Why Cake Slices In Wine Glasses Are All Over Your For You Page

The Ace of Cakes himself calls the trend “genius.”

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Wine glass cake cutting trend on TikTok.

First, the internet had us questioning whether everyday items like Crocs or pickles were real and not, in fact, cake. Now, the latest viral dessert trend has Gen Z slicing cake with wine glasses on TikTok. It's either pure chaos or totally genius, depending on how you look at it.

Gone are the days of passing around the knife, trying to delegate someone brave enough to cut fair and neat pieces of birthday cake on the group's behalf. Now, all you have to do is pass the cake around the table and push your empty wineglass into it. This bizarre and oddly convenient method is fast, neat, and yields the perfect serving of cake to be enjoyed from the novel comfort of a cup — because cake plates are so yesterday.

The Ace of Cakes himself calls the trend "genius." Food Network's cake connoisseur Duff Goldman tells Bustle the wine glass technique is "very viscerally pleasing" to watch. "Each person can come in with their own cup and get their own serving — it’s a nice communal experience where each person can interact with the cake and each other," he says.

What may be the first video of the trend was uploaded on Nov. 22, by @theroseperiod. The OG TikTok, which now has over 1.6 million plays, depicts a quarantined family birthday celebration, where everyone digs into a cake with their wine glasses without any explanation. The caption is just a message from the poster, wishing her daughter a happy 20th birthday — no mention of a wacky family tradition or funky new trend. The comments however, are lit up with enthusiastic fans of the method, marveling at its cleverness, and also sending pity vibes to whoever has to wash the dishes after the celebration.

"TikTok has officially taught me more than school," one viewer commented. "Y'all are the smartest people I've ever seen," commented another. The #birthdaycake hashtag (which has amassed nearly 530 million views) is now littered with copycat videos, featuring cake eaters around the country cutting a slice for themselves with an upside down wine glass, and then cheersing before digging in.

This method introduces a new kind of precariousness into cake-cutting: namely, that you might smash your goblet instead of serving yourself dessert. You'll want to make sure you don't cut the cake too enthusiastically, as chipping or breaking your glass is a quick way to ruin the fun for all. If you have reusable plastic wine cups, that's an even safer option.

But as long as you're careful, this method gives everyone a chance to get just as much cake as they want, rather than standard slices. If you only want a little sliver, smash down your glass over a narrow corner of the cake. If you want a max dose of frosting, center the glass against the cake's exterior. If you're all about the filling, smash through the middle. Now, you can have your cake and drink it, too.