5 Crystals For Luck, According To Experts

Plus, why they work.

by Megan McCarty
Screenshots of Apatite, Green Calcite, and Sunstone, three powerful crystals for luck.
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Itching for a promotion? Or for heart-fluttering love to come your way? Or maybe you simply need to end a streak of bad breaks. Turning to crystals for luck may be the solution. Don’t think that’s a woo-woo new age answer, though. “Crystals and minerals have been used since the dawn of time for increasing luck, health, and abundance,” says Laura Ellis, a multimodality healing practitioner who has been working with crystals for over 30 years. “Whether you’re trying to increase profits, bring in positive energy, or score a new job or lover, increasing your luck with stones is a good way to open yourself up to new paths and opportunities.”

Lauren DeGolia, a clarity consultant and astrologer, agrees on crystals’ power to bring good luck. To choose the best one for you, DeGolia has simple advice: Listen. “Crystals have this way of roping you in,” she says. “They start whispering, ‘I can help you. Trust me. You need me.’”

Read on for five of the best crystals to bring good luck your direction. See which one whispers to you.

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If you’re in future-planning mode, add an apatite to your crystal collection. The dense, blue-green stone is a motivational crystal, notorious for aiding in manifesting. DeGolia credits apatite for the way it channels your personal power to help you achieve your goals. Apatite removes confusion and negativity, bringing good luck in its place. “It aligns the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with ease,” says DeGolia.

How to use it: Create a space where you’re able to focus on your goals. Sit quietly, holding the apatite, and visualize exactly what you want to manifest. No space for an altar? Tuck it beneath your pillow and imagine yourself living out your goals as you drift off to sleep.

Green Calcite

Thanks to its color, it’s a no-brainer to (correctly) associate green calcite with wealth and nature. But this milky green stone is also renowned for its ability to release pessimistic energies, replacing them with good fortune. “It boosts all types of success, prosperity, business, and fertility,” says DeGolia.

How to use it: Since green calcite has a close relationship with the natural world, meditate with it outside. Hold the stone gently in your hands, then take a few deep breaths and direct your energy to positive thoughts.


Jade has earned its reputation as a powerful lucky charm across cultures and centuries — just ask the ancient Mayans, who called on it to clear negative energy. “Jade has a long history of being used to bring in abundance, health and good fortune,” says Ellis. While it can be found in a multitude of colors, green jade is most commonly used to conjure up luck.

How to use it: Jade can be purchased in myriad forms, whether carved into objects, tumbled, or set into jewelry. Keep a piece of jade on your desk to bring prosperity and creativity to your work life. To feel lucky vibes wherever you go, throw on a jade necklace or bracelet. Or, for a small everyday dose, incorporate a jade roller into your beauty routine; it’ll rev up your lymphatic system and move stagnant energy.


Citrine, a smokey amber stone in the quartz family, has a high vibrational energy that aligns with wealth and abundance. It’s also a powerful crystal used to strengthen the ability to manifest. “It will help fade mental fog, which allows us to hold a clearer picture of what we want in our lives,” says Ellis. Because of its ability to transform negative outlooks into positive ones, citrine shifts your aura to attract positive experiences in your life.

How to use it: Use citrine’s stored energy to your advantage. Connect to its frequency by meditating with it in your hands. As you’re doing so, visualize your goals — a pay raise or the ability to work remotely from Costa Rica, perhaps — and consciously focus those images into the citrine.


Sunstone, a feldspar that ranges in shades of gold and orange, lives up to its name. Its sunny color matches its radiant energy. That sunstone-instilled confidence brings along good luck and prosperity with it. “Sunstone is like a little bundle of joy and happiness contained in a stone,” says Ellis. Aspiring to take to the stage? It’s also known to attract fame and notoriety.

How to use it: Hold a piece of tumbled sunstone while repeating an uplifting, luck-focused mantra. (Think: “Good things are coming my way.”) If you’re hoping to tap into sunstone’s fame-magnetizing abilities — say, if you’re headed to an audition — carry it in your pocket or wear a piece of sunstone jewelry.