7 Dos & Don'ts To Follow For The December 2022 Full Moon

Here's how to harness Dec. 7's burst of energy.

Photo taken in Playa Unión, Argentina
Hernan Monsalve / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Ornamenting the sky on Dec. 7, the December 2022 full cold moon enters multifaceted Gemini. The quick-witted energy of this lunation is giving us all an extra pep in our step amidst the slowdowns of Mars retrograde. Keep up with these dos and don'ts.

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DO: Resume Your Big Projects

Mars retrograde may be causing major stagnation lately, but the full moon inspires us to make moves on the big projects left on the back burner. It's a great moment to put the final touches on your painting or launch that newsletter.