5 Crystals For Protection

Shield yourself from bad vibes.

by Megan McCarty
Rhodochrosite, Carnelian, and Aegirine are among the best crystals for protection.
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Your home is a sacred space. So is your aura, and so is your heart. All of your spaces, whether physical or energetic, need armor against bad vibes and negative people. (Like, say, family members who are always trying to drag you into drama.) That’s where crystals for protection come in. With the right crystal on your side — maybe literally, if kept in your pocket — you can feel confident keeping firm boundaries, shooing away toxic energy, and cultivating a loving home.

You wouldn’t be alone. “One of the most common reasons people purchase stones is for protection,” says Laura Ellis, a healing practitioner who has been working with crystals for over 30 years. Think of crystals as energetic bubble wrap; they act as a daily reminder to safeguard your aura, even if occasionally a bubble is popped. Whether you need to shield your energy, your heart, or your home, try turning to crystals for protection. Who knows? Maybe one of them will give you the courage to tell your aunt Lisa to knock it off.

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Black Tourmaline

A black tourmaline is a must for any crystal collection. “Everyone on the planet should own one — it is that necessary,” Ellis says. Think of black tourmaline as a shield of positive spiritual energy. “Black tourmaline deflects negativity, helps calm our mind, and is also very grounding,” says Ellis. It’ll fend off your woe-is-me coworker or that neighbor who always corners you to complain.

How to use it: Place a black tourmaline near doorways and windows, either in your home or office space. That’ll protect your space from all who enter with Negative Nancy attitudes.


Carnelian is the crystal equivalent of “good vibes only.” Its warm, radiant energy protects you against negative thoughts and feelings — from others, yes, but also your own. “It is known as an energy booster to amplify your courage, willpower, and determination,” says Lauren DeGolia, a clarity consultant and astrologer. With carnelian in your collection of crystals, you can feel calm and confident asking your boss for a raise or booking that solo trip to Japan.

How to use it: Keep a carnelian stone close by, whether in your pocket or on your desk. It’ll protect you from your competitive coworker’s chaotic mood.


Don’t get caught up on pyrite’s nickname, “fool’s gold.” You’ll feel anything but foolish when this golden nugget helps you maintain strong boundaries. “Pyrite protects by strengthening your aura,” says Ellis. “It refills any holes that could be created by psychic vampires or toxicity in an environment.” So no, you won’t work late tonight, and no, you won’t lend your sister money again — not when a pyrite is within eyeshot.

How to use it: To feel pyrite’s strong, stable energies all day long, carry one in your pocket or wear a piece of pyrite jewelry. It’ll help you hold your ground when telling your boss she can’t text you about non-emergencies at 11:00 p.m.


Rhodochrosite isn't commonly thought of as a stone for protection,” says DeGolia of the popular crystal, most known for encouraging self-love. But she maintains that it should be. “It soothes emotional stress by stimulating love and passion, which energizes the soul,” DeGolia says. That energy supports an upbeat attitude that protects you against hurtful matters of the heart, like a relationship gone awry.

How to use it: Add a rhodochrosite necklace to your jewelry collection. Its focused energy over your heart chakra will infuse its loving, positive vibes into your day-to-day life.


Aegirine is notorious for sending bad vibes packing. “Aegirine is like black tourmaline on steroids,” says Ellis. They’re both strong, grounding crystals, but aegirine is an especially tough defense against emotional vampires. Turn to aegirine when someone or something is draining you, like, say, an overly talkative friend. Not only will the greenish black stone protect you against their exhausting energy, but it’ll also help instill confidence so you can firmly set your “Nice to see you, but I have to go” boundaries.

How to use it: Meditate with aegirine gently resting in your hand. Focus on its positive energy, and envision those good vibes flowing out of the stone and into your mind and body.