks, belts, and other accessories you want easy access to when getting ready. Litman says handbag organizers are one of the easiest ways to keep away clutter.

Invest In Your Hangers

“To create uniformity to your closet, reduce the visual clutter. That is when things don’t visually look a specific way and you feel like things are unfinished,” Litman says. “Start with either having every hanger match, or every hanger match in every section of your closet.” Think about how much space you have in your closet to help you decide between flat hangers, durable wooden hangers, or classic plastic hangers.

Buy Matching Hangers For Specific Items

Once you have your basic hangers chosen, consider buying hangers made for particular clothing items while maximizing space like tiered pant hangers, stackable belt hangers, and flat scarf hangers. As Litman suggest: “You can have different hangers for different things, but those hangers are all the same in one section of your closet.”

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Hooks

Hooks may seem like the obvious answer, but don’t overlook the basics. Adding hooks to the back of your closet door make for an easy place to hang items you wear every day — think bath robes or your go-to coat. “Simple hooks that can hang bags or outfits” are one of Litman’s common suggestions for her clients.

Full Closet Systems Can Reimagine Your Space Completely

If you want a more one and done approach, you can look into full closet systems for your space. Many of the options available require construction or are not totally renter safe, but others can be built yourself rather than hiring a contractor. “I would look into stand-alone closet systems or using products to create a closet that would work in a rental.” Litman suggests for individuals making the closet their first stop on their home organization tour.