December 2020 Horoscopes: Capricorn Zodiac Signs

Turn your attention toward your network and aspirations.

by Astrologer Six
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Here's Your December 2020 Horoscope For Capricorn

You’ve had a full year, Capricorn, so it would be no surprise if you decided that you needed to take a weekend trip to rejuvenate. Having your ruler Saturn in Capricorn has likely brought you many opportunities to work on yourself. This personal development has likely been met with many blocks and challenges. However, if you’re reading this, then the hardest part is coming to an end. On December 17, Saturn, the planet of structure and tradition, will enter Aquarius, which can easily translate into building an abundance of resources. On December 19, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joins Saturn in a major conjunction. This can be an extremely beneficial time for you to seek out opportunities and communities that align with your values, as well as major financial gains if you’re willing to work with others for them.

What December 2020 Has In Store For Capricorns’ Relationships

Turn your attention toward your network and aspirations, Capricorn. Single? If yes, this is the perfect time to concentrate on what you desire from a partnership. With Venus, the planet of pleasure and beauty, in Scorpio for the early parts of December, you’ll find it quite easy to develop connections within your community. These connections might not all turn into close partnerships, but the stars do suggest this is an ideal time to put yourself out there socially. On December 16, the universe is challenging you to love out loud, or else you’ll hear about it in your dreams. Venus will finally transit into Sagittarius, bringing with it your need to dig deep and figure out exactly what it is you need from relationships. Unlike the other aspects of your life, your partnerships don’t have to be tiresome and filled with heavy lifting.

Tarot Card of the Month For Capricorn

Four of Cups: When life tries to offer you an opportunity, at least explore the option.