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Try These 5 Couples Poses For Photos That Aren’t Cheugy

Prom pose is just *so* overdone.

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These poses for couples will look great in photos without being basic.
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Think about all the occasions you’ve been photographed with your partner. Now think about how many of those photos were actually usable for a grid post. Unless you’re both naturally photogenic, posing for photos with your significant other can be quite the hassle. You want to keep things fresh so your pics don’t always look the same, but there are only so many poses you can do before you start to run out of ideas. Thankfully, users on TikTok are spilling their secrets on how to get the shot every time, and you can put their hacks to the test with these five TikTok-approved couples photo poses.

The arm-around-the-waist move is tired, the hand-on-the-chest is very been-there, done-that, and the classic prom pose is so overdone. If you and your partner are always assuming the same old positions in your photos, it’s time to expand your selection of go-to poses. Of course, no one knows how to perfect a pose better than content creators or professional photographers, and TikTok has more than enough of those to go around. Whether you’re commemorating your bae-cation, making memories at a wedding, or posing for a date night photo op, these tips on how to pose with your partner are seriously clutch.

Shoulder Squeeze

This tip comes from photographer Ashley Huft (@ashleyhuftphoto), so you know it can be trusted. Instead of defaulting to the typical arm-around-the-shoulder pose, Huft recommends grabbing your partner’s hand and interlocking your fingers together for an even cozier shot. “I think it turns out really cute, and it’s super simple, easy to go to,” remarks the photographer. “It’s something you could just go to besides the whole putting your arms around each other and holding a prom pose.”

PDA-Free Poses

If you and your boo prefer to keep your pics PDA-less, @victoriahui has some suggestions. For starters, you two can walk away from the camera while wrapping your arms around each other’s back, or wrap one arm around the other person’s chest. And if you’re not afraid of getting a little touchy-feely, the creator also suggests a “two-arm wrap-around embrace from behind.”

7-Second Routine

According to @jbjpictures, you can trust this seven-second routine to give you the “perfect couple photos every time.” To get the shot, one partner will remain still while wrapping their arm around the other’s waist, while the other partner wraps one arm around their SO’s shoulder and “moves the other limbs around.” By doing this, you’ll be able to capture “four perfect photos in seven seconds,” per the creator.

Holding Hands On A Stroll

Action shots look great on camera, but they’re not always easy to photograph. Luckily with this hack from @biabeible, you and your partner can create the illusion of movement with minimal effort. To do so, the creator suggests locking hands with your partner, looking at each other, and taking small steps back and forth. Simple as that.

Other Tips

When in doubt, check out @melhwang’s page for cute pose recommendations. From the backward lean hug and the running follow, to the two-hand shoulder rest and symmetrical leg cross, the creator proves the pose possibilities are truly endless.

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