How To Make The Most Of December's Full "Cold" Moon


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Get your thinking caps on, because the December full moon 2021 graces the skies on Dec. 18 in the intelligent and chatty sign of Gemini, bringing our bright ideas to completion and reviving our social lives. Follow these do's and don’ts to make the most out of this lunation.

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DO: Speak Your Mind

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, so this full moon is all about being candid about your feelings. Since Mercury is stationed in pragmatic Capricorn, it's important to be blunt, but be sure to think before you speak!

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DON’T: Be Reckless With Technology

Mercury rules over all forms of communication, including technology, so be extra careful about what you post, especially considering that full moon periods can be messy and dramatic. Double-check for errors and think before you tweet.

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DO: Plan Your Next Trip

Mercury's influence is bringing all the wanderlust vibes during the December 2021 full moon, so take advantage of this burst of travel inspiration by planning out your next adventure to somewhere new — Gemini energy is all about trying new things.

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DON’T: Be Inconsistent

Since Geminis are mutable air signs, their free-spirited and adaptable influence will inspire the collective to flow freely during this lunation, leaving room for unpredictability. Avoid being flighty by committing to projects and following up on your plans.

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DO: Wrap Up Your Projects

Full moons are all about completion, so while it's not ideal to start on anything new, it's a crucial time to finish your biggest and most pressing projects, especially the ones that have been put on the backburner.

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DON’T: Get Caught Up In Drama

With great popularity comes great responsibility, so while the twins will empower your social life, the full moon energy may cause dramatic rifts in your friendships. Skip the drama by setting clear boundaries among your friend group.

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DO: Liven Up Your Social Life

Geminis are seen as the social butterfly of the zodiac, and that's not for nothing. They're all about social gatherings and connection, so take advantage of the extra boost of confidence in your social circle by planning a safe outing with your pals.

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